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Hydrogen Peroxide

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Posted by Yannis (Athens, Greece) on 09/21/2010

Dear Ted. My wife was diagnosed with Stargardt disease in her eyes. I read two books (one minute cure by Madison Cavanaugh and hydrogen peroxide - medical miracle by William Campbell Douglas) and I found that macular degeneration was on a list of diseases that could had good results with hydrogen peroxide. I also read that specific cases had different treatments with hp. Do you know how hp can help someone to see improvement to his vision when he has stargardt disease? Is it possible to reverse the damage to his eyes? My wife also takes Tahitian Noni, two per day or super booster from Life extension, vitamin C 1000mg from Quest, super Zeaxanthine form Life extension, Omega 3 and every two days B Complex and stress care from Himalaya. We bought an 35% food grade 500ml and she wants to start taking it. Can you help us? Thank you!

Replied by Jamie
(San Antonio, Tx, Usa)

Yannis, could you tell us more about the hydrogen peroxide treatment and if it is safe? My wife also has Stargardt's. Thank you. I would also like to ask if anyone else has any ideas or remedies as to what might help Stargardt's disease. Jamie Jamie8491(at)hotmail(dot)com

Replied by Katrina
(Pittsburgh, Pa)

Brandon, can you please tell me more about how you use Hydrogen Peroxide to improve your vision with LHON. We think my son may have LHON and I would be interested in hearing from you. Have you tried any other treatments that have been helpful to you?

Replied by Kay
(In The Valley, Ca)

Art from Tustin, Please, please whatever you do don't put straight 35% HP in your eyes!! You may do irreversible damage!!! I don't know anything about the cure for your eye disease, but I do know that you can't use straight 35% HP.

Replied by Jody
(Gilmanton, Nh)

I have heard alot of h202 recently to improve the vision in LHON. Where do you buy it and what is the correct way to use it or doseage amount??

Replied by Andrea C
(Cardiff, Wales)

Hi, you have to use 'food grade hydrogen peroxide' and dilute it to 3% with 'DISTILLED WATER'. I had to use a 1% solution, as I found 3% was too strong to start with. Some people can tolerate 3%, or more..... Not me!!! Lol Love Andrea c xx

Replied by Md

Well, A couple drops of 35% food grade h2o2 in a glass of water on a completely empty stomach is a good place to start. To get your stomach empty quicker take a tsp of baking soda in a glass of water first. 10mM h2o2 has been shown safe in the eyes which is 0. 034%. Double check my calculations before applying to the eyes. Also you should add the h2o2 into a salt solution like that which is given with neti pots.

Replied by Judy
(Torrance, Cal)

You never put 35% hydrogen peroxide in your eyes ever unless you want to go blind!

Replied by Brendan

Can u tell me how much 35% h202 food grade I need to dilute in h2o to make that 10mM solution/dilution???....thanx

Hydrogen Peroxide for Contact Lenses

Posted by Barry (Memphis, Tn, United States) on 11/18/2012

For most of my life I have worn either contact lenses or glasses. As for contacts, I have preferred gas permeable lenses for the level of oxygen, to accommodate my natural tendency to have dry eyes, and to hold the shape of my eyes in order to prevent further astygmatism. Soft contacts would, after a short time, begin to move with my eye lids. (There are some gas permeable lenses that are, surprisingly, very, very comfortable.)

About a year ago I began to notice or to develop some allergic reactions to the contact cleaners/solutions I was using. I am not sure why or how this happened, and it is not important for the purpose of this post, but instead of trying a new brand I decided to go "natural. " Over the years I have been learning a great deal about these things, in part from this very website (i.e. All of you). So I am writing to share my experiment.

For an entire year I have been using hydrogen peroxide to clean and soak my gas permeable contact lenses and filtered water as a rinse. The results have been far better than expected. The contacts are as fresh as when I first wore them. No deterioration. This is due in part to the fact that I do not rub the contacts to clean them. I simply soak them in a 3 percent solution of common household hydrogen peroxide. (See ingredients when you buy your common household peroxide and be sure the only ingredients are purified water and peroxide to 3 percent strength. ) Then, I rinse them under a stream of filtered water from a plastic ketchup bottle. (The water comes from a "water station" hooked up to a public supply but filtered by reverse-osmosis.)

(I do not know about the dangers of getting hydrogen peroxide in your eyes, but it has happened to me on few occasions. Certainly painful, but obviously not deadly. Best to be certain with rinsing not only the contact but your hand/fingers.)

This system has not only solved my allergy issues but also extended the life of the contacts. It has also, I am certain, if not contributed to my eye health not subtracted from it. Finally, it is less expensive.

Note: There is also an over-the-counter brand of cleaner/disinfection for soft contacts that uses hydrogen peroxide as its main ingredient. I know little about this, as I have not worn soft contacts for many years.


