Leaky Gut Syndrome Remedies

Dietary Changes
Posted by Sylviag (Vista, ca, Usa) on 10/05/2011
4 out of 5 stars

Well it has been pretty much of a roller coaster since my last post! I finally got the B-12 sublingual tabs in yesterday so will see what they do for me, Connie. I order thru puritan pride and they were backordered when I got my b-complex ordered. So you think start out with 1000 mcg/day for 6 months?

I actually think I may have had a backlash from the oracea which I tried for 3 weeks and I am doing ACV, coconut oil and also the lime/bs in 4 oz of water twice a day. No open sores but still lots of red, dry flaky. shiny tight skin (think- looks like a gottee! ).

I also tried hydrogen peroxide last night for the first time and that did seem very soothing. I have used H2O2 for yrs but never for this and I'm also thinking about ingesting it if I don't get a better handle on this--I don't think I have ever had as severe or prolonged flare as this episode. Food "diet" is going well---just don't eat anything that "might" be a trigger.

Also started back on the glutamine -a very knowledgeable guy from Henry's suggested that be the last thing you take at night so it lays in your intestines.... hope he is right! There almost are not enough waking hours of the day for me to DO all of this stuff---and work too! I am feeling better-just in case my cheerier mood isn't showing?!

Anyway--I'm fighting the good fight and thank you all so much for your input--I'm praying that this too shall soon pass....thanks!