HIV and AIDS Natural Treatments

| Modified on May 12, 2024
Coconut Oil
Posted by Jay (Manila, Phillipines) on 12/22/2006

In the Philippines, studies have shown that coconut oil can cure HIV. Test subjects were given at least 12 tablespoons of coconut oil a day, and after 6 months, HIV has been cured. I had no time to confirm this report but the story had been featured several times in radio and tv programs.

Posted by Steeve (Montreal, Quebec) on 10/14/2006

Hi, I just wanted to tell people about taking Blood root. I am HIV and I am not taking any treatment for the moment. My state was stable although I was feeling tired all the time and had swollen glands in the back of my neck and behind the ears. I had tried a few natural remedies to try and cope with the virus, but they all seemed so inefficient. Then a friend told me about Bloodroot and how it is used to locally treat some kind of cancers... I said why not... and I ordered the pills, which were hard to find! Every website said that internal use of bloodroot is toxic and dangerous... But I tried anyway, and I took 450mg 3 times a day (and I'm still taking it), it's been 3 weeks since I started and i don't regret it!!! The lymphs nodes have almost disappeared, I gained some weight on my body and face. The bags under my eyes are gone! And i have so much energy now! It's crazy...! I told my doctor about it and he said he'll do a blood test to see if I have a toxicity level in my blood. I'll post you the results.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Supplements, Distilled Water
Posted by Jacob (Alhambra, California) on 08/31/2010

I have been HIV positive for three years now. The doctors have been pushing me to start anti-viral drug therapy. I have resisted since my T-cells have remained over 700 and viral around 60,000. I have never felt healthier. I work out 6 days a week, grow my own organic veggies, sleep 8 hours a night, do not smoke or do drugs, and drink very little booze. With the help of internet research, I drink two raw organic apple cider vinegar drinks a day, take Selenium, alot of mult-vitamins/minerals and drink only distilled water. This has worked for me, perhaps this will help some of you.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Lynn (Saskatoon, Canada) on 01/19/2008

While the word cure is a very final type of word, I would like to say that Coconut oil has been a welcome remedy in my life for the HIV virus. More and more information is becoming available about how the monolaurin and lauric acid in organic virgin coconut oil does its work to literally kill lipid-coated viruses such as HIV. I have been taking VCO off and on and have seen my viral load of 1100 (when 1st diagnosed) digress to 570 6 months later. I will be having another test shortly. My doctor said it was unusual for the virus to digress without medication, letting it not progress is one thing, to have it go backwards is another. Coconut oil remedies so many other ailments too, my skin feels amazing and its the only thing I use on my skin. You shouldn't put on your skin something you wouldn't ingest. Your skin is your biggest organ. I am a loyal user of this product and grateful to hear it endorsed by people like Gary Null.

Chlorine Dioxide
Posted by Gerald (FLORIDA) on 01/05/2022


CLO2 (Chlorine Dioxide) 10ml to 30ml of a 3000ppm solution in 1 liter of distilled water.

Drink 100 to 200 ml each time over the day, 1 hour away from any meds, supplements or food.
Take less vitamin C, coffee and antioxidants when you do this.
Cure is within 3 weeks. No B.S.!

After that you can have a maintenance habit of R-ALA, Green Tea, VitD3, Zinc, Lysin 500mg, Coconut Oil, ACV, 500mg B3, lots of herbs have anti HIV effect (Lemon Balm)...CLO2 once per week or one glass at night.

HCQ and IVM also work!

LIFE IS GOOD! God bless you!

Freedom from the Big Pharma Mob! I lived 25 years as one of their dependents, bound by fear and misinformation. They are truly drug dealers, people can not imagine the fraud...

Apple Cider Vinegar, Supplements, Distilled Water
Posted by Bill (Philippines) on 03/15/2024


Chanca piedra(Phyllanthus niruri) is also known as "Stone Breaker". Chanca piedra(CP) is also well known for being one of the best blood purifiers out there I.e. it dissolves gallstones/kidney stones, protects kidneys and liver, relieves pain, detoxes the blood, reduces spasms, aids digestion, hypoglycemic, hypolipidemic, hypotensive, lowers cholesterol, anti-cancer, anti-tumor, removes excess calcium, expels worms, reduces fever etc -- see this link to Leslie Taylor's Raintree Database for all the interesting research and more detailed information on the benefits and usefulness of supplementing Chanca piedra.

And I also find it most interesting that CP is also anti-bacterial and anti-viral and that it is also used in the tropics to treat malaria.

I also know as a fact from my own experience living in the tropics, that Chanca piedra cures Hepatitis B. A young cousin of mine found out that he had Hepatitis B and he asked me what he could do. I instructed him to harvest the Chanca piedra for free that was growing in his area and take it as a daily decoction three times a day. He took the advised protocol for only a month and a half and then went to his doctor to get checked again. They found that he had no Hep B antigen in his blood -- he was completely clear and cured of Hep B in other words.

It's also fairly well known through research that the reason why Chanca piedra cures Hep B is because it inhibits the reverse transcriptase Hep B enzyme that is used during replication, which results in the eventual total clearance of the Hep B virus from the body.

And, strangely enough, I have also found some research that confirms Chanca piedra also works to inhibit the HIV virus in exactly the same way as it inhibits replication in Hep B -- by inhibiting HIV's reverse transciptase enzyme:

Effects of alkaloidal extract of Phyllanthus niruri on HIV replication

HIV-1 reverse transcriptase inhibitor from Phyllanthus niruri

And it's a simple daily protocol -- just take 1000 mgs Chanca piedra directly after all meals. I take the powder form of CP(1/4 tspn/1000mgs once or twice a day) but the capsule form is probably just as good.

I could write alot more about Chanca piedras's many benefit's -- it's one of my most useful and favored herbs -- but perhaps Leslie Taylor best describes its current and present day usefulness against bacteria, viruses and diseases in general:

"Remarkably, research on chanca piedra reveals that it can significantly increase the production and activation of specific immune cells responsible for killing foreign invaders (like viruses and bacteria), while lowering the production of immune cells and cytokines that cause inflammation—the very same cytokines implicated in a COVID-19 cytokine storm. This ability has been confirmed in human research. In patients with pneumonia, asthma, and tuberculosis who were given chanca piedra, a significant reduction in lung inflammation was noted with significantly lower levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines, which cause lung inflammation, oxidative stress, cellular damage, and cell death. In addition, adults and children with pneumonia, tuberculosis, hepatitis, chicken pox, and Hanson's disease (leprosy) mounted a much stronger immune response to fight these infections, which sped healing and viral/bacterial clearance, when using chanca piedra. It was also noted in these clinical studies that immune cells responsible for immunity were also increased, and those taking chanca piedra for their infections had no relapses or secondary infections and had higher levels of antigens (cells responsible for immunity)."

