12 Natural Remedies for Fibroids

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Posted by Ec Fan (California, US) on 12/02/2014
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I was someone who had a big fibroid (8-11 cm) but little did I realize how big that really is until a doctor pointed it out to me. I didn't believe any of my doctors who said that I must consider surgery. I thought they just want to make money, that's all! I kept coming to this site most of all and read bleeding experiences of women whos bleeding would miraculously stop on ACV etc. None of these women reported their condition a few months from their severe bleeding episodes. So I kept hoping my fibroid would just disappear or at the most the symptoms would come to an end. I was WRONG. I would just keep looking for & trying natural remedies one after another while my condition kept getting worse and I ended up in the ER 4-5 times, with profuse bleeding, gigantic clots, high pulse rate (you can die if the bleeding isn't controlled) and was given blood transfusions multiple times, my levels had dropped as low as 6! Finally I relented for a surgery after struggling with pain, anemia, fatigue and bleeding for 5 YEARS! I have been the happiest since, with my energy back and am no more anemic for the first time in life and my blood levels are in the range of 12-14 without taking iron pills! My request to all women is, if you are consistently having severe symptoms, don't take health into your own hands or even surrender it to naturopaths. Just go to the traditional doctors! You'll be glad you did. Mainstream medicine and doctors saved my life! Please be smart to know when to stop trying natural remedies and when to trust the medical industry. This site is a great resource otherwise!

Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda
Posted by Jane (Saint Lucia) on 11/22/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I came across Apple Cider Vinegar baking sida for fibroids on this site. I decided to try it after the molasses seemed to be ineffective. My lower abdomen was growing like a pregnant belly. I couldn't sleep on my belly, there was a hard lump on the right side where my three small fibroids are. Within a month of taking it 2 tablespoons Apple Cider Vinegar and 2.5 ml aluminum-free baking soda with a cup of water first thing in the morning and last thing at night, that lump was gone and I realized some weight loss. I haven't gone to do the ultra sound to see the size of the fibroids but my belly looks flatter, I've lost some good weight, my clothes fit better, and I have more energy. I cut out gluten, and animal products from my diet about one year now and there had been no weight loss, but the acv/bs has shrunk me, lol. I was about 160 pounds before starting d regime and had to be getting new clothes for work but in this my second month I can fit into clothes that I couldn't even get on me 2 months ago.

Different things work for different folk but this one surely works for me. I've had some very wonderful "side effects" for example increased vaginal lubrication. I hope that this helps someone as others have helped me too.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Journeymercies (Ottawa, Ont. Canada) on 11/21/2014

Recently told I have Fibroids, the size of a child's head. Such an uncomfortable load to carry and yes, very painful. Thrilled to read all your good news testimonies and finding out there are remedies out there is very heart warming. I am heading out to get Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV).

Thanks all, remain well and blessed. I will be back with my own testimony, In Jesus Name. Keep up the Spirit, Ladies!!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Lila (Canada) on 11/21/2014

Hi Obianuju, did the ACV work for you? I am very curious to see if they really are effective.


Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Deb (West Virginia, US) on 11/17/2014

Please can someone help me with the molasses to use to shrink fibroid. I saw BLACKSTRAP UNSULPHURED MOLASSES and BLACKSTRAP ORGANIC MOLASSES. I'm confused on the one to buy.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Alexandria (British Columbia) on 11/10/2014

Hello! I just read your post, and I was wondering how you take the ACV and BSM? Do you mix it with something or just drink it from a spoon type of thing? Do you think morning and before bed would be best? Thanks! -Alexandria

Apple Cider Vinegar, Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Kay (NC, US) on 11/09/2014

I'm so greatful and happy I found this website searching for activated charcoal and fibroids. I was diagnosed with these awful things back in 2004. I had surgery in the spring of 2006. I was doing good with maintaining a good diet then along came stress bad so I fell off the band wagon, started to binge eat along with the massive stress, fibroids came back a year ago. I'm 38 years young, will be 39 this month. I have no children, yet my future husband wants children. I cannot afford to have surgery again and it seems to me the doctors don't care. So I'm glad to hear these wonderful testimonies give me hope. I will start back on my molasses and braggs apple cider tomorrow. Will go out to get some. At the time I was taking the molasses for iron and the apple cider for energy my mother told me they work to rid fibroids. I didn't listen, now I'm reading it from all of you wonderful women. God bless all of you, wish you the best and the person who made this website. My iron level last checked a week ago at the doctor was 8. 5, that's real bad, so I'm taking my health and life back how it used to be

Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by John (Nigeria) on 11/01/2014

2 spoons per day of BSM is good. But you may also consider other options like ultimate biofibrin, Best nattoserra, SSKI, Vitamin D3 and Lugol.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Jasmine (Vero Beach, Fl) on 10/31/2014

Hello ladies,

I suffer from fibroid as well, very very heavy periods, pain, etc. I started taking Ted's alkalizing remedy a month ago for fibroids(among other things) due to his previous post which I will copy below. I will let you know if this works for me. Other factors are important, such as wholesome diet, drink enough water throughout the day, and drink plenty of water with meals to maintain alkalinity in your body. Please let me know how you fare, ladies, and blessings to you:)


Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 07/21/2007

When the body is sufficiently alkalized, the serum calcium normalizes, causing a reduction in cysts and fibroids. Fibroids are a bit tough since the calcium goes deeper than a cysts and will take some time, sometimes with iodine foot painting now and then might be helpful, such as once a week. Normally cysts takes about a month to reduce or in some cases be gone, as the blood will clear up the excess tissue calcium, thus reducing the cysts. Ovaries and menses can only function perfectly whenever the excess calcium in tissues and glandular functions are reduced.

This can be done by getting the proper alkalization so that glandular functions can function normally, and hence normal menses, as well as normal pregnancy, without the blocked fallopian and uterus problem. Some women sadly can't get pregnant because of block fallopian tubes which can be due to fibroids or somes cysts and the ACV and baking soda may help reduce this blockages, or even a lemon and baking soda remedy will also get similar results.

