Hives Treatment

Posted by Mary (Raleigh) on 08/27/2023
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Hives iodine fix

I had hives appear on my face last year. Major stressors were the cause. I had allergy testing and nothing came up. Went on steroids and this eventually resolved the situation and the major stressor went away. Fast forward a year later and major stress came again. Hives reappeared. Went back on steroids and they helped until I stopped them. Searched here and desperately tried iodine. What a difference. I do 6 drops in a bottle of water twice a day. So far hives are starting to resolve and heal. Will continue until they are gone.

Posted by Penny (Fresno, CA) on 06/13/2021
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Niacin Rush for Hives

Your article on niacin is timely. In 2013, I had hives so badly for months that I could barely function. Back then, my cure ended by just one good niacin rush [300ml]. Recently, I presumed it was fleas, so attacked that idea for weeks, when I then realized, NO, it's hives! I then took 300 ml. niacin, got an itchy rush, did it again a few days later, started to slowly recover. Then, a week later, BY ACCIDENT, I took 1000milligrams!! I survived it better than I thought, & now days later, I believe my full-body hives are seriously on their way OUT! True that I had to bear with rather uncontrollable itching for 1.5 hrs. via the niacin, but that's it. I'm SO relieved this idea occurred to me as a possible way to flush my skin. I was in hell. I hope this helps someone else!

Posted by Beautiful_soul (Atlanta, Ga, Usa) on 05/17/2013
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Stress Hives Cure: Honey, honey and more honey.

I developed stress hives out of the blue and the first time it happened, one doctor gave me antibiotics. I got hives from head to toes and this incompetent doctor diagnosed me with shingles!!! Needless to say that he did not know what he was talking about and he did not help a bit, actually it made it worst because antibiotics are dangerous.

So I started an intensive research during the last 5 years and found out the reason for stress hives is actually very surprising: when you stress your blood glucose drops and cortisol levels rise in order to raise your blood glucose. The sole role of cortisol in the body is to raise blood glucose. Cortisol, when reaching the mast cells of the skin, creates hives and cortisol can take several weeks to adjust the right level of glucose in the blood.

I found out that honey does raise blood glucose in just minutes and when it does, cortisol is not needed. Remember this, cortisol will only rise when blood glucose is low. So how did I cure my hives and how am I preventing stress hives now? I take two tablespoons of honey each time I stress or cry and I don't have to worry about stress hives anymore.

If you are experiencing stress hives right now, do yourself a favor: take some honey and the hives will fade away in a heartbeat. I have seen it, I am a living testimony and I hope this remedy will bless all people who are suffering with this painful condition.

I will end this post by giving glory to God because it's after praying and asking God to show me the way to heal myself that I found the information. I received freely, therefore I give freely.

Be blessed.


Coconut Oil
Posted by Deborah (Dallas, Texas) on 06/24/2012
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Hi, last month my husband broke out in hives for the first time in his life. His entire body was covered so we went to the Dr. and they gave him a shot which he had an allergic reaction too (and also didn't help). So a couple days ago when he broke out again and the dr couldn't help help him I did a lot of reading to try to learn about it. He woke up friday with a few hives and by the end of the evening his back and the tops of his arms where his sleeves had been were basically one big hive, plus other little ones around his body. When he got home from work saturday still no change so before he went to bed I put coconut oil (unrefined organic) on his back and arms. When he woke up in the morning every bit was gone on his back and arms. All that was left was the little hives where there hadn't been any coconut oil.

Digestive Enzymes
Posted by Laurie Anne (Ridge Manor, Fl, Usa) on 01/11/2011
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The best treatment for chronic hives is digestive enzymes. If you do a little research on the Internet related to amylase deficiency you may be pleasantly surprised at how simple it is to cure this acutely miserable malady. I suffered for several years and have tried many alternative treatments, but Taking digestive enzymes with every meal and snack has completely eliminated the symptoms.... I use a generic brand from an herb company that has ox bile as an ingredient and has a blend of amylase, lipase and protease among others. This has been a very liberating discovery and has provided more health benefits than just the skin issues... Check it out!

