Natural Cures for Hay Fever (Allergic Rhinitis)


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Posted by Steve (Epsom, England) on 09/14/2010
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I've had hayfever for 35 years and have tried every box of pills on the chemist's shelves, some worked and some didn't. After reading this wonderful site I had started taking Turmeric 3 times a day to heal a great big boil I had (half a teaspoon in warm milk)I have to be honest and say it tastes REALLY BAD but so what just get it down! To my surprise I noticed that I stopped waking up in the night with a runny nose and during the day no sneezing etc. For the first time in 35 years I have been free of hayfever all summer thanks to Turmeric 3 times a day, many thanks Earthclinic

Posted by Polly (Chania, Crete, Greece) on 08/28/2009
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Hi everyone, I'm another fan of turmeric! I started taking turmeric about two weeks ago for my acne, after I had tried strong antibiotics and salicylic acid in the past. I had large pimples on my face and back and often painful boils that lingered on for days. I'm delighted to say that my skin has cleared up completely- it's the first time I 've seen it like this in years!

I also read how turmeric cures allergies and hayfever and recommended it to my boyfriend and my housemate, who both suffer from hayfever. At first they didn't even want to hear about it, but now - guess what- they swear by it! It works for both of them and they've stopped taking their hayfever/ anti-histamine medicines.
It does taste horrible though and after trial and error, the three of us are using the following recipe:

1 teaspoon turmeric diluted in 2 teaspoons olive oil (or whatever oil you want) and some warm water. Mix well and top up the glass with any kind of fruit juice. Drink with a straw.

This recipe makes drinking it a lot easier; we tried water and warm milk but it just won't go down- do give this a try, it makes the taste bearable.

I drink this every morning before breakfast for my skin and it works wonders! I see that there's no need for me to take more, so I just don't. However, with hayfever it's a different story. The other two people drink as much as they need throughout the day; my boyfriend is usually ok with 1-2 glasses per day, but my housemate needs more.

I think you just have to experiment until you find out what dosage works best for your particular needs. It definitely works though! Thank you so much Earth Clinic!!!

Posted by Carolyn (Northwest, Ohio) on 09/08/2008
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I vote "yea" for Turmeric as a cure for allergies:

I suffered from hayfever type allergies seemingly constantly since we moved to our new house in Jan of '07. During that summer, my symptoms were so severe I couldn't be outside for 5 minutes without having a severe hayfever attack. I took OTC meds daily but they were getting harder to buy as they all got moved behind the pharmacy counter, plus they took hours to start working.

I sought out earth clinic and wrote down my top 5 cures for allergies, thinking I would start trying them in the spring of '08. But in the Winter of '07 I rescued a rabbit that needed to eat hay twice a day. Of course I was allergic! I decided to try Turmeric as it was the cheapest remedy. I started taking 2 capsules a day (720 mg caps) in February '08. Within 5 days I noticed a great improvement. After a few months with this regime, I started noticing my allergies getting less severe and less frequent. After 4 months, my husband told me, "You don't have allergies anymore!"

Now, 7 full months later (and past pollen season), I am down to 1 capsule per day as maintenance, and take an extra one if I have congestion. I am so thankful for this simple cure! The world is open to me again: I can go outside without bringing a snot rag. I can brush my cats daily with no symptoms. I can clean the cat litter without having a reaction to the dust. I can feed my rabbit and not suffer. I was able to bring my feather bed back out of storage and use it with confidence cause I'm not allergic to it anymore! I do still have problems with mold when it rains, but just clogged sinuses not the severe reaction I used to get. An extra turmeric capsule and I'm fine. Gotta love it!

Posted by Gail (Minnesota) on 08/18/2006
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I had difficulty breathing all last winter. My chest felt so tight it was hard to get a breath. I was taking care of my daughter's two cats and dog in addition to my own cat. I have mild allergies to these animals but this many probably was an overload. I read on the internet, maybe here, that turmeric is anti allergenic and antiinflamatory. I took a teaspoonful every day in a glass of water. After three days I could breath perfectly. I will continue to take this for as long as I live. I heard on the news that this is the worst hayfever season in a long time. I'm having almost no symptoms at all.