While the lemon (lime) is more effective on alkalizing and potassium, the ACV is more effective on the body's metabolic rate, and hence some reduce weight is experienced. It doesn't require rocket science to realize all this. Only a good understanding of normal body functions. Ideally the ACV and baking soda is taken 3 times a day, but some people find it more convenient to do it 2 times a day because of the heavy work schedules, or other factors.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Deanna (San Francisco Bay Area) on 10/31/2014

Deborah, I have been dealing with fibroids for almost 5 years. You may want to discontinue blackstrap molasses. Sugar, and high glycemic foods caused heavy bleeding in me immediately. I have eliminated symptoms, but I want the fibroids completely eliminated. So I have started researching again. One thing that eliminated excessive bleeding is taking fiber supplementation to detox excess extrogens, I like apple pectin best. You can also use grapefruit pectin, psyllium. Chia seeds may work. Leave white flour products alone too.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Rena (Nigeria) on 10/28/2014

You can get Black Strap Molasses and Apple Cider Vinegar from Healthplus Pharmacy in Nigeria.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda, Chasteberry
Posted by Jj (Usa) on 10/25/2014

Phillippa, your story is incredible! Congratulations, and thank you for continuing to update everyone on your progress. I am not sure if I am dealing with fibroids or not (family history is against me on this one), but it has been helpful for me to read about how people manage their symptoms as I wait to get scheduled for a gyno appointment.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Marium (Karachi) on 10/22/2014

Dear Sania

you can get "Blackstrip Molasses" from Karachi at "Aghas Super Market" clifton and Apple cider veniger you can get from any big store "Amercian Gargen" brand is a good one you can use it.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 10/13/2014

Dear Scopa,

I usually buy my charcoal powder online. But I have also found it in some health food stores. Specifically, ones run by Seventh Day Adventists because they use it a lot in healing.

Here is a link to where I get my powder when ordering online.


~Mama to Many~

Apple Cider Vinegar, Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Mj (Atlanta, Georgia) on 10/13/2014

Hi Scopa,

Try MACA for the heavy bleeding. I went from 3 days heavy, changing my pad every 20-30 min.. to 1 semi heavy day, and 3 light days. I think it took 3 months to get to that point. I would mix the MACA in with my morning smoothies. There are capsules that you can take if you can't do smoothies. I've also learned... through error, that my fibroid doesn't like cheese products. When I eat them it causes cramping. I decided to go vegan... mostly raw.

Also, may I suggest researching Iodine supplements for the Thyroid issue. I don't know if there is a page on this site, but curezone is very helpful on that topic. Take care!

Apple Cider Vinegar, Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Scopa (Brooklyn, New York) on 10/11/2014

Hi Sam,

Thank you for responding. I have been using the Apple cider vinegar straight. It does not bother me at all. I take the one tablespoon of the blackstrap then the apple cider vinegar once a day as Mama suggested, then about 20-30 minutes later I have to take my hyperthyroid meds (wish I didn't have to take those). As for the water I try to make up for it when I get home from work. It is really tough trying to navigate how much to drink during the day at work then having to worry about my long commute on public transportation back home. Someone in their early thirties should not have to worry about this. :-(

Wednesday will be officially a month since I have been using the remedy. I have not noticed any difference as yet. My cycle just started last night and it is just as heavy. We'll see if it the usual heavy and last the entire week.


I went to whole foods and another health food store and neither of them carried the powder charcoal. They only have capsules. I will keep looking for a store that sells them. I just figured one of those big places would have it.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Sam (Mansfield, Texas) on 10/09/2014

Hello Scopa,

I have taken apple cider vinegar straight because I wanted to get it done fast, but I wouldn't recommend it. It is hard on the teeth, throat & stomach & I regret doing it. Then, I read on this site that if you mix 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda it counteracts the acidity & makes it easy to take straight. Baking soda also has health benefits and is very alkalizing. I have gotten much more healing from ACV & BS mixed together, than anything else I have tried so far. However, not drinking enough clean water will cause serious health problems. If you are worried about accidents, then wear a pad or something absorbent, but don't avoid drinking fluids because it will only make things worse.

I hope you find healing,


Apple Cider Vinegar, Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 10/09/2014

Dear Scopa,

I think you could take the Apple Cider Vinegar straight like the Blackstrap. My daughter does that to get it over with. :) You may want to rinse out your mouth after using it straight as there is sometimes a concern about straight vinegar having a bad effect on the enamel of the teeth. At the same time, Undiluted vinegar in the stomach may cause some digestive distress. You can try and see what works for you.

I would probably try a month of mornings only and see how that does and then consider if you want to do second doses at night.

Are you able to get plenty of water when you are home? Chronic dehydration can have some pretty serious effects on the health, even though for you, keeping well hydrated causes a different challenge....

Charcoal draws out toxins, poisons, viruses, bacteria, etc. It has helped reduce tumors. I have read of it use in restoring fertility to a woman who was infertile due to fibroids. We have had wonderful results for taking charcoal internally and using externally as a poultice for many different things.

Let us know how it goes...

~Mama to Many~

Apple Cider Vinegar, Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Scopa (Brooklyn, New York) on 10/09/2014

Dear Mama,

Thank you again for responding. I have been doing the one tablespoon a day of both the blackstrap and the apple cider vinegar. I was wondering do I have to take the vinegar in water or can I use it straight like I do the blackstrap? I am afraid because of my urgency that drinking so much before I go to work will be a disaster for me. Am I to do this in the morning and evening?

I am still working on getting the charcoal. By the way, what does the charcoal poultice do?


Apple Cider Vinegar, Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 10/04/2014

I forgot to include the link:



Apple Cider Vinegar, Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 10/04/2014

Dear Scopa,

Ok, now I understand what you are saying about the urgency situation.

I would just try 1 Tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in a glass water in the morning and 1 Tablespoon of Molasses. I don't generally mix them together, but maybe some do. My son takes Blackstrap at night to prevent leg cramps. You could do the vinegar in the morning and the Blackstrap at night.

I suspect that the fibroids decrease in size depending on many different things--including the size of the fibroids, the general health of the mother and the treatment method chosen. I hope you are one of the ones who will have it resolved in 6 months!

Regarding the charcoal poultice, here is a link with a video and written instructions on how to make them. You can make them and apply them over the abdomen at bedtime nightly or even just several nights a week.

Another thought - Frankincense essential oil is excellent for cysts and such. You might try massaged several drops into the abdomen each morning.

You mention in another post that you are dealing with hyperthyroidism as well. It is possible that is affecting the fibroids and as you work to fix that problem, your fibroids will be helped as well. Regarding that, I am sorry about that. I lost a ton of hair after taking a prescription for hypothyroidism. It was pretty discouraging!

~Mama to Many~

Apple Cider Vinegar, Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Scopa (Brooklyn, New York) on 10/03/2014

I actually read on this site that people were taking two tablespoons of the blackstrap two to three times a day. Since I did not have time to do it that way I decided to take it all in the morning.

I am running to the bathroom because the fibroid is pressing on my bladder. It is embarrassing that I have to literally run to the restroom to prevent an accident. From what I have read on this site people said thy used the blackstrap along with apple cider vinegar. I am using the organic apple cider vinegar and the Plantation Black strap unsulphered molasses. Not the organic. Whole foods did not have the organic version.

I am very confused now by the recipe. Can you please clarify how I can do it once a day? Is it really going to be gone or decreased in size by six months as everyone says? What is the poultice that you are referring to with charcoal?

