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Natural Remedies for Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

Omega 3

Posted by Vania (Clarksville, Tn) on 02/18/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Just putting in a vote for Omega-3 Fish Oil for managing menstrual misery.

In the spring of 2007, I was diagnosed with a uterine fibroid, about the size of a cantaloupe. I am not emotionally prepared for hysterectomy, which was the primary recommendation, of course. My online research led me to Earth Clinic. Currently, at the onset of menstruation, I take the most common brand of organic Apple Cider Vinegar with a bit of baking soda, in 8 ounces of water. For over a year, this remedy has greatly reduced the flow and scary giant clots (like a school of goldfish) that made life so miserable. My periods got so light that I started worrying that I was going into menopause at the age of 41.

Unfortunately, during the last 2-3 months, ACV has seemed to lose its potency. My periods became quite heavy again, with lots of clotting (although not at "goldfish" level). Finally I remembered my mother's first recommendation for my symptoms: 1200 mg Omega-3 Fish Oil Capsules. These were also the first remedy that worked for my fibroid symptoms. But I take more than anyone thinks is good for me: 8 in the morning, 8 in the evening, throughout my 8-day menstruation. This works very well, every time. The only reason I decided to try the ACV remedy is that I LOVE ACV!

I had my "well woman" visit about 2 months ago, and no comment was made about treating my fibroid. I don't think these remedies have shrunk the fibroid, because my belly still looks like I'm 3-4 months pregnant, but I can be pretty content if I can continue to manage the symptoms.

Thank you, Earth Clinic-ers, I love you. You give me hope for better health, naturally.