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| Modified on Sep 08, 2023

Any type of allergy is cause for concern; however, food allergies often require additional consideration as there is such a high potential for cross contamination. While you can likely keep most of your allergy symptoms at bay by avoiding trigger foods as if they were a plague, that really is no way to live. To help you better treat your allergy symptoms and even cure your sensitivities, acidophilus, apple cider vinegar, and hydrogen peroxide are three of the most effective natural cures.

What Causes Food Allergies?

Essentially, an allergy is the natural response of your body to a “foreign” substance, or at least what it deems as foreign. When you experience a food allergy, your immune system erroneously identifies a particular food or substance as something that will harm your body. As the system identifies this potential threat, it releases antibodies to neutralize the foreign substance.

This process creates an engrained response in your body. The next time you eat even a small amount of the food, the antibodies sense it, and signal the immune system. The immune system releases histamine as well as other chemicals into your bloodstream that are responsible for the allergic responses you experience. Runny nose, itchy eyes, dry or sore throat, rashes, hives, nausea, diarrhea, trouble breathing, and even anaphylactic shock are all common responses.

Is There a Natural Cure?

Most individuals believe that once they have discovered a food allergy they are doomed to a life of food avoidance; however, this doesn’t have to be true. While you must take care when eliminating and reintroducing foods prior to and following treatment, you can work to naturally eliminate food allergies. There are a wide array of different treatment options, but the three most effective we have found are acidophilus, apple cider vinegar, and hydrogen peroxide.

1. Acidophilus

Acidophilus is a natural bacteria that is present in the digestive system in varying amounts. It aids in the digestion of foods and the regulation of the digestive process. So, if you are experiencing food allergies, the balance of the natural bacteria in your gut is likely out of whack. A daily supplement of acidophilus or even just adding in more yogurt and fermented foods will alleviate your allergen response to specific foods.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

Your system also has trouble tolerating additional onslaughts when its natural pH is out of sync. Apple cider vinegar is a treatment option that helps restore your pH levels as well as replenish important nutrients to promote overall health. You can take 2-3 tablespoons of ACV diluted in water daily with good results.

3. Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a natural disinfectant. It helps eradicate any underlying bacterial issues by way of oxidation. It also helps reestablish your natural digestion system. Be sure to only use diluted food grade hydrogen peroxide mixed with distilled water. Carefully follow directions on the food grade bottle.

If you struggle with food allergies, try one of our suggestions or browse the variety of reader contributed suggestions we also have in this section! Please let us know what remedy has helped you cure your food allergies.


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Posted by Kparziale (Buckeye, Az) on 01/05/2012

I've been looking for a cure for a food allergy I seemed to have come across. I read several of the ailments and cures when I found this one..... I thought why not give it a try because I had acidophilus in the house...... I had had a very bad reaction to a certain food and I was trying to reverse it with allergy medicine (very slowly).

When I woke up this morning my left eye was almost swollen shut.... Well I started taking the acidophilus after reading this comment and within 2 hours almost all the swelling was gone from my face. I am so thankful to God for this info. Thank you so much for putting it on this website. I feel so much better already!!

Posted by Yvonne Vefik (Rocklin, CA) on 07/19/2008

After 10 years of suffering from food allergies.. and many prayers to God, I discovered Acidolphilus quite by accident. I broke out in large boil like bumps all over my face when ever I ate any dairy products. Milk, ice cream,cheese and yogart was elimnated from mmy diet. I constantly had antibiotic prescriptions from doctors for whenever I broke out.I was looking for an allergy cure and started taking acidolphilus. It cured my food allergies and now I enjoy ice cream and milk again! It took about 30 days to completely clear my face and then I kept taking it for a year. And it's cheap! What I discovered after doing research is that when you take too many antibiotics, it kills all of your bad and GOOD BACTERIA. SO the acidolphilus restored my good bacteria to fight infections!!! HOPE THIS HELPS EVERYONE! Oh! I sugggested this to my young teenager daughter-in-law who had pimples and she said her face cleared up right away and now she is also using it regularly!! MAY GOD BLESS ALL WHO READ THIS!

Replied by Prathna
(Turlock, California)
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Please can you tell me what brand you have used, because I am looking for something for both my son and my husband. Thank you.


