Natural Remedies for Lipedema

| Modified on Apr 04, 2021

Lipedema Remedies
Posted by Tea (New Zealand) on 07/17/2018

Hi, please add lipedema as an ailment, not to be mistaken for lymphedema.

It's the one that's also called painful fat syndrome and gives you huge lower legs even if you have gastric surgery or are starved.

EC: Hi Tea, new page for this ailment has been added. Please post remedies if you know of any!


Lipedema Remedies
Posted by Hisjewel (Usa) on 10/13/2020

Hi T4me, I was looking into this topic. I found plenty of information, but no simple cures.

This is one of the interesting articles I read.


Be encouraged, you will walk into your cure, Talk positive, and choose to be happy.


Lipedema Remedies
Posted by T4me (Auckland, Nz ) on 10/13/2020

It's so sad there are no post or comments here. I'm pretty bad but now I'm sure this is the cause of my shame. I'm going to go hard out to help others and will start with my rife machine, (spooky 2) and see how I go and work on lymphs plus try vegan/ plat based as keto got me nowhere.

Water fasting 11 days cured my severe concussion of two years so maybe that can help too....

Lipedema Remedies
Posted by Evelyn (Southland) on 04/03/2021

I have Lipedema, and doing manual lymphatic drainage and will receive compression garments soon. I am type 5 and at stage 3. My doctors have always told me I'm obese. My frame is thin up top and my legs very large. Sadly as I've not been treated, it's now affecting my arms, abdomen, etc. Were spending approx $200 a week on treatment just to try to stop this going to stage 4. My doctor has been no help, but when I went to a church camp, a doctor there, diagnosed me with Lipedema.

On Thursday I hope my own GP accepts I have Lipedema and possibly write a prescription for Compression garments. I've been quoted $350 just for my legs.

Lipedema Remedies
Posted by Laurie (USA) on 02/10/2021

I am wondering if your rife was of any value with lipedema?