Thank you

Apple Cider Vinegar, Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Mama to Many (Tennessee) on 10/03/2014

Dear Scopa,

I agree with Mmsg that it sounds like you are taking too much Blackstrap and Vinegar.

I would cut back to 1 Tablespoon of each daily and see how that does.

For acute bleeding, try Shepherd's Purse tincture, or 1/2 teaspoon of cayenne pepper in 6 ounces of grape juice.

I would also try charcoal poultices for the fibroids. You could use one over the abdomen 3 nights a week for a month or two and see if you notice any improvement. More often would be fine, too, just not convenient.

I am a little confused, are you running to the bathroom to empty your bladder or because of the bleeding?

~Mama to Many~

Apple Cider Vinegar, Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Mmsg (Europe) on 10/03/2014

Scopa, sounds like you are taking too much.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Scopa (Brooklyn, New York) on 10/03/2014

Hi, I was diagnosed with fibroids almost a year ago. Since then I believe it has gotten worse. I have been running to the rest room like every five minutes. That is strange for me because I hardly drink anything any more. I do not want to be embarrassed from having a accident.

I stumbled on your site three weeks ago and started using Plantation Blackstrap Molasses. I have been using three tablespoons in the morning straight. Is this the correct blackstrap to use?

I also just saw on your site this week that apple cider vinegar should also be used. I bought the Braggs brand of apple cider vinegar and started that this week Sunday. I have been using six tablespoons in half a glass of water in the morning.

I take all these in the morning because I do not have time to take them throughout the day. Is this method ok? I am desperate for these fibroids to go. Thank you for your help.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Tina (Usa) on 09/28/2014

Can you pls let me know the dosage on vitex and nattokinase? I'm taking 1000mg of vitex and 2000fu of nattokinase. Is that your dosage? Cos u only said vitex 2/day so I'm not sure how much mg was in each capsule.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Oliver (Georgia) on 09/25/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Hello, what is burnt Castrol bean and alligator pepper? Where do you get this from? Thanks

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Mma (Lagos, Nigeria) on 09/24/2014
4 out of 5 stars

My fibroids were 13 cm and 11 cm. 11 cm shrunk and am still working on the other 13 cm that is now 9cm. Here is what I did: Drinking plenty of water early, avoiding milk, drinking of aloe vera gel, drinking of ginger mixed with burnt castor beans, alligator pepper.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Obianuju (Lagos, Nigeria) on 09/19/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Hi All,

First of all I want to thank everyone for their sincere & helpful sharings...this site is a miracle itself. My pelvic scan revealed 5.7cm fibroid, degenerated cyst, enlarged uterus (all inside womb). I searched & got this site; immediately changed my diet...no more diaries & processed foods, eat more beans instead of rice, dark leafy veges, lots of water...no more junks and fast foods...things that increase estrogen levels.

In response to Toyin; I ordered my Bragg ACV with the mother & organic unsulphured blackstrap mollasses on 16/09/14 at N18000 ( 1 litre Acv & 3 bottles BS). I just started taking it (a day) & strongly believe that at my next scan for sure I shall see the fibroids no more by the grace of God who has made it possible for others. I plan for next scan in a month's time because I also want to conceive and bear children. More success and greater grace to all of us. Stay blessed.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by KT (Usa) on 09/16/2014

Dear Tabitha, Just wondering if you eat bananas. Also, I had been informed that baking powder is another hidden source of MSG.


Apple Cider Vinegar, Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 09/15/2014

Dear Tabitha,

I am glad you are already noticing positive results from the treatment plan you came up with for yourself. It sounds like a great plan. I do not know why it would have cause thrush in your mouth, unless perhaps it has changed the ph in your mouth? Do you dilute the vinegar before drinking it?

Perhaps adding the baking soda (Yes, bicarbonate of soda, sodium bicarbonate; all the same thing.) to the vinegar will help.

You could try swishing some baking soda in your mouth after your ACV and Blackstrap. 1 teaspoon baking soda per 1/4 cup water. That would be the easiest.

If you have extra virgin coconut oil, you can swish that in your mouth a few times a day.

I had thrush many years ago that I could not cure for anything. I finally used calendula tincture. If that is something you can find, 1 dropperful in an ounce of water, swished for 20 seconds in the mouth a few times a day.

I am hopeful that the protocol you have designed and your persistence will give you healing...do let us know!

~Mama to Many~

Apple Cider Vinegar, Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Tabitha (England) on 09/15/2014

I started taking 2 tbsps. apple cider vinegar and 2 of molasses every morning for the fibroid I have, following a suggestion that this would help on another website. My fibroid is 12 by 10 by 8, so quite large. I also gave up all dairy, caffeine and alcohol. I am slim and already had a very good diet prior to starting on this regime. I am also applying a castor oil compress to my abdomen for an hour in the evening.

Immediately I noticed that the constipation I had been suffering with disappeared and I became regular after many years.

The other thing that has changed is that I have developed thrush. Has this happened to anyone else, and can anyone suggest a reason/solution?

I have not been mixing the ACV with baking soda, as I have only just read about this today on this forum. I will start this evening. Also, I have been taking the ACV and Molasses only once a day, but will do so in the evening too.

One further question is: is baking soda the same as bicarbonate of soda? In England we have bicarbonate of soda and baking powder, but not baking soda.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by James (Fayetteville, Arkansas) on 08/30/2014

How has your period been my girlfriend just started the Apple Cider Vinegar and blackstrap and has had a week late period and has been bleeding and clotting for 13 days. Is this a side effect of this treatment?

Apple Cider Vinegar, Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Mercy From Kaduna (Nigeria) on 08/28/2014

Please mama triplet were did you get molasses and vinegar in Nigeria? Please help me. I also have problem with fibroid

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 08/24/2014

Dear Deborah,

Thank you for sharing your story!

I think you are wise to continue with the Apple Cider Vinegar. You might want to continue with the Blackstrap daily as well. At least 1 and maybe 2 Tablespoons. With bleeding that severe you are at risk of anemia and the blackstrap will help with that. Some find it helps with fibroids and other female issues, too.

If you think you are anemic or feel very tired, you might get some liquid Chlorophyll and take a Tablespoon or two of that a day as well.

Please do keep us posted. I hope you will get past having to stay home for days on end each month. That is a pretty major inconvenience! Take care and keep us posted!

~Mama to Many~

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Om (Hope Bc Canada) on 08/24/2014

Deborah --- On Dr. M. Sircus' website I recall that he said that Lugol' s Iodine would greatly influence the decline of fibroids in women. You may want to look into this.

