Hives Treatment

Activated Charcoal
Posted by Lusea (Groves, Texas, Usa) on 02/09/2010

I have had severe hives several times in the last few years. The only thing (and I tried lots of big pharma remedies) that really worked was activated charcoal. I take 4 - 250 mg to start and a couple more if needed in about an hour. Must be on an empty stomach and don't take any of your regular sups because the charcoal will suck up everything. It clears my hives in one day.

Activated Charcoal
Posted by Becky (Olathe, Ks) on 10/12/2011

To the person who used baby oil made with mineral oil. Did you just smooth it over the hives? I have chronic hives and have had two shots of a high dose of an allergy medicine, it works for a month after the shot, but it costs $1,200 each time and my insurance denies its use. I can't afford it. I'm now trying the ACV 3X a day. I hope this works. I don't want to continue taking a lot of medicine that can have major side effects.

Activated Charcoal
Posted by Zarahlin (Park City, Utah, Usa) on 07/28/2012

I broke out with a small hive cluster on June 19, 2012 on the back of my right thigh. It wasn't major, but the hive spot appeared out of no where. I've experienced rashes before, but never really had hives. I saw a dermatologist a few days later who looked at the spot for a couple of minutes and then pronounced I had an auto-immune disease and prescribed a steroid ointment which was useless. Little do I know what I was in for in these coming weeks. It is now 5 weeks later and I have broken out severely in hives on both legs. The right leg has the most clusters and is much worse than the left leg. I have been to two dermatologists because I thought I had scabies and started treating for that. I am now under the care of a naturopathic doctor who told me I am dealing with urticaria.

The naturopathic doctor has given me two rounds of supplemental IVs containing B vitamins, selenium, and high doses of vitamin C. I am now trying to alkanize my body through a fast and drinking a lemon/lime concoction throughout the day. I also take 13,500 mg. Daily of ascorbic acid powder in water. Unfortunately, everything has become worse. The night itching is unbearable and every morning I wake up with more spots. I am desparate to clear this up because in 8 days I leave for Belize which has a hot, humid, tropical climate.

I'm thankful I found this site, and will try some of the recommendations here. I am so discouraged and depressed right now. I hope I find something that works.

Activated Charcoal
Posted by Lisa (Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa) on 08/10/2012

Hi Ashley, I would venture to say that it is most likely your diet. You didn't mention anything about that. Remember the skin is also an eliminative organ- our largest one actually. Hives in Chinese medicine are also an indication of too much heat in the body. My suggestion would be to first look at your diet and clean that up. And Benadryl is just throwing off your body ecology anyway. Not only is it damaging topically but the body absorbs whatever you put on it too. I can assure you, if you clean up your diet and begin detoxing, you will see this change.

If you can get to a Traditional Chinese medicine doctor, they can help you with this condition as well. Even still, it is imperative you clean up your diet because those hives are an indication of toxins that want to get out. By the way, the cold and nervousness are just things that aggravate the body. Hope this information helps. Lisa

Activated Charcoal
Posted by Charity (Faithville, Usa) on 10/28/2016

I am familiar with allergies and all that is included with them. Dr. Batmanghelidj wrote a book on your bodys many cries for water. I drank a lot of water but read the book anyway. I found out that I was low salt and other minerals that hold water in place and that was creating a lot of my problems. Hope you find your answers.

Activated Charcoal
Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 10/29/2016

Hello Paula,

I have a friend who travels on cruises all the time. I think he and his wife have been on 50 cruises and they like excursions. They's gotten into lots of ocean related caves doing exotic rafting trips. There have been lots of speculation on the possibility of catching some exotic disease from inside cave environments. He started coming down with extensive hives...they would let up and then reappear. Quite debilitating and he was on a medication that cost nearly 4,000 dollars a month. That wasn't working.

Moving rashes (as well as non-moving) can be caused by blood born infections and my friend after giving up on doctors, tried taking colloidal silver twice daily on empty stomach. Over 6 months the rashes left him. He'd been plagued with the condition for about 5 years, getting worse and worse. Now he is perfectly OK; about 2 years after the last manifestation. He credits the CS.

Activated Charcoal
Posted by Marsh57 (Denver) on 03/27/2018

I know this reply is long after the question asked, but make small travel containers (about 1" diameter x 1") filled with a coconut oil & tea tree mix. Use this to put on hives, paper cuts, gum eruptions, dry spots, itchy spots. I always have one in my bathroom and one in my travel bag. Always carry activated charcoal as well. Just make sure you hydrate extremely well so it won't constipate you.