Confirmed Biological Activities of Chanca Piedra

Fresh Aloe Vera
Posted by Jpps (Virginia) on 12/12/2018

We experienced negative results in approximately 30 days.


The following DVM and PhD's presented a paper in Brussels Belgium, in April 1990, Jasbir B. Kohlon, Maurice C. Kemp, Ni Yawei, Robert H. Carpenter, William M. Shannon, and Bill H. McAnalley. Research concluded that Aloe, or a substance extracted from it, is a very effective treatment against HIV-1 and other strains of the virus which causes AIDS. Research confirms that daily ingestion (20 oz. or more) can act as a immunization against the HIV infection. In HIV positive or AIDS patients, Aloe: (1.) keeps infected T-4 cells from reproducing the virus, (2.) either kills free virus in the blood or it stimulates the individual's immune system to kill the virus or both, (3.) it stops the disease AIDS from developing in HIV positive patients and can completely reverse the disease in those with AIDS, and (4.) some patients become Syro-negative. (The virus or antibody to the virus can no longer be found in the blood.)

Apple Cider Vinegar, Supplements, Distilled Water
Posted by Anonimo (Brazil) on 08/31/2010

I too have been positive for 3 years... Back when I first tested positive the docs wanted me to start on the meds urgently, however I didn't see the point in taking extremely toxic medication (according to their own manufacturers for the rest of my life when I felt perfectly healthy. Back then my CD4 was around 350, and VL was 70000. It's been years and I have been fine! I haven't checked my numbers since then, I don't know what they are and I don't care. I just want to be clinically healthy, that's all I care for. And tips here on EC have been GREAT! I have been sick with the flu a few times, and used EC remedies with great success.

Posted by Sean (Indianapolis, Indiana) on 11/26/2014

Greetings. I am HIV+ and was diagnosed in 1996. The past 4 months I have been off of my HIV meds and I am healthy. I read a recent article about the effectivness of lectin proteins in blocking HIV from infecting T-Lymphocyte cells. Lectins are found in many foods, but are especially high in grains, legumes, potatoes and bananas. Recent discoveries have found that a lectin in bananas termed "BanLec" was very effective in blocking HIV from infecting T-Cells. The way it works is, lectins attach themselves to carbohydrate or sugar containing molecules or anything that contains a sugar property in your blood. HIV has a glycoprotein shell, or sugar coat and attach's to them as well. When the lectins attach to the virus, they block it's receptors from attaching to and infecting T-Cells. So I have been eating plenty of whole wheat bread, beans, bananas and potatoes and so far I have been quite well. When I eat wheat bread, I first mince an entire bulb of raw garlic and then sprinkle it on the bread after putting some butter spread on it. Raw garlic is also powerful against HIV and has been proven to kill HIV in vitro. There are several HIV/Lectin related studies from medical journals you can read online. A certain pharmaceutical is currently looking into making HIV meds from BanLec. I hope that I have been helpful.

God Bless, Sean. :o)

Posted by Anonymous (Wi, USA) on 04/25/2012

Chorine Dioxide (MMS) Miracle Mineral Solution (100% Cure Rate)

The treatment is chlorine dioxide. It turns out that this treatment works faster, and is more effective, than any other AIDS treatment ever discovered!!! It was originally discovered by Jim Humble as a 4 hour cure for malaria. It was tried on AIDS patients and it worked like clockwork. (FYI will cure a bunch of illnesess)

Take this treatment very, very seriously.

Here is a link to two eBooks written by the person who discovered the cure. The actual cure for AIDS is in the second book, Chapter 13: MMS Intravenously. Here is how to get the two books: or get them from the poster of this article-email the poster of this article

The above two books will give you enough information that you can cure your AIDS. I will not repeat what he says in his books, however there are some things I wish to make sure you understand.

First, it is easy to make chlorine dioxide at home by mixing Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS), which contains 28% sodium chlorite; with citric acid, lemon juice or lime juice.

Second, do NOT use any type of vinegar when making chlorine dioxide. Using vinegar is old technology. There are exactly three things you can use to mix with Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS) to make chlorine dioxide:
1) citric acid powder, if purchased from an MMS vendor (recommended item),
2) fresh squeezed lemon juice, (you must squeeze real lemons yourself and refrigerate it),
3) fresh squeezed lime juice, (you must squeeze real limes yourself and refrigerate it),

If you use the lemon or lime juice, since this is an intravenous treatment, you may need to filter out some of the particles. If you use citric acid powder, mix it with distilled water.

Also, just as a sanity check, after mixing the sodium chlorite (MMS) and citric acid or juice, wait three minutes. It takes three minutes for the chemical actions necessary to make chlorine dioxide can finish.

It is critical to understand that the effectiveness of chlorine dioxide will be neutralized by Vitamin C, or any other antioxidant. The term "antioxidant" also includes immune builders!! Be very, very careful what you add to this treatment.

Also, you will no doubt need to build-up to the requred doses to avoid too rapid of a die-off of microbes.

Coconut Oil
Posted by I wanna live (usa) on 05/11/2023

I saw this news several times from different people who were tested negative during my time living in the Philippines about 17 years ago. One was an older man who drank coconut oil from a bottle like it was a soda. I took Extra virgin coconut oil for quite a while, but nowhere nearly a high enough amount to make any permanent difference. Now I know I need to keep several jars of the stuff at all times and eat it/drink it like it's going out of style. I'm also giving it to my mom to keep her regular by stimulating bile excretion from proper liver function. She was only using the toilet a couple of times a week before and was very constipated since she couldn't digest fats without bile, but after introducing the coconut oil, she is having a bowel movement nearly every day and no more intense constipation. It's very good stuff!

Posted by Anonymous (Sa) on 02/11/2016

There are some studies that contra-indicate excess Lysine supplementation in cases of HIV, because it seems to increase the viral load.

