Jock Itch Remedies


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Posted by Merk (Frigid, Land O' Ice) on 06/26/2013
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Jock Itch: Buy a box of Borax (the old "20 Mule Team").

Fill an old pill container with the borax and store the rest of the box. A whole box of Borax will be enough to last many years.

After your shower, while the skin is still damp, dip a finger in the jar of Borax and dab it on the affected areas. If fungus is in the groin area, one finger dip per side. You need very very little of this stuff, a small pill bottle full lasts me months.

Fungus thrives in dark, damp high pH environments. The Borax is boric acid and applying this to the skin lowers the pH of the skin making it slightly acidic (the way skin should be) and inhospitable to the fungus.

Do this once a day after your shower and continue as an everyday routine. The athletes foot or jock itch will be gone in about two days. However, if you skip a couple of days it will come roaring back.

Replied by Lori
(North Carolina)

Borax is NOT boric acid. Borax is a form but has a different chemical make up.

Replied by Kyle

Confirmed borax is not boric acid... it does have anti-viral properties. It has BORON in there, not boric acid.

Posted by Martin (Summerville, Sc, Usa) on 05/03/2011

I've been having a problem with jock itch, and have read on this site, that Borax is a great anti-fungal. I bought some, and tried to wash in the shower but this stuff is like sandpaper. I bolded water and dissolved some, But, when it cooled down, It crystallized in the glass. Also, how much do you use and the time. I would appreciate any help because I have been suffering with jock itch for number of years and have tried every medicine the doctors have prescribed and a number of natural remedies to no avail.

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

Hi Martin, I don't know whether this might help you but when my husband has it he uses the same cream he has for Athlete's foot and it helps him in a few days.

Posted by Bigguy (Iowa City, Ia) on 09/24/2010
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Tea tree oil worked for me on jock itch a couple of times where over the counter remedies failed. But the last time I tried it, I got a rash all over that wouldn't go away until I stopped using tea tree oil. Apparently, that is not an uncommon side-effect. A couple of weeks ago, I went for a run and kept my sweaty shorts and socks on while doing some yard work. By the end of the day, that old, familiar itch was back. Baah! After going through a couple of expensive tubes of Lamisil (and finding the relief to be increasingly fleeting), I found the discussion of Borax cures on this site. I knew that Borax was good for removing the mildew smell from old gym clothes, so I decided to give it a try. I dissolved about a cup of Borax in a big pot of hot water (maybe two gallons). I dipped a microfiber car rag in it (a wash cloth would do, if your wife doesn't mind you getting too familiar with it :)), and applied it to the affected area for a few minutes. Then I soaked my feet in the rest of the solution for half an hour. It felt great -- about a 60% improvement after one day, and 90% after two days. By day three, it's virtually cured, but I will keep it up for a few more days to make sure it's knocked out. There's no more itching or redness around my privates, and no more peeling skin on my feet. Be sure to toss a little Borax into your laundry to kill the tinea fungus on your socks and shorts. I also applied a bit of boric acid powder in the morning, as Wikipedia said it's effective for jock itch. I also figured that the alkaline Borax and acidic boric acid might deliver a 1-2 punch against any skin problems.

P. S., I have also suspended taking my hypertension medication (Lisinopril, an ACE inhibitor) until I'm sure this is cleared up. I found it would make me sweat more when exercising or eating spicy food. Staying dry is essential!


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Posted by Tom (Pflugerville, Texas,usa) on 02/18/2012
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I read the different methods and decided to try the Chlorine route. I bought a snack food in a container at Costco which was a wide mouth gallon size CLEAR PLASTIC container with plastic lid. I poured 1/2 cup clorox into the container and added water to half full and placed the container in the shower floor. ( now you know why it must be unbreakable plastic.) I did my regular shower routine of shampoo and soap and rinse. While still wet I removed the plastic lid of my container and fitted the wide opening over my affected area and did the old hully gully splish splash rock and roll to get the strong diluted clorox solution all over the jock area. I let the solution stay there for several minutes to soak into the skin tissue. I did not feel any stinging etc. Then I did a minimum rinse of the affected area in order to allow some of the clorox solution to remain. I put the lid back on the container ready for my next shower. I applied an alcohol hand cleaning gel on the affected area after toweling off. The gel alcohol helps dry the area and kills germs. I then applied a small amount of clear gel of anti perspirant over the area to help it stay dry till the next shower. I found immediate relief of itching and burning and after the third shower routine it was gone!

