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Posted by Dani (Foresthill, Ca) on 12/07/2009

Too bad that product names are deleted, I was getting pneumonia last year and went to the health food store to see if they could help me, they recommended a product that oxygenates the system, I started taking it that day and was back to work within 3 days, I still use it because of my job, I work at high alltitudes, and when I feel like I may be trying to catch something I just dose myself up with it, because you can't O.D. on it and it pretty much knocks it out. It's not peroxide. it's oxygenated minerals, enzymes and plant sourced amino acids. I also gave it to a firefighter that was having trouble breathing after a run, it helped him within just a few minutes. The man in the health food store said that he'd seen people come off of oxygen with it. I believe him and cannot recommend it enough to people with lung conditions. You go thru a bit of a detox with it, but isn't that the point?

Replied by Lauren
(Queens, Ny)

Hi Dani: I am interested in this product you mentioned in yr post. Can you email me the name at [email protected]. Thank you very much.

Replied by Julia
(Bryson City, Nc)

Please, please will someone answer these folks, lots of people would like to know the answer so please share...

Replied by Elane
(Edmond, Oklahoma, Usa)

I typed in my search the words, "oxygenated minerals, enzymes and plant sourced amino acids. It took me to several sites that offered a product with this description. I haven't ordered or tried the product(s). I just wanted to let you all know how to find it.

Replied by Ro

Dear Dani,

Just ran across your post and was hoping you could send the name of the product you used. I know the post is old but I hope you still receive the replies. Thank you.

Replied by Healthy

It is Cellfood, and it puts oxygen into your cells..not your lungs.

Replied by Ben
(Bremerton Wa)

Look up above and read the post titled h2o2 inhalation for lung cancer. I actually wrote my reply to a person I believed had copd chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder. Since you have only one lung from accident? or from illness? you need to keep yourself in top shape lung wise. That post will give you 99.9 percent of what you need to learn.

Now let's say copd is not your issue. Let's say your lungs are more or less normal. Well the same therapy still applies. Even in a normal average persons lungs biofilm formation can be a real problem reducing airspace.bIofilm a thick gooey mucus traps heavy metals and other contaminants like glue. Biofilm is created by the bacteria, virus and fungus to be a safe haven from the immune system. often more than 500 species are found there. When biofilm forming germs are free floating in the blood they are called planktonic bacteria. These dummies get easily killed by antibiotics in a hurry. Now smart germs when they detect presence of an antibiotic they quickly go hide in biofilm. The immune system cells meet a great big "keep out! do not disturb" sign posted outside the biofilm. Meanwhile the germs are partying and getting busy breeding like crazy. some very sophisticated germs have even developed a pump mechanism to get rid of unwanted antibiotics from their slimy little fortress.

Biofilm dwelling organisms have up to 1000 fold greater resistance to antibiotics. Ever heard of drug resistant organisms?

Lung cancer loves biofilm with all the nice mercury heavy metals and toxins cancer cells really like. Cancer cells feel right at home there in their oxygen deprived micro environment. Cancer depends on biofilm for disease progression.

When it comes to party crashers, serrapeptase is a very unwelcome guest for biofilm dwelling germs. It kicks the doors down and breaks the structure of their biofilm. serrapeptase literally dissolves biofilm through enzyme action. With no place to hide germs come face to face with big mac and boy is he ever mad! Germs that had been laying around hanging out now get attacked and wiped out by the macrophages of the immune system.

Serrapeptase cleans your lungs and blood stream super clean and able to transport oxygen at peak performance.

Now a different class or organism may be hiding in your lungs causing problems. Its called a mycoplasma and it is not like any other beastie. Mycoplasma plays hide and seek from the immune system. The immune system gets tricked by mycoplasma nearly every time. Often when mycoplasma infects tissues the immune system attacks those body tissues creating an autoimmune reaction. Mycoplasma is a very tricky fellow able to disguise its self, able to morph into different forms and to live with or without a cell wall. it can even grow a hard shell around its self and wait for years to re-emerge when conditions are favorable. Mycoplasma basically outsmarts the immune system at every turn.

Now one thing that makes mycoplasma tremble in fear is a mineral solution called gallium nitrate. This stuff attacks iron loving microorganisms. It is harmless to good bacteria like acidophillus but quickly destroys bad pathogenic organisms.

Now one last caution and this is serious, don't take cheap synthetic vitamins!!! You might be shocked but researchers have found that synthetic vitamins greatly assist cancer development and spread. Synthetic vitamin A, for example, has a 28% greater lung cancer risk than taking nothing at all. Many vitamins are processed with fungal components like aspergillus, the second most carcinogenic substance on earth. And/or formaldehyde or deadly carcinogenic chemical solvents in what we call vitamins. Not what you expected to hear huh? Get your vitamins from fresh raw organic foods. See ya

Replied by Keith C.

u are correct in many ways, I'm curious to how we know the mode of action of serrepatase? I've got 2 bottles of the best supposedly and I stopped taking cause never produced any noticeable results.

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Dani mentioned Serrapeptase as an enzyme that helps break down biofilm but Seaprose-S is far better absorbed, causes no intestinal distress and is more suited to sinus and lung issues as it helps break down mucus specifically.

I am dealing with pain in the left lung lobe and am finding nebulizing bicarb, water/silver, tea tree and eucalyptus oils amazing for opening the lungs up so you can breathe again. I am working on mold issues which has come from suspected MARCONS -multiple antibiotic resistant coagulase negative Staphloccoci. Staph is very resistant to antibiotics and many remedies but a compound found in tea tree, eucalyptus and lemongrass oils was found to kill Staph. Also they found if you don't kill it 100%, it replaces itself within 3 weeks. Hydrogen peroxide and blue light were shown to eliminate it 100%. I am using a simple blue light I got on Ebay for acne and varicose veins. It's amazing.

Vitamin C

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Posted by Erdie Delacruz (Cebu City, Philippines) on 09/07/2007

I will share to you the whole thing that happened in my life... one thing I've share to you again... I have a friend named Jane..she was imprisoned of lungs cancer...a lot of drugs she was taken... al the names of drugs in the store... she bought just to heal her sickness...many doctors gave a receit and comments about her sickness..lungs cancer... unfortunately, she is hopeless already of all drugs given by her doctors.. yet. we we met..mayebe Gods grace I've shared to her the power of daily C that wvwn cancer patient will heal of it... because primarily it is anti- cancer and cardiovascular deases (CVD).

So let me to continue. After few days. her husband told me that there was something happened after she take daily C....

First he told me that his wife...unti2x bumalik ang kanyang yong pag uubo at nya nawla..then she's able to walk even how long it is..then when I said to him...maintain to her the mega dosing of Daily C...take 5000 - 1000mg of daily C everyday... so few months...his wife is so energitic and thankful to me because the doctor told her that her sickness is already going to heal... so I'm thankful to God that because of daily C...ive a lot of people enjoy..and isured of their lives...Becuase of DAILY C..(NON ACIDIC VIT. C)

Replied by Andrew
(Seattle, WA)

Just a little translation for the Tagalog (Philippine language) for people trying to figure this post out.

Erdie wrote...bumalik ang kanyang yong pag uubo at nya nawla..

This translates to...her energy returned...and her cough disappeared.

This is a great site, and hopefully people are finding the answers they've long looked for here. Thank you for your contribution to the people of this planet!

EC: Thank you so much, Andrew!

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