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Posted by Lita209 (Sanford, Fl, Usa) on 08/31/2011
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I just wanted to share this with the Earth Clinic community. Sometimes I read post that make me think; I wonder if it is the placebo effect that make them feel better. But this one I know it is true it happened to me and I am very excited! Months ago I bought a juicer (not the expensive kind, just a $100 one at Target) and started juicing. I started noticing problems with my eyesight (I wear lenses) and I thought, uhm, all these years I have never stopped seing with my lenses even when the prescription got a little bit stronger. I couldn't see with my lenses. So I told my daughter, I wonder if my eyesight got better with the vegetables and she laughted. I took them off and still couldn't see.

Well last week I finally went for an eye exam and from -3. 00 I went to -2. 00 on my lenses and -1. 50 on my glasses. So I know it was the juicing! I had stopped juicing for about a month and I am now going to start again, even though now I am afraid my new prescription won't last. It makes me wonder if we can revert all the way to 20/20???

Replied by Debbie
(Melbourne, Australia)

Lita209, I have found the same thing although I am not juicing. I am having chlorella and spirulina powder with liquid chlorophyl every day. I usually find it very hard to drive at night because I am practically blinded whenever a car passes me (especially on a two way road with minimal streetlights.

Anyway I had to drive at night recently and I kept thinking my eyes seemed better because the headlights weren't blinding me as they usually did. I didn't even have to avert my eyes to the side of the road when a car passed as I used to.

I haven't noticed a difference when trying to read street signs from a distance but I will keep an eye on that as well.

Replied by Gavin
(Manganui, Northland, New Zealand)

I'll expand a bit on my question.. We bought a juicer.. We were juicing carrots mainly.. I was drinking a lot of ginger beer and grapefruit juice. Those were the main things. Your e mail has reminded me that the carrots are the only thing out of a long list I haven't tried.... What happened was I was watching the tv.. And everything went blurry, so I took my glasses off and could see absolutly perfectly.. I really mean perfectly! .. I Felt I was going Hyperglycaemic, and had a sore mouth I was on a quick release multivitamin... So as advised I stopped everything. In ten days my eyes went back to where they were with glasses. This is absolutly true and ive been trying to repeat the magic ingredient, ive even been through the supermarket slips to repeat the exercise. But so far no luck. You can imagine it was a bit of a shock to suddenly see perfectly again.. so thats why i'd like to know what you have been juicing.

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

Hi Debbie, as I am not getting any better with all the supplements I have tried I am stopping everything and going to start with the Chlorella Spirulina today! I also have Chlorophyl but pills, I suppose that it won't make a difference! Maybe that will change the dryness in my throat and eyes. I have an appointment with the GP next week to see whether I might have Sjogren's but I hope not as the idea is making me panick!

As far as the copper goes, I bought it but I am not sure whether to go on taking it or not. I tried for two days, 2 ml three times a day in a glass of water meaning 0, 9mg copper a day. But I got a bit of a metal taste in my mouth, my throat felt even drier during the night and my stomach seems slightly upset (I felt a bit nauseous). I have stopped taking it now. My husband who is a chemist said he would never take a heavy metal and I read on the Internet that Alzheimer's could be connected with zinc and copper deposits in the brain. I bought the copper at the pharmacy and it says that it can be used for flu symptoms and rheumatism.

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

I am with all of you on this, I would love to know what Lita has been putting in her juices! I have been juicing for 18 months now, just anything really, now in the summer more fruit like black berries (just bought a lot from a friend so need to use them up quickly), grapefruit, avocado, apples, carrots, celery, tomatoes, lettuce, you name it but so far no changes in my eyesight! I am very myopic, not like Lita but sometimes you see even more changes in higher prescriptions. I try to do trampolining whenever I can, try to use my eyes well (I have read a lot of books on the subject), do some exercises but nothing ever seems to happen so know what people are doing that works would be a huge help!

To Gavin: My gingerbeer is going well. I strained it yesterday and am leaving it to ferment again till tomorrow, then I will start drinking it. Stupid enough I don't remember whether I forgot to put in the sugar but as it didn't really taste sweet I added a bit yesterday still, if I didn't put the sugar in would it still ferment? And another question, about the ginger water before sleeping. Isn't ginger something that would keep you awake? I forgot to take it yesterday but I can try tonight still I am a bit worried it will make me even more awake!

