HIV and AIDS Natural Treatments

Olive Leaf Extract and Spirulina
Posted by Otterley (West Palm Beach, Fl, Usa) on 09/05/2011


I use to take the daily max amount recommended (which I think is below 8 grams) of Spirulina to help reduce my HIV viral load. The only side effect I "thought" I had was bleeding gums. (I remember reading an article that too much vitamin A causes bleeding gums.. ) So I stopped taking it for that reason AND because it wasn't lowering my viral load enough along with my Olive Leaf. I mean both together brought my viral from 200,000 to lowest of 29,000. Now with just Olive Leaf it sticks around 49,000.. So ~ Spirulina did definitely help lower it some.. I might start back up with the Spirulina.. Maybe I just had a bit of gum disease? (even though I've always flossed every night before bed).. Although the bleeding DID let up when I stopped the Spirulina.... I don't know.. Anyway.. That's my story with it ;-)