Natural Remedies for Lipedema

| Modified on Nov 03, 2023
Lipedema Natural Remedies

Lipedema is characterized by inflammation and abnormal fat accumulation, predominantly affecting women. It impacts blood vessels and causes discomfort in specific body areas, such as the lower half.

While there is no cure for lipedema, various natural remedies can help address inflammation and fat cell obstruction in blood vessels. Here are some natural remedies that can alleviate lipedema symptoms:

Natural Remedies for Lipedema

Lipedema is characterized by inflammation and abnormal fat accumulation, affecting blood vessels and causing discomfort. Several natural remedies can help address inflammation and the fat cells obstructing blood vessels, relieving those experiencing lipedema.

Dietary Adjustments to Manage Lipedema

A balanced diet plays a crucial role in managing lipedema symptoms. Implement the following dietary changes for improved blood flow and reduced inflammation:

  1. Consume rutin-rich fruits and vegetables: Rutin is a flavonoid found in many fruits and vegetables. It is believed to impact blood vessels positively and has been used to treat hemorrhoids, internal bleeding, and varicose veins. Foods high in rutin include apples, asparagus, buckwheat, and berries.

  2. Limit foods contributing to weight gain: Avoid processed and unhealthy foods that may exacerbate lipedema symptoms. Opt for whole, nutrient-dense foods and maintain a balanced diet to prevent further weight gain.

Fucans in Seaweed and Diet

Fucans are a group of sulfated polysaccharides found naturally in various types of seaweed. They are known for their potential health benefits, including anticoagulant properties that may help to prevent blood clotting. For individuals with lipedema, incorporating seaweed into the diet could support blood flow improvement thanks to these fucans. Enjoying seaweed in dishes such as sushi, salads, or as a standalone snack could be beneficial for those looking to harness the properties of fucans through natural dietary sources.

Fucoidan Supplements

Fucoidan is a specific type of fucan commonly extracted from brown seaweeds and known for its therapeutic properties, including anti-inflammatory and anticoagulant effects. In the context of lipedema, fucoidan supplements could offer a targeted approach to improving circulation and potentially alleviating some symptoms of the condition. These supplements are available in various forms, such as capsules, powders, and liquids. When choosing a fucoidan supplement, it's important to consider the concentration of the active ingredient and to adhere to the manufacturer's recommended dosage.

Cayenne Pepper

Capsaicin, the fiery compound that lends cayenne pepper its distinctive heat, is not just a flavor enhancer — it's also celebrated for its medicinal properties. Studies have shown that capsaicin can contribute to lowering high blood pressure, making it a heart-healthy addition to any diet. For those managing lipedema, the circulatory benefits of capsaicin may be particularly relevant. This compound promotes vasodilation, which is the widening of blood vessels, thereby facilitating improved blood flow. This action can help mitigate some of the discomfort and swelling associated with lipedema.

Incorporating cayenne pepper into your diet doesn't just boost your meals with a spicy flavor; it can be a natural approach to enhance circulatory health. To reap these benefits, you can get creative in the kitchen by adding a pinch (or more, depending on your heat tolerance) of cayenne pepper to various dishes. Sprinkle it into soups to add depth and warmth, stir it into stews for a complex heat, or whisk it into sauces to elevate their taste profile. Not only does it introduce an exciting zest to your cooking, but it also allows you to enjoy the potential therapeutic effects of capsaicin.

Beyond its culinary uses, capsaicin is also available in topical creams and ointments. When applied to the skin, these preparations can relieve pain and inflammation. However, for systemic benefits like those sought in the management of lipedema, dietary intake of cayenne pepper might be more advantageous.


Regular exercise is essential for overall health and can help manage lipedema symptoms. Incorporate the following activities to improve blood flow and lymphatic circulation:

  1. Aerobic or cardio exercises: Engage in regular aerobic or cardio exercises that focus on both the upper and lower body. Activities such as swimming, cycling, and brisk walking can help improve blood flow.

  2. Rebounding: Rebounding on a mini-trampoline for 20 minutes is an excellent exercise for lipedema, as it increases lymphatic flow and aids blood circulation. This low-impact exercise can be performed daily to support lymphatic drainage and reduce lipedema symptoms.

Lymphatic Massage 

Lymphatic massage can help reduce swelling and improve lymphatic circulation.


While it is impossible to predict who will develop lipedema, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essential. Consistently exercise, eat a balanced diet, and consult with a specialist or naturopathic physician regularly. By incorporating natural remedies such as dietary changes, seaweed, cayenne pepper, and exercise into your daily routine, you can take a proactive approach to managing lipedema symptoms and improving overall well-being.

If you have a natural remedy for lipedema, please share it with our community. Continue reading below to see how our readers treat lipedema naturally and if it's helping.

Chi Machine, Cryotherapy

1 User Review
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Posted by D (TX) on 07/22/2022

I also have lipedema. What I can tell you has slowed the progression and even reversed it quite a bit is using my CHI MACHINE twice per day at the max time frame and doing full body CRYOTHERAPY. I do cryo from 3 to 6 minutes per day. I eat well and work out here and there when I find the time. The moment I stop the, it comes back with vengeance!!!! I have stage 1 with a 25 inch waist and large bottom (40 inches), thighs, calves, lots of fat around the knees and lots of fat pockets all over my legs. This is the vengence I speak of. My mom and sister both have it although my older sister and younger brother do not.

Replied by Wanda
(Spring TX)
28 posts

Can you tell me what type of cryotherapy you use? You said you do it twice a day. Is that ice bath or what please? Thank you. Wanda

General Feedback

Posted by Bodulica (Barrie, Ontario) on 05/17/2023

You can count my bone in the upper body, but my legs are fat. Not much can be found on the Internet. There are some treatments and supplements that might help.

Lipedema Remedies

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Posted by Tea (New Zealand) on 07/17/2018

Hi, please add lipedema as an ailment, not to be mistaken for lymphedema.

It's the one that's also called painful fat syndrome and gives you huge lower legs even if you have gastric surgery or are starved.

EC: Hi Tea, a new page for this ailment has been added. Please post remedies if you know of any!

Replied by T4me
(Auckland, Nz)

It's so sad there are no post or comments here. I'm pretty bad but now I'm sure this is the cause of my shame. I'm going to go hard out to help others and will start with my rife machine, (spooky 2) and see how I go and work on lymphs plus try vegan/ plat based as keto got me nowhere.

Water fasting 11 days cured my severe concussion of two years so maybe that can help too....


Hi T4me, I was looking into this topic. I found plenty of information, but no simple cures.

This is one of the interesting articles I read.


Be encouraged, you will walk into your cure, Talk positive, and choose to be happy.



I have Lipedema, and doing manual lymphatic drainage and will receive compression garments soon. I am type 5 and at stage 3. My doctors have always told me I'm obese. My frame is thin up top and my legs very large. Sadly as I've not been treated, it's now affecting my arms, abdomen, etc. Were spending approx $200 a week on treatment just to try to stop this going to stage 4. My doctor has been no help, but when I went to a church camp, a doctor there, diagnosed me with Lipedema.

On Thursday I hope my own GP accepts I have Lipedema and possibly write a prescription for Compression garments. I've been quoted $350 just for my legs.

Replied by Marla
(Bellevue, Nebraska)

I have the same thing. I'm very thin on top and waist and have thick legs fat around my knees and very painful calves and big ankles. Have had this for years and I'm 65 it's getting worse. I have a vibration plate machine and rebounder. I wear compression socks I'm wondering if taking MMS would help