Jock Itch Remedies

Lemon Oil

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Posted by The Experimentalist (Jerusalem, Palestine) on 03/24/2016
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I suffered from jock itch after getting a yeast infection, which happened right after I cured my self from a BV with greek yogurt (it always works for me when I have a BV). Yes, I had a horrible time for almost two months. I could hardly do anything. I finally treated the yeast infection using apple cider vinegar after reading reviews on earth clinic, which worked like magic. However, when I applied diluted apple cider vinegar on my inner thighs, not only did it not work, but it got worse. I don't think the ACV is to blame. I believe this happened because when I rubbed an ACV-soaked cotton on the affected area, some fungus were transferred to the cotton ball, and then when I rubbed it on close-by unaffected areas, the fungus was transferred there, and started multiplying. So I stopped using the ACV, and went on to try other remedies. I went on earth clinic to check for remedies. I didn't have rubbing alcohol at the time, so I tried other treatments, but none of them worked. Some remedies had a soothing effect for a couple of hours but then the itch would come back. I tried coconut oil, tea tree oil, oregano oil, clove oil, peppermint oil, olive oil, ground cayenne pepper, ACV, and Aloe Vera gel, but nothing worked. Then I thought, I have to give rubbing alcohol a try. I can't live like this! So I went to the nearest pharmacy and bought 70% rubbing alcohol, but guess what! Not even the least effect!! I was so hopeless! What kind of fungus is not killed by rubbing alcohol?!

Anyway, next I went to my favorite natural remedies guide for a wide range of ailments. It is published by the Budwig Center. I looked for remedies for jock itch (since it's also caused by yeast), and one of the remedies they suggested is lemon essential oil diluted in a carrier oil, like coconut and almond oils. Luckily, I had both lemon and almond oils at home. I mixed them together in a 50/50 ratio, and used a cotton swab to apply the mixture on my inner thighs. It was amazing! I felt a bit uncomfortable for some minutes because lemon essential oil (and citrus oils in general) burn the skin and must be diluted before use. So I felt a burning sensation for some time, which I thought at first covered on the itchy feeling. But after the burning sensation stopped, I didn't feel itchy at all. I repeated for two more days, and now I am yeast infection-free!! I feel so grateful!

Lemongrass Oil

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Posted by Joel R. (Philadelphia, Pa) on 03/25/2018
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Jock Itch:

What worked for me was lemongrass essential oil diluted into a carrier oil (best is squalane but maybe any will work). How dilute to make it depends on how sensitive your skin is, which partly depends on how bad the fungus is. At first, make it pretty dilute, like maybe only 20% lemongrass oil. As your fungus goes away you will be able to increase to 60% or even 70% lemongrass oil.

Apply it 4 times daily or more. If it burns like hell then dilute it more. It should burn just a little bit if your fungus is bad.


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Posted by Jl (Malaysia) on 06/29/2015
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I've been suffering from jock itch for nearly a year. Have tried all kinds of medication. Oral - fluconazole, itraconazole. Cream - miconazole, daktarin, lamisil.. Went away twice but it recurred months later (also probably due to the fact that the doctors didn't tell me to continue the treatment even after the symptoms were gone). Last cream I tried was lamisil. Even with one week application twice a day, itch was still there. I was at my wit's end when I read up about listerine and how it can combat jock itch. Figured I'd give it a try. Poured some onto a cotton ball and applied to the affected area. Stung a lot at first, but I left it on for a few mins and rinsed off with water. Wiped dry and applied baby powder. This is the most relief I've ever had in a long time! I've been almost itch free for two days. Going to continue this for maybe a week and see how it goes.. Probably the high concentration of ethanol (about 20%) in listerine dries the moisture and kills the fungus. It's also antiseptic in nature. Read about many trying isopropyl alcohol which helped too.. but it's toxic if absorbed into the body. Would definitely recommend Listerine!

Posted by Petersen (Southampton, Uk) on 08/04/2009
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Listerene (mouth wash) cured my Jock Itch.

I had Jock Itch for years and had tried the usual creams that they advertise, they didn't work. I read on a site somewhere to use Listerne, as I already had some in my bathroom cabinet I decided to give it a trial run.

I applied it to the area (and a bit further) after a shower in the morning, then in the evening before bed. Yes, at first it does burn a little, but after a while you get used to it and the burning does actually decrease (I assume because its working!). I basically nearly went through a whole bottle of the expensive Listerene, but I guess you could use the normal stuff. I have a feeling its the Menthol and/or maybe the Eucalyptol in the Mouth Wash that are the active ingredients.

*Please feel free to amend this email, I DO NOT work for the people who make Listerene! As I said I just have a feeling it was the active ingredients that worked and may exist in other mouth washes.