In case you haven't found one, at a natural health store, ask for a heat stable one. The others have to be refrigerated. Kyolic Kyo-dophilus has been a favorite in our family. But there are lots of good ones. The refrigerated ones are good too and many times contain more specialized blends, but I like to load them in my vitamins pillbox for a week or two at a time and also keep a little baggie in my purse so I prefer the heat stable ones.

Avoid Homogenized Milk

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Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 08/05/2016

My son seemed to have a cough after a cold that lingered a long time. He was wondering if dairy was causing or aggravating him trouble. He started to avoid dairy and it did seem that having dairy would make his cough worse. This isn't really too surprising as dairy does seem to be mucous forming.

Interestingly, he recently bought a gallon of milk that was pasteurized but was NOT homogenized and that milk did not seem to cause him to cough.

I remember once someone telling me that homogenizing milk did something to it that made it more likely to cause allergies. That may be the case for my son.

I think that oftentimes when there is a food that appears to cause on allergy, it may not be the actual food but rather the processing that goes into it, the chemicals that have been sprayed onto it, or the chemicals that accompany the food when it is prepared.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Praveen T.

I am 59+ but very frequently suffer from Diarrhea. I have been told after stool tests that I am allergic to milk products. I always avoid milk products (except curd). But, whenever, I dine out, I am always caught by Diarrhea. Kindly suggest some permanent natural remedies.

Thanks and regards

Praveen T.

Baking Soda

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Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee, Usa) on 01/22/2016

Have you ever eaten pineapple, kiwi fruit, etc. and ended up with a burning feeling in your mouth? I know I have! One of my daughters cannot eat pineapple because of this.

This afternoon my other daughter at a piece of bread with jelly on it. It was an all natural berry jelly. Immediately afterwards her mouth was bothering her - itching and burning.

I suggested she try baking soda. I actually have a bottle of sodium bicarbonate tablets, which can be pretty handy at times. I had her hold one in her mouth for about a minute.

Her mouth was soothed almost immediately and she had no further symptoms all evening.

I looked around online and found this is called, "Oral Allergy Syndrome." Who knew?

It does seem like a mild allergic reaction. Glad that baking soda is a quick fix, at least for us this time around.

~Mama to Many~

Dietary Changes

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Posted by beverly (Texas) on 02/02/2022

Was wondering if anyone had diagnosed themselves with histamine intolerance and if they tried eliminating high histamine foods from their diet or tried DAO with any success. I seem to have had lots of environmental allergies all my life and also food allergies but nothing conclusive other than sugar, gluten and tomato sauces.

Replied by Connie

Copper glycinate has been the only thing that helped my histamine intolerance.

It's needed to form DAO enzymes, along with vitamin c and b6.

The only time I have a reaction is if I take too much zinc. Excess zinc inhibits copper uptake.

There are microbes that produce histamine which can make someone susceptible to its excess.

I take 2.5 mgs. of copper glycinate daily, plus chocolate.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Martha (Florida) on 10/17/2017

I was diagnosed with RA about 10 years ago, and fortunately found this site, after I refused to take the medicine prescribed by the Doctor which would have damaged my kidneys. liver and bone marrow. I eliminated nightshades from my diet completely and stared taking ACV and honey 2 teaspoons each mixed with a little water hot or cold, it doesn't matter, 3 times a day, within one week almost all of my symptoms disappeared, from then on, I still don't eat nightshades, (tomatoes, Peppers, or eggplant) and only have to take the mixture when needed. Thank god! I also have found that Gin occasionally makes my hands hurt. Juniper berries. But when ever I do I immediately go to the ACV and honey and it's gone within 24 hours!

Dietary Changes
Posted by Vanessa (New York, Ny) on 05/20/2012

Growing up I had always been allergic to wheat, milk, soy and nuts. To this day, it took almost 1 year and I cured my wheat, milk and soy allergies. My peanut, coconut and nut allergies are going away, declining. Here are methods I used... Not sure exactly which one cured it, might have been a combination but these are what I tried that made them go away.

1. In the summer of 2011 when I was still allergic to these things, one of the things I did around June 2011 was go Flouride Free. Meaning I stopped using flouride toothpaste and that is it. I still am and will never go back. Its poison to the body.