Chlorine Dioxide
Posted by Rene (Idaho, USA) on 08/12/2023

Oh I don't need to imagine the fraud, I am one of the victims of their fraud... the Truvada law suit?? I cant rant too much or they wont share my post. I have been HIV+ since 2010. Ive been on several anti-viral meds, currently Dovato. I've been "undetectable" for several years now. However my kidneys have declined SEVERLY. My GFR has been 36 for a couple of years. (GFR of 17 IS kidney failure - meaning dialysis). How many other diseases have just ONE size fits all medicine??? They throw the strongest drugs at you possible to keep HIV under control, but at the cost of my kidneys? I cant accept that. it is my desire to reduce the amount of Dovato but still stay undetectable, allowing my kidneys to heal. I personally know someone who went off meds for just 10 days and their GFR (kidneys) went of by 50% (GFR 48) and I've seen the proof (blood tests). Completely stopping meds after being on them for many years feels too drastic to me, but what if I just cut the pill in half?? Everyone's different but I may try something like that. Plus I have a "Rife" machine. it heals and kills (pathogens) using frequency (energy). Its considered "woowoo" medicine by western medicine but its been around for over a century (minus the time between the 1950's and the 1970's when the US made it illegal for ANY and ALL naturopathic physicians to practice medicine). Its true -- google it. their are thousands of frequencies to heal or to kill pathogens. You cant even imagine the pathogens (worms, mold, candida, viruses, bacteria, etc) that we all carry in our bodies. and THEY are what causes our chronic diseases, not what the WEST (USA) says. it is fraudulent the way they lie to us but their no $$$ in CURING cancer, only in treating it. Its not hard to get a Rife machine but they can be pricey $$, but still much less than paying for Rx if you don't have good insurance. My rife machine is called "Spooky2." There is a whole community of people taking charge of their health and they help you learn to use the generators. I HIGHLY recommend you look into getting your own Spooky2 generator to begin healing yourself. $600 got me started with 2 generators and the "essential kit." In no way do I benefit from anyone's purchase of these generators; I just know they work. They even sell ones that are PROVEN to cure cancer. Naturally they cost more. I have also just started taking the Food grade Hydrogen Peroxide (12%) with water every day. I have much more energy and I know its helping my high blood pressure, too. Use your discretion and do extensive research -- SO MUCH of what we are told by Dr's in the US are lies past down from BIG PHARMA. The human body was designed to heal itself -- we just have to stop poisoning it AND keep our mental and emotional faculties in check so our body can begin to heal itself. **Please post this, I've tried to keep it chill. :)

Apple Cider Vinegar, Supplements, Distilled Water
Posted by Paul G. (Florida USA) on 02/06/2022

Yes, Spirulina! Also same as Blue Green Algae. The substance that seems to do the trick is called Beta 1,3/1,6 - D-Glucan. Also found in Reishi and ....mushrooms. My friend Sheri takes it since 27 years. She never had to take the meds and is healthy.

Posted by Joyce (Joelton, TN) on 11/10/2007 495 posts

I also caught another co-worker alone one day and said, "I don't want to embarrass you but I do want to tell you that if I'm ever diagnosed as HIV I would be taking l-lysine like it was going out of style" after observing him cornering one of the doc's , to look at his throat for the umpteenth time. His reply, what is it, where do I get it and how do I take it". Answer Walmart, Kmart, Walgreens, GNC stores, etc. Try to find the l000 mgm or 1 gram tablets, take 2 tablets breakfast, lunch, supper and bedtime. He was also told that if it didn't help him it wouldn't hurt him. I never asked if he got it, but he started looking better, missing work less often, and turned in his resignation stating he was going back to art school. Sounds like he expected to have a future. Unfortunately this story did not have a happy ending - seems he had a little too much to drink, backed his wife into a corner, and died from a stab wound inflicted by the butcher knife she carried into that corner with her for self-defense.

The reason I suspected that it might work was because it works against the common cold, mono (kissing fever), influenza. herpes type i & 2, chickenpox, shingles (herpes Zoster), all viruses, so just maybe it would work against HIV also, since it is a virus. An interesting little aside here, I recently read where some psychic claimed to have asked the other side about a cure for AIDS and was told that it had been around for centuries, that the cure was at hand and involved a protein. L-lysine is one of the amino acids which are protein. just maybe it would work against HIV virus.

Maybe we should post the benefits of L-lysine on Earth Clinic before orthodox medicine learns that it works well against viruses and starts debunking it because they can't patent it and keep you coming back to them for prescriptions.

Posted by Clover (Aiken, South Carolina ) on 02/13/2024

Hi truth seekers! I am a 1yr diagnosed HIV survivor, who wants to share some of the herbal treatments I've decided to go with instead of medication.

  • Olive Leaf Tea ( cold soaked over night in water)
  • Licorice root tea ( root soaked overnight)
  • Cats Claw Bark tea
  • PRAL Diet for an alkaline body
  • Milk Thistle Seed Tea (Soaked overnight)
  • Ginseng (Panax & Asian)
  • Burdock root
  • Bloodroot
  • Brazil Nuts (for selenium)
  • Zinc
  • Colloidal silver
  • Oregano Oil extract
  • D3
  • Ashwagandha
  • Astragalus
  • Sage

I believe in the holistic medicine, I have seen it work. I believe I had it for around three years before I was first diagnosed. I have been dedicated to herbal medicine for 7 years, so when I was finally diagnosed last year, my CD4 level was 429 and my viral load was 10,000. I do believe that my herbal upkeep is what keeps my condition at bay. Please let me know if you've benefited from any of these herbs listed above.

Chlorine Dioxide
Posted by ORH (TEN MILE, TN) on 01/05/2022

HI U GERALD, ORH here, and your post is on the point. When I drink my 100 ml of CLO2 I begin to burp. Have no clue what that means. I just measure it that I'm above ground. I will keep doing this until I am below ground. I get to post if I reply. I am replying.


Fresh Aloe Vera
Posted by I wanna live (Hong Kong) on 06/16/2021

No results for me. Been taking large fresh aloe leaves in smoothies for several weeks and my viral load keeps going up. Also taking OLE, colloidal silver, vitamin d3 in high doses, selenium, L-arginine and citrulline, egcg, etc. No improvement. Actually, the only thing that seems to have a measurable effect is the egcg. If I take a break from it my viral load goes up. When using it again, it comes back down and stays at a consistent level.

I'm looking into a South American herb now called ambrosia peruviana which is said to have cured over 60 cancer patients with 100% success and 6 of them had HIV which was also cured....but only by using the fresh herb with a specific protocol. It is said to be a 1 or 2 day regiment that has absolute results when done correctly.

Fresh Aloe Vera
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 06/16/2021

@ I want to live - try Chlorine Dioxide. Can be found as Aquamira Chlorine Dioxide Water Purification Drops. Take as directed on the box. A partial list of the bacteria, viruses, mold, bacterial spores, and protozoa chlorine dioxide has been demonstrated to be effective against: listeria, MSRA, MDRS, salmonella, shigella, staphylococcus, tuberculosis, foot and mouth disease, hepatitis A, B, and C, HIV, influenza, poliovirus, rotavirus, SARS, aspergillus, anthrax, and giardia. Given that chlorine dioxide has been routinely used around the world and for many decades to purify public drinking water for hundreds of millions of people; purify drinking water in backwoods or emergency settings; decontaminate fruit, vegetables and meat; and used in dental care products, a reasonable person could conclude that used correctly it is non-toxic.

Fresh Aloe Vera
Posted by Gary (Kit On) on 08/04/2023

Hi Rene

Sorry to hear of your health. I read that if you take 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt in a coffee cup of water stir well and drink 1 in the morning and the same at night. Doing this 1 day a week will clean your kidneys and bladder. Another great tip for HIV is taking morning and night weekdays only Take 1 teaspoon of Blackseed Oil.