Gluten-Free Diet
Posted by Jose (Salt Lake City, Ut, USA) on 02/27/2012
5 out of 5 stars

About 2 years ago, I started having hive outbreaks that completely changed my lifestyle. Initially I and the multiple doctors I visited had a difficult time identifying my body's reaction as hives. They started by appearing as crescent shaped welts as well as targets, or circular welts with clear centers. Not long after, however, these outbreaks became quite severe. Tightly clustered hives formed super hives the size of dinner plates on my chest, back, and legs. I also experienced deep tissue hives that I could feel below the skin and near joints, which caused painful swelling. In addition, as if things were not bad enough already, I also suffered from pressure hives--too much physical pressure actually caused hives! I couldn't even carry a basket at the supermarket without my hands swelling from an outbreak.

Eventually, I found a naturopathic doctor that helped me identify my outbreaks as an immune dificiency. It turns out that I developed an allergic reaction to gluten, which was basically in everything I was eating. At the time all this happend, I was in my mid-thirties and in relatively good health. Cutting gluten out of my diet helped tremendously, but I found a few things that helped with my condition prior to receiving my diagnosis.

If I did nothing, my outbreaks would pass within two or three days, which was just far too long for me, so I found a few different ways to move the hives out of my system within a day to half a day. In some instances, I was able to rid the current outbreak within a few hours.

1. Cayenne pepper. I took cayenne pepper to increase blood circulation. I added 1/4 tsp to a glass of water (8 oz) and chugged it once or twice a day. This might be too much for some people (it was too much for me at times), so I would recommend experimenting with this measurement. As bad as it was at times to drink this concoction, it was worth the relief.

2. Physical exercise. Again, the idea was to increase blood circulation. I joined a local field hockey team and we played 3 times a week. This was better than a treadmill because it was fun, I made new friends, and I got the serious cardiovascular workout I needed.

3. Sea water. I was visiting the Dominican Republic for a wedding and had a breakout every single day that I was there. I discovered, however, that taking a dip in the ocean soothed my outbreaks and got rid of them pretty quickly. I never actually tried it but perhaps an epsom salt bath would also help? Anyway, I include this here in case it helps someone reading this even though I only used it during my visit.

4. Juicing. Hands down this is the best thing I tried for hives AND my gluten allergy. I bought a single auger juicer for about $260 (US). The reason I decided to juice is because I not only wanted the vitamins and minerals, but I wanted to make sure I was also getting the live enzymes that come from juicing. I mostly juice vegetables and some fruit. Initially, I juiced every day for about 3 weeks. I made some form of green juice and had a tall glass of it right away. After that time period, I juiced a few times a week instead of everyday. By the way, I'm not talking about juice fasting. All I did then, and continue to do now, is incorporate juicing into my existing diet.

There are obvious benefits to juicing, and with a little research you can find certain recipes for different ailments. I have a favorite one that I make specifically for heavy metal toxicity, which I suspect is the cause of my pressure hives. The overall result from jucing? I rarely have any hive outbreaks anymore. They're all but gone. I can also have foods that contain gluten such as pasta, breads, ketchup, soy sauce, beer.... The list is endless. Although I can have it again, I'm choosing a cleaner diet. I'm able to carry a basket at the supermarket again and I want to keep it that way.

Apple Cider Vinegar, L-Lysine
Posted by Hives In AZ (Phoenix, AZ) on 07/15/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Thank you, Earth Clinic! I found your website while searching for something, ANYTHING, that would relieve and cure my hives. My first outbreak was July 2008 and they started as a general itching after I'd been in the pool. I was miserable with them until September when I finally went to see a doctor (after trying to take care of them myself--I thought it was eczema). The doctor gave me a steroid shot and told me to use cortisone cream for the itch and that they would run their course. By the end of September they were gone. They reappeared this year in late June. Not quite as bad, but one hive is enough to drive a person mad! I started on Zyrtec which seemed to help and dabbed Witch Hazel on them to relieve the itch (read about WH somewhere on the web). The WH seemed to work well, but soon lost its efficacy.

I started researching again and found this site and decided to try the apple cider vinegar (2 tsp in 16 oz of water as suggested, plus applied topically to the hives). Miracle of miracles, this is working!! I also added 2,000 mg of L-Lysine/day. Not sure if it's because of the ACV or the L-Lysine or both, but I can honestly say that the ACV works topically and they are clearing up with just a little bit of itching after about 3 days of this treatment. And they seem to be clearing in the order of their appearance: legs then arms and lastly underarms and a few on my back.

I'm also back to using the Witch Hazel for the little bit of itching and it doesn't seem to be as harsh as the ACV and is working great again.

Thank you! So glad I stumbled upon this site. I'll continue with the 2 tsp of ACV in my water as a preventative....

Posted by Karen (San Francisco ) on 01/30/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Had terrible hives nearly everyday for a year. Now they are gone. I took a basic probiotic for a few weeks and also avoided gluten. Apparently my hives were a gut issue. Wheat seems to be a trigger, bit a wheat free diet alone didn't rid me of hives. Wish I had known about this earlier! A short course of probiotics was a very simple fix.