2. I also went Gluten Free in the summer of 2011. I stopped eating wheat. When I would eat whole wheat, my throat would start to feel like it was closing, irritated. I had to take benedryl. Refined bread, I tolerated more, but still felt so bad after. I think I might have had a gluten allergy then because oats and barley irritated me too. But I never had celiac as my testes showed, but I had Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and that is gone today! Though I was a kid, didn't know what to do, as refined white flour was in everything. At the time I didn't know what gluten free was or it existed. Today I eat soy without problems, like chinese food. Wheat I will introduce it by starting with a little and working up this summer. But I think gluten free is the way to go, and is much healthier. Oats are great too, I can enjoy it fully now.

3. Drinking green smoothies. I introduced green smoothies in 2010 while in college, I think it may have helped, but I think going flouride free was the trick, as my dna was able to heal and repair itself. I once thought I would never get over my allergies, especially being in college. I thought it was too late for my body to get over my allergies. But being flouride free must have repaired my system. Though I didn't drink it regularly. Maybe for around three months in 2011, Jan, Feb, Mar then stopped because I got busy with school work.

4. In the Summer and Fall of 2010, I went for Health Kinesiology sessions to cure my allergies. Where a practicioner "treated" me for my allergies by putting the allergens in a vial on my stomach and made me strong to these allergens. Because I couldn't afford like 10 sessions, I went to a total of about 6 sessions from different practicioners. One close to home and another close to school. Don't know if this contributed to my healing as I was still allergic to my allergens when I took a blood work in the summer of 2011.

5. Doing a three day apple diet in the summer of 2011. My acne and eczema healed so fast within 3 days. Im not sure if these were contributing factors. I did the diet around three times every two weeks, which I know is bad. After doing these diets, I warn people - I got dehydrated I think and suffered from severe panic attacks where I felt I couldn't breathe and when going out in the sun, I felt as if I would collapse and die. Today I suffer from less panic attacks but they are not totally gone. Not sure if these were real events or beginnings of panic attacks for me. So people don't attempt this detox diet. I'd cancel this one out, its kinda dangerous, especially if done more than once a year. Its the Edgar apple detox. I drank alkaline water for 3 days with this diet and eat raw garlic to kill candida.

For coconut, peanuts allergies:

6. How I got my coconut and peanut allergies to decrease was to listen to the 528 DNA repair solfieggio frequencies every night before bed from FEb 2012 to April 2012. April is when I did my allergy test again to see my nut allergies were all going away - peanuts, coconuts, all tree nuts. I will resume listening to the frequencies and maybe this time one with binarual frequencies, heard it works even better, but after studying for my GREs. The music I originally listened to was from youtube. You can email me if you want a 60 minute binaural version.

I really hope that these methods, forget the detox works for you. I'd go with the flouride and gluten free for one year. Anyone else have stories? I hope to hear them similar to mine. Peace and love to all!

Dietary Changes
Posted by Sandra (Tampa, Florida) on 04/27/2008

The cure for both Asthma and Allergies is a healthy alkaline based diet. Foods come in 2 groups acidic and alkaline. The more acidic foods we eat the more we are susceptible to diseases like cancer, high blood pressure, tumors, colds and asthma and allergies. I am curing my son who has had chronic, food allergies and asthma. There was one point he could only eat 3 foods, now he eat about 15. I realized that he was allergic to all foods acidic and his food allergies were compounded by his asthma. I instituteed a heavy alkaline based diet and now his allergies are better by 50% and asthma went for chronic to mild.... It's all what we eat... do some research into alkalinity and acidity and I guarantee you, you are what you eat!!!

Eliminating Carbonated Beverages

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Posted by Ann (Tx) on 02/24/2014

It didn't matter if it was diet coke, coke, diet sprite, sprite, sparkling water, etc. They all made my scalp, back, arms, face, just about anywhere on my body burn. Soda made my skin feel dry and burn like it was on fire. At times my skin turned so red I looked like I had a sunburn. My dr's thought I had eczema. He said that allergies can bring on eczema. When I washed and combed my hair it would come out like crazy. Lots of breakage. I lost hair everywhere on my body. My allergist said it was from the carbonation (co2). So anything that has carbonation in it I avoid. When I stopped the soda my skin stopped burning within 1 day. My hair loss and breakage also stopped just as fast. My skin is back to normal too. I hope my experience can help someone. My heart goes out to all of you.