It will cure everything but death.

Best wishes


Olive Leaf Extract, Vitamin C
Posted by Ricky (Sunshine Coast, Australia) on 08/07/2008

Hi All,
Im a 36yr old male. I have hiv which i am controlling happily with wholistic medicine only NO DRUGS ! for 9 years now. Overall im really healthy and have no major problems. I suffer from really bad staph infection and boils which i also keep under control using olive leaf extract in capsule form(not liquid) and vitamin c in large doses. I recently noticed 2 warts around my anus which became really painfull and started to bleed every time i went to the toilet. I have been using detol antiseptic lotion in the shower and noticed that it helped to bring them down alot. They have started to come back so I am really keen to try the ACV treatment. Will keep you posted to how it works but after reading everyone elses comments have great faith it will work. Thanks all for your feedback, its so good to hear that another NATURAL cure is working so much better than the pharmacutical rubbish they over charge us for. Happy health and life to all of you.

EC: Ricky is referring to the Apple Cider Vinegar for Genital Warts popular cure...

Olive Leaf Extract, Vitamin C
Posted by Art (California ) on 12/29/2015 2212 posts


Are you saying that you have been treating your HIV with just colloidal silver for the past 15 years?

Do you ever get tested to see how the CS affects your viral count and other related parameters?

If so, what type of colloidal silver are you using? On line there are typically ionic and colloidal suspension types and most of the ionic versions contain some colloidal while the colloidal versions usually contain some ionic. I notice that many people refer to ionic silver as colloidal silver and that is why I ask. The majority of home brewers seem to make mostly ionic with a few who actually reduce it to make a colloidal suspension and even fewer who cap it in order to further protect against agglomeration.

Is the colloidal silver you are using capped with anything? What is the parts per million and particle size?

What type of dose do you use and how often?

Thank you.


Coconut Oil
Posted by Ruackel Easton (Guyana) on 03/29/2014

I have had a patient of mine that is HIV positive using coconut oil as part of the natural therapy, they drink it, cook with it, and use on skin and the cd4 went from 370 to 672 in one week, well I guess it has to be also due in part to the lifestyle change they had to take, viral load is also low, venous blood pH is 7.5 ( normal is 7.35) it's not just using some remedy if you continue to consume average western diet your immunity wouldnt be able to protect you

Coconut Oil
Posted by Bud (Earth) on 09/27/2013

I know how you feel my friend, but take a deep breath and try to not panic. Are you physically sick or you just have a positive test?

I tested positive 6 years ago. I have never taken meds. My numbers have always been alarming. But since I clinically have never been healthier I decided to ignore them. At one point I just got tired of doctors telling me how sick I am just by looking at a piece of paper, urging me to take chemotherapy for the rest of my life, when I'm perfectly fine.

You shouldn't take your positive test lightly though, it could mean there is a problem you need to address. However bad tests and counts may also be just that if you are clinically healthy. I suggest you get familiar with AIDS Rethinking movement. There are a lot of doctors, researchers, and Nobel Prize winners questioning the existing HIV/AIDS establishment. But they battle a very powerful lobby/industry. Beware of websites attacking people's characters, and not their message. Good luck!

Chlorine Dioxide
Posted by Gerald (FLORIDA) on 05/27/2023

Hello Wanna Live, ☺

you can never "turn negative" once truly infected. Positive=having antibodies

I am experimenting if it is possible to get to complete eradication of latent HIV by using CLO2 long enough at therapeutic dosing. Then you would not have to take any more meds or maintenance dosing with CLO2. Look up Andreas Kalcker! Do not use MMS! Use CDS! No side effects except for getting tired. Take a 4 week break after 3 weeks treatment. In that time use colloidal silver to keep any virus in check. I will let you know in August when I do lab work... Be blessed!

Olive Leaf Extract & Black Seed
Posted by Malaysia07 (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) on 02/29/2016

HIV Regime (Olive Leaf Extract & Black Seed)

1. Morning - I drink a glass of warm water then I take a full tea spoon of Habbatusauda a.k.a Black seeds From Iran (blend the seeds). I chew it inside my mouth and let it under my tongue about 20-15 second before I swallow it ( Reason prophet Muhammad peace be upon him specifically mentioned chew the seeds to gain the benefits ). Later I take a full spoon of Honey from Yamen ( claimed to be the best honey in the world). I dont really know how to do the 40:60 that have been purposed by Dr. Abdulfatah Adekunle Onifade . After a few minute, I consumed a capsule of Olive leaf extract 18% oleuropein. For my breakfast I make my self a cup of warm goat milk with chia seed.

2. Afternoon - I Drink at least 2 Litre of plain water at this time . Sometimes I make my self a honey lemon tea then I have my lunch. 15 minutes later I will spray Habbatusauda oil ( busy hour, difficult to bring black seed to the office) from Egypt. I will spray it 15 times to make an equal of a big spoon of Habbatusauda oil.

3. Evening -Before sleep Im going to consume the Habbatusauda again ( chew it)with honey and with extra virgin coconut oil). And get enough sleep .

P/s : I drink plan water at least 3.5 litre a day. Sometimes I take 2-3 drops of Oregano oil ( I bought this because I thought I have a syphilis, false alarm, happened to be a rashes)

There you go, my daily routine for this past 2 months. Before I'm having this routine, I have a constant cough, easily catch cold, my hand doesn't look like a hand, more like a tree brunch ( I don't really go to the dr to get diagnose), my anus easily get some sort of rashes. After I do this regime, all my symptoms are gone. 2-3 weeks after. I was a bit pessimistic about it but after looking at the result, it was worth it. I have been diagnose for HIV + end of august . I refuse to take the conventional medication. My CD4 reading was 220, and I'm not sure about my Viral load counts. I am going to see the doctor again this Thursday.

Please share your thoughts on this. Anyone can share their stories and experience?

Fresh Aloe Vera
Posted by Jpps (Virginia) on 03/06/2014

If you have been diagnosed with HIV, buy an Aloe Vera plant and cut off a small piece each day that you can swallow (capsule size). Take everyday and you can also supplement with Aloe Vera gel capsules.

Fresh Aloe Vera
Posted by Gerald (FLORIDA) on 05/27/2023

Yes, the "blending" will damage it. You are going overboard with "more is better". Aloe is taken alone, on an empty stomach, 1 hour or more before a meal. Fresh inner gel of Aloe Vera, not some other Aloe... either!

2x20ml per day has kept HIV positive people in a study in Africa healthy.

