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Posted by Art (California) on 07/31/2022 2182 posts

After months of use of Carditone for blood pressure control, I felt it was time to update due to a new development.

I started at the recommended dose of one herbal caplet per night and found Carditone very effective at controlling my blood pressure "in range", but after a month or more, it became apparent that Carditone was working too good, and I had to start taking one caplet every other night in order to not go too low on my pressure reading. This had been working very well for months, but two or three times, I forgot to take my every other night caplet. When I checked my blood pressure, it seemed fine.

Based on those experiences, I decided to try taking one Carditone caplet every third evening. I've been at this new dosing schedule for about 3 weeks now and I am still getting very good readings. I just took my blood pressure about 5 minutes ago, which was116/74 with a pulse rate of 74. On July 20, 2022, when I was already on one caplet every third night, my reading at 11:04 pm was 117/78 with a pulse rate of 67.

The main point being is that these are very good readings for me at a dose of just one caplet every third evening of Carditone. So at least for me, Carditone has seemed to have had a cumulative effect that seems to be lasting.

Carditone is not an inexpensive supplement, but with the need to only take one caplet every third night in my case, it is rather inexpensive for me now, but most importantly, it is much more effective that max dose of Amlodipine was for me taking it once per day. With Amlodipine I was never able to achieve these very good readings.

Another point I have noticed is that when I was on Amlodipine, taking a reading at 11:00 pm or later was almost always likely to give a very high blood pressure reading, but that is no longer the case! I always get good reading now at any time of the day or night.

My take away from this about Carditone is that if you are considering testing it, I highly recommend that you monitor your blood pressure regularly to make sure it is not dropping too low and if it is getting on the low side, definitely consider reducing your dose rate. Carditone allowed me to completely discontinue the max dose Amlodipine that my doctor had me on and I get good in range readings all the time now.