Dietary Changes
Posted by All Dogs Go to Heaven (USA) on 08/04/2023

Hi Karin, I have some information that may help you. Sea salt is a natural antihistamine. I discovered this when I researched why salt made me feel better. My sodium levels are always low or low normal. The normal dose is a teaspoon per day in divided doses. I need more. Also, liposomal Vitamin C helps. I take quite a bit. Avoid being dehydrated, as this increases histamine. There is also an “H” block supplement you take with meals. I have found that chocolate and tomatoes increase my need for salt drastically. Of course avoid anything aged or fermented.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Anon (Anon) on 10/03/2017

I got hives for the first time ever. I'm 38. I think from a bottle of wild oregano oil. I put some under my arms to see if it could be used for deodorant. Yes! But then I noticed itchy bumps on my arm inside my elbow. Thinking back I also got itchy bumps on my face and scalp from it. I have used the same brand before without issue so dunno what happened. Anywho. This morning more hives on my hip and waist and on my lower legs, too.

I've been scrubbing with a washcloth soaked with 3% hydrogen peroxide on the hives on my legs and they are nearly gone. The hives on my hips and waist are still there. So yay! for hydrogen peroxide for hives. :)

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Forge On! (Midwest Of Usa) on 01/06/2022
5 out of 5 stars

Yes, drinking ACV (ALWAYS diluted! ) helps. However, my 2-cents here......I had shingles on my face & eye over 10 years ago. Using DILUTED ACV in a spray bottle (or gently dabbed) helped relieve / reduce itch. Probably also prevented scarring......

Posted by Steve (Alaska) on 02/09/2016
5 out of 5 stars

My experience with hives began June of 2015. UV light on a hot, sunny day reacted with the warfarin that I take and caused the typical red welts and extreme itching on my forearms, neck and one ankle. The reaction may have been to the dye used in warfarin.

The dermatologist was useless. What worked for me was apple cider vinegar, activated charcoal capsules, and coconut oil. I also used supplements of DAO Histaminase and Quercetin. Cold ice packs on the affected skin followed with coconut oil helps reduce the itching.

It is my belief that hives isn't caused by a particular food or substance per se. Rather, these things function as a trigger to an overloaded immune system that is dealing with a lot of toxins in the body. I am 67 and have had time to accumulate a lot of toxins. As the charcoal and ACV cleaned out the toxins, the rash and itching went away.

Detox will be a regular practice for me from now on.

Garlic and Lime
Posted by Joyce (Abuja. Nigeria) on 09/24/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Garlic and Lime can cure hives:

Grate (or blend) a clove of fresh garlic, (or start with half a clove). Soak it in warm water for 5minutes. Strain the juice into a mug. Add freshly squeezed lime juice (3 or 5). Add 500ml water to the garlic and lime juice and drink last thing at night and first thing in the morning. Good luck.

Please be sure to use fresh garlic (not bottled garlic powder) and fresh lime, (not lemon). It works.

Posted by Sylvia (San Francisco, Ca) on 10/12/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I started developing hives recently on a Saturday evening for the first time in my life. Raised bumps on my arms and upper thigh and trunk. Some of the bumps seemed to be joining in pink raised patches which scared me. I am not sure what the trigger was.

I have a bottle of 2% Lugols iodine in a small bottle with a glass dropper in my cabinet which I use topically for minor wounds and scratches. I've aways found topical iodine to also be a wonderful balm for red, itchy, swollen bug bites so I thought I'd try it for the hives.

I placed the iodine drops directly from the dropper onto the hives (or onto my finger tips) and rubbed the iodine in. Within 10-15 minutes the itch was gone. Within hours I noticed the hives had settled down. I woke up the next morning with a few new hive 'patches' on my back which were large and a few new bumps elsewhere. Everyplace I had put iodine on the night before, the hives were gone. So I proceeded to rub the iodine, direct from the dropper, onto the new hives. Within the hour the large patches on my back were no longer raised and after several hours were starting to 'breakup' in terms of color.

Please note that I did not dilute the Lugol's iodine. I placed drops directly on the hive and rubbed it in. If itching didn't stop I reapplied the iodine on the hive 2-3 times until it did. I applied the iodine on all my hives and did not worry about dosage since dermal application generally allows your body to absorb what it needs (in my opinion). Also, if you look at the tremendous amounts of iodine the Japanese ingest daily and their good health I just don't feel the need to be too alarmed with a 2% solution applied to the skin (again, just my opinion).

Topical iodine was a fantastic topical relief solution for me but it still doesn't answer the question as to what triggered my hives. The day before my hives was very stressful so it could be that but I also tried a few new foods - I may never know. If I continue to have hives in the future I will dig deeper, but for now this is a good topical remedy that relieved my itch and my fear. Getting hives is a little scary.