Posted by Bill (Norcal) on 05/19/2018

When used CORRECTLY, MMS will "cure" just about anything. It actually just removes pathogens, poisons and toxins from your body and allows your body to heal itself, which is what it was "designed" to do. (people get "cancer" every day -- your immune system just kills it) The protocols they have now are MUCH better than they used to be. (as for what's-his-name acting like an ass, you probably caught him on a bad day, and he has been horrendously attacked over the years, so I don't blame him too much for not being in a good mood)

Apple Cider Vinegar, Supplements, Distilled Water
Posted by Gerald (florida) on 10/23/2023

myself and others, yes. Its the Beta1/3 Glucan and who knows what else - very beneficial to calm the virus

Apple Cider Vinegar, Supplements, Distilled Water
Posted by GERALD (Florida) on 03/15/2024


look up Black Seed Oil! Take 1 teaspoon with 1 teaspoon honey before each meal (3)

Take Ascorbyl Palmitate Vit C 2xday, Selenium Zinc, Vit D and good high protein and high fiber foods.

Be consistent and patient! Report back!

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation
Posted by Mike G (Western Ny) on 12/08/2017

I am a natural health practitioner and have personal experience with a lowered immune and restoring my body and those of my clients. Ozone water, hydrogen peroxide will make you feel more energetic, yet it come at a price! It deletes antioxidant levels long-term and exasperates the undying problem that most have which is low Glutathione, and other antioxidants, the leaky gut with waste (poisons and infections) that get into blood from an inflamed gut.

Also, another factor is exhausted adrenals and metabolic issues! Exhaust glands from physical, emotional stress, stimulants or other ways, and then endocrine system is unregulated (think hormone dysregulation) and there is systemic inflammation and cortisol issues and the need to check blood for low DHEAs and to supplement with it for hormone replacement to help support! Address low body temps, check for heavy metals that may be impairing immune. Digestion and elimination is key to health and compromise immune and resistance. Also, Beta Glucans can restore immune! Think glyconutrients.

D-3 Binding Protein
Posted by Will (Asia) on 11/02/2015

Hi all.... I have been using Olive Leaf Extract n Comp A for 6 years... 3 months ago I upped the dosage and went in for a test.... results... negative...i have never been on meds... now adding chaga mushrooms.. another potent herb.. also known to reduce from positive to negative status.... a word of advise... always see ir doctor to check ur CD4 numbers n ur VL every 6 months....esp when using natural treatments only...... eat healthy.. fruits and vegs... raw veg juicing helps alot... sleep well... exercise... dont smoke ... dont consume alcohol... NO Sugar.... safe sex..... lets pray chaga mushroom... OLE.. Comp A... can be sort of a functional cure....

Posted by Art (California) on 02/13/2024 2212 posts

Hi Clover,

Your list is very good!

I have seen the colloidal silver work all by itself to control HIV for two years while the patient was waiting to get insurance again. The downside is that it is expensive if you have to buy it. It seems only practical if you make your own quality product.


Chlorine Dioxide
Posted by kcsmith (Missouri) on 05/03/2022

hi Helen. I found very interesting videos on chlorine dioxide on the video streaming platform. create an account, its free, and in the search bar, type in chlorine dioxide. several videos will come up from doctors and people who show you step by step how to make it yourself. also talks about chlorine dioxide in a couple of his videos. you can find him on rumble, or just his website, create an account by typing in your email and then refresh the page, a RESOURCES tab pops up and you can find extremely valuable information. hope this helps

Chlorine Dioxide
Posted by Gerald (FL) on 05/29/2023

MMS is the mix of sodium chlorite and an acid in water producing CLO2. It is the primitive, old style of benefiting from CLO2.

CDS is pure CLO2 disolved in water. The new way of using it.

MMS can create side effects like upset stomach and diarrhea.

CDS properly diluted down to 30ppm is the better treatment option.

Chlorine Dioxide
Posted by Gerald (FL) on 05/29/2023



Chlorine Dioxide
Posted by Gerald M. (FL) on 10/23/2023

Rene, yes, I too have half-ed my meds for many years and stayed undetectable. The CD4 count may not go up like on full dose but if you want to avoid med-intoxification...

Thanks for the Rife idea.

I think CLO2 therapy alternating with herbal treatment is the way to go.

Be blessed!

Fresh Aloe Vera
Posted by Art (California) on 06/16/2021

To I wanna live,

I have seen colloidal silver (AgNPs) work to keep HIV at bay for 2 years until the person was able to get insurance and get on a med cocktail. The dose this person used was 16 ounces of 20 parts per million colloidal silver every day in two divided doses of 8 ounces each dose. Doses of tablespoons of AgNPs were ineffective. In my opinion, it would have to be AgNPs and not ionic silver as the risk for argyria is increased using ionic silver.


Fresh Aloe Vera
Posted by Art (California) on 05/11/2023 2212 posts

I wanna live,

You say you are taking one tablespoon of colloidal silver (CS), but you don't say what the parts per million(ppm) of CS that you made is. One tablespoon of 20 ppm or 40 ppm silver is going to produce the exact result that you got, zero effect on the virus. My experience with CS/HIV is a minimum of 7-10 mg of actual silver per day.


Fresh Aloe Vera
Posted by GERALD (florida) on 03/15/2024

Colloidal Silver VS HIV I have done extensive research on this. First day you need to drink 1 liter of 20 ppm colloidal silver with particle size in the 3nm to 10 nm range (small). Then daily at least 250ml. I did that for a few months but had side effects. My red blood cells became dysfunctional.The teaspoon dose is nonsense vs HIV but the effective dose can not be kept up for long w/o potentially dangerous side effects. My own experience and opinion only.

