Heavy Menstrual Bleeding
Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies for Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

Posted by Vi (Saskatoon, Canada) on 06/01/2009
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I decided to try a new vitamin and supplement regime to get myself off of a very expensive migraine medication that I needed without fail on a monthly basis! However I've been surprised at the changes that went beyond just no migraines. I felt happy, no bloating, lots of energy, and once my period started, I didn't have the awful lower back pain (I actually cleaned the car and ran errands on the first day), and NO MIGRAINES! If you can believe it I didn't even need an Advil. I'm kind of amazed at this because I don't have a great diet, and don't get as much exercise as I should. Unfortunately it's hard to tell what exactly is doing the trick, but from research on this site and others I've started taking:
*SAMe - S-adenosylmethionine - 12 days before - noticeable improvement in mood
*Vitamin B6 - start 12 days before
*Vitamin B complex - daily
*probiotic - daily
* Vit E - daily
*Mg - daily
*Calcium - daily - at night - to help with sleep, and interferes with absorption of other vitamins
* 1 tbsp flax oil, split over 1.5 tsp am and pm or I feel nauseous
* Salmon oil - daily
* 2 tbs apple cider vinegar - one am and one pm - so far only the common brand but will try organic next time
* garlic tablets (improves circulation)

I've also been taking melatonin, starting 12 days before, but I suspect that it's actually making my sleep worse, though some sites say it can help with migraines.