Replied by Kc
(Fairfax, Va)

Borax or chlorine...ouch! If you can stand that pain why not just spray tilex on your pvt area works to get rid of the mold in my shower??

Currently using Hydrogen Peroxide 2x daily with vineagar.... Takes the itch out right away, no sting/burn gone in 3 days... You just smell like vinegar.

Replied by Crotchcalm
(New York)
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I have had this nonsense come back year after year as soon as it gets 70 degrees or higher... and God knows it can get very hot in NY and with humidity that is off the chart. I ride a motorcycle, bicycle, work out at the gym 6x per week, but when it hits .... is causes such distress that I cease almost all activity until October when it cools down. I had become very self conscious about the condition, I didnt want to be intimate with my wife as I couldn't stand the friction or the heat. >:-( .

I tried everything for the past 20 years... and steroids kept it at bay, but it never stopped. I came across this site and read what others had tried. The one thing I hadn't done was the bleach diluted 60% water 40% bleach.

I showered as usual with my favorite soap and rinsed, then used the mixture. Within seconds of applying the itch stopped, I let it remain for about 1 min then rinsed thoroughly...if your skin feels overly slick, you need more rinsing., or you can dilute the solution even more.

Make sure you dry completely...can't believe how well I sleep now.

Use caution of course and common sense, don't mix bleach and soap at the same time. Good luck

Replied by Cormac
(Dublin, Ireland)

I concur with this. I'm waiting for my own post about this to be approved! I had severe jock rash for the last three weeks. After trying tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar and crushed garlic (all of which did nothing), I went to the pharmacy. They gave me an anti-fungal cream (Daktarin) which caused me to flare up and really exacerbated the rash. It's ludicrous to put a moisturizing cream on a fungal infection as moisture is precisely what fungus needs to thrive. Last night however, I went for a swim in the local pool. Now the rash is virtually gone! Chlorine was the answer for me :-)

Coconut Oil

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Posted by Joel R. (Philadelphia, Pa) on 03/25/2018
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Awful. I tried coconut oil for about 4 days before giving up. It was about as effective as using canola oil. Basically any oil will tend to help a little bit since it deprives the fungus of moisture, but my fungus just seemed to go a bit dormant, then grow like crazy once it found any moisture.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Carlos (Barcelona) on 01/17/2016
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Hello, I'm reporting this just in case it can help anybody. 3 years ago I developed what is called Jock itch or tinea cruris a day after having unprotected sex.

My initial reaction was of panic, I tried to wash it over and over again with hydrogen peroxide and just about everything I had at home. Nothing worked. I went to emergency and without any test they gave me an antibiotic pomade. Months later it came back. I went to another doctor that took a look with a lens saying that it was a fungi infection. He prescribed lamisil pomade and pills.For months.It got rid of the problem but I could feel it was still there, my private area kept smelling with that yeasty cheesy smell that made me feel depressed.

When the summer came it came back very strong. I researched again and I found out that it improved when I stopped using soap.I guess it was killing the good bacteria too. I also found out that yeast likes hot dark moist paces, so I would only wash my skin with warm water, and then cold water right before leaving the shower and dry it carefully first with a towel, later with toilet paper.

The jock itch was under control but I still had that smell I hate.

AGAIN I went to the internet.i was already drinking homemade milk kefir. I saw improvement by applying kefir grains to my jock itch.