Fresh Aloe Vera
Posted by Rene (ID, USA) on 08/03/2023

I am replying to this whole HIV cure theme; I just wanted to keep this as recent as I could find posts for. 1st I want to thank each and everyone of you for having the courage to post here and for your willingness to find a cure, especially an alternative cure. Ive been HIV + since 2009. I put off meds as long as I could but within a few years I was taking the "cocktail" which included Truvada (i wont get started on that gem of a kidney killer). My viral load has remained undetectable and my CD4 well above 1,000 ever since. I used to refer to myself as the healthiest sick person I knew. But after more than 10 years on their "cocktail" I am the proud owner of a pair of 80 year old kidneys. (I am only in my 50's) Stage 3 Kidney Disease. I used to think that AIDS would take my life, but now I'm fairly certain it will be kidney failure. Also frustrated, I have begun to take matters into my own hands. I really appreciate all the research that you have done; it gives me quite a head start. However, I am the proud owner of a "Rife Machine." (you'll have to google it; not enough space for me to try to explain) Western medicine would call it Woo Woo science (quantum science - healing energy with energy), but it is totally legit. There are so many "frequencies" on "treating" HIV, healing T-Cells, raising CD4, improving immunity, etc. These machines are not cheap (but cheap is such a relative word) but I was confident enough to take a brief break from my meds. I AM NOT SUGGESTING THAT ANYONE OF YOU DO THE SAME. Just explaining MY story. By brief, I mean 10 days during which I pummeled myself with healng frequencies; attempting to mimic the meds for HIV as well as to improve my kidneys failing health. I cant know which improved my kidneys from GFR of 36 (consistant over a couple of years) to the nearly bright shiny and new kidneys with a GFR of 48 (where my kidney disease began more than 6 years ago) -- the Rife machine or simply ceasing the Triumeq. But it sure got me thinking.... How many other diseases are common where the "sick people" are so desparately scared of dying a tragic and painful death (the movie Philadelphia) and grateful that Big Pharma would even take the time to create a medicine for us (how long have we been treated like Lepers (sincere apology for any offence given by the reference))? ... that we settle for a one-size-fits-all drug like Viramune or Truvada. If you have HBP and you condition improves for what ever reason, our Dr might likely decrease our dose. Right? But with HIV we are offered the "choice" to succumb to AIDS or Kidney Disease. ONE BOTTLE, ONE DOSE. boy haven't we come a long way (from a hand full of pills). Very little competition (for our business) and nearly no reduction of kidney poison for our efforts (healthy lifestyle) or just a fortunate immune system. The same dose of kidney poison to keep AIDS at bay. For if we played with the dose then insurance companies would have to pay for more frequent blood tests to make sure our "numbers" were in the "you get to continue to live" category.

Sorry for the soapbox, but you know the Dr's aren't going to listen to our whoas ( at least NOT in Idaho). So I took matters into my own hands (a little). Now after 10 days off Triumeq, I get to see how much tracking I lost due to my "high risk" nature. It is my hope that with time and patience, AND listening to my Dr ultimately, that I can reduce the risk on my kidneys (imagine that, Big Pharma) while keeping my numbers in line, instead of trading one death sentence for another. ALL the while using my Rife machine (Spooky2 XM generators) to dilligently improve my immunity AND attempt to rid myself of this nasty virus. And thanks your many suggestions, I will be adding a whole bunch of coconut oil and perhaps some more "risky" tinctures to my diet, as well as adding stronger Rife generators as I can afford to.

I will update this forum as I go.

Stem Cell Therapy
Posted by Richard (West Hollywood, California) on 08/23/2012

Hi all! Regarding Stem Cells. I did in Feb 2010.

I have medication related neuropathy for over ten years. So I found a clinic in Pheonix Az. from Dr. Peace.The basic cost was 5k, plus 2,000 more for injections in my feet and nasal (for my tinnitus). Sadly the minor relief in my feet was short lived. No releif on the Tinnitus.

HOWEVER I did get an unexpected benefit. I've had HIV for over 20 years with T cells in the 300 range. My first blood test showed and increase to over 500. The last count in April came in at 820! While I was thrilled to have higher t count, that's not why I paid 7K. My t-count was not why I did it. It did not work for my neuropathy or tinnitus....

FYI: I just started ACV (again-3day) so far not much change.

Best wishes! Richard

Posted by Boris (Bangkok, Thailand) on 03/29/2013

I used MMS with my daughter when she had the so called Swine Flu in Thailand and she was all better within a day. However Jim Humble asserts in one of his booklets that MMS also kills the Hep C virus and that one lady was cured after taking 17 drops of it. He. Offers no proof and I know why because it is not true. I tried it for a while with no difference at all in my Hep C status. It certainly did not kill it and for him to say it does is dishonest and irresponsible. I emailed him about this and got a very rude responses. " How dare I question him when the FBI where trying to to kill him" and " next time your daughter is sick give her an aspirin " he evaded my question. So any claims he makes about HIV or anything else I now take with a grain of salt. I don't know whether he has since removed his claims about Hep C but if he has an ounce of integrity he should.

Posted by Timh (Louisville, Ky, Usa) on 03/31/2013 2063 posts

Boris: It is best to not take medical matters personal, as it all comes down to facts, knowledge, and even wisdom. If Jim H has documented cases of curing Hep C w/ MMS then we just trust that statistic for what it's worth (as a statistic, not an absolute). There are many variations to human illnesses that leave a wide margin of error because of the sheer subjective and relative nature of the human disease demographic. My use of MMS has been variable and I only recently found that the presence of aldehydes in my gut was reacting to the MMS and creating a negative response. I began taking MolyB and Niacinimide prior to MMS and this made a major difference in the effectiveness (as well as reducing neg side effects). So, you could have a case like mine, that is not only Hep C. You could have several disease states going on at one time which disrupts the MMS treatment.

Through Jim H and the Geneses 2 Church, we are learning more and more about Chlorine Dioxide as an anti-pathogen in human or animal subjects; and when the news says, on an almost daily basis, that there are more "drug resistant" or "antibiotic resistant" germs in the population, then MMS is good news as there is no evidence that any pathogen becomes resistant to ClO2 ever.

Posted by Boris (Bangkok, Thailand) on 04/01/2013

Thanks for the feedback, Tim - what you say may be the case. Jim H could only refer me to one client who had seen a notable improvement but certaining not an eradication of the virus. As for documentated cases of Hep C being completed killed by MMS as he'd claimed he had none. Nada. That was my point. Nothing personal about it. I just have no time for false claims or the people who make them. I've had better results with ACV Baking powder. Selenium, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Milk Thistle plus regular juice and water fasts /detoxes over the years.

Posted by Timh (Louisville, Ky, Usa) on 03/22/2012 2063 posts

... And if those overpopulations are deficient in Selenium, it's almost a certainty that they are also deficient in many other minerals as well as vitamins. Which throws the entire HIV/AIDS treatment protocols in the direction of PREVENTION, not "treatment". Throw some clean drinking water and living conditions in there also and what do you get??? Low HIV/AIDS rates. Of course I may be stating the obvious, but personal, social, economic, and political factors also jump into the arena and blur the truth of this fundamentally complex illness into the gray, subjective, and speculative where it all ends up in a whatever. It's anybody's call and the battle between the separate schools of thought and theory wage on in their endless dualisms. No consensus, finality, no authority, no "cure".

Posted by Grzbear (Phoenix, Az) on 03/22/2012

One can find specific chronic diseases and illnesses prevalent in areas that have too much, or too little of specific nutrients causing deficiencies, excesses and imbalances. We can also add to that, any number of specific environmental pollutants, that cause metabolic disruptions, such as those contributing to obesity in the U.S. and other rising industrial nations. Science has known this for a very long time... medicine ignores it.