Dry Brushing
Posted by Maria (Silver Spring, Md, Usa) on 12/15/2010
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Activated charcoal did not work for my hives, but dry brushing, oil of palm and alkalizing did: I had a horrific case of hives, all over my body for about 3 months. It was triggered by taking acidophilus pills, which I believed would get rid of yeast that was causing my toenail fungus. I took the pills twice a day for about 3 weeks. I almost died. The pills did kill a lot of the yeast, which generated so much toxins I broke up all over. I had hives so bad that it looked as if someone had whipped me. I was itching so severely I could not sleep at all. I could not go out. I got a horrible case of athlete's foot, I had a vaginal yeast infection, my ears itch to the point of burning. I was desperate and clueless as of what was going on. I tried activated charcoal and hardly made a ripple. Then reading this site I realized that I had toxins coming out of my skin because I was so overwhelmed with the that my lymphatic system could not get rid of them quick enough.

I started dry brushing before showering, and that helped a lot. A night I would apply oil of palm all over my body for further relief. I started a plan to alkalize my body: stop eating acidifying foods like chocolate, black tea, red meats, etc. And using Ted's alkalizing formula of lemon and baking soda. I added alkalizing foods like cayenne pepper, celery, beets, raw spinach, etc.

The hives and itching went away 100% after about 3 weeks. It has been 4 months and I am free. The itching went first, and then the hives. While I was still healing I helped myself by drying extremely well after showering and by eating mint leaves to minimize the hives. I am now slowly introducing antifungals like garlic, oregano tea, Niacinamide and borax to help me get rid of the excess yeast in my body. The key is to do it slowly, as to not trigger a horrible reaction.

Posted by Amanda (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) on 07/02/2010
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My hives started 8 months ago where I would get covered all over and was extremely itchy.... I proceeded going to my family doctor and he started me on reactine 10 mg as well as prednisone. As we all have experienced prednisone works wonders but the side effects are horrible. I was blowing up like a balloon. And my journey started from then on. I saw a dermatologist on numerous occasions and was put on all sorts of meds. Then I saw an allergy doctor and he did endless tests and put me on numerous meds. I also saw a Chinese medicine doctor who cleansed my organs... In addition I saw a homeopath/natural path doctor.The remedies that I was put on were very complicated, time consuming and expensive but NO results. It was then that I returned back to my family doctor once again to be diagnosed with Chronic Idiopathic Hives. :(((( This really affected me emotionally and physically. I would be covered from my face to feet. I was usually worst in the morning, at night and during my period week. With all that said, my search on the net lead me to this site and I'm so thankful that you have provided this window for us to communicate. I tried the ACV with baking soda as recommended and was seeing an improvement but then my mom informed me that baking soda is not good to be injested on a daily basis. SO I did some research and it turns out that people have had their stomach rupture after consuming baking soda. That made me stop taking it and I did ACV alone.... this wasn't as effective. So I came back to this site to see other recommended remedies. A lady had mentioned her parents suffering from hives all their lives and using L-Lysine and got cured. So I purchased L-Lysine and used 1000mg to beging with, I saw a slight improvement so I started taking one 1000mg in morning and one 1000mg at night. I also take reacine 10mg at night as well. This has erased all my hives away. I have none and I'll occasionally see one or 2 small ones here and there. NOTHING like before though. I'm so thankful to have found something that works but I have 2 worries. 1) It will stop working eventually. 2) Side effects of taking 2000mg of L-Lysine a day in the long run. I've done some research and it indicates that getting gallbladder stones may be a side effect with usage of higher doses. Does any one have knowledge on L-Lysine and its side effects? I hope this helps some body....

Thanks again to the person responsible for this page. All the best to everyone and Blessings!!

Almond, Lavender and Tea Tree Oils
Posted by Ainhi (Buena Park, Ca) on 09/11/2009
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I have hives on and off most of my life, but the last month I have breakout a couple time a day and my regular med doesn't seem to work anymore. I usually breakout during the night and wake up with wheal all over my body and face. The eyes and the lips are the worst area because it takes almost a whole day for it to go down. I read somewhere that baby oil help. I don't have baby oil so I mix what I have. Almond oil, lavender oil and tea tree oil together. This really work for me. It stop the crawling itching and it seems to stop the wheals from getting bigger. As soon as I feel the tingling in my lip or eyes I rub on this oil and it calm down right away. I like to pass on what work hopefully it will help someone too. I'm currently on ACV baking soda with honey 3 times a day. I can't tell if this is helping but will keep trying for a few months.