I also want to add that up til that moment I didn't know what candida was and that it was related to my jock itch.

For years I've been battling rosacea in my face, and I started to see an improvement when I mixed milk kefir with turmeric and black I started to see the connection between my digestive system, my rosacea, probiotics and the jock itch.

I always have loved sweets. Last year I stopped eating anything with sugar but I kept my fruit smoothies honey and molasses.

After some research I found out about caprylic acid and that coconut oil has tons of it.I also learned about the candida diet, how candida feeds of sugar and alcohol, and learned about natural spices that help with candida like ginger turmeric and cinnamon.

So I decided to stop feeding my candida after Christmas. My symptoms where itchy skin in bed, jock itch, rosacea and sweaty underarms, redness in my eyes..I was tired and lack of energy.

So I ordered coconut oil, but I went for the cheap coconut oil not extra virgin. It was deodorized coconut oil, but not bleached. I have read that refined coconut oil keeps the fatty acids lauric acid caprylic acid benefits cause coconut oil can resist high temperatures.The antioxidant and some antibacterial antimicrobial antioxidant properties are lost, but I'm not rich so I bought that kind. I stopped eating fruits and any glucose, I stopped drinking milk kefir cause of the lactose in milk feeding my candida, so I learned how to do coconut kefir from canned coconut milk, using milk kefir grains.You can look up for tutorials in youtube.

So what was my regimen?

First day I took 3 or 4 tablespoons of coconut oil, I felt very depressed, and nausea for 2 or 3 days. It wasn't that uncomfortable but I suggest you to do it on Friday or holidays. I was having basically one meal a day. I didn't pay attention to that meal, it could have carbs, but I didn't have any carbs on breakfast or dinner. I would wake up and eat 2 tablespoons of coconut oil. I would eat spinachs with tuna around 12am or a smoothie of spinach lemon and ginger. I would eat another 2 tablespoons of coconut oil after my daily meal. And I would have a glass of coconut kefir with turmeric cinnamon and black pepper at night and more coconut oil in the evening and right before bed up to 6 or 8 tablespoons a day. I usually don't drink much water so I didn't drink a lot.There was some point when I felt I needed to drink water to detox. By the 4 or 5th day I would have some light diarrea but nothing big to mention.

I did some cheating to my diet, I started Friday and next Wednesday I went to a club drank a gin tonic and ate a slice of pizza. I also drank a shot of liquor some days. I tried to apply the refined coconut oil to the jock itch and it made things worst, for the moist I guess. So I stopped applying it. I kept with my original regimen of washing without soap with warm water, rinsing with cold water and carefully dry it. And my plan of one meal a day(its been years I don't eat bread) so the carbs were potato or rice or none at all. Coconut kefir morning and night and coconut oil tablespoons or teaspoon upon waking up after meal right before bed and whenever a felt like it.

So after ten days, now I take a shower and for the first time in years I don't have that yeasty cheesy smell that made me depressed, my rosacea is more under control and I feel my underarms are not as sweaty even if I don't get a shower daily, and not smell at all. The depression vanished after the first days and led to a feeling of well being that I didn't feel since my young days. It reminded me of a colon cleanse I did last year that gave me that feeling and reduced my rosacea.

If you can afford it go for virgin coconut oil, I'm going to buy it when I finish the refined coconut oil. I just want to share this cause I felt very miserable and I didn't felt comfortable in intimate situations, I felt dirty 24/7.

Remember, avoid diary, avoid fruits or any kind of sugar. eat coconut oil spread around the day, and learn how to do coconut milk kefir, so you introduce healthy bacteria to your gut.

I forgot to mention around day 4 I drank a glass of water with a teaspoon of bentonite clay cause I read it helps get rid of the candida die off.

People advise to start slow with coconut oil and increase your way up as days go by, from 1 tablespoons but I was so angry with these candida that I grabbed the bottle the first day and ate 4 tablespoons to hit hard from the beginning.Then I slowed it down and I took it spread over the day.

