Jock Itch Remedies

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Serj (London) on 07/22/2017
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I have suffered with this for years tried all sort of creams from doctors, specialists etc none worked I do cycle and walk a lot, whilst on Holiday in Armenia very hot country and sight seeing etc I was extremely uncomfortable went to a local chemist she told me to use apple vinegar, I just tried it first time it was burning for 20 second and the painful irritation just Disappeared like magic have been using it for three days now the dry skin has gone no more stinging as I put on I am so amazed wanted to share this with everyone. Also had dry skin and rash on two of my fingers that has gone too.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Ivy (Louisiana, US) on 03/03/2015
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For apple cider vinegar, the easiest way to apply it for jock itch is go find yourself a clean spray bottle. I used one that use to contain facial toner so it's a very fine mist. Clean it out really well if it's not a new bottle. Then fill with your vinegar, some people recommend diluting it with water, but I find it takes longer to dry and it's less effective although it may sting more on really bad spots. I spray the affected area a few times a day and I take an extra min to let it dry and then powder down with talc. Be warned most baby powder these days is made from corn starch which can make your infection much worse as it becomes food for the fungus. I like the spray bottle because I can keep it in my purse with a travel size bottle of talc powder for when I have issues at work. Once you get past the sting of the vinegar, it becomes very soothing as it kills off the infection simply by being too acidic for it to survive, making it safe and effective.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Thewind777 (Mesa, Az) on 02/02/2015
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Realize that the problem is the version of Candida (the real name for what the doctors call 'yeast' on the surface of your skin). There are many different strains of Candida including Albicans, Glabrata, etc. many have a strange ability, and that is to root themselves through mucal membranes. This is why most antifungals can't get rid of them completely.

The longer you've had it, the harder it is to get rid of.

Under your breasts is sensitive area... but under ones balls is probably even more sensitive; so what you do with that, you should be able to do under your breasts.

You apply it full-strength applying with a cotton ball. You then let it stay that way for 5 minutes or so. Finally, don't rinse it off... just use a hair drier to dry it completely.

If you never had it before? Application of ACV three times-per-day with hair drying for a week might do it. As with killing bacteria, keep doing it long after all the symptoms go away.

At the beginning you might have severe reactions for the first few days because it is deeply embedded in the skin in the sweat follicles and such. Eruptions and even skin peeling might occur. It might look (and feel) like a sunburn. New skin will appear underneath it looking very good quality. If it is a sensitive area, this can not be good; but if you want it to really be gone - do it.

If it is just a surface yeast that just occurred; almost nothing will occur. The red will just go away.

It is basically diaper rash complicated by yeast so make sure it stays dry. NEVER use corn starch (which feeds yeast). Unfortunately baby powder has silicates in it, which causes black lung disease; so you also shouldn't use that for long (if at all).

91% alcohol dries; but can sting. I use it, though. Afterwards try using either 100% lanolin or Vaseline to keep out the water and condition the skin.

If the ACV, alone, doesn't work after a couple weeks; you might also buy liquid kaolic, apply it after you've dried with the hair drier. Then dry a second time, then apply the lanolin or Vaseline.

If that doesn't work, try using 1 Tablespoon Clorox bleach to 10 ounces of water. Let stand 5 minutes. Blow with hair drier.

Never start out with the strongest thing. Alternate with different things if it doesn't work. You can get rid of the redness; but still have the itch, for example. This usually means it is below the skin in its hyphal fungal form.

Garlic has a strange capability of passing systemically (throughout your whole body). Some say you can rub garlic on their feet and they can taste it on their tongue. Think of Garlic as a systemic yeast killer. Kill from inside AND outside.

Where to buy Apple Cider Vinegar? Go to and type ACV with mother or ACV unfiltered. You'll be paying $3 more per bottle than you would by just going to the local food store, though. Most food stores now have unfiltered ACV. They oftentimes don't say 'With Mother'... but if says it is unfiltered, it is brown like rust, and it is cloudy instead of clear - it has mother.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Thewind777 (Mesa, Az) on 01/21/2015
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Let me say a bit about why I think this is such a problem in the world. The overuse of antibiotics is what caused fungus, and yeast (Candida Albicans) to become so prevalent.

When I was a child, no matter what ailment I had my doctor prescribed Penicillin. When I was 5, I had a boil on my thumb (probably from sucking my thumb after I had a sliver because I remember it starting from a black dot).

After the Penicillin treatments, I had some kind of scaly skin behind my ears. I was given some ointment to put on it and it went away (don't know what the ointment was).

As time went along, I had more and more Penicillin treatments (as did my family). My brother used to have severe constipation (probably caused by all the healthy flora being destroyed in his colon). Our septic tank stopped working properly and Dad had to dig it out and drain the crap down into a hole in the ground (probably our dumping penicillin-filled crap down the toilet killed all the beneficial bacteria in the septic tank and caused IT to get constipated, you might say).

Later, in Jr. High, I started getting severe dandruff. Dandruff is a fungus that lives in your hair follicles.

Dad started getting scally stuff on his eyelids (it never went away, had it up to when he died). My Mother had a strange red rash on her nose that was called 'Rosacaea' (probably was yeast, I would now say).

I had a red rash that spread from where my glasses touched my face until it was all over my eyebrow area and nose.

I finally got rid of that rash when I was 50 by repeatedly applying iodine tincture about 10 times-per-day. The 'Psoriasis, or Rosacea' is now gone. Psoriasis and Rosacea shouldn't go away.