Eliminating Wheat

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Posted by Michael (New Zealand) on 03/15/2017

Hello there! It's hot "Down Under" at the moment but it's probably cold where you are!!?? I trust you are well? Maybe not if you are on this Site! Oh dear.

Currently my wife is experiencing great results from having given up WHEAT products about three weeks ago. Her constant stomach problems seem to have disappeared about a week ago: Magical! I am hoping that her health improves even more on several fronts of course. It distresses me to see (and hear) her suffering. She is pretty difficult to convince but she read the Book by the Expert and she can be pretty determined when she sets her mind to something. No, that should be DETERMINED!

I decided to join her for moral support and to ease the load in the kitchen (and also to stop being bullied) but I have to admit that I hope this will ease my joint problems also. Wouldn't that be nice? We are not talking Gluten Free but rather Wheat Free. We have, at various times, tried all the Frees I think: Meat Free, Dairy Free, Nightshade Free, Smoke Free, Alcohol Free, Carb. Free, Gluten Free, Having a Good Time Free, but not Coffee Free just yet a while. I am postponing that one and have kicked it into touch as being in the "Last Resort Category" and yes, I know it is very acidic, but we have cut down to one per day except when I cheat. We will be going about in Sack Cloth and Ashes before long at this rate - eating nuts and berries and lettuce leaves.

I am sure you will be as fascinated by this startling revelation as I am and I will endeavour to keep you posted on our progress if we survive.

Gosh I miss my bread.



Replied by Tina

Hi Michael,

Have you read Eat Wheat by Dr. John Douillard? Whereas the prevailing wisdom is to avoid grain and dairy ( bestselling books like Grain Brain have masterfully outlined that) Dr. Douillard turns that theory on its head. He says it's not wheat or dairy that's the problem, and that avoiding them only helps temporarily. Instead, he pinpoints feeble, sickened lymphatic and digestive systems as the real culprits.

His solution? In short: to heal the GI tract, (basically using a blend of Ayurvedic methods and modern techniques) which will lead to digesting wheat and dairy. His clinic in Colorado has helped many people to not only go back to eating these forbidden foods but, on the way, also get rid of a host of ailments as well. I think there is a lot of merit to his approach. His suggestions are practical and logically explained. It goes without saying of course that dairy has to come from grass fed cows and grain has to be GMO free. In fact, it's eating those kinds of tainted food that weakened our systems in the first place. There is a fascinating interview by Dr.Mercola on YouTube with Dr. Douillard that led me to ordering the book. I watched that interview during our last snowstorm and am reading his book during the current one! All the best! I enjoy your and ORH's entertaining stories! And love MTM's gentle, humorous wisdom.

Replied by Michael
(New Zealand)

Thank you Tina for those very useful insights.

Yes, things to do with our health are sometimes more complicated than we think and we should always do extra research beyond the obvious. However, I think we sometimes lose sight of taking some simple steps to alter our lifestyle and gain significant health improvements.

Dr. Mercola is very interesting to watch and more people should learn from him. I enjoy his approach and humour also.

My Wife is still benefiting from having given up Wheat and we are just so grateful but now she is back to buzzing around the place with more energy than I have! Sore stomach no longer holding her back.

Thanks again. Michael

Replied by Kathie
(W Palm Beach, Fl)

Thank you for your offer to share the binaural frequency tape. I would love to try them to alleviate food allergies causing itching


Replied by Char
(Texas, Victoria)

I too am wheat allergic (among other things) and had a good laugh reading your post. 😂

Replied by Michael
(New Zealand)

Hi there Char of Texas,

Thanks for the feedback on the Wheat issue(s).

Yup, my wife is still avoiding wheat AND gluten as much as possible but recently has introduced the occasional bread sandwich with the aim of not eliminating all the gluten feeders from her intestines entirely. Her stomach problems are significantly reduced from doing this one thing alone (reducing). First you have to be strict and then you can slowly re-introduce bits. We were surprised to learn of the amount of gluten that is ADDED to baking products generally.

Bread consumption is a "great" way to put on weight for most people it would seem.



Replied by Bill
(The Philippines)

Hi Michael...It is certainly possible to heal or overcome gluten problems. I say this because not everyone has problems eating wheat products containing gluten -- so there has to be a cause. As far as I can determine, gluten problems tend to arise because of a poor diet over a long period of time.