Good luck to everybody. God bless coconut oil the Tree of Life

Coconut Oil
Posted by Andeng (Philippines) on 09/25/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I had a recurring problem with jock itch in my inguinals for almost 20 years now esp. During my menstrual period. Even with proper hygiene, it didn't stop from bothering every now and then. I went to a dermatologist and I tried over the counter ointments like Quadriderm but it only gave me relief for as long as I apply it. I found out eventually that the STEROIDS present in those types of ointments were causing my skin to be ADDICTED to it as I buy tube after tube (for short relief) but once I stopped using the ointment, the jock itch came back to its original state. I came across this site a few years back since I wanted to try a cure and not a RELIEVER and preferably NATURAL this time. I first tried rubbing alcohol on the area but only experienced a burning sensation causing the area to have a watery discharge so I stopped. I tried applying raw garlic but also felt a burning sensation and eventually suffered a discoloration/patch on the area. I stopped and then tried an anti-dandruff shampoo, the effect was a cooling sensation but nothing really changed. I tried applying Apple Cider Vinegar diluted in water 3x daily and felt a relief however, I wasn't fond of the faint sour smell and the fact that I had to dry it out before I wear any underwear, the itch would never cease to irritate me even at night making it difficult for me to sleep. While I was trying out the aforementioned remedies, I also made sure that I cut down on sugary food and drinks since fungus apparently thrive on sugary diet. The soreness would stop for a short while only then I had to reapply the ACV which I find tedious and smelly. I was on the brink of hopelessness.

Finally, as one had suggested on this site, pure Virgin Coconut Oil... I bought an Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (EVCO), the one that has no preservatives and had not undergone any procedure, from the nearest organic store in our area. And instead of taking it as instructed, I applied the oil generously on the area 3x daily. It wasn't smelly like ACV and I noticed the oil soothed my skin and that I don't even have to dry it out. The soreness had lessened gradually esp. At night and being happy with the results, I continued dabbing it on the area and incredibly after 3 weeks, it was totally gone! The rough scaly patch of dark skin that was caused by the different remedies I've tried recently had turned smooth. I still continued to apply the EVCO even though the area was completely healed as I believe in the wonders of Coconut on our skin. Miraculously, I've been jock itch free ever since! The dark skin slowly lightened. I believe the healing process could have been faster if I had also taken 1 Tbsp of EVCO at the same time that I was externally applying it on the area. I also believe that even if the EVCO effect wasn't as immediate as the other natural remedies that some have claimed, EVCO certainly was working slowly but SURELY on my skin making sure the root cause of the fungus would be eradicated. It has been 6 months since I started using EVCO and now I am also taking a Tbsp. before meals to boost my immune system. I also use it as my face and body oil for moisturizing. I think it really helps to have patience in healing ourselves, healthy diet and trust that Mother Nature works best in healing us-even before pharmaceutical companies had ever come into existence. I share this great healing experience to those in dire need of hope just as I was before I found this site.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 11/19/2007
5 out of 5 stars

re: Jock Itch and Candida: I had jock itch for years and years - tried everything and nothing worked. When I moved from UK to the Philippines I started researching this problem. Interestingly I found out that jock itch was a well known expression or symptom of Candida which worried me. So, I looked for natural remedies for Candida and came across the humble coconut. Much of the current research on coconut oil may be found on this site:

So, the gist of this was that I started to take 3 tablespoons of coconut oil everyday. The results were astonishing. Not only did the jock itch disappear,my eczma disappeared, my bowel movements became more regular, I had less indigestion and I sleep more soundly now. I was so impressed, I now cook everything in virgin coconut oil - I think it is far more healthy than any processed vegetable oil on the market. I've since also learned that coconut oil has been used in baby food for the last 30 years and people in hospital with intestinal trauma have their food cooked in' coconut oil as a matter of course. The only other natural remedy I take is Ted's Alkalizing Remedy (Lemon + bicarb + water) which is available elsewhere on this site.