All the best, Om

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Deborah (Tacoma, Wa) on 08/24/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I've always had heavy menstrual cycles. After I had a tubal ligation after the birth of my 2nd child they were much heavier. Super Plus tampon and maxi pad soaked every 1 to 2 hours for 3 days. Over the last year it's gotten really really bad. I felt better after reading other posts and seeing I was not alone. I don't leave the house for 4 to 5 days during my cycle and soak through in 5 to 15 minutes with clots ranging from golf ball to grapefruit size. The last couple of months I've been feeling pressure above my pelvic bone and the area is as hard as a rock. This cycle I had almost no flow. 3 pads only in 3 days but the pressure was intense. I felt like I was going to explode. I don't have insurance and was going to break down and go into debt on Monday to go to the clinic because I was really getting scared. Took a dose of ACV last night after reading all of the posts on the fibroid page. Took another this morning along with a couple of TB of black strap molasses. 3 hours later and I'm now flowing heavily with clots bigger than I've ever seen in my life. While it may not sound like a success because now I'm bleeding most of the pressure is gone and my the hardness has decreased dramatically. I'll keep doing the ACV daily and report back next month on wether my flow lessens or not. Thanks for sharing such sensitive personal info. I've been to so many doctors who have just told me not to worry every woman is different. I thought for sure I was going to have to have surgery. Now I'm hopeful.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Sania (Lahore, PK) on 08/13/2014
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

Hello I'm sania, unmarried, 32 years old, having fibroid in uterus which caused heavy bleeding, anemia, calcium deficiencies. 1st time, I'm taking meridian unsulfured pure cane molasses from 12 days from starting of periods. On 10 and 11 and 14 days, I have heavy bleeding and clotting 1 time a day. I'm confused about what's going on? Why is this bleeding? The past 9 days were a bit normal, but now it's a terrible problem.

I live in Pakistan, Lahore. I can't find unsulfured blackstrap molasses in Pakistan. My relative send me a bottle of meridian unsulfured pure cane molasses instead of Blackstrap Molasses from UK. Is this problem due to pure cane molasses? I haven't tried Apple Cider Vinegar yet. Should I use it? And what are fibroid shrinkage signs, please tell me. I'm taking homeo pills to regulate cycle, but once in a year I have this problem of irregular cycle. Please tell me how to use Blackstrap Molasses and Apple Cider Vinegar. I can find organic doctors Apple Cider Vinegar In Lahore, but no international brand is available in Pakistan. Should I use local brand? If any one knows if Blackstrap Molasses and Apple Cider Vinegar are available in Pakistan then tell me please....." please give recommendations, I'm in trouble.

General Feedback
Posted by River (Portland, OR) on 08/12/2014 5 posts

Fibroids are caused by estrogen dominance. Meaning there is too much estrogen in the system. What can cause this imbalance is the food and products you consume daily. There are chemicals, added hormones and antibiotics in dairy, processed foods, meat, beauty products, etc. It's not caused by a fungus.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Mary (Virginia Beach, VA) on 08/09/2014
4 out of 5 stars

I'm so glad I found Earth Clinic and particularly this remedy for fibroids. I just want to thank everyone for their testimonies! After reading stories that are like mine, I no longer feel so alone and scared in my pain.

I've experienced classic fibroid/ovarian cysts symptom for almost 10 years. I've gotten by with taking a bunch of over the counter painkillers, but now the pain and bleeding has gotten so bad that I'm starting to get insomnia. I even stopped exercising because I would be in so much pain afterward. I started considering the birth control pills and prescription painkillers as treatment as my GYN recommended. Although, I didn't want the side effects that comes from the long-term use, and knowing I'll just have to "deal" with the pain for most of my adult life. Surgery isn't ideal either, since I heard it could come back even with surgical removal. I want to have kids someday and if my fibroids get worse, I might not have a chance at all.

I immediately tried the remedies using 2 tbsp of ACV, and 1tbsp BSM. I read from somewhere else that rubbing 2tbsp castor oil on the lower abdomen and back also helps with the pain and bloated belly. I've only tried this for three days, and the constant dull and sometimes sharp pain is almost gone! I no longer feel bloated and gassy or feel severe pressure in my lower abdomen like there's a baseball pressing against my organs. I can no longer feel the ovarian cyst that comes and goes with my every cycle. I'm still spot bleeding brown blood, and can still feel the fibroids on my left side, however.

These aren't dramatic changes, but I'm only on day 3! I can't wait to see how I'll feel with continual long-term use. I know I won't be completely cured, but if it means all I need to do is drink this daily AND it's good for my health, well then, it's a small price for such a HUGE relief.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Deb (West Virginia) on 08/05/2014

Thanks for all this wonderful information. I was diagnosed of fibroid 2 years ago and it keep getting bigger and my stomach size it's as if I'm pregnant. I want to try the ACV( which have already ordered online) and blackstrap molasses. My question is which molasses do I need to buy, I saw sweetner molasses without blackstrap is that okay as well? Please, I will be happy if you can help me to clarify this or give me a brand name that I can buy.

Thanks in anticipation of your response.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Laika (Tanzania) on 07/22/2014

Hi adeline, am going through the same problem but I start using this therapy of ACV AND mollasses trust me I just get the positive results, if your in Dar go to shoppers supermarket in mikocheni, you ll get grandma mollasess and ACV heinz brand though there is american garden brand but I prefer heinz brand, Best of lucky

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Mama to Many (Tennessee) on 06/23/2014

Dear Toyin,

You may be encouraged by the many stories of women who were healed naturally from fibroids and ovarian cysts (follicular cysts being a common kind.) without needing surgery.

Here are two links that include stories of women who avoided surgery.



Two things that have helped women with both problems is Apple Cider Vinegar and Blackstrap Molasses.

I would start with 1 teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in a tall glass of water once a day. If that agrees with you, you might move up to 2 or 3 teaspoons of vinegar in your water each day. I would also take 1 Tablespoon of Blackstrap Molasses each day. You can take it straight, put it in your coffee or tea or in milk.

Castor Oil Packs are also helpful for both situations, but perhaps a little more trouble. If you want to try them, here is a link to how to do them:


You should not use them during your period.

Let us know how it goes for you!

~Mama to Many~

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Toyin (Nigeria) on 06/22/2014

I used to have heavy mentrual flow, cloth and pain during my period until got married last and conception has been some how difficult . so, few days ago, went for scan and it was discovered had fibroid and follicular cyst which means getting pregnant may be difficult and suggest surgery as the only option. please, what can do?