Note: this is obviously not a remedy for people with an iodine sensitivity. Also note, your fingetips will turn quite yellow/reddish so keep that in mind if your hands need to be presentable.

Posted by Stephanie (Mississipi, US) on 04/01/2015

It is God's Grace that brought me upon this site. I claim my healing as I prepare to go buy honey, thank you.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Chia Seeds
Posted by Lorrainez (Concord, Ca) on 02/12/2013
5 out of 5 stars

In 2012 I started to juice a lot of kale. I beleive that I released too many toxins into my system and began breaking out in hives (entire body) and vaginally bleeding. I went to 5 different specialist and all the test said I was fine. Bendaryl didnt work after a week or two. From this website I found ACV which I bathed in daily (to keep the hives under control). But I wanted to fix the problem not just maintain. A friend of mine who sells chia seeds gave me a bag to try. I took a scoop a day and within 3 day the hives went away and the bleeding stopped. My belief is that I had way too many toxins floating around in my body and my body was naturally trying to eliminate it. The chia seed allowed it to be flushed out through my bowel movements instead of my skin. I am blessed that I found the answer for my body and I hope this helps someone.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Jay (Boca Raton, Fl) on 02/16/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I have AIPD autoimmune progesterone dermatitis, aka, allergic to my hormones and it seems the only relief I get is from ACV my outbreaks are so bad that I can move... Try it... I use organic with the mother just 2 tsp in about 6-8 oz of H2O horrible taste but by morning it's 80% better!! Good luck

Nettle Tea
Posted by Ky Mama (Clinton, Ky) on 01/22/2013
5 out of 5 stars

My son was three years old when he woke up from a nap covered in hives. I had no idea the cause; he had no unusual exposure to food or anything that I could think of. In trying to figure out what to do (I was worried it was going to get worse! ) I considered that one of his older brothers, whom he is a lot alike, has had trouble with allergies and asthma in the past. If that son took Nettle capsules and Quercetin daily, his problems stopped and eventuallly healed. No was could I get a three year old to swallow capsules. I made him some Nettle Tea, sweetened it (honey, stevia, whatever) and he drank it in a sippy cup. In twenty minutes, his hives were gone. The next day it happened again... He woke up from his nap with hives. Less this time. I gave him Nettle Tea again and they were gone very quickly. That was over a year ago and he hasn't had hives since. Nettle is amazing! I had trouble with chronic hives years ago and I wish I had known about Nettle back then.

Oil Pulling
Posted by Janet6 (Brooklyn, Ny) on 09/18/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I have been doing OP with virgin olive oil for over four years. This has now become part of my morning routine. The first week I started, I experienced a clean palate which I think resulted in my new experience of foods. I now enjoy my foods and eat with more gusto. My other observance was that I slept more soundly and felt more refreshed and energized upon waking. Each day I eagerly started my morning doing O/P and then a thorough brush with my regular tooth-paste and baking soda and salt. My breath definitely improved during the day. However, the most important and startling feature of this new practice for me was that it cured my hives. I suffered with this allergic reaction for more than 20 years and all I got from my doctors was temporary relief. I had been using Benadryl, Allegra, Zyrtec, Prednisone among many but when I started O/P, it cured my allergies, which came out in the form of hives ( raised irregular shapes all over my body which were crazily itchy and ugly). I could not even talk about them, I felt like they were listening and would re-visit me. After four years of O/p I think this is the most amazing thing that could happen to someone with allergies. I feel that anyone with allergies can benefit if I can. I have been passing on by word of mouth to all my friends and family and those who try it tell me the wonderful results they too are having. I believe this has even helped me with whatever pain I have had in my shoulders and knees. I have experienced expelling a lot of phlegm which I am amazed is in my body as I never seem to have a cold or cough. Over the years, my face has gotten smoother than when I was younger. No one believes how old I am and I will not tell. I have used sesame oil and sunflower oil and I like olive oil the best.

EC: More about Oil Pulling here:

Posted by Rimanosov (Miami, Fl Usa) on 07/20/2010
4 out of 5 stars

YEA. I've been having hives for 2 months now. After reading this post, I did a search on the internet and went last Friday (July 16, 2010) and bought for $3 a bottle of 500mg L-Lysine. I am taking one at a time on an empty stomach, three times daily. The Saturday I had practically no hives. The itching went away almost completely. Now, four days later, for the first time in two months, I feel something is working. They haven't disappeared completely, but I know I'm getting better every day. I didn't try antihistamine drugs that only mask the symptoms and are not good for the internal organs. I also ordered a blood cleanser on ebay, because I read that according to ayurveda, allergies are usually caused by blood impurities. Thank you for the advice.