Replied by Yeastman
(Poway, Ca, Usa)
1 out of 5 stars

Two tablespoons taken daily. Did not prevent symptoms from reoccurring, once I stopped OTC treatment.

Coconut Oil, Borax

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Posted by Bob Just A Little Old Winemaker (Memphis) on 09/30/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I'm just trying to get back here and place my vote for the remedy to jock itch. Turns out that rubbing a little coconut oil into the affected area and just a pinch or so of borax granules hit the spot. Quite literally.

Colloidal Silver

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Posted by Dinee1 (Twin Falls, Id, Usa) on 06/15/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I was miserable for months with this problem! I actually had 3 drs tell me that I had "some" kind of fungal growth but they didn't know what... Had they never seen Jock itch?! They told me to try an otc cream, which I did, and nothing... Well, I ran across some pictures and realized that's what I had. I was suprised, not realizing that women get this too! I was in agony and it really was affecting my life, because I was always uncomfortable and thinking about it. Plus I didn't even enjoy intimacy anymore....

I found this website (which I think is wonderful! ) And although I tried the acv, and alcohol and they didn't work for me, it got me thinking and doing more research. I read how liquid silver is a natural antiseptic and disinfectant. It's been used with success to reduce infections w/ catheters and ventilator associated pneumonia, prostheses, etc. And I decided to try it. I applied it to a cotton cosmetic square and then wiped it several times a day on the affected area. In 2 days I started feeling relief! In 5 days the redness and infection was gone! I'm also making sure I change my towel frequently and put a towel down on the equipment at the gym, when I sit to be safe. I am so grateful to have finally found something that works.


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Posted by Brian (Northampton, Ma) on 08/24/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I finally found something that keeps jock itch at bay. Preventing it seems to work better than any "cure" ever did. I just spray on Arrid Extra Extra Dry anti-perspirant every day or every other day and it stays away.

Replied by Thomas
(Windsor, Vermont)
5 out of 5 stars

Used some basic unscented deodorant spray ($3) in my groin area today on top of my antifungal cream. Wow, what a difference! My groin stayed dry all day (it's really really humid) and all through my workout. Yesterday I itched and sweat like crazy... Today, no itch at all. Amazing.

Replied by Blazemoney57
(Short Hills, New Jersey, USA)
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WARNING- Do not use deodorant on jock itch, even if on top of antifungal cream, it will burn like heck and will do anything but make your day!

Replied by Josh
(Houston, Tx)
0 out of 5 stars

I don't believe you are going to get rid of jock itch without burning. Almost everything that provides relief burns including OTC sprays.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, TN)

Hi, this is rude and crude, but works.

First jockey itch is a fungus. It can come from Candida or the sweat from your fanny. I sweat and learned that if that sweat is absorbed and does not flow into my crotch then I do not have this problem so I daily pack my fanny with tissue. If I do have a problem, then I spray with Dr Tishnors Antiseptic. This formula evolved from a Louisiana doctor during the War Between the States. A great story that saved lots of lives.

I have had poor results using Big Pharma stuff, but I don't like those B______s! , so it may be a mental thing. And yes it burns.


Replied by Leftyjockey
5 out of 5 stars

I used a basic unscented deodorant, and when it got super dry and itch, I sprayed a vinegar / water 50/50 solution to alleviate the itchiness. After a few months of suffering from this insane jock itch, I'm seeing a difference!

My groin area got very scaly, so I rubbed the skin with anti fungal ointment to scrape off (definitely not by scratching! ) the dead skin. My guess is that it's a direct result from fungus dying off.

I also sprinkled baking soda on my mattress and left it for hours, and after putting on new sheets, the crawling feeling around the groin totally disappeared.

