Natural Remedies for Lipedema

Chi Machine, Cryotherapy
Posted by D (TX) on 07/22/2022
5 out of 5 stars

I also have lipedema. What I can tell you has slowed the progression and even reversed it quite a bit is using my CHI MACHINE twice per day at the max time frame and doing full body CRYOTHERAPY. I do cryo from 3 to 6 minutes per day. I eat well and work out here and there when I find the time. The moment I stop the, it comes back with vengeance!!!! I have stage 1 with a 25 inch waist and large bottom (40 inches), thighs, calves, lots of fat around the knees and lots of fat pockets all over my legs. This is the vengence I speak of. My mom and sister both have it although my older sister and younger brother do not.