Activated Charcoal
Posted by Zarahlin (Park City, Utah, Usa) on 07/31/2012

The hives have become worse. I have not found relief from using any of the suggestions here but will not give up on them altogether. I'm very discouraged and wonder how I will be able to cope on this trip. I have not had more than 2 hours of sleep a night for several weeks now. I've been feeling like I'm in a black hole and wonder if I'll ever get rid of these hives.

Activated Charcoal
Posted by Larry (Fairfax, Va) on 05/22/2015

Be careful with prednisone, it can be hard to get off-of and can be deadly if used in large doses for long periods of time!

Activated Charcoal
Posted by Jim (Frostburg) on 10/29/2016

My assumption is that if taking Benedril or another antihistamine blocks the hives then you are experiencing an allergic reaction to some agent; and diet is not the only agent that might incur an allergic reaction.

Have you recently changed your laundry detergent; or bought new bed-linens or new curtains, new carpet, etc. I wonder because it would follow from your descript that your reaction is occurring when you are in your bedroom or in your bed.

Hope you find a way around this. BTW, if you google, say, "there is no such thing as an autoimmune disease" then you may be surprised at what pops up.

Liver Cleanse
Posted by Lloyd (Torremolinos, Malaga) on 04/08/2009
5 out of 5 stars

HIVES means you need an indepth Liver Cleanse

When you suffer from allegies and food reactions and skin disorders like hives, often its a sign its time to "clean house". The liver performs between 500 and 3000 functions per day. Therefore I recommend to my patients to do a liver cleanse, but not just any liver cleanse but the ULTIMATE LIVER cleanse which involves distilled water enemas and then the famour olive oil, grapefruit juice with Epsom salts

You will get hundreds of stones out, even thousands of stones, if you do enough cleanses. You will be able to see them and even count them because they float to the top of the toilet. I have got out stones the size of half a walnut. I have friends and patients who have gotten out stones the size of a golf ball without any pain or discomfort, incredible as this may sound. I saw this with my own eyes when a friend showed me his golf ball sized stone.
They are called gallstones by the medical profession but 99% of them are not actually hard. They are waxy plugs that clog the gallbladder and the liver's bile ducts, preventing normal liver function and normal glucose metabolism. They are made of cholesterol which is produced by the liver. Some of these gallstones may be clogging up the gallbladder, often necessitating a visit to the doctor, and sometimes even requiring gallbladder surgery. I have received email from people who were scheduled for gallbladder surgery and who were able to cancel their appointment after doing The Ultimate Liver Cleanse. Even people who have had their gallbladder removed can get stones out because gallstones also clog up the bile ducts in the liver.
Gallstones can slow the detoxification function of the liver by preventing toxins from entering it. They can also prevent normal glucose metabolism. Glucose is stored as glycogen in the liver. Sugar which cannot get into the liver to be stored backs up into the circulatory system and shows up as high blood sugar. This is known as Type II diabetes. The sugar converts to fat, depositing itself in the blood vessels and organs, creating the "complications: of Type II diabetes as the years go by. Cleaning the liver with The Ultimate Liver Cleanse can help prevent Type II diabetes and can even help reverse it, in my opinion. It can help keep the circulatory system healthy. Diabetics who do my cleanse must monitor their blood sugar throughout the cleanse. You will need to devote a full weekend to doing each liver cleanse. This may seem unreasonable, but the results will be well worth the effort. Dr. Hulda Clark says liver cleansing is the single most important thing you can do to improve your health. The results are often dramatic. So, here goes. It won't be easy, but it will be worth it.


1 measuring cup, 1 hot water bottle,
1 enema bag (2-litre capacity) available at the pharmacy, a 4-litre jug of steam-distilled water, 3 red or pink grapefruit, 1 bottle of Oral Grade Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate), 1 cup of extra virgin olive oil

2 pm. From the time you get up in the morning until 2 pm you may drink apple juice or water. Some people say they get better results when they drink a lot of apple juice (non sweetened an preferably homemade apple juice) before a cleanse. No food at all to be eaten. No drink is to be taken after 2 pm.

4 pm. Take 3 enemas starting at 4 pm. It will take about 2 hours to complete the enemas. Here's how to take an enema. Heat half a jug of distilled water in a pot, not a kettle, so you can test the temperature of the water. You want the water to be barely warm. It is going into your body so it must not be hot at all. Put your finger in the water to make sure it is only slightly warm. Hang the enema bag from the shower rod in the bathroom. Place 2 thick towels on the floor of the bathtub. You will shortly be kneeling on them so make it thick enough for comfort. There is a plastic flow-control on the tube descending from the enema bag. Make sure it is shut or the water will gush out when you start to fill the enema bag. Fill the enema bag slowly. Attach the insertion nozzle to the end of the tube. Lubricate the nozzle and yourself with some oil to make insertion comfortable. Kneel on the towels with your feet toward the drain. Keep your head down. Open the flow-control to expel any air from the tube. Gently insert the nozzle. Open the flow control part-way. If you open it all the way the water will flow quickly and you may feel bloated and uncomfortable. You may increase the flow if you like but shut it off completely if you start to feel uncomfortable. Wait until you feel comfortable then continue the flow. This will enable you to hold the water in so you don't have the urge to rush to the toilet. Once you have taken all the water, remove the nozzle and lie on your back on the towels. Put your feet up on the wall to encourage the water to flow through the colon. Massage the abdomen from the left side to the bottom of the ribcage and then to the right side of the abdomen. Lie on your right side and massage the right side of the abdomen. You are encouraging the water to flow from the sigmoid up the descending across the transverse and down the ascending colon. That is the loop the colon makes. Hold the water in for at least 5 minutes. Resist the urge to visit the toilet. After finally visiting the toilet repeat the above procedure twice.