*** I have tried countless over the counter creams, coconut oil, aloe Vera, and nothing really worked.

Posted by Frank (Brisbane, Australia) on 02/20/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I think I had jock itch for months maybe longer. I found a site which I lost which suggested deodorant for tinea. I had a rash on both legs starting at the groin and extending 3 inches down. It matched the descriptions, red and darker on the leading edge. I used my wife's roll on deodorant by smearing on a light coat each morning after my shower. It cleared up in less than 2 weeks, but it had an initial effect in the first few days. 3 weeks and there is now hardly any sign of it. I think most deodorants have the same ingredients.

Dietary Changes

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Posted by Jj (Rhode Island) on 03/18/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I tried rubbing alcohol and it worked -- eliminated jock itch that I had been experiencing for years. However, I still had to apply it regularly, once a day or once every two days, to keep it gone.

That said, for other, unrelated reasons, I switched to a whole foods plant based diet. After making this switch, the jock itch went away completely. It leads me to believe that either (1) something I was eating (eggs, dairy, etc.) was causing it or (2) something I was not eating but now eat on a regular basis (legumes, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts) has prevented the jock itch from returning. I recommend this strongly for anyone who has been struggling with jock itch.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Joe K. (Bensalem, Pa) on 09/19/2014

Whenever I (a Type II diabetic) go off-track and eat some refined flour/sugar, the fungus (or candida family) feasts on the higher blood-sugar + goes wild! Usually in the intestine, where it can result in gas/diareha (I was diagnosed with diverticulitis, "untreatable", but using anti-candida natural cure ended it! ) So, it appears that overdoing the consumption of white flour (which is the same as sugar when it reaches your bloodstream) can feed those fungi + cause outbreak of jock rash too. Eliminating that "overgrowth" of candida in the gut is as simple as getting a product from your health-food store, which contains black walnut hull and other ingredients (which can differ by mfg, including oregano oil). My YEA is for the "Candida Clear" product. So, while I am not endorsing any 'cure' (although I use alcohol by instinct, and apply raw shea butter, a natural anti-fungal), this information is just a sort of 'preventative' beyond the usual locker-room warnings.

P.S. I agree with earlier post about avoiding powder with corn starch, it will feed the fungus!

Replied by Joyce
(Lansdowne, Pa)

I was diagnosed with diabetes II in May 2014. My doctor wanted me to start taking Metformin. I told her I prefer to reverse it with diet and exercise. She was quite skeptical and told me that eventually I would have to take it. I went on a low carb diet with mild exercise that was just walking up two flights of stairs in my home twice a day for 10 to 15 minutes. I was not monitoring my blood sugar. I went back to the doctor early this month (September). My blood sugar was down 8 points and I lost 20 pounds. She was quite shocked and pleased. She asked me what I was doing and I told her. She said continue what you are doing, you don't need the Metformin. Sometimes you have to take control of your health and not wholly depend on healthcare professionals.

Replied by Timh
2083 posts

I take 200mcg Chromium 2 or 3 times daily and a combination of Gymnema, Mulberry Leaf, and Cinnamon cap once daily to help burn the sugars. Cinnamon in particular is effective for burning sugar and killing fungus.

Replied by Om
(Hope, BC, Canada)

To Joyce, Lansdowne, Pa.---- I whole heartedly agree with you. "if the disease does not kill you, the medicine sure will".

I did this a few years ago and did not use the glucometer anymore. Psychologically, I could not take it any more after a few years and bad experience with the doctor who told me nothing about self care but threatened amputation, etc. Since I had done yoga for most of my adult life, I had also studied traditional medicine (meaning herbal medicine and Ayurveda)) in my free time just for my education. So I know what to do. Metformin caused instant depression and fatigue lasting in sleep mode all day and night. That was a short interval made worse with insulin while for the first time in my life I gained weight rapidly and the dolt told me to control my diet when I had perfect weight all my life. He gave me hypertension, swollen ankles and a heavy body. Then I told him I would quit with that kind of medical attention and do my own thing. I am back to normal.

That was a few years ago. Study on EC and Green Med Info revealed that these medications for type 2 will kill the patient eventually. The findings are well explained and researched.

