Natural Remedies for Gallstones

Apple Cider Vinegar, Lavender Oil
Posted by Ladyblink (Chattanooga, Tn) on 05/01/2016
5 out of 5 stars


I have to say I was having the worst gallbladder/gallstone attack and came to for help. I read that ACV and also Lavender oil helped this. I was desperate and reached over to my lavender essential oil and put one drop on my forefinger and stuck it in my mouth. Within 5 minutes my pain had subsided greatly.

I then put 2 cap-fulls of ACV into a drink. Within 10 minutes I felt 95% better!!

I have looked into research about ACV helping dissolve gallstones, so far I'm only 1.5 days in after a month-long battle. I have had oily/fatty foods without a problem!! I can't believe it is working, but I am going to stick to two cap-fulls of ACV twice a day in my drink in hopes to get rid of these gallstones I have. I've taken 3 doses of 2 cap-fulls for the past two days and have no pain! It is a miracle!

I am also now administering it topically to my boyfriend's unknown rash. I just put the first treatment on him and will update in the appropriate thread.

Thank you so much earthclinic!