Posted by Siraj (Pakistan ) on 08/31/2023
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Please, I'll highly recommend L Lysine for Chronic Urticaria to cure. I'm using from last 2 days and it's worked.

I'm tired of using Prednisone' antihistamine 'fexophndn' desloratadine' zyratec ect' but all useless.

Medicated Foot Powder
Posted by Renee (Boston) on 09/14/2022 41 posts
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I started getting urticaria hives about a year ago, around the same time I developed rheumatoid arthritis - so I believe it's an auto immune dysfunction in my body. The doctors only prescribe Zyrtec, which doesn't work. I thought mine were caused from ibuprophen so I stopped taking that but still got hives anyway. I get them 2x a week but can go 2 weeks without so I have no idea what triggers them. I just started lysine this week but woke up with a swollen face today, upper lip and cheeks. So not sure if lysine is working, it's only been 3 days though.

Last week I had giant hives all over my legs and they itched horribly. I tried witch hazel, cortisone cream and aloe, no relief. I remembered that I used medicated foot powder on my dog's itchy skin and it stopped her itching and calmed all the redness down. It worked for my hives! I wish I could stop them from coming in the first place but for now I have a way to stop the itch. My face and lips don't itch, only the other parts of my body that get the hives. I'd rather them there and itch than have such a swollen face that you can't go out in public because you look like a monster.

Try the foot powder or jock itch powder, I think any medicated powder will work. I'm going to try AC vinegar and baking soda to see if that helps. I'll update and let you know if lysine works too.

Borax and DMSO
Posted by Art (California) on 05/23/2022 1851 posts


I am glad the DMSO/Borax/Cream has been helpful for the other two uses you mention.

On a related note, you might want to review the ingredients in the "cream" that you are using to see if there are any ingredients that you would not want "in your body". Many creams and lotions have ingredients in them that you would not want "inside of your body" such as petrolatum, aluminum starch, fragrance, methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, dimethicone, carbomer, phenoxyethanol, etc.

When you apply a cream to your skin and let it dry, many of the ingredients remain on the surface of the skin. If you apply DMSO an hour or 15 minutes later without washing the skin well first, the DMSO may allow those unwanted ingredients to breach the dermal layers and that may not be healthful.

DMSO can often allow the wanted ingredients to traverse the dermal layers and potentially go systemic, but it can also allow unwanted ingredients to do the same.

I would like you to be aware of a potential downside to the method of delivery you are using.


Dietary Changes
Posted by Timh (Ky) on 06/04/2018 2073 posts

Karin: In any case of extreme sensitivity, the first culprit in suspicion is a body deficient in antioxidants. Do start increasing antioxidant nutrients foods as well as supplements, beginning with Quercetin, and you should see improvements.

Heathy oils like Fish or Krill, Flax, Evening Primrose, Borage, greatly reduce inflammation and improve hormone function. Eat Salmon, Mackerel, or Sardines at least 3x per wk. For additional and powerful help in reducing inflammation (which causes increase in Histamine) take a product of Esterified Fatty Acids like Celadrin.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Karin (Ny State) on 06/05/2018

Thanks for your sage advice Tim. Quercitin is now in my supplements 😄

Everything I read about Quercitin is good for histamine intolerance and inflammation.

With Histamine Intolerance, food must be fresh- especially fish. Otherwise, it becomes an extremely high histamine food as the bacteria grow. Histamine cannot be eliminated when frozen or cooked. Once histamine is in the food, it's there until you ingest it. So canned fish is a complete ‘no' and fish that isn't immediately frozen or eaten right after the catch is also a “no.” I wish it wasn't so, because I know Fish oil is usually great for inflammation and joints. I had to discontinue krill oil because the histamine load is too great for my body. I will look into Celadrin. I haven't heard of it before. Thanks!