Kudos for taking up the courage and follow on your own. I go according to feeling and am doing well. It is a strange world: some people are not afraid to smoke but they are afraid to discontinue proven poisonous medications. Go figure.

Namaste, Om

Replied by Prioris
(Florida, US)

Anti diabetic medications are suppose to make it more difficult to heal it naturally. I don't have diabetes but there are enough anecdotal reports that diabetes 2 can be healed naturally. I agree about taking control of ones health.

Diluted Bleach

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Posted by Manny (Uk) on 05/22/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I used Bleach with water to cure my jock itch I had for 9 or so months.The bleach with water cured it in I think 3 days, but maybe it was a week. Whatever the case it was bloody fast.

I have a shot glass in my bathroom, I squirted a little bit of bleach into there, and then filled the rest up with water and stirred with a cotton bud.

Then I just poured the solution into my hands, and applied and spread it across my crotch area where the jock itch was.

You should smell like a swimming pool down there, so it might be best to do it before bed.

Now I first tried to use bleach directly, and that burnt bad and I had to wash that stuff off quickly. But by just diluting the bleach with a little bit of water I was surprised how the burn of bleach had gone so quickly. Then if I got any itching/irritation, it was not anywhere near as bad as my previous jock itch so it was fine.

The reason I'm saying this is you, is you do not need a lot of water, only very little. I started using half a shot glass of water rather than a full one, because it was just too much water to apply. Remember bleach doesn't thicken the water. So it's like applying water to your crotch, which can be very messy if you have too much (just try a full shot glass without any bleach in it). So don't make it with too much water. And I didn't use any towels to get rid of excess (in the crotch area), I just pulled up my underwear. If the solution had pulled down my leg or went on the floor, I used a towel.

Just so people know specifically which brand I used here in the UK. It was one I already had in my house called Mr Muscle Toilet Power Thick Bleach Gel.

People should know I tried a lot of other things. For example tea tree soap, 10% sulphur soap, and 12% hydrogen peyroxide.

Sulphur soap by Christina May actually helped a lot but never killed the jock itch, it basically dried the crotch area so much that it stopped it, but would cause cracks in my skin, including one crack in my foreskin.

Tea Tree Oil soap did nothing.

And 12% hydrogen peroxide, though it burnt like hell and very painful, did kill the jock itch, but only for a day, and it would return the next day. And this is 12%! So I manned up and use the strong stuff, and it didn't kill my jock itch.

Seriously guys and gals, use diluted bleach with water. You won't get the pain or burning like hydrogen peroxide will give you (especially when you have cuts), and might experience a slight irritation and itching. But after a week you'll banish this cursed thing forever.

You might want to wear gloves when you do it, as you might accidentally touch your eyes later on like I did, and even though I washed my hands with soap, the bleach had absorbed into my skin and there was still residue. So I accidentally rubbed my eyes and some bleach residue was there, and it started to irritate my eyes. Luckily just washing my eyes with water got rid of it.

Lastly I used Emu Oil after the jock itch was gone to heal the skin quickly. Emu Oil heals skin very fast. There's some doctor who's on youtube, uses emu oil and drugs to help heal skin and transport anti biotics, and really bad skin lesions, like ones open so you can see the bone, that they've had for years. Emu oil heals them in weeks! And it works on the my crotch area where cracks and lesions from this whole jock itch and sulphur soap era happened.

Lastly lastly. How do I know my jock itch is cured? Because when I use to have anything sugary it would start to itch really badly. The other day I has milk, porridge, and a lot of brown sugar, and I mean a lot (5 tablespoons or more). I was trying to cause an insulin spike with my protein after I had just been to the gym. And no itching occured! An absolute miracle! You might not agree with me eating that much sugar for insulin spike, but at least that told me, this thing is properly gone.

I might try and maintain my jock itch free status by applying diluted water and bleach once a week so it never returns.

Hope this helps.

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