Jock Itch Remedies

Apple Cider Vinegar, H202, Boric Acid
Posted by Thewind777 (Mesa, Arizona) on 01/19/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I have tried just about everything on the planet. It never was red, nor was it visible much (if you spread the ball sack it would look shiny).

Best things which work to completely remove the problem over time:

I found that a combination of things, together, works well. Two that nobody has mentioned that can help: Kyolic Garlic liquid would work well. Apply, then let it dry with a hair drier.

ACV, full-strength, applied three times-per-day which has 3 cloves of garlic cut in half put into the bottle.

35% Hydrogen Peroxide mixed 2 teaspoons of 35% to 15 teaspoons of distilled water. Apply, let it stand a few minutes, blot dry, hair drier, or rub until dry. This makes a solution which is a bit stronger than 3% (about 5%); but doesn't burn you.

WARNING! Always keep 35% in a plastic bag in the fridge. If you were to ever drink it, you would die a horrid death. When you mix it, treat it like it's battery acid. It causes thick white burns that are painful. Mix it over the sink and shake the bottle afterwards, washing off the outside of the bottle and drying it completely.

After it is mixed up, mark it clearly and put the dilution strength on it with a Sharpie Marker. Use it at least three times-per-day.

Alternate with 70% or greater Alcohol. Remember that proof of alcohol is twice the percentage of alcohol in the bottle. So, get 180 proof Jamaican Rum if you can find it.

Dust lightly with Boric Acid. You can find it in the insect killing area because it is used to kill cockroaches. Many are scared of Boric Acid... but they say it isn't much more poisonous than Baking Soda is.

Borax is NOT Baking Soda. It is related to it, but it is not Boric Acid.

Then, after you have thoroughly dried the area... apply 100% lanolin to the area. Lanolin does NOT wash off and stops all oxygen to reaching the fungus. Works better than Vaseline because it just can't be washed off and is thicker than Vaseline.


Methods I'd stay away from? NEVER use 35% Hydrogen Peroxide, straight from the bottle (Unless you love chemical burns on your balls).

NEVER use straight Thyme Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Peppermint Oil or Oregano Oil on your private parts, period (unless you LIKE extreme pain, your balls contracting severely from the excruciating pain, with nothing that you do to try and wash it off working and the skin peeling off extremely tender balls for three days as it heals to occur). Even diluted oils of these types is NOT recommended. If you can get rid of the problem with things which don't burn and sting, why use things which burn and sting and give you a third-degree burn on your private parts?

Do these things three times-per-day and alternate treatments. Keep it up for a couple weeks, way past when the itching goes away.

Then, when you go camping, take a small bottle of ACV with you, some powdered boric acid in a tiny ziplock bag (you can get 1" x 1" bags on-line). and take a tiny bit of lanolin with you in another bag.

If you ever go swimming in water holes, this can start up itching quite quickly. After sex, after swimming in any water supply that is not chlorinated, after camping and sleeping in your sleeping bag for hours... Apply the vinegar, let it dry. Put the boric acid on it. Cover with lanolin. Go to sleep. Do it again when you wake up.