6 pm. Dissolve 2 tablespoons of oral Epsom salts in 1 cup (250 ml.) of cold water. Hold your nose and drink it all. This will relax you. It will also relax the bile ducts in the liver so that even the biggest stones will pass unnoticed. The most you will ever feel when you pass the stones is a train of marbles flowing up the right side of the abdomen below the ribcage. No pain or discomfort will felt. Lie down with a hot water bottle over the liver which is above and below the right side of the ribcage. The liver is a big organ, the largest organ in the body. Put more hot water in the bottle when it becomes too cool. Repeat this procedure at 8 pm. You may get a colon flush from the Epsom salts. Visit the bathroom when necessary.
9:45 pm. Place 2 or 3 pillows or cushions on the bed under your head in preparation for the main course. Squeeze the juice of 2 or 3 red or pink grapefruit, enough for one full cup. Strain out the pulp. Add one full cup of oil to the juice. Stir the mixture for a minute or 2 until it is homogenous. Put a thick straw in your container and take it to your bedside. Hold your nose and drink the mixture as fast as you can. Your goal is to drink the whole thing. If you can't drink it all after a few minutes, or if you start to gag, that's OK. Lie down quietly on your back with your head up high on the pillows and don't move for at least 20 minutes. After 20 minutes you can change your position. The Epsom salts will make you fall asleep. You may get a colon flush after midnight. Visit the bathroom when necessary. When you start to see yellow and green stones floating on the top of the toilet you have struck pay dirt. The stones float because they are cholesterol and cholesterol is fat. Fat is lighter than water and will always float to the top when mixed with water.

6 am or later. (set your alarm the night before) Mix 2 tablespoons of oral Epsom salts in 1 cup of cold water. Hold your nose and drink it all. You may go back to bed. Wait until you get a colon flush. You may have to visit the bathroom more than once. Then take 3 enemas following the above procedure. The enemas will flush the stones out. Observe their size and color and make notes of approximately how many stones you got out so that you can compare the results with subsequent cleanses. Even if you got out only small yellow and green stones or only chaff the cleanse was a success. The larger stones will come out during later cleanses. If you want to save the larger stones to show your friends and family you can fish them out of the toilet with rubber gloves and place them in a plastic container in the freezer. They will eventually start to melt, even in the freezer.

Afternoon. It will take until late morning or early afternoon for the last stones to be flushed out. You should rest during the afternoon. The effects of the magnesium in the Epson salts will encourage you to follow the body's need for rest and sleep at this time. You may want to break your fast during the afternoon or early evening. It is best to start back with a very light meal. I always prefer a light soup when I resume eating after a liver cleanse.
You may want to do a liver cleanse every 3 weeks or so. People usually like to forget the previous cleanse before doing the next one and 3 weeks allows the memory to dim. Eventually you will get out 2,000 stones or more. This may require 10 or more cleanses. You know your liver is clean when you get little or nothing out during 2 consecutive cleanses. Once all the stones are out you may want to do a liver cleanse every 6 months as a maintenance program to keep your liver clean and healthy.

Ultimate Liver Cleanse is the best liver cleanse available anywhere. Hundreds of people are using it to help detoxify. Liver cleansing with The Ultimate Liver Cleanse promotes detoxification. It clears gallstones out of the gall bladder and the liver. The liver is the largest internal detoxifying organ. The gallstones are a waxy consistency and are made of cholesterol which is manufactured in the liver. 95% of gallstones are not hard stones at all, contrary to what the medical profession would like you to think. For even more effective results you might want to combine some EGT Parasite, Bacteria Zapping with the Liver Cleanse. We use a powerful square wave unit for best results

This Ultimate Liver Cleanse can be done every 2 weeks - Enjoy! - Lloyd

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Stacy (Dickinson, Texas) on 01/22/2009
1 out of 5 stars

Apple cider vinegar made mine worse because it boosts the immune sys and its already awake if you have hives. Its attaking yourself. Your body's antihistimines cause hives but I have found no cure. My dr. increased my thyroid med and has calmed my hives but they are still here. I take a lot of antihistimines but the hives peek through. Over the last year they have been really bad. Prednisone works but has bad side effects. When my face gets them I go to the dr. and get a steroid shot.

