Heel Spurs Treatment - Home Remedies that Work!

Posted by Mary (Virginia Beach, VA) on 11/25/2008

I would like to let everyone know that I came on this site to see what people were doing to relieve their heel pain because I was having heel pain so bad that I was not able to put any weight on it and was also getting sharp pains through the heel. It got so bad I was almost in tears (and I have a high toleance for pain!) So I had decided to take a Calcium supplement (calcium 250mg also has Mag 250mg,Vit D 200 i.u. and 7.5mg zinc as directed 2 tabs twice daily with a meal) and I have to tell you that it worked!!!

This morning I woke up and normally I limp for about an hour and then I still have a slight limp but got up and only felt a slight discomfort and was able to walk fine as the day went on!!

Hope this helps anyone that has been in my pain!!

Apple Cider Vinegar Wrap
Posted by Ileana (Miami, Florida) on 10/10/2008

I had had heel spurs for almost a year now. I had try everything (cortisone shot, pills, creams, physical therapy, acupunture, thai massage, foot massage,etc) I had been using the apple cider for more than a week at night. However, I still have the pain. I think it is better. Do you think I should be using the apple cider for longer time?? Please, any recomendation will be apreciated.

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