Replied by Jockitchsucksworsethantyphoid
(Sydney, Australia)
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so I am currently suffering from this 'jock itch'(never had it b4) and I swear it is worse than anything I've ever gone through... (n I had gone thru a lot... Near death cases of food poisoning n typhoid) but this itch is unbearably annoying especially when u've got a busy week and work's piling up. I used an otc cloratrimizol or sth like that but it doesnt help the itch much and that's the worst part of this condition then I tried the mouthwash thing and it works well. I don't knw if it cures the condition(still having it... Just my first day of listerine treatment) but it definetly helps the itch although it burns when u apply the listerine but frankly I would gladly take burning and pain than itching. I've also decided to make a paste of the anti-fungal cream with the listerine just to be safe.... Let's see if it cures it... And thanks for the advice

Replied by Ryan
(Northern, Ca)

Day one: washed with dandruff shampoo, cleaned with listerine (artic mint), lotramine spray and sure deodorant. Looks inflamed. Will post more tomorrow.

Replied by Dean
(Auburn Hills, Mi)

Only the Brown Old fashion "Mouthwash" can cure jock itch. The others do not contain the essential Oils like Thymol, Menthol, and the othe two.

Replied by James
(Saint Petersburg, Fl)

Yes they all contain all the same active ingredients except the purple one with fluoride

Multiple Remedies

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Posted by Bob (Vancouver BC ) on 02/27/2019
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Jock Itch Remedies: ACV doesn't work, rubbing alcohol doesn't work, hydrogen peroxide burns little sores on your scrotum but doesn't work. I've washed with lemon grass soap, anti dandruf soap, anti fungal soap to no avail. The over the counter jock itch cream and spray didn't work. I'm going to try the borax one next.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Dan-o (Santa Rosa, Ca) on 01/14/2018
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After 12 years of ineffectively dealing with athlete's foot fungus, it migrated to my crotch and so I made a full commitment to getting rid of it. It took two more years after trying many cures including ones on this excellent blog and also prescribed Lamisil taken internally.

The high points of my cure are:

- soak in a whirlpool bath that has a regulated anti-fungal solution (chlorine level monitored and maintained) for at least 10 minutes every day until the fungus is killed. If you have had the fungus for as long as I did, it is deeply embedded in your skin so it takes the chlorine a while to be absorbed adequately. You will feel the areas that are infested as they will itch while you are soaking. When the itching stops, the fungus has been killed. Repeat this treatment until the fungus is completely gone. It took around three months for me as it was deeply embedded. Chlorine has the benefit that it can actually kill the fungus and it's spores. Swimming in chlorinated pool suppressed my fungus, but wasn't concentrated enough to kill it off. Most other treatments cause the spores to go into a defensive mode that is very durable and will re-emerge.

- increase the acidity of the infested areas by applying a citric acid solution. Use a strength level of 1 teaspoon per cup of water. This acid is what is used for food products, can be ingested, is very effective and doesn't burn nearly as much as other options. This will keep spores from re-producing between whirlpool treatments. There are spores everywhere in your home if you've been infested for a while.

- wash your socks and underwear in very hot water for an extended cycle. Normal hot water washing didn't kill the spores of the fungus I had.

- toss shoes that are infested. If you have a really nice pair of shoes you'd like to salvage, you can lightly soak your socks and wear them in the infested shoes for a day. If this doesn't work, toss.

- clean your bathroom floors/shower/tub with a bleach solution to kill spores. This won't get them all as some will remain in bedroom carpets, etc. but this will get rid of most of them.

Replied by Dan-o
(Santa Rosa, Ca)

Update to the second to last comment about salvaging shoes, I neglected to say the socks should be lightly soaked in the Citric Acid solution.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Mindyjane7 (Ashland, Oregon) on 02/20/2016
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Hmmm ... I have jock itch but I eat really well. Garlic in my diet daily - sometimes a raw clove in my morning smoothy of kale, papaya, blueberries, coconut water, fresh ginger, turmeric powder, cinnamon powder, and hemp seeds. I've stopped alcohol, sweets, wheat products. Eating lots of fresh and cooked veggies, fish, legumes (I know: a no-no in a candida cleansing diet), and some meat and chicken (once a week).

The gyno prescribed Clotrimazole cream. I used it for 3 days to no avail, so then I switched to trying out ACV, Coconut oil, Coconut oil mixed with Tea Tree Oil, Hydrogen Peroxide, Rubbing Alcohol (love the burn! So much better than itching), a Colloidal Silver gel. They weren't working so I went back to the Clotrimazole cream. I've been using for a week. It's down to the last drop, and seemed to lessen the rash and itch. But yesterday, I used coconut oil, as I was running out of the Clot. Cream. Got worse.