Beets, Carrots, Red Wine, Molasses
Posted by Anne (Oklahoma, US) on 06/20/2014

She clearly intends for you to juice this mixture. No cooking required. One question remaining is whether to use an extraction juicer or a powerful blender like the vitamix. But since it made 45 shots, and a shot is about an ounce, that is 45 ounces. I made a modified recipe (which I quite like) using my vitamix, and it made more than a gallon. Therefore, she must be using an extraction juicer. The other questions would be how much "wine" and how much molasses. I believe a standard wine bottle holds 1 liter, which is a little more than a quart. A quart is 4 cups, so half a bottle would be about 2 cups. Molasses bottles come in different sizes, so I assumed she meant a 12 oz bottle. So 2 bottles would be 24 oz. There are 8 oz in a cup, so 2 bottles is 3 cups.

So, 5 lb beets, 2lb carrots, 2 cups "wine", and 3 cups molasses. Juice the vegetables in an extraction juicer, then add the other liquids. You want to end up with 45 equal servings, I assume the will be approximately an ounce, but that won't be exact, because of the variations in moisture levels between different beets and different carrots, and also because she didn't *say* an ounce, she said a shot, and wasn't being exact.

I did not do it this way, but changed the recipe, and used my vitamix (with extra water so it wouldn't overheat the motor). Perhaps once I perfect my recipe and have used it long enough, I will post my recipe and results. Already as I am doing it now, I have noticed positive changes in my period, but not in my fibroid. However, I believe I changed the recipe too much to rate this solution (I used cherry instead of grape, and added anti-inflamatory spices). Also, I have been taking a lower dose than her recommendation.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Roseladyinpink (Indonesia) on 06/13/2014
4 out of 5 stars

I am 54 years old and was diagnosed with subserous uterine fibroid by August 2013 and the size was 7.72 cm x 5.56 cm x 7.88 cm and doctor recommneded an operation to remove my ovary because I had experience difficulty to urine twice almost within 2 months.

I refused to do so and start googling to find is there any way to shrink it naturally. Since that time, I went on diet to cut out meat, soy products, carbs, white sugars, avoid plastic bottles and containers etc. I drank more on organic fruits and vegetables juices. I drank aloe vera juices, apple cider vinegar and lemon juices in the morning on empty stomach, exercises on daily routine ( brisk walking, yoga, belly breathing, hand swing etc ), get morning sun and meditate with visualization. I also drank turmerric powder in the morning.

By June 5, I went to have usg and the result is amazing. It shows a sign of shrinkage. the size is now 6.02cm x 5.59cmx 6.65cm and the doctor asked me what I was doing since it has shrinked to smaller size and said no more operation needed. I told her what diet I have been undergone and she was surprised.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Adelina (Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania) on 06/03/2014

Mama Triplets that is good news.. I am very happy for you.. I have one big subserous fibroid measuring about 14 cm... I also live in Africa.. Tanzania to be exact and I am particularly interested in the brand of ACV and MOLASSES you used... Half the time, most of the brands discussed on these forums are not available locally.. I would appreciate any information from anybody.

General Feedback
Posted by Susan (San Francisco, CA) on 06/01/2014

Good morning, On an older fibroid post, I believe it was Tom who mentioned that fibroids were mainly caused by fungus. I wanted him to speak more to that and if by fungus, did he mean candida or something to that effect? I have fibroids and find all this info and site VERY helpful. I look forward to hearing back.

Thanks, Susan

Apple Cider Vinegar, Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Mama Triplets (Lagos, Nigeria) on 05/20/2014

I was diagnosed with fibroids 2 years ago. Then they were small and the Dr. felt it was nothing to worry about. I did a scan in March this year to check up on it and it was discovered that the fibroids had grown enormous, to the size of a 16wk pregnancy. I was told that it was responsible for my recent prolonged (7 long days) heavy bleeding during my period. In April, I tried just the Molasses with honey every morning, I noticed the pain was a little bit less. This month I started adding a tbs of ACV to the mix. On the first day of my period, in addition to the morning drink, I made a bottle of 2tbs ACV in 75cl water to take along with me all day. I kept taking it intermittently. I had little or no pain inspite of the hectic schedule I had at the time. And the most exciting part is this: my period was normal. Just 3 days of NORMAL flow. I feel like shouting this to the whole world. It started on sunday, 18th and today, 20th I am dry. This was the way it was before the diagnosis!

I am also positive that my next scan will have even more reasons for me to be glad. Thanks everyone for sharing and encouraging. I have been blessed by the information on these pages. I thank God it worked for me. Will post an update after my next scan hopefully. It works, be positive and pray along, and soon you'll have your own success story to share with us.


Posted by Rsw (Uniontown, Oh) on 05/19/2014

Hi Joyce,

There is a Yahoo group called "Stopped Our Statins" that is comprised mostly of people who took prescribed statins, some for only a short time at a low dose, and have heartbreaking stories of autoimmune diseases, sleeplessness, mental fogginess or worse, renal failure and most horribly, muscle damage and weakness that has continued to wreak havoc even years after the statins were stopped. It is thought that we may face a tidal wave of congestive heart failure resulting from the muscle damage from statins, since our heart is a large muscle. It seems to especially target those who were once the most active, although there are many variations to this story. There are heart disease risks, including stress, amount of sleep and seed oils like canola, (mainly coconut oil and olive oil are recommended)but cholesterol is probably not one of them. (Triglycerides are a factor, however, as are some ratios). In fact, the people who live the longest have what is considered high cholesterol. It is thought that sugar and carbs are the offending food, not grass fed fats. The original research by Ansel Keyes, on which the whole fat/cholesterol theory is based, was derived from manipulated data. Articles suggesting carbs seem to be a problem related to artery damage are beginning to appear in several publications and research papers. If your cholesterol is that close to the normal range, you have the right to respectfully decline.

Posted by Joyce (Lansdowne, Pa) on 05/19/2014

Last Tuesday (5/13) my doctor called to say I have diabetes and high cholesterol and wants to start me on medication for these diseases. I have to go back to see her on 6/3. In the meantime I am using ACV 3 times per day in water and up my exercise routine. I used to drink ACV and water but had slacked off for the past year due to unemployment. I do not believe one has to take conventional medicine to cure oneself from some diseases. I am quite certain that when I go to see her on 6/3 that these levels will be normal. Will update after my doctor's visit.

Posted by Laura (Kingston, Pa) on 05/18/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Last year (4/2013) I began to have heavy periods that would not stop. Prior History: I was on the Mirena for a full 5 years and then removed it. Besides the obvious birth control, it helped to control heavy periods. My cycle was very heavy days 1&2, slowly stopping and lasted to 7days on a 28 day cycle. I was told I had fibroids, had exams, ultrasounds, etc.

Fast forward back to 2013. I started to get my period twice a month. One day it began and never ended. I began to bleed so heavy I couldn't leave the house. I had to use a tampon and a pad, changing every hour, sometime more often. I was in the ER of 2 different hospitals. The first one did absolutely nothing. I was back in the ER again, had a transfusion, was admitted overnight and had a d&c. I was released. It continued.

