Natural Remedies for a Lung Infection

Posted by Dani (Foresthill, Ca) on 12/07/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Too bad that product names are deleted, I was getting pneumonia last year and went to the health food store to see if they could help me, they recommended a product that oxygenates the system, I started taking it that day and was back to work within 3 days, I still use it because of my job, I work at high alltitudes, and when I feel like I may be trying to catch something I just dose myself up with it, because you can't O.D. on it and it pretty much knocks it out. It's not peroxide. it's oxygenated minerals, enzymes and plant sourced amino acids. I also gave it to a firefighter that was having trouble breathing after a run, it helped him within just a few minutes. The man in the health food store said that he'd seen people come off of oxygen with it. I believe him and cannot recommend it enough to people with lung conditions. You go thru a bit of a detox with it, but isn't that the point?