High Blood Pressure and Carditone

Carditone for High Blood Pressure
Posted by Russ (Linden, TN) on 07/19/2022 1 posts
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For Art Solbrig,

Have you discovered any evidence of ischemia while using Carditone?

I am a very healthy 74 YO male. I work out regularly and fast and watch my weight. 5'7" tall and 155#.

I am on 10mg lisinopril for mild hypertension. This is my only prescription med. The Lisinopril was not doing the job, so I added 1 tab of Carditone in may of this year which brought my pressure down to 106-137 over 60-80 on average.

The problem is with my heart rate. Historically my resting heart rate was in the 50's and 60's with the occasional dip into the 40's. After I started taking the carditone my resting HR is in the Low to mid 40's most of the time.

At this time, I am discontinuing all supplements except a daily vitamin and the Lisinopril.