Fungal Infection Treatment: Folk Medicine

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Shelby (Evansville, Indiana) on 06/06/2011

18 months ago, I contracted what I assumed what was MRSA or an STD from a dionysian splurge. It was on the left labia major and was quite painful. I went to the doctor and pointed it out to her, managing to get it on my hands and then brushing the skin near my right eye. The primary infection eventually went deep under my skin so I was not able to see it, but I could still feel it there. My attention was constantly on the infection near my eye, I was not interested in it spreading and causing blindness. Antibiotic creams and pills were ineffective. Eventually I got it under control with stabilized allicin and a few times I even assumed it was gone completely, although it flared up every now and again.

The primary infection bothered me a great deal as well, and I attempted GSE on it, with limited success. I had the eye area tested for MRSA, but it was negative. It was also negative for being a viral infection and I was at a total loss. The things I used supposingly hit all three, virual, bacterial and fungal, so I assumed I had all bases covered. The doctors continued to insist nothing was there, but I felt it pulling at my eye and down below, constantly aching.

A few weeks ago, my eye was itching a great deal, and I put some vaseline on it. Immediately it spread like crazy, all over my face, down my cheek and began to burn. I began to seriously doubt a bacterial infection is supposed to do that, and a new thought entered my head. Perhaps it was a fungus. It was a long shot, but I researched fungus remedies and took a few baths with ACV and began to regularly apply it and am still doing so. It is a thousand times better now, the ACV seemingly the only thing in 18 months to do anything to this monster. Though the ACV is rough on my skin and I do have to moisturize with olive oil.

As I began to think about the infection being a fungus, it began to make much more sense to me, rather than a bacterial infection. I'm not ruling out a bacterial infection, but a fungus one seems to be more accurate.

Please do not rule out a potential fungus infection when approaching your doctor about possible STD issues or suspicious infections in the nether regions. I believe a dropped condom on a sock or shoe was the cause of mine, and I can finally sense the end of this frustrating journey. It never occured to me, as women do not tend to deal with jock itch or things of that nature.