The second ER had me follow up with the gyno. The gyno did a biopsy. No cancer. I ended up in the ER again and had another transfusion. I ended up having a heart attack in my sleep. Thank God I'm well. I had an endometrial ablation, was put on progesterone, and sent to a specialist to consult with about having surgery. A decision was made to have a full hysterectomy because my mother had died from ovarian cancer/tumor 4 years ago.

In my heart I did not want to have the hysterectomy. I have grown children and grandchildren. I prayed about it and asked God what I should do, that I trusted him to lead me how to recover from all of this. The answer was to stop the progesterone. I cut the daily espresso coffee and switch to green tea with organic honey. Next I stopped drinking regular 1% milk and switched to Almond Milk. It made sense because cows are injected with hormones to produce more milk rapidly. Fibroids are linked to too much estrogen. My periods stopped after December 2013.

Someone told me about this website. I read every comment. I prayed again. Heinz Apple Cider Vinegar, Unpasteurized, with "The Mother", was what I went with. I bought it in Walmart at $5 for a 32 oz bottle. I take 2 Tbs in 6 oz of water. I've been taking it since February 15? Still no bleeding(Yaaaa! ) and I've dropped 25 lbs over 3 months which could be from the fibroids shrinking.

My Cardiologist said the ACV wouldn't hurt me. Always check with your doctor if you are on any medication to see if it's okay. I went back the dr to consult about the hysterectomy surgery. Praise God, NO SURGERY NECESSARY! He said he'll see me next year. My advice is if you are bleeding heavy get the Apple Cider Vinegar w "The Mother" take 2 tablespoons in 6 to 8 oz of purified water(filtered, bottled, not tap) every morning 1/2 hour before you eat. I feel the ACV balances your PH levels which affect your hormones.

God bless you all for your suggestions and I hope my story helps.

Beets, Carrots, Red Wine, Molasses
Posted by Meryem (Wisconsin) on 05/15/2014

How would these ingredients be prepared? Do I juice them or boil them I really want to try this cure but would like more info on how to properly prepare them for maximum effectiveness. I know that this post is old but if anybody has any idea on how to prepare this please let me know.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Tylolu (Lagos) on 05/14/2014

@Metwins, sourcing the unfiltered ACV mybe a lttle bit difficult. I contacted someone whose contact I git from Nairaland and he charged me almost N30,000 for the Blastrapp Molasses and unfiltered ACV. If you have someone coming from the US, try to get them to purchase and bring it for you. It is quite heavy though, particularly the molasses. I av been taking them for a month and I cant wait for my next ultrasound scan. But my pressure symptoms are largely gone.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Mona (Pakistan ) on 05/02/2014

Hi Lean

I live in Pakistan and using American garden acv, but couldn't find Blackstrap Molasses. Can u please suggest how can I order those two from USA and their brand names? Plus the right dosage? My fibroids have enlarged my uterus and I want to start remedies ASAP! Thanks, Mona

Apple Cider Vinegar, Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Mona (Pakistan) on 05/02/2014

Hi, did you use organic Apple Cider Vinegar? I'm using American garden 5% acidity for fibroids. Where can I order Blackstrap Molasses? Thanks Mona

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Laura (Miami, Fl) on 04/18/2014

I just started using ACV (1 tsp in a glass daily). One week later I added 1tbsp BlackStrap Molasses to the mix. I just now noticed (3 days after adding the BSM) that my stomach looks and feels distended. Has anyone had a similar issue? What did you do?

Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Souha (Dearborn, Mi) on 04/11/2014

I have a 8.5 cm fibroid. I had it for 8 years. doctors tell me to go for hysterectomy. I tried everything to avoid it. I take whole food based supplements to balance my hormones, it took almost a year to balance them, my period is much better and my fibroid did not grow within a year which is a good sign but I needed it to shrink. I heard about the blackstrap molasses, I started taking it four days ago two times a day two tablespoons. Do you think it will help shrink the fibroid now especially that my hormones are balanced? Is two tablespoons a day enough to help shrink the fibroid and how long do you think it will take.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda, Chasteberry
Posted by Philippa (Germany) on 04/06/2014
5 out of 5 stars

After almost 4 years, I'm signing in again to report that my fibroid is gone! Actually, it was a long and painful road, but something caused it to go from being a submucosal fibroid (it had also been diagnosed as being intramural) to "a fibroid in statu nascendi".

A few months ago, after having 6 osteopath treatments over a period of approximately 3 months, I experienced horrible pains 2 days after my period started. It was just like giving birth and lasted hours. I had no idea what was happening and after the (extreme) pain subsided, I fell asleep exhausted only to awake with a huge mass descending into my vaginal canal. I thought that I had experienced a bladder, bowel or uterus prolapse and spent the next couple of weeks visiting doctors searching for answers. My GP referred me to a gynecologist who informed me that my uterus had prolapsed and that I would need a complete hysterectomy, including removal of my cervix! The second gynecologist tried to make me believe that the the prolapsed mass was a huge cancerous tumour. It was clear, however, from the ultrasound that none of my organs had prolapsed and that the huge mass, at least in my opinion, must have been the fibroid. Neither of these doctors would confirm that it was the fibroid and so I went searching for yet another opinion. I was finally able to get a 3rd diagnosis at a renowned teaching hospital, where it was confirmed that I had a "fibroid in statu nascendi" and was quickly scheduled for an outpatient hysteroscopic surgery. The fibroid had somehow broken out of the wall of my uterus and the pain that I had experienced during my last period was actually my body giving birth to it. The surgery was performed without any complications and the recovery was a breeze. I didn't even need any pain killers after waking up from the surgery or in the days that followed.

What caused this enucleation, I am not sure. Diet (non-meat, low dairy, lots of fruit & vegetables) and exercise (running) certainly made a difference with regard to reducing symptoms and slowing growth. The other important thing that I believe aided my recovery was the osteopath. Osteopathic manipulations were performed to ensure that my body was properly aligned, with a special focus on my uterus, liver, bladder, bowels, etc. My uterus was found to be located too much to the right and with very gentle manipulations, it was recentered. Soon after that, my fibroid pushed out of the walls and prolapsed, hanging by a stem from the uterine wall.

Months later, I am feeling better than ever. It is like having a new life. No painful periods, no excessive bleading, no anaemia. In fact, I haven't taken any ibuprofen or iron since before the surgery. I sometimes slip from eating a healthy diet and must constantly remind myself to stick to it and exercise regularly. It is key. I started seeing the osteopath again to ensure that everything stays aligned. My last gynecological examination showed a healthy uterus and ovaries.