Posted by Patricia (Los Angeles, California) on 11/04/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I have suffered with chronic Hives for the last 4 years!! Woke up with my eye closed shut or my lips all swollen.... I am so grateful to find this page & all the wonderful information, for the first time I feel that I am not alone & not losing my mind!! Thank you so much to all!

Reader Feedback
Posted by DAVE (WAUKESHA, WISCONSIN) on 11/10/2008
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I have had chronic intermitten hives attacks all my life and get temporary relief with atarax. however real relief occured when i vacation* in warm weather regions; the change of my environment and diet resulted ib long term relief. i conclused the hives were a result of emotional stress.

*my last vacation in mexico gave me hives relief in exchange for montezuma's revenge .......a fair exchange.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda, Exercise
Posted by Natasha (Auckland, New Zealand) on 02/07/2012

I have never had hives before but two weeks ago I started getting them first on my legs. Then on my arms. At the beginning they were small in size. Later they appeared on my upper arm, underarm, neck and even face. It was itching crazy. Immidiately after I scratched them, they was growing in size and was looking like raised flat topped bumps.

I was searching everywhere for some remedy and decided to try using tooth paste. I rubbed it onto hives and minutes later itching disappeared!! Hour later the hives were not swollen any longer and started to dissappear fully.

I don't know if it will help me to get rid of them fully, cos I tried this today, so I just have to wait and see. At least it helps to get rid of itchiness for sure.

Medicated Foot Powder
Posted by Jay (Canada) on 09/14/2022

Try borax. Washing affected area with borax as required should provide quick, lasting results with no side effects. Take collagen for the arthritis. Let us know how it goes.

Medicated Foot Powder
Posted by RW (OH) on 09/16/2022

Hi Renee,

Your post brought back memories of having giant hives for many years! My doctor, back then, gave me a refillable prescription for 50 mg of Benedryl that I took for many years. Now, I have memory interruptions that I believe came from that and other statin and sleep meds prescribed, but the Benedryl works fairly quickly. Another thing that helped was a suggestion from a nurse to use liquid starch (comes in a quart or gallon bottle, I believe) and pour it into a cool bath until the water feels “starchy, ” and just soak for a half hour or so. Not sure if this is available at grocery stores still since people seldom starch their clothes any more.

I hope you get relief soon. Best wishes.

Borax and DMSO
Posted by Renee (Boston) on 05/25/2022 41 posts

Thank you, yes I have read that. The cream I used was almost pure emu so I'm assuming it's OK. It was hand made by a person who suffers from multiply muscular ailments with all natural ingredients, which were very few. I think next time I make a batch I am going to use organic coconut oil because the other stuff was very expensive.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Sunshine (Montreal) on 07/19/2019
5 out of 5 stars

Have had problems with chronic Urticaria for 4 years mainly because at first I was fermenting and eating A LOT of veggies, yogurt and whatever I felt like fermenting (had a period!) Alcohol was also part of it for often, summer equals COLD BEER!

After all this time my face was pretty messed up, had the hives all over, to a point where it looked scary!. So of course I started reading about it and wanted a permanent solution, one that was SIMPLE, SHORT and EFFICIENT. I tried many things, all I could find really but without satisfaction. Then I started reading about the enzyme "diamine oxidase" which digests histamines and looked it up on amazon, but living in Canada I found it absolutely unaffordable! So I turned to the one thing that always got me out of trouble, I focused on the body's wisdom to fabricate the enzyme itself. So to shorten a long story here is what I did: I eat 3 bites of food at a time and wait till the stomach gargles again before I eat another 3 bites (about two to three hours). I try to avoid the high histamine foods without being too strict about it for it takes a little histamines for the metabolism to kick in and produce the enzyme. I eat a bit of Olive Oil (two to three tsp/day) to stimulate the production of Diamine Oxidase. Taking “BIO K” yogourt, just a small tea spoon two to three times/day (keep a minute underneath the tong.) as well as: Histaminum 30 ch to desensitize histamines. Apis Mellifica 9 ch for itches and Allium Cepa for nose leaks from histamines outside. STOP all supplements for three days. Much better after 3 days though always a bit worst at night. Started taking D, K 2, Iodine, Calcium and Magnesium again, eating small meals for a while and adding lemon juice or apple cider vinegar (two TBSP) with 1/8 tsp of Bicarbonate in a glass of water.


