High Blood Pressure And A Supplement That Can Lower It Within 3 Days

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Posted by Art (California) on 05/09/2022 1236 posts
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I just wanted to do a current (5/9/2022) update on our Carditone review for high blood pressure.

I talked with Dave and he did reduce his dose to one pill every other day instead of the recommended one pill per day and has been doing that for 3 weeks now and he has been keeping track of the results with daily monitoring of his blood pressure which he is keeping a log of. He said that his average blood pressure readings are staying below 120/80 with the reduced dose.

Barbara told me that after her very good initial results she stopped checking her blood pressure, but she texted me today and said that she finally checked her blood pressure today and it was 124/70 and she said she was very happy with the great improvement! She remains at 1 pill per day.

As to myself, my pressure readings continued to decline so I also decided to go to one pill every other day of Carditone, as Dave did. On the occasions when I missed a dose, I did not notice a rise in my blood pressure and that helped convince me to try one pill every other day. The results have been amazing with my average blood pressure reading maintaining below 120/80, similarly to Dave's results. Here is a list of my past week of readings plus today's reading :

1. 115/75

2. 102/68

3. 110/70

4. 105/70

5. 114/77

6. 121/75

7. 115/79

8. 110/68

These are better blood pressure readings than I was getting 30 years ago! None of us have noticed any side effects from taking Carditone. Overall, all three of us are very happy with the results and will definitely continue taking Carditone indefinitely!