Dang! As I said, my diet is mostly perfect. I still think I must have a systemic candida problem. Should I go on a raw foods cleanse? Stay away from legumes (lentils, black beans, garbanzo beans, etc.).

Oh, right! I also started the Anti-Candida Protocol. Got to the borax one and couldn't take it for more than a day. Yuck. Tasted like it was gonna make me sick.

I feel lost and frustrated. I really appreciate seeing everyone else's experiences here. I may try the Quadriderm Cream if I can get it.

Any advice? Thank you ahead of time.

Replied by Waltz

The itching can be controlled by taking large doses of Vitamin C. You might have to take up to 20 grams of Vitamin C daily in divided doses to start seeing the results. I had itching all over my body which was uncontrollable and had to take 15-20 grams to cure it.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Tripod (Tulsa, Ok) on 01/23/2013
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Yesterday I noticed I had what appeared to be jock itch. No discomfort just a discolouration on the inner thigh near the scrotum and upper pubic area. I used a bleach solution 50/50 for about 30 seconds in the shower, rinsed, and repeated. After my shower I dried off well then applied straight ACV. Before bedtime I applied selsun blue to affected area and slept with it on. This morning I showered toweled off then air dried before applying gold bond. Less than 24 hours and it already looks better. I'll let you all know how it goes.

Orange and Neem Oils, Borax and H2O2

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Posted by Lon (Stanhope, NJ) on 04/18/2009
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My twenty one year old son with Down syndrome has had jock itch since he went through puberty. Over the counter remedies didn't work. Essential oils such as eucalyptus and tea tree helped a little but not significantly, and irritated his already sensitive skin. More diluted mixtures to protect the skin weren't strong enough to help significantly. Eventually the skin became purplish gray (from chronic jock itch, according to the doctor). In addition, the skin on his entire body is always red, very dry and irritated looking.

Recently I had scabies and decided to treat my son in order to prevent him from catching them. The things I did differently than usual were to add some orange oil to his body wash and shampoo, use neem oil on his skin, and I soaked him twice in one week with Ted's borax/hydrogen peroxide soak (not too much peroxide) and left it on the skin. After about ten days, I brought him to the doctor to make sure he didn't have scabies. When the doctor examined his private area, he looked so surprised and commented about how much better my son's skin looked. In fact although still dry looking, the redness that pretty much covers his entire body is about eighty-five per cent gone! I realized that he hasn't been scratching lately either. I don't know which of the remedies contributed to his improvement, possibly a good combination of treatments. In fact it's early to tell, but he might even be completely cured of the jock itch. I chose the neem for it's anti-scaby benefits, but also because it's said to be kind to the skin. I had the impression from researching that neem eliminates scabies, over time, with consistent daily applications, not a one or two time application to be effective.

BTW, I enjoy sharing effective remedies, because we've been helped so much by the info on the site and i like to give back.

Oregano Oil

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Posted by Jason. (Ypsilanti. Michigan) on 12/05/2013
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I tried everything that everybody recommended and more to boot, some things worked but its Like my body or fungus would overcome the remedy every time! Oil of oregano worked great but after a while nope not anymore so after going almost insane, I went to the doctor with much skepticism. He prescribed a shampoo ketoconazole) and a cream called desonide. It works! I can honestly say that after 2 months I am living normal again. I know what or how maddening this condition is and I know the skeptisicm with docs but it's the only thing that helped me!!! Just saying...

Oregano Oil
Posted by Ed (Baltimore, Md) on 10/21/2012
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When your tired of keeping your fungal infection around as a pet try Oregano oil, at whatever strength best suits your desire to get rid of it. I used 3 drops straight then washed it off because of pain, regrouped and put one drop on after applying vaseline where I did not want to treat. It caused a lot of redness, pain and a layer of dead skin formed by the next day; but once the dead skin peeled off I could see it was cured. Treated again just to be sure.

Replied by Sara
(The Beach, Canada)

It is always best to start small and slowly build to the amount that works for you. less is more and in the case of oil of oregano it is doubly true.


Oregano Oil
Posted by Ariel (Las Vegas, Nv) on 04/09/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Oregano Oil: I had an obgyn doctor confirmed fungal infection in my labia major, anal, and groin areas. The doctor couldn't identify the condition or what type of fungal infection I had, so she just subscribed an anti-fungal cream. I tried the cream and it started to work on the outer regions but it didn't seem to stop the growth near the entrance of my vagina. The Fungal infection made it impossible for me to walk without pain and exercise was a total no go, it felt like needles cutting into my skin. I was at a loss, I felt like western medicine had failed me so I began to do an extensive internet search, and came across some images of Tinea Cruris (Jock Itch) that looked very much like what I was suffering from.