For almost 20 years I've been trying to repopulate by eating yogurt, taking Megadophilus tablets, eating no starch, no bread, no spaghetti, no sugar, no alcohol.

Whenever I eat anything with sugar, I have anger attacks. When I eat starch (particularly pancakes) I used to get very strange symptoms.

When I am exposed to fungus, I sometimes get light-headed and feel like fainting (probably aspergillus).

Recently found out that Citric Acid that is put in foods is made from aspergillus.

So, the yeast / fungus in the groin area is just a small symptom of a widespread problem. I call it 'The 40-year time bomb' because 40 years after people are given antibiotics is when the problem really occurs.

Candida Albicans yeast is the real problem. It finds permanent domicile in your colon. It has two forms, a ball-form where it is yeast... and a 'hyphal form' meaning it turns into a fungus which puts out roots that burrow into and through your colon wall, causing what is termed 'leaky gut syndrome'. After that, food passes through your colon into your body, then your body tries fighting the food as if it were an attacking organism.

How does one get that imbalance back in order? Well, it should have been done 40 years BEFORE by taking Megadophillus to repopulate immediately following the antibiotics. But nobody told me about it, and doctors still don't tell anybody about the problem.

Afterwards? It's very difficult to fight off the widespread attachment of a fungus to the inside of your colon wall that has sent roots through the wall.

And, if you ask doctors, they say that doesn't occur (photos don't show little to nothing. Might show a slight reddish hue to the wall of your colon. Nothing that alerts the doctor that there is any problem).

If you try killing off the stuff by taking things, the Candida dies, releasing alkaline, causing the atmosphere to be even more condusive to growing more Candida. Acidophillus means 'Acid-loving', meaning that it dies in an alkaline environment. More Candida grows, the shock of their death releases 60 toxins which cause a shock to your colon wall causing it to release L-Glutamine, which thins the wall of the colon.

Moral of the story? After taking antibiotics, repopulate with Acidophilus EVERY TIME and immediately.

One you have had this occur for years, don't immediately start killing it with full force - or you might set up an even better-to-have-Candida-thrive atmosphere in the colon.

"How does one regrow a tropical rain forest once it has been chopped down." is the problem.

So, you start by changing your diet from one which encourages yeast growth, to one which doesn't. Drop starches, stop eating spaghetti, stop eating sugar, eat more vegetables and fruit (which are both alkaline, but they don't feed the Candida, at least). Stop drinking alcohol.

Start eating yogurt, start eating things which discourage yeast growth (garlic in your food, oregano as a flavoring, coconut oil replaces all other oils, start supplementing your diet with probiotics).

Keep this up for 20 years. After 20 years has gone by... your health will improve. Candida will go away.

Once it is gone, eat tons of fruit. Keep eating it. Lots of raw vegetables. Learn what Candida doesn't like, and eat that.

Then you can start re-introducing 'complex carbohydrates' such as Rye Crackers which have nothing in the ingredients besides rye, for example. (but only after many years of eating a no-starch diet have gone by).

"Whole Grain" is all you should eat, afterwards. Never eat anything with flour in it, ever again. You don't need flour in your life, nor does one need alcohol. Alcohol is like taking an antibiotic, constantly. It is just the other way you are constantly taking an antibiotic and killing-off your intestinal flora. All alcoholics have yeast problems.

Things that help re-establish a proper balance:

Yogurt, only plain yogurt (no sugar).

Garlic, tons of garlic.

Coconut oil (has caprylic acid in it, which kills yeast and fungus). Sea Buckthorn Oil (keep in fridge because it goes rancid almost immediately).

Learn what else helps reduce candida growth in your colon.

So, your jock itch is a symptom. Oftentimes 'Jock Itch' is not Tinea at all, but Candida Albicans 'Yeast' (not only women get yeast infections, particularly if you were given tons of antibiotics). The real cause is antibiotics followed by doctors who are completely ignorant. Moral of the story? ALWAYS repopulate after antibiotics with probiotics. You'll save yourself a world of problems.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Ning (Springfield, Missouri) on 01/01/2013
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My husband had jock itch not very long ago and it looked real bad, it was very red and burning he said, he tried all the cream for jock itch, but anyway, I research here on earthclinic and I read Apple Cider Vinegar so I told my husband to give it a try, so after he shower he used about one half cup Apple Cider Vinegar and alum power ( 3x a day)and u know what after 2 days of treatment before he knew it was completely gone, Apple Cider Vinegar do wonders.. He is jock itch free for 2 days now. thanks again earthclinic...

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Acv Ftw (Yakima, Wa) on 12/08/2011
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Short and sweet,

ACV cure my skin (fungal, I believe) rash in my groin area, mostly on the inner thighs. Red and blotchy, itched when scratched. Jock Itch I suppose? Applied it straight up, soaked on a sheet of toilet paper and as of now, 4 days later, its flaky and not inflamed any more, returning to natural skin color. Turned red and became a little more inflamed when applied, then subsided, also slightly burned. Garlic, Coconut oil and whatever else I threw on there didn't have as much as an effect as ACV. If it burns, you know it's workin.

REALLY WORKED WELL. Thanks for the info. Much Love

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Jim (Deaborn Hts, Michigan) on 09/16/2011
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This has probably been covered but will add my opinion. I had jock itch for years, gets pretty unconfortable during the summer. Tried using commercial stuff and alcohol but would be back next day. Then used one treatment of apple cider vinegar and it is gone. I wouldn't have believed it if anyone had told me but my own experience made me a believer. Try it.