What I'm saying is that you should be able to cure your own gluten problems so that you can eat wheat gluten products without problems.

Dr Joel Wallach has a very simple way of curing gluten problems. Eat more natural salt (sea salt, rock salt -- not refined salt). Doing this provides the raw material -- sodium chloride + 60 essential trace minerals -- to help the stomach epithelial cells to produce adequate amounts of hydrochloric acid to set the right acid pH stomach environment so that the pepsin enzyme can do its job properly digesting the gluten.

When you eat food and it goes to the stomach the stomach acid must be at the right acidity for the local pepsin enzyme to work. The pepsin enzyme is essential for properly digesting the gluten(a protein). So if your stomach acid production is too low(not at the correct acid pH) then the pepsin enzyme cannot activate and do its job properly digesting the gluten. The result is that partially digested gluten enters the duodenum, and the partially digested gluten proteins are then absorbed into the blood from the intestines. The white blood cells immediately identify these gluten proteins as foreign protein bodies -- the enemy !! -- and attack them, resulting in a rise in the histamine levels and an allergic reaction.

So the two simple things your should supplement are natural salt(sea salt) with every meal and you should also drink Gymnema sylvestre tea(GS) 3 times a day.

The GS tea acts to reduce the porosity of the intestinal walls which helps to ensure that partially digested rogue gluten proteins are not transferred into the blood causing allergic reactions.

Here's some research on GS's many healing effects:


I would also take B50 complex once a day with food as well since all the B vitamins -- particularly B12, niacin and B6 -- are essential for proper digestion.

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Bill,

Thank you for taking time to explain this. It makes a lot of sense.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Michael
(New Zealand)

(In reply to Bill's posting of 13th October 2018)

Sorry for the tardy reply Bill but I have been away from my computer for a while.

Thank you so very much for your detailed information on tackling Gluten mal-absorption problems. We are very grateful to you and will implement your suggestions ASAP.

Fortuitously, we were already taking the sea salt and have been doing so for a considerable while now. It apparently has vastly more minerals (forty three in total from memory). I was told that ordinary "table" salt has two plus added iodine! ).

I have to admit that most of what you wrote was new to me so thanks again. Heal the gut and a lot of other issues will fall into line as it were!

I hope a lot of people will take notes of what you wrote, I think this problem is widespread, insidious and pernicious these days.

Cheers and all the best to you,


Replied by Charlotte

As food allergies go, Wheat and Dairy and Sugar seem to upset my stomach the most with bloating, gas, loose bowels and headaches and arthritis and back pains. Please share foods that are OK to eat safely! Thanks!

(New Zealand)

Hello Charlotte,

That was an old article I had almost forgotten about!

I am sorry you are suffering but as you mention, Sugar is, I believe, one of the top culprits these days.

In fact, without first giving up sugar, little can be accomplished in my humble opinion. I nail my colors to my mast on this one! As it is, it is insidiously included in so much of our processed foods these days. In some countries you might be surprised to learn that there is a lot of it even in bread and baked beans, yikes, ca-rumba! Please give up as much sugar content in foods as you can identify, also artificial sweeteners - (maybe worse than sugar! ). Try good-quality honey or Molasses - at least for starters, if your coffee needs sweetening but gradually reduce the amount - it's gets easier to do this after a while actually.

As for dairy, some of it is fine, even beneficial, although you need to know the source. Is it GMO or grass fed etc.? Again the devil is in the detail / small print. Some claim that hard cheese is less problematic than soft cheese.

Bread is the tricky one of the trio you mention. Have you tried sourdough? Rather than going completely Cold Turkey by giving things up completely, make positive adjustments to your diet in the right direction (but give up on white sugar). Not sure about gluten-free bread, maybe restrict oneself to one slice of wholemeal bread per day (or aim for that). There are other breads/flours without wheat etc.

The bloating and gas can sometimes easily be cured by taking Apple Cider Vinegar as directed with the main meal of the day, whether at Noon or in the evening. I had success with that quite quickly. A pre or pro-biotic or HCL pill might be wise. Check that out, please. Always cease eating after eight pm I would advocate. Your system needs its rest period.

All your afflictions would seem to indicate something wrong with digestion processes but I do not know what part is the culprit. At this juncture, I should refer you to Bill of the Philippines, who writes eloquently on the subject. You will find his relevant posting underneath mine. Indeed, you may have read it already.

