Effective Natural Remedies for Gallstone Relief and Prevention

Olive Oil and Lemon Juice, Dietary Changes
Posted by Dan (Hollywood, Fl, U.S.A.) on 09/04/2010

I have been flushing my gallbladder on occasion for the last approximately 18 years simply using 10-12 ounces of olive oil taken a few ounces every 15 minutes followed by a sip of lemon juice.

I am a 52 year-old male, 6 ft. Tall, 150 pounds. I have been a Vegan for 27 years, eating a mostly raw food diet. Yet, I still get a gallbladder full of
Gallstones periodically (twice in the last 4 years.) I had always attributed this to occasionally eating foods cooked in oil or roasted nuts, as these indulgences would result in either a gallbladder attack or extreme discomfort. However, everything I have been reading says that these green wax-like stones are comprised mainly of cholesterol which my girlfriend informed me only comes from animal products. Therefore my experience tells me that the cholesterol theory may be incomplete. In my search to eliminate gallstone producing fats from my diet I stopped eating "raw" cashews because they are heated in the shelling process and so are actually not raw. Does anyone have any ideas on why non-cholesterol eating people get gallstones?