Green Tea
Posted by Katie (Northport, Ny) on 03/29/2014

Has anyone looked into green tea for fibroids? Attached is an article detailing a recent study done in Egypt using green tea to shrink fibroids and an article pulled off of Pubmed regarding the same study (ncbi.nlm.nih.gov)


Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Metwins (Nigeria) on 03/24/2014

Thanks so much, for this info, will try and see if I could get the Acv and molasses here in Nigeria, was diagnoise few days ago with multiple fibroids, enlarged uterus, and fluid in the pod, dc said the fibroid is nothing to worry about since I already ve 3 girls n gave me zithromacin for the fluid. But I ve been worry sick cos me stomach looks 5months pregnant, I just need hp urgently cos ve been exercising after giving birth in Dec 2013 for my. Stomach to flat only to be diagnose of fibroid, though, no symptoms at all, just hate my body shape. Really wish this works

Apple Cider Vinegar, Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Terina (Ohio) on 03/20/2014

I would also like to know the amounts of each. I struggled with infertility for years but then had a normal pregnancy and have a wonderful little boy whose almost 4. Last summer I got pregnant again out of the blue but we lost the baby and another pregnancy since then. I now found out I have fibroids and I'm trying everything I can to shrink/dissolve them. Thank you for sharing.

Progesterone, Soy Isoflavones
Posted by Suzanne (Olympia, Wa) on 03/19/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Several months ago I was told by my family doctor that a hysterectomy was my only option for the fibroids and polyp that was causing lots of daily bleeding and pain. Thanks to your website, I decided to do some research prior to agreeing to any drastic measures. I read that natural micronized progesterone may help shrink the fibroids, along with soy isoflavones. It's working!!! I'm taking 100 mg. of micronized progesterone and 100 mg. of organic soy isoflavones every day. I will reducing my dose from that soon. In 3 months since I had an ultrasound and CT scan, an MRI shows that both the polyp, fibroids and fluid in my uterus have substantially shrunk. Also, the bleeding has almost stopped-I'm dealing with only some slight pink looking fluid now, and the pain is almost gone. I will go back for another ultrasound in June, along with a consultation with my GYN doctor, who is working with me in my attempt to naturally shrink the growths. She would like to do a D&C, but since I'm getting results so soon to show the hormones are working, I want to wait on the D&C, too. I had previously taken a slight amount of estradial, unopposed with progesterone, and I believe that is what caused the problem. I was only taking 1 mg. of estradial every 4 days, but it apparently was enough to cause the problem. At that time, I had a lab test to determine how much progesterone my body was making, and thought that was enough to offset the estradial, but apparently not. I tried the apple cider vinegar, baking soda and Blackstrap Molasses (BSM), but that didn't seem to help me. Although I'm now taking the soy isoflavones with a spoonful of BSM, so maybe that is helping. Research on-line revealed that micronized progesterone (I'm taking it in a gel pill with peanut oil), is supposed to shrink fibroids/polyps--it has really helped me. With the agony I went through, I would like to help others with the same problem, if possible. Surgery should be the very last resort. The agony and wait have been worth the effort so far as my symptoms are disappearing, along with the fibroid/polyp. (I read that it is the polyps that cause the bleeding and pain.) I've also read that the cramping and bleeding are an attempt by the body to eliminate the polyps. I decided to follow-up on any advice I saw if it will eliminate the need for surgery!!!! Suzanne/Olympia, WA

Beets, Carrots, Red Wine, Molasses
Posted by Kayla (Texas) on 03/17/2014

Does anyone know do you cook this mixture?

Lugol's Iodine
Posted by Stella (Ontario, Canada) on 03/16/2014 6 posts
5 out of 5 stars

When I was 69, I was using a small amount of topical hormones and knew that I had Uterine Fibroids and a thick Endometrium for about 12 years. Finally the doctor said it was dangerous to go on like this and I would need to go OFF all Hormones and have a 2nd Uterine Ultrasound, after 6 weeks had passed. The doctor thought the hormones were part of the problem. A Hysterectomy was in my future. I said I would stop using them but I didn't.

I had recently started taking Lugol's Solution (5%) Iodine and was at about 50 mg. minimum at that time. I increased it slowly to 100 mg. during that 6 weeks.

When I went back to my doctor for the results, she said "so you stopped the hormones?" I replied that I did, just so not to get in trouble. My Uterine thickness had now gone back to normal and the Fibroids had all shrunk in that 6 weeks time.

Dr. David Brownstein's book said Lugol's was used for any Fibroids and it turned out to be true.


Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Cyndee (London, England) on 02/18/2014

Since 2008 I was suffering with heavy periods and in 2009 I went to accident and emrgency with flodding. I thought I was having a miscarriage but they said I had an infection and gave me antibiotics and was told to go and see my GP. I went to see him a a month later when my period started as it was heavier than when I went to the hospital. Well anyway he told me that at my age, 41, it was very normal to have heavy periods and did not listen to me that something was not right. Flash forward November 2013, I went to see a lady GP at the same surgery and she told me to go straight away and get a blood test done and gave me tranexamic tablets and made a referral to get a scan done.

At this point I was suffering with dizzyness, palpitations, a fuzzy head, whooshing in my ears sounding like a heartbeat, feeling faint, hot br eathless walking up stairs and long distances, diffuculty concentrating, hard to focus, fellings like my nose wanted to bleed, pain in hip and shoulder when layng down, feeling extremely cold, feeling extremely hot after walking up a flight of stairs, swollen ankles, heavy periods with flooding and enormous clots, cracks occasionally at the corners of my mouth, gurgling noises in my stomach even when I was not hungry, something feeling hard in my stomach, fatty deposits under my yes, occasionally extremely scaly skin on hands, and swollen ankles and I looked pregnant.

The following day after the blood test, Saturday morning, I received a call from the hospital telling me to go to accident and emergency straight away. My hb was 6.9 and they hooked me up straight away to give me a blood transfusion. I was given iron tablets and told if I felt dizzy or had any symptoms as before I had to go back. Now, early Monday morning my lady GP phoned me and told me to go and see her. She explained that I was severly anaemic and she prescribed me ferrous fumurate 210mg.

When I had the scan the lady doing it had to call in her colleague for a second opinion. She informed me I had 3 fibroids and that 1 of them was 12cm long. I went back to see my GP and she reiterated that I had fibroids and what looked like an ovarian cyst. She scheduled for me to see a gynacologist. At the appointment with her she informed me I would need a mymeoctomy ( sorry for the spelling) and that it was not guaranteed that I would not end up having a hysteractomy. Oh and she was going to remove an ovary. I left thee feeling numb and cried for a few days.