I came to Earth Clinic to find a remedy as I frequent this site and have used it in the past. Since I had been suffering from this fungal rash off and on since 2009 and not stop from September of 2011 till now, I had been rather desperate to find a solution to my problem. I went to a holistic market and found wild mediterranean oregano infused with extra virgin olive oil. I applied the oregano oil to my groin and external vaginal lips. It didn't take long for the burning sensation to be felt. Boy did it ever burn! I had to put myself in the right mindset not to let the burning get to me (distracting yourself helps a lot).

I had applied the oil right before bed time, and it burned all night, but after a while I believe the oregano oil had a cooling quality. I woke up in the morning, and I could still feel a subtle cooling-burn in my infected regions. When I looked in the mirror, the bumps that I had were gone, but the area was still reddish, however, I no longer felt the non-stop itching. I could walk again without pain!

I was amazed that after the first night, I was healed. I continued to apply the oregano oil for the next five days just to make sure that the fungus did not grow back. I am now 100% fungus free and would recommend oregano oil to anyone suffering from Tinea Cruris, aka jock itch. Oregano Oil Works!

Oregano Oil
Posted by Be (Indianapolis, In) on 10/31/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I'm in the process of using Oregano Oil for jock itch. I've been aware of this product for quite some time and knew it would burn. After only 3 days of use, my ailment is nearly gone.

Replied by Larry
(Fairfax, Virginia/usa)

Glad you're having success with oregano oil. Are you using it straight or as part of a cream or ointment product? How often did you apply it each day?

Oregano Oil
Posted by Cath (Albuquerque, New Mexico) on 09/18/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I had this terrible itching in the crotch area for four weeks that was driving me mad! I finally decided it was something that needed attention so I did some research and decided it must be jock itch. I thought only men got this, but here I was with the malady. I began to try various remedies. Here is a list of what I tried that did not work for me: ACV with honey (4 cups per day), rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide (rubbed on one day and held on for 30 minutes the next day), coconut oil internally and externally, tea tree oil, a rescue remedy tincture, athletes foot powder, a topical Lysine cream, diluted vinegar/water (3:1) with some grapeseed extract as a wash, A&D ointment and a one-ounce tube of hydrocortisone 1% cream. Nothing even touched it (although the hydrocortisone cream helped with the itching). So I went to the health food store and, being too embarrassed to tell them I had jock itch, instead told them I had altheltes foot (both are fungal). The lady suggested OIL of OREGANO. I had some on hand, so, after putting on a generous application of A&D ointment to areas I did not want touched by the oil (very important! don't skip this step! I am assuming any sort of oil or vaseline would work for this step) I used a q-tip and I put a small dab on each nickel-sized sores. It stung! A bring tears to your eyes sting! Like what-did-I-ever-do-to-deserve-this sting! It began to lesson after about 10 minutes, but I finally couldn't take it anymore and rubbed the area with coconut oil! I am pleased to say I have down-graded the sores from what I would call "active", to what I would consider "going away."

CAUTION - when you use oil of oregano less is best! Only apply once or twice a day. Only apply directly to the area. One time I had used too much on a little spot on my arm, letting it run all over and I applied it four to six times a day for probably seven days. It caused a burn of sorts that didn't go away for weeks!

I love your website! We have cured my husband of strep-throat four times in the last few- years with all your strep-throat remedies.

Replied by Jack
(Vernon, Ct)

Your husband's sore throat could actually be Candida related as it can be passed from spouse to spouse even though most doctors do not recognize that fact.

Replied by Leo
(Selangor, Malaysia)

I didn't realise I had jock strap until it spread even in my belly button and armpits. I tried few remedies here didn't work.

I couldn't find any Oregano oil but best method so far for me is using combo of Anti Fungal cream, Anti Fungal tablets, Selsun BLue Shampoo, Anti Fungal Powder & eating lots garlic.

Over here the government funded public hospitals have 1 dollar for general consultations, each time you go you pay 1 dollar and get a tube of anti fungal cream. I went there few times past week to get enough tubes to help with it. Then I went to pharmacy to get Anti Fungal tablets. Very important to have oral meds if its really bad. I read Garlic is good against fungal as well.

I make sure each time I shower I wash those areas with Selsun Blue Shampoo then after shower I would powder those areas with Anti Fungal Powder eg Mecazo Powder.

My was pretty serious before I start acting on it, it looked like it has layers of different shades of red on it. So far within 4 days its no longer reddish only pinkish on all affected skin areas. I think its healing properly.

Rubbing Alcohol

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Posted by Sam (Usa) on 07/29/2021
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Is it just me or does rubbing alcohol causes blisters? I have been using it for 2 days ..not sure if it is gonna work.