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Anon (Anon) on 10/10/2017

I also tried mixing colloidal silver with hydrogen peroxide and applying it to my underarms and got hives on the insides of my elbows again. So the wild oregano oil probably was fine, it just did its job. I don't want to needlessly scare anyone away from oregano oil. The hives must be a herx reaction. I've been drinking colloidal silver and that seems to make the hives worse, too. Before I had hives the wild oregano oil and colloidal silver both worked well and I had no complaints. And I still use the same brand of each. So yeah, the hives are most likely herx. Olive leaf tea makes it less itchy. I was mushroom hunting through brush not long ago and happened upon some Virginia creeper, so it could even be something like that.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Samantha (Santa Monica ) on 03/19/2016
5 out of 5 stars


I am peri menopausal and read about estrogen dominance, where the liver is too taxed to process other enzymes, namely sugar, and so it pushes it out through the skin resulting in hives. What a nightmare, indeed. I have been on a no sugar diet (including natural sugars in fruit) & avoiding high histamine foods and after having a recent cheat and break out, Apple Cider Vinegar has certainly been a lifesaver.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Patty (Farmland, Nj) on 07/16/2015
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In my experience, which was over a 9 month period of time having hives on my clavical area. I had went to dermatologist and like many others it did not resolve the issue. I finally went to an Osteopathic Doctor whom informed me I was having a severe allergic reaction to something I was ingesting daily so after 1 month of narrowing down, the culprit was Green Tea & Nuts .. yes, green tea & nuts. I have an allergy to nickel and was not aware that green tea cold or hot contains nickel as well as various tree nuts. I was consuming a lot daily once I stopped it took 2 weeks for all the hives to go away. I did use Calmine lotion to help me deal with them and corn starch it kept them dry and not burn as bad. I used both 3 x a day reapplying. Not sure if what had worked or helped me will help someone else, but if it does then good. Perhaps consider it is a way of the body letting you know something is off..... Best wishes to those who are presently dealing with hives, it is a very unpleasant situation.

Eliminate Wheat
Posted by Lalaland (Los Angeles, CA) on 11/28/2014
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Greetings all! Wanted to chime in this discussion in the hopes that I can help someone.

Earlier this year I suddenly started having was super uncomfortable. I would wake up at four with hives all over my body and would get them at various times of the day [they tend to manifest at the same time everyday].

Anyway, I did tons of research as to WHY I was getting these hives! After much trial and investigation I realized that I was GLUTEN SENSITIVE--or at least that I was having this issue because of GRAINS. I stopped eating wheat and also other grains--oatmeal, rice, etc.

It took about 2-3 weeks but the hives went away..until I ate some soy sauce [has gluten] and got the hives again....then went away until I ate flour at a restaurant that claimed there salmon was served with a "butter" sauce...who knew that it had flour in it? Anyway, I got hives again. I called the restaurant and sure enough, they fessed up about the flour. I took a good week for the hives to go away.

Its been about 4 months since I cut out grains and I am happy to report that I no longer have the dreaded hives!!

Now I see the hives as a blessing: my body was talking to me, telling me that grains were not good for me. They were ALSO causing me to put on weight and causing aches and pains.

Since cutting out grains four months ago I have lost about 2 dress sizes [I also later cut out sugar three months ago] and my constant knee pain is also gone!

No way would I consider going back to my old habits! I hope this post helps someone. Consider cutting out all grains for 3-4 weeks, then eat them again. You might find you improve by cutting them out--then a flare up when you add back in. But then, you'll have your solution!

Writing this as I am so sad to see so many people paying their docs good money only to be given meds or topical creams that don't work.

Lastly, grains, nut and diary are very related in some ways...also try cutting out the latter two items...people that have problems with grains can also have problems with nuts and dairy. [you can google this]

Good luck!! :)

""Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." Hippocrates

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Ko (Chicago, Il) on 10/17/2012

ACV has been suggested for relief of hives, do you just drink it straight from the bottle? Sounds disgusting. Advise please... hives now several weeks, steroid pills and topical creams seem to make it worse.

Nettle Tea, Quercetin
Posted by Lindsey (Columbus, Ohio) on 12/05/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I have had 2 bouts of Hives after going gluten free. I believe contact with gluten is the culprit but I'm not positive. I had a very untimely breakout before Christmas and the only way I got through it was to drink tons of nettle tea and taking quercetin. Both suppress the production of histamine which causes the itching and ill side effects.

There are great supplements out there that contain both. I can't believe this hasn't been posted yet!

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