Posted by Otterley (West Palm Beach, Fl, Usa) on 08/03/2011

My Current Regimen

Planetary Formulas Andrographis Full Spectrum: 400mg 3x's a day
Vitamin C: 1000mg (2-stage, timed release) 2x's a day
ROEX Oleuropein: 1 gram in a. M. , 500mg middle of day, 500mg @ night
Cell Forte IP-6 & Inositol Ultra Strength Powder: 3 grams 2x's a day
Jarrow Formulas N-A-C sustain: 600mg 2x's a day
Vitamin Shoppe Liquid Vitamin D3: 5000IU 1x a day
Olive Leaf

Since being off med's I've tried many different supplements. And the one supplement that I can say has truly worked is Olive Leaf. I've changed my regimen many times, but have never taken out Olive Leaf. I've used OLE (Olive Leaf Extract) along with other natural supplements that claim to have antiviral qualities, and seems I can never get my viral below 29, 000. But keep in mind OLE brought my viral load down from 200, 000 to the lowest of 29, 000. And has kept it around that for 4 years now. So that shows it does work... If you were to read up on the benefits of OLE for HIV, you would see that HIV can not become resistant because of the manner in which it works. And not only can OLE reduce your viral load, it has also been shown to boost the immune system. But with using OLE, you need to make sure you buy a brand yielding 17% to 23% pharmaceutical grade Oleuropein. 17% to 23% is the highest I've come across.

IP6 with Inisitol
I recently found another supplement that has made a significant impact on my T-cell count. Between July 2010 & April 2011 my T-cell count dropped from 850 to 599. I began to panic and started researching. I then came across an ultra strength powder form of Cell Forte's IP-6 & Inositol. I had used IP-6 & Inositol in the past, but in a lower dose pill form. So, on April 21, 2011 I began using Cell Forte IP-6 & Inositol Ultra Strength Powder. On June 20, 2011 I went for my lab work and found my T-cells went from 599 to 845. I was ecstatic! ... So I'll be keeping IP-6 with Inositol in my regimen and hope that my numbers from my lab work was not just a fluke.

(Sambiloto/Andrographis Paniculata). I was real surprised after Googling so much these past years I had never ran across it. After researching more on it I became very excited.. One article I had found stated: "Sambiloto was shown in a laboratory testing in California, USA to be effective in preventing HIV virus from reproducing. In 2000 work with human volunteers in Washington USA showed that the bodies natural defense mechanisms were enhanced when Sambiloto was administered, in the absence of the retroviral drugs usually used in HIV patients. The patients showed no increase in HIV virus during the trial, indicating that the virus was unable to multiply. More research is continuing, but we believe, in line with the antiviral benefits that Sambiloto has shown in trials and over hundreds of years in traditional medicine records, that it will prove to be a valuable inclusion in the fight against AIDS. "

Moving on to the N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) supplement. My alternative medicine doctor had put me on it for oxidative stress. "Oxidative stress has emerged in recent years as a suspected component in the pathogenesis of HIV disease. ". Make sure you read up on NAC, it seems to be very important. And has been shown to be immune enhancing as well as suppress HIV replication.

Vitamin C
Well, this one is a given.. I think vitamin C is the 1st thing we think of when wanting to boosting the immune. But if you were to read on what effect vitamin C has on HIV, it's pretty interesting. In high dosages (more than what can be taken orally) it's been shown to kill HIV.. Well, in too high doses you get Nausea, Vomiting, Heartburn, indigestion, Intestinal cramps, Flushing (redness of the skin), Diarrhea, etc... Fun! Fun! ~ So since we won't be having none of that, I only take it to keep the immune up. At the moment I'm taking C in capsule form. But I would say if your positive, to take Buffered Vitamin C Powder (my opinion). Buffered C allows a much higher dose in an easier manner. I'd rather drink a 6oz cup of vitamin C than swallow 4 capsules... I'll be switching back to buffered powder once I finish my bottle of capsule form.

Vitamin D
My doctor had checked my vitamin D levels 8 months back & found I was a bit low. So I started taking it in liquid drop form. I was told it takes a while to build up in your system. And I guess that's true, because it took up til' now for me to reach a normal level. They're really focusing on vitamin D right now. Every doctor I've gone to ask's if I'm taking a D supplement. And you see commercials pushing it as well. Seems vitamin D does many things. It regulates calcium and phosphorus, is essential to a healthy immune system, a potent anti-inflammatory, helps regulate blood sugar levels, helps lower blood pressure, and benefits, or helps prevent a huge list of diseases...

I pretty much take a multivitamin to make sure I'm getting all of my vitamins and minerals. But I make sure the multivitamin I am taking has at least 200mcg of Selenium and good percentage of Beta Carotene. A few years back I took a Vitamin Deficiency Test and found I was low in Selenium, Beta-Carotene, and B-12. The test then told me the proper daily dosage to take of each supplement to correct the deficiency. It just so happens Selenium & B-12 are two major ones HIV positive people are deficient in. I highly suggest getting a Vitamin Deficiency Test...

Apple Cider Vinegar, Supplements, Distilled Water
Posted by John (Florida) on 04/22/2021

Try hydrogen water. Not from the grocery store but with your own device that can be purchased online of course. Read up on it. I recently started that and have tons of energy. My only regret is that I started taking the hiv pills and I so want to stop but I'm worried I'll get very sick like I was 3 years ago when I was diagnosed. Bad cytokines storm and almost died basically.

Avoid Citric Acid
Posted by Stan (Perth, Western Australia) on 11/09/2009

hey chantell, you have the best defence force in your body your immune system but you have to feed it properly you can have the best engine in the world, you give it bad oil it dies, try this one h2o2,virgin coconut oil(one tbl spoone per day), olive leaf extract(two times two capsules per day,brazil nuts X6 PER DAY(selenium) and super sea veg two times four capsules per day for your 72 trace minerales oh I forgot the ACV head up. All the best

Avoid Citric Acid
Posted by John (Florida) on 04/22/2021

I'm not so sure about the citric acid issue. I drink fresh squeezed oj all the time. And take liposomal vitamin c. I have no problems, but only hiv positive for 3 years now.

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation
Posted by Astralclean (Atlanta, Ga) on 03/27/2010

Hi! I really believe that this will work for HIV/AIDS at least I hope so because it sure did work in my case. I had a HCV (hepatitis C virus) viral load of 23,000,000. I started the oral therapy of 3 drops of 35% in 6-8oz of pure (no chlorine) water. Increased by 1 drop per day. I did this up until around 11-17 drops a day (I forget) and then stopped. I had my viral done again and it had gone down 18,000,000 copies. You are supposed to get up to 25 drops per day and add in Colloidol (spell?) silver-the two work Great together.

I stopped because you are supposed to not eat 3 hours before you take it and the wait for an hour before you eat again and I got hungry. I plan I going back though, I just wanted to take a break. I didn't even finish the protocol and that is how much my HCV viral load went down!!!

Please contact me if you need the protocol, but I have seen it on line a Moru? somebody. Sorry I google and he came up and it is on this site also I believe-at least the name is.