A good quality multi-vitamin and mineral pill would probably assist you.The benefits would take time to show up. Persevere! I cannot advise you further on which foods to eat though - that's a bigger subject to tackle!

Consider a more alkaline diet. There are (boring! ) tables detailing what foods pass the Litmus Test. Reading these might send you to sleep!

Drink more water too.

Cheers from somewhere Down Under


Hi Charlotte,

I too was also bothered by dairy, gluten, and sugar and the symptoms became intolerable. Now in my 60's, having gone through a lot of failure and study, I hope you'll take what you can from what I write.

You will likely be able to tolerate the aged hard cheeses made from goat and sheep's milk and soft goat cheese. On the one hand, they will help you meet your calcium needs. However, watch out that you don't rely on these cheeses so heavily that you raise bad cholesterol. If you eat them, don't skip an annual blood panel.

I live between 2 states, and in both, the best price for those cheeses is at Aldi. You will likely find that goat milk yogurt works for you and I only find it at Trader Joes. A better choice is eating plenty of greens that aren't too high in oxalates, as the calcium in those greens can not always be absorbed. Spinach falls within that category, although it can still provide a lot of good nutrients. I grow enough collards and kale to serve them fresh in spring and fall and then freeze some for winter. Citrus fruits and berries are nutrient dense, and can help supply calcium. I treat myself to a sorbet made just from frozen bananas, berries, and some greens whirled in my blender. Fresh is best, but frozen is good too. If you aren't used to eating canned sardines, it may take some time, but they are nutritionally worth it. Wild caught Salmon canned with the bones works well in a "tuna" salad. Bottled mineral water is a treat that can help meet your calcium requirement. Filtered water is often devoid of calcium.

The foods I mention aren't everyone's cup of tea. However, during those years when our GI tracts were wrestling with food, we were not absorbing as many food nutrients as we should have been. I dwell on calcium in particular because the danger of developing osteoporosis is real. We have to dive into better choices and figure out how to love them later. There are a lot of good ideas contained in the podcasts of Margi Bissinger.

Enjoy that lovely TX sunshine. Best wishes on your journey to great health.


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Posted by Joy (Battleground, Wash) on 05/01/2013

I have overcome ALL my allergies to food, water, air, clothes, and nature by reading the work of DR. Batmanghelidj and coming to understand that histamine is a dehydration signal to warn the body. I can eat anything I want as long as I drink the right amount of water at the right time and take supplemental mulit minerals (especially magnesium and very LITTLE calcium) multi vitamins and omegas and betafood with coconut oil and yogurt and sea salt, garlic, cranberry, papaya tablets when needed.

I enjoy my food without the fear of midnight panics brought on by stomach issues and no longer do I have to fear anxiety from allergies... I am Free. Been a L.O.N.G..... J.O.U.R.N.E.Y. To wellness. I AM FREE!

Replied by Sunshine

Thank you for this, it confirms my suspicions all together that whenever I eat or drink something that dehydrates like coffee, alcohol etc. I get the hives! It's great to be reminded of the simple things too often taken for granted.


Leaky Gut Diet, Probiotics

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Posted by Lori (The Villages, FL) on 05/28/2021

At one time in my life, I was allergic to many, many foods. I had a painful, unsightly rash from the top of my head to the tips of my toes. It was so painful that I ended up bedridden. I finally learned that most food allergies are a symptom of leaky gut. I addressed my leaky gut by avoiding the foods causing the allergic response via a test then took high quality probiotics every morning on an empty stomach, drank Glutamine powder dissolved in aloe juice 3x/ day, drank bone broth every day, took digestive enzymes every time I ate and ate whole, cooked foods.

Today I am fully healed and have no food allergies. If I start to get any symptoms of leaky gut, I begin that regimen immediately and it goes away. Today, I also include a tincture of marshmallow root, slippery elm, reishi, turkey tail, and lions mane mushroom.

Replied by Madelyn

Good for you Lori! Could you share the name of the test and where it can be ordered?

Also, how much L-glutamine powder did you take each time with the aloe juice? Thank you!

Replied by Cynthia
(New Caney, Texas 77357)

Hi Lori,

What kind of Aloe vera juice did you use? Was it in a bottle or did you buy raw from the store? And where do you get that temperature with all that stuff in it and how do you drink it? Thank you

Replied by Lisa
(New York, NY)

What foods were you allergic to?