Replied by Gavin
(Manganui, Northland, New Zealand)

Thanks Debbie.. I mentioned to francesca, that I thought it might have been the fractionated yeast in the ginger beer that caused the improvement in vision. But it might also have been a combination of things.. As at that time I was juicing a lot of carrots. A chap in his nineties with good eyes also said the trick to vision was B12. I was getting that in the vitamins, and still am but the x factor dosn't seem to have popped back into the equasion yet. I'll be back on carrots next week so will also keep you posted. I was juicing the whole carrot with the top still in it. That has something in it as well. I ve been wearing glasses for twenty years and they've been getting stronger, but the pair im wearing at the moment are the ones I had ten years back. I've also ordered some Hyluronic acid capsules.. As root vegies have it as long as eaten raw.. Its a bit like msn.. Which is lost in cooking. I'll just keep banging away till I work it out.

Replied by Debbie
(Melbourne, Australia)

Hi Gavin, there is some information on the web that says chlorophyl improves vision! That is the green tops for your carrots you were juicing. That is the green vegetables and the green herbs. I take a liquid chlorophyl along with the spirulina and chlorella. I take about 15ml per day.

I found an article that says chlorophyl improves vision and "night vision".

Here is two links you may find interesting on foods beneficial for healhy eyes.

Replied by Gavin
(Manganui, Northland, New Zealand)

Thanks debbie.. When I get the juicer out.. I'll ad a few of the goodies suggested in the website. When you think that to make an 8 oz glass of carrot juice it takes about ten carrots, your certainly getting a good daily supply lol.

Replied by Lita209
(Sanford, Fl, Usa)

Hey Gavin to answer your question; I remember having as base carrots, beets and apples. I would try different things like celery, cucumber and spinach. Spinach didn't work for me because you need so much to get so little. Also I would use pomenagrate, orange, strawberries and sometimes ginger. But the basic was always carrots, apple and beets. I hope this helps. To our health!!

Replied by Gavin
(Manganui, Northland, New Zealand)

Thanks for your reply Lita, that seems to back up what I was using in the juicer when my eyes came right. Mostly carrots some apples. Plenty of grapefruit juice.. And oranges.. Plus a few billberries as they came off the bush. Plus B12 in a multi.

Replied by Gavin
(Manganui, Northland, New Zealand)

I will do- dont worry. I'm going to get a load of carrots monday in the shopping.

Replied by Andrea C
(Cardiff, Wales)

Do not juice the greens off carrots!!!!! They're poisonus to humans!! Love andrea c xxxxxxx

Replied by Swedish Chef
(Sf Bay Area, Ca)

I'm a little late in this thread, but I think it is the beets. I started drinking beet kvass and noticed an improvement in my eyesight. At the moment my eyesight is blury because I just tried the ghee remedy suggested above (but my crows feet are much finer after just a few minutes. So ghee on crows feet, but not in the eyelashes is my preliminary conclusion.)

Replied by Radra
(Greenwich, London)

Juicing what? Please be more specific. Thanks

Krill Oil

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Posted by Anon (United States) on 08/23/2019
5 out of 5 stars

A few weeks ago I noticed my near sightedness and astigmatism had improved so much I almost didn't need my contacts to drive. A few days later I noticed that colors were much more vibrant, blue colors especially. After trying to figure out why, I concluded the difference had to be the bottle of krill oil I'd just finished the last of. I'd taken it only sporadically in the past but more diligently recently. The effect has subsided since I ran out. I have had nearsightedness and astigmatism since childhood and never experienced such an effect before.

Ocular Hypertension Remedies

Posted by Jan (Wisconsin) on 12/03/2013

I've been searching for natural ways to help with ocular hypertension, aside from the usual advice to eat carrots for your eyesight. I haven't found anything on the subject on your website - is there anything I can do to help postpone the loss of eyesight or to halt it from worsening? Thanks! ~Jan

Replied by Mama To Many
(Tennessee, Usa)

Dear Jan,

I am hopeful that there are things that would preserve your eyesight. Several things that come to mind are: activated charcoal powder, eyebright, and carrots.

You mentioned that you have been told to eat carrots. Juicing organic carrots would be a better way to get the important nutrients in larger quantities. I would highly recommend 2 cups of fresh carrot juice a day. It is a bit of a time commitment, but the "carrots for eyes" is not just a myth. I have a friend who reversed and "incurable" eye disease with carrot juice. (I am sorry I do not recall what the name of it was.)

The herb Eyebright got its name because of its usefulness in eye disorders. You can buy eyebright supplements and take capsules or a tincture. The is a Dr. Christopher Eyebright tincture that can be taken internally and can also be diluted in water as an eyewash.

Finally, activated charcoal has been used successfully to treat eye disorders. Here is how to make charcoal eye drops.

1 teaspoon activated charcoal powder

4 ounces pure water

Mix together.

Strain through a coffee filter.

Drop 1 drop of the filtered charcoal water into your eyes twice a day. (3 or 4 times a day is better but not convenient.)