Please try again and Good Luck/Good Health to you!
RJ xo

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation
Posted by Chris M. (London) on 06/11/2017

With chlorine dioxide another oxygen or oxidative therapy that has had huge success with HIV Aids, Jim Humble the rediscoverer of this method quotes expect your hiv viral load to appear to go up and the cd 4 count go down, and it will improve considerably within 6 months. The reason being is that a lot of hiv virus is chased out and then appears in blood circulation but the virus at that point is already inactive virus, so I presume a similar thing will happen with hydrogen peroxide, levels get worse then improve. MY CD 4 count did drop at 1st then, went up by 210 points, my aids infections all disapeared, and my HIV Viral load overall fell by 85.5%. I do believe it's important to take liposomal gluathione and a whole range of antioxidants like n acetylcysteine, R or alpha lipoic acid selenium vit c & e etc, for several weeks before oxidative treatment and at least several weeks after if not longer, to protect from oxidative stress. However if the infections are critical get them down 1st then jump onto antioxidants. Don't take them together as they neutralise each other.

D-3 Binding Protein
Posted by Will (Asia) on 11/02/2015

Below are the most potent herbs that can reverse any symptoms and boost ur CD4 counts and even reduced ur VL to undetectable levels if taken at a higher dosage.... to the extend if tested... can b hiv negative.... (remember even negative does not mean u r cured)...

OLE.. need higher dose Comp A... contains.. astralagas... licorice.. ganoderma (reshi mushrooms) plus other herbs...really effective even if taken alone.... chaga mushroom... russian studies alot ... very promising.... Jergon sacha (peru plant.. also reduce VL to negative...) Mutamba (brazil plant) .. also same ......... good luck.. god bless

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation
Posted by Siphiwe (Bloemfontein, South Africa) on 10/13/2010

I have just started using the inhalation method for my sister- I got the food grade from a healthy shop. Her breathing problems, tonsels and tiredness are gone in a matter of 3 weeks. She pumps it 5 times for every 2 hrs. Her completion and the acne has subsided. Only thing left is the bladder infection and menstrual pains. She also use cold pressed coconut oil 3 times a day. May God bless Ted and those who contribute to this website. Amen...

Chlorine Dioxide
Posted by Naël (France) on 03/06/2022

Please could you explain more cause I m French don't get you.

Chlorine Dioxide
Posted by Helen (Usa) on 05/02/2022

I'm hiv postive since 2017 taking medication please tell me more about Chlorine dioxide how it works I can try it to cure my self thanks 😊

Chlorine Dioxide
Posted by Gerald (FLORIDA) on 05/18/2022

CLO2 = forbidden cure ☺

Chlorine Dioxide
Posted by Greg (New York) on 10/26/2022

Thank you. Been looking for a time frame of how long to take chlorine dioxide to cure hiv. I understand having a maintenance habit afterward but is it necessary overall?


Chlorine Dioxide
Posted by i wanna live (usa) on 05/11/2023

Are you remaining negative from the MMS? I also want to know how many drops of CLO2 and activator that translates into. protocol 1000 is supposed to be only a few drops every hour. So, I'm curious how much you were actually taking, how frequently and have you remained negative. Of course, sero-negative status is not the same as undetectable. Which one are you? Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Chlorine Dioxide
Posted by John (Dallas, USA) on 05/29/2023

New to Earth Clinic here. Can someone explain the difference between MMS and CDS? I'm seeing them used interchangeably with Chlorine Dioxide.

Chlorine Dioxide
Posted by Tom (Marlboro New Jersey) on 05/12/2024

How many days a week do you need to drink this?? Is it done just in one week?

Olive Leaf Extract & Black Seed
Posted by John Hendrix (Indonesia) on 11/04/2017

Hi! I'm doing almost the same regimen as yours.. I'm just wondering how it turned out?

Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you!

Eliminate Stress
Posted by Jody (Texas) on 07/08/2015

One thing I found out.... the hard way, with HIV, is that in changing ones life style it also includes ELIMINATING STRESS on ALL LEVELS of your life. With myself, me getting the depression/anxiety under control was (as it seems to me), on the same level of important as eliminating the stress. Again, for me, the depression/anxiety kind of FUELED the stress. Or at least it seemed to me as though it did. But then I imagine the caffeine pills I took contributed to all of it as well. Along with some of the other medications... namely the two I'm on for the HIV (Isentress & Truvada that tend to cause the depression). So, it wasn't just ONE certain thing causing it. But, I've also found that along with trying and changing different vitamin combos (again, for myself) it's been a help getting stress/depression/anxiety under control. Then there's learning to meditate which is a way to promote relaxation, that helps with the stress as well.

Fresh Aloe Vera
Posted by Diane (Jamaica) on 12/07/2018

how long do u take the aloe vera for?

Fresh Aloe Vera
Posted by I wanna live (usa) on 05/11/2023


How did you prepare and eat the aloe? Was it blended or just eat after peeling the skin? I have been blending with smoothies, but wondering if that may damage the herb or other fruits, etc. may block the effectiveness of aloe in the body?

Fresh Aloe Vera
Posted by I wanna live (USA) on 05/11/2023


I bought my own colloidal silver maker and took the silver water for several weeks until my next labs were done. No change at all. I was taking the tablespoon dosage amount that others have recommended, but it seems like it wasn't enough. 16 oz would concern me about the skin coloring. Not sure I would want to risk that.

Fresh Aloe Vera
Posted by I wanna live (usa) on 05/11/2023


I tried MMS when I wasn't working, but after a month of only feeling like I was drinking swimming pool water and no improvement in my lab results, I decided to stop taking it...especially since I couldn't keep it going with my work schedule. I was doing the protocol 1000 and trying to avoid anything that would cancel it out. I felt nauseated after every single dose, which was disrupting my work and everything else from day to day. I don't know if I was doing something wrong, but I went over the protocol many times and tried to follow all of the recommendations at minimal dosing. Can anyone contribute any advise as to what I'm doing wrong? I was also drinking it sometimes with distilled water and other times with very pure apple juice (nothing added). I still have the MMS, but am very busy to have time to make it all the time and deal with nausea constantly. I bought my MMS and activator from an Australian company.

Fresh Aloe Vera
Posted by I wanna live (usa) on 05/11/2023


Which kind of aloe vera are you taking. I just discovered that there are quite a few species of aloe with differing therapeutic results. I was using aloe vera grown myself in Hong Kong from planter boxes and store-bought soil mixed with soil from a nearby building site and sand.

Posted by Boris (Thailand) on 04/02/2013

Correction to previous comment. I meant to write Baking Soda NOT Baking Powder.

Posted by Cassandra (Chicago, Illinois) on 05/30/2018

Hello what are the names of the two books? And thank you.

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