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Posted by Mark P. (Silver Spring, MD, USA) on 04/26/2008

In paper published by the late orthomolecular pioneer Dr. Carl Pfieffer (MD & Ph.D) he found that some patients who weren't responding to his allergy protocol of methionine, calcium, zinc and manganese did better of high dose manganese. One patient in particular, who had a wide range of food allergies was told to try 50mg of manganese gluconate or amino acid chelate twice per day. The man felt a little better so slowly he began increasing the dose until at 300mg per day he experienced a marked reduction in symptoms and over time regained weight that he'd lost because of inability to eat protein. Dr. Pfieffer said it takes many months for manganese therapy to work. I'm trying it because of increasing difficulty in tolerating protein. I'm also on lithium and Klonopin and I suspect that lithium is implicated in my worsening allergies. His paper is on the Web. Mark/Maryland, USA


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Posted by Elisabeth (Los Angeles, California) on 12/23/2013

NAET did absolutely nothing for my allergies. It's expensive and completely not worth it in my opinion. While waiting in my practicioner's office, I noticed young kids with welts all over their hands and faces. When I spoke to the mother's of these children, told told me that these kids had been here doing NAET for several months to years. I had tried it a few times, but high tailed out of there when I saw that. NAET is expensive, and for me, definitely 100% not worth it!

It may even be against your religion, depending on what it is you practice.

Posted by Thealth (Los Angeles, Ca, USA) on 05/10/2012

Hi, Let me start by saying thank you to all and for this wonderful site and all the good posts.

My daughter 6 years old has lot of food allergies. She is anaphylactic to nuts, eggs and different foods. Recently we started with NAET treatment and have seen some positive response. So far we have completed only 5 basic treatment as they are 10 more to complete. After that the NAET doctor says he will focused on the anaphylaxis ones like egg, nuts etc one completing the 15 basic ones and once she has more immunity.

My daughter used to scratch a lot but after the NAET doctor did some magic ( I think he has some Chinese/Korean) device which he was holding and said something and suddenly she stopped scratching. I am really impressed.

I want to know whether anyone has gone through NAET treatment and had any positive response. Please let me know. Do NAET cure food allergies completely.

Thank you.

Replied by Aura
(Austin, Tx)

Hi Thealth, I have been doing NAET with my acupuncturist for about a year and a half. I originally started with over 25 food intolerances. Now, I am down to 9. There are some intolerances that have come back such as dairy and gluten, so I will have to avoid these for life, but many have been resolved, the healthy food choices like veggies and fruits have stayed resolved. I continue to search this site in order to strenghten my body. Thank you Earth Clinic for this forum for all of us to share our successes and help each other.

Replied by Alison
(Gainesville, Florida, Florida)

I had over 40 food allergies documented by the allergist, and some were going to kill me eventually. NAET worked for me, usually in one treatment. Eggs took 5, and a few took 2.

In my case, I had to identify the reason I developed so many allergies. Turns out excessive Cadmium will cause intestinal reactions that cause allergies. A simple $125 hair analysis may be in order.

Oh, and not everybody that does NAET understands it and does it right. I'd recommend Chinese medicine pros over chiropractors.

Replied by Rob B
(Indianapolis, In)

We started our daughter recently on NAET. She's cleared the first 3 in 4 sessions. I will say we've already noticed a marked improvement in behavior (She's 3). Now sometimes right after the treatment she gets wild or unusually energetic. Often more emotional than normal. We aren't far enough along to say she's kicked the allergies but it's definitely affecting her. Now I did talk to a friend who put their kids through it and they say it did cure their allergies.

Replied by Catlyn

I've been going to a NAET practitioner off and on for years. When I first started, it was to deal with headaches, especially migraines. I reacted to almost everything she tested and treated me for. I went a lot at first, and now I usually only get mild headaches occasionally, and the last time I had a migraine was a couple years ago. I occasionally go back when something flares up. One interesting thing, she treated me for altitude problems years ago, and I just recently took the train trip up to the top of Pike's Peak (over 14,000 feet). I felt a little light headed at the top (most people do) but no problem at all at the 6200-foot elevation at the bottom. Also, flying didn't leave me with vertigo this trip. The practitioner has treated me for that in the past.

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