A month now after this small effort, I have no more hives... GONE! I can have a drink here and there but for as long as I keep my electrolytes balanced and I don't exaggerate on the fun, skin remains clear. I also eat all I want, no more diet. If you want to try it and need help, just ask it will be my pleasure ! :)

Take care Sunshine

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Charity (Faithville, Us) on 08/13/2019

Dr. Batmanghelidj wrote in his books that histamine is a dehydration signal . Dehydration is a mineral /water imbalance. Histamine can cause hives . So if one mineral or water is out of balance you can have many things happen, Hives, runny nose ,itchy skin or eyes, headaches, nausea, digestion issues, brain fog, fatigue , vomiting. Stress makes the body produce cortisol and that further dehydrates the body. Swimming or bathing takes water out of the body. Mineral salts hold water in place. Bile is slowed or stopped by cortisol and also by low fat diets. Take ox bile supplements to restart bile flow. Bile is needed to absorb nutrients when you eat or drink. I am still trying to learn how to be well. Blessings, Charity

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Pat (Nashville, TN) on 01/05/2022

What exactly do you do with Apple cider vinegar? Drink or bathe with it?

EC: Poster from 2016 probably drank it.

Posted by Larry (Fairfax, Va) on 02/10/2016

To: Steve (Alaska) - Thanks for reporting on how you overcame your severe hive problem. Can you please give more details as to the amount & frequency of the ACV, activated charcoal, DAO Histaminase, and Quercetin that you had used? Thanks. - Larry / Fairfax, VA

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Sp (New Jersey) on 05/20/2015 32 posts

Has he used any topical steroid creams on the rash? Has he taken any oral corticosteroids?

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Sp (New Jersey) on 06/05/2015 32 posts

Hi Dave, I didn't see your reply to me until now. Corticosteroids can be the cause. Please have your friend go to, the international topical steroid awareness network. There is a forum there and links to blogs by people going through the horror of healing from having used topical steroids. When you use topical steroids for a rash, the skin, which is one big organ, can become "addicted" and want more, so the rash breaks out on other parts of the body so you will use more and more topical steroids. Once you stop using the steroids there is a long healing process with even more, worse breakouts. The corticosteroids damage a lot more than just the skin. Unfortunately most dermatologists will just insist you need more and stronger topical steroid creams. The only thing we know to do is to stop using them cold turkey and seek methods of comfort, (baths, single ingredient moisturizers), and go through this healing process. There is more information at the site. I really hope for your friend's sake this is not the case, but if it is, the sooner your friend stops using any corticosteroid creams the better. Good luck!

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Karin (Ny State) on 06/06/2018

Thank you SP for writing about ITSAN. I had no idea before, but I have RED SKIN SYNDROME from using prolonged topical steroids for eczema. I noticed for at least 6 months that my forearms were super red and swollen. Now my neck has that red raw skin. I'm really suffering now, allergic to the sun and severe hives. I also have histamine intolerance and have to follow a histamine restricted diet to control the hives (this is really helping).

For anyone that uses cortisone or knows anyone that does, please check out this website on Red Skin Syndrome:

And anyone with hives/eczema like symptoms, (or a bunch of symptoms that seem to be related to food and stress, but they can't quite figure it out)...might want to keep Histamine Intolerance in mind. This is a good site:

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 05/19/2015

I've heard of this a number of times in the past few months...

In most recent case a male, aged 30 reports a rash breaks out intermittently on torso, legs, arms. Very itchy and with small welts. It goes away in a few weeks but a month later reappears in a different location.

This has been going on for about a year and a half. He has been to three doctors and given antibiotics. The rashes continue.

I asked him, if prior to onset, he had had any significant viral infections. Yes, he reported; a very bad and long lasting sinus infection plus some serious dental work that produced a long lasting infection on one side of his face.

With that I wondered if he had a blood born virus infection and discounted a fungal infection. However, I asked a long shot question....have you had any problem with mold in some damp area, at house or work, and ... one more...any problem with infection where dirt might have been involved. No mold...but yes to the dirt! He'd been playing softball and slid into a base and severely tore off skin while sliding into the dirt. Leg became infected and swollen for weeks.

So my thought is a possible double issue...virus plus fungi.

He is now on doses of colloidal silver three times daily. If his energy levels begin returning within 2 weeks, the infection theory might have some validity and he'd continue taking the CS for a considerable length of time.

If anyone else on EC has any other ideas please post.

Oh, also in the past 3 weeks he had begun having intestinal problems...digestion difficulty. My fear...perhaps the infection is not just in the blood but is invading other systems. So now he is also taking Apple Cider Vinegar in the evening...a tablespoon in glass of water.

Chickweed Tea
Posted by Madelyn (Idaho) on 05/15/2022

Yes, KADI. You can absolutely drink chickweed tea! I buy a pound of organic, dried chickweed at a time and use it to make tea. I like to boil about a quart of water and add a handful of chickweed. Cover and let steep 4 or more hours. Strain and drink. It's delicious and very nutritious! Totally safe to drink during pregnancy.

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