I decided I was going to take my health into my own hands and did many weeks of research. To cut a long story short I was addicted to sweets and I gave them up and anything that had an estrogenic effect on my body. So that meant organic meat and chicken but no pork, organic vegetables and fruits, no soda, herbal and green teas minus the 4 teaspoons of sugar I would add lol.I cut out fast food and eating out at restaurants and was now cooking at home. I also cut out anything white eg white bread, flour etc and had whole foods instead.

In the morning I would take Dim with cod liver oil, followed by a green smoothie with fruit with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar added and I would also take vitex. I would have the same for lunch but have different leafy greens and fruit in my smoothy for lunch. At dinner time I would have a home cooked meal and in the evening I may have a slice of spelt bread with oganic or wholefood peanut butter. I also included into the raw food diet into my regime and this hepled enormously with being able to eat cakes and biscuits made out of medjool dates and nuts and seeds. Believe me they do not taste as bad it sounds. They are scrumptious.

Now it is January and I have had my first period. I hardly noticed it unless I wiped. My stomach has shrank dramatically and the hardness in my stomach has gone. I must also add that I have a epsom salts bath 3-4 times a week followed by castor oil packs that I leave on overnight followed by a special massage when I take the castor oil pack off in the morning. I no longer look pregnant, have more energy than I can deal with lol, I look younger and so much more refreshed.

I say all this to say do your research, don't just listen to your doctors when they try to push surgery onto you and the mad thing is that after all of this surgery the fibroids have a good chance of coming back. Take control of your own lives and think positive.

Much love to the many womenon your fibroid and cyst journey.

Ps I have tried to condense my story but there is so much I would like to say to help other women. So sorry of you felt you were reading an essay (hugs to you all)

Beets, Carrots, Red Wine, Molasses
Posted by Tanya A (Texas) on 02/17/2014

Thank you for your testimony AND your recipe. It's in her comment ladies :-)

Apple Cider Vinegar, Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Lucecita (Queens, Ny) on 02/05/2014

Hi Dear Wanda,

Can you please tell me how much and how frequent are you using the mixure of BSM, ACV and baking soda and what brand of Baking soda are you using. I have been suffering from fibroids for the last 14 years. 3 D&C las 2 years and extremely heavy bleeding. Thank you God Bless!!!!

Apple Cider Vinegar, Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Wanda (Philadelphia, PA) on 02/04/2014

Hi ladies, I just wanted to update you on my progress since my last posting. I have been taking apple cider vinegar with baking soda and blackstrap molasses for three months now and I have had wonderful results. My abdomen has decreased by three inches and my menses have really been under control; less heavy bleeding. In fact by the third day I have to check to make sure its still on. Hang in there this really works.

Lugol's Iodine
Posted by Karen ( Calgary, Alberta) on 02/04/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I suffered with fibroids for many years. The turning point came when I used lugols iodine as an enema. I had used it years before as drops in water but it didn't do much. Now use 1/2 teaspoon in about 2 cups spring water in an enema bag I get from the drugstore. I leave it in my body for 5-15 min. I feel great now. No more fatigue or mental fog. I speak more intelligently. I am no longer sensitive to heat at night. Have lots of energy. Have stopped the iron pills. I also take 1 tablespoon blackstrap molasses with some peanut butter. That's better than the molasses alone. A holistic nurse on this site wrote that they do that in her hospital for patients that refuse transfusions. It works great. You do the molasses and peanut butter 1-3 times per day depending on how serious the anemia is. But the iodine enema is what really changed my life. The directions are in the following article from marksdailyapple.com:

ENEMA - Use a Fleet enema bottle. Empty out contents, wash out with hot water. Wipe off lubricated tip thoroughly with a dry paper towel and wash with hot water. Do not use any detergent! Fill up bottle with room temp water poured through a coffee filter. Preferable to boil water in glass container and let cool. Add up to 1/2 teaspoon of Lugol's. After a few enemas, it can be increased to one teaspoon. Avoid spilling, it stains. To lubricate tip, use only olive oil, butter, vitamin E gel. Do not use any commercial chemical lubricants. Do tuhe enema. Hold it in for 5 to 15 minutes or as long as you can. Initially, you may only be able to hold it in for a few minutes. It is preferable to lie down. Expect loads of mucus, gel, trash, undigested food and several movements within hours as mucus keeps coming out. If you're mucus loaded up, repeat enema daily for 2, 3 or 4 days. Then, once a week for 4 weeks until mucus/trash free. Maintenance, one enema a month.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Dee (Baton Rouge, La) on 01/27/2014
1 out of 5 stars

I tried the ACV for a few days but had no success. After going to the doctor, he revealed that I did indeed have a fibroid, but because I had bled out over 60% of my normal blood supply and I was severely anemic. I had emergency surgery last Wednesday (complete hysterectomy). My prayers and well-wishes go out to the rest of you ladies dealing with this issue...

Beets, Carrots, Red Wine, Molasses
Posted by Deanna (Muskegon, Mi) on 01/08/2014

Would you please send me a recipe.. I've many small and one large fibroids... Thanks

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Dee (Baton Rouge, La) on 12/31/2013

I don't even know if I have fibroid tumors - I just know that I've been passing huge clots for the past few days. I'm 43, and had tubal sterilization surgery in 1998 after the birth of my 2nd child. This happened to me before about 8 years ago, but without the clots. I went to the emergency room, and was told I had a hormonal imbalance. I don't want to deal with this for weeks, so I'm trying the ACV treatment right now. I'll let you know how it works...

Garlic and Ginger
Posted by Vinvin (Atlanta) on 12/27/2013

Hi Dawn, How large was your fibroids? Did you take the garlic and ginger daily? What else did you do? I am interested because I have large fibroids. Thanks

Garlic and Ginger
Posted by Gimba (Abuja, Niger, Nigeria) on 12/26/2013

How do I use ginger and garlic to treat and cure my fibroid?

Apple Cider Vinegar, Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Wanda (Philadelphia, PA) on 12/17/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I just had to reply to inform other women about the effects of the use of ACV and BSM. I have been using the two for the past 3 weeks and I have to report that I feel as though the ACV is shrinking my fibroids since I am not able to feel them as I had before starting to use the ACV. It was so bad that it felt like the fibroid was pushing out the top of my stomach. Since starting the ACV I can not feel that pushing sensation any longer. In addition my period this month was so nice; I did not have the heavy bleeding like in previous months. My first two days of menstruation would be extremely heavy to the point it felt like a run away train that I could not get a handle on. But after using the BSM I had one of the best periods I've ever had in a long time. As I stated it has only been 3 weeks, but with the results that I've had I will continue to use ACV and BSM to see what the end will be and just because I feel better. For those who doubt I say what will it hurt to try this. We all want a more natural approach to our health so doubt no more and begin your road to naturally treating and possibly curing those awful fibroids. I hope this has been helpful and God Bless you ladies.

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