An even stronger way to use charcoal is with charcoal poultices over your eyes at night. (See, "How to make a charcoal poultice" under activated charcoal powder on Earth Clinic.) Here is a link to a story about someone who had great success treating a serious eye disorder this way.

While she was not treating the same condition, it was a condition of the eyes and there was inflammation that would lead to blindness that was reversed.

Charcoal is also used by people for regular hypertension. Charcoal reduces inflammation.

All of these things can be safely done together.

Please let us know what you try and what helps you. I do hope you see results quickly with what you try and that you can save your eyesight.

~Mama to Many~

Oil Pulling

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Posted by Tony (Michigan) on 05/10/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Several years ago ( after turning 40 ), my eye sight started to fail miserably. I also had been diagnosed with periodontal disease that had all but loosened all of my teeth to the point of being able to move them with my tongue. While browsing Earth clinic, I came across a post that someone had mentioned Oil pulling in. After further investigation, I went to my local grocer and found "cold pressed " sunflower oil. I started every morning on an empty stomach, swishing the oil through and around my teeth and gums for 20 minutes. After a couple of weeks my teeth felt like someone had put a string around them and tugged on it. I could no longer move them. They were so solid in my mouth and there were no more stains. I was wearing bi-focal glasses to read because my eyes had gotten so bad. I couldn't read my bible or anything else without them. After only a few months, I had forgotten my glasses and discovered that they were no longer needed. I have continued to oil pull for the last 6 years and have nothing but positive results. Please do yourself a favor and try it. A friend of mine who had psoriasis since she was an infant tried it and it went away until she stopped and it came back again. Thank you for all of your posts.

Replied by Dag
0 out of 5 stars

Sadly, I've tried to oil pull, but my saliva builds up so much that I have to prematurely spit it out after 5-10 minutes or either accidentally swallow. I even tried a teaspoon of oil. Just makes me want to gag as the saliva builds up.

Replied by Charity
(Faithville , Us)

Walter Last explains that: in his cure for common cold he talks about how you can use tsp of salt or sugar and pull it around in your mouth and it will make the mucus come out of the glands that does not belong there and says if you are sick, to do it several times until the mucus resides and you will feel better. Ted wrote in here somewhere that taking a spoon of soy lecithin granules is equivalent to oil pulling and that is because it emulsifies bad fats out of the body. I guess that includes mucus. Walter talks about how there is good mucus and bad mucus So much to learn, so little time.


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Posted by Nature (Portland, Maine) on 12/10/2009
5 out of 5 stars


First let me say that neither my husband nor I wear glasses and we are in our sixties.

When we find our vision going out of focus we stop trying to read immediately. The worst thing you can do is try to force your eyes into focus. Then we palm (Bates Method for Improving Vision) We palm throughout the day. Once you palm for a few minutes, try reading the material again. You most likely will have brought your eyes back into focus. If you already wear glasses, palming frequently throughout the day will most likely help your vision.

What is palming? Cover your eyes with the palms of your hands formed in a cup to avoid pressure on your eyes. The objective is to make it as black as possible to allow your eyes to refocus (regain its point of central fixation).

This has certainly helped our eyes and it might be worth a try.

Replied by Saba
(Mentor, Oh)

Question for Nature from Portland, Maine - thanks so much for posting. Are your eyes closed or open while palming? Thanks!

Replied by Earthfirst
(Chicago, Il)
5 out of 5 stars

This palming method works great for me. Thank you for the much needed relief.

Replied by Anna
(Philadelphia, Pa)
5 out of 5 stars

Palming is excellent for vision - and esp. for any retina problems (like detachment). Eyes are closed.

Replied by Cdyoliverr
(Mission Hills, California)

Can you tell me why palming would work and not just closing your eyes?

Replied by Man
(Sojouring America)

I am curious about this "Palming". Let me get this straight, you cover the eye with a cupped hand and make the field of vision completely dark (in both eyes at the same time?) and then remove the palm from the eyes and then do that again. Is this what I am hearing?

Replied by Cindy
(Illinois, Usa)
343 posts

Someone asked why palming works and I thought I'd put my two cents in - it's due to nature. As in, a natural environment without electric light. Ordinarily, one would have many nights, per month, of no light or, so little light that closing one's eyes, as for sleep, would easily block it out. It stands to reason that the body would be equipped to benefit from that light interpreting brain drain at regular intervals and, unless one uses a good sleep mask, one seldom gets that. Night lights, clocks, street lights, porch lights - for many people it's just "light, light, light" all the time which isn't natural. And, FYI, during daylight hours, palming doesn't provide that level of blackness either.

Peer Through a Small Hole

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Posted by J.t. (Tyrone, Georgia Usa) on 03/09/2013
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I have been occasionally using pinhole glasses for reading and computer work for about 35 years. They keep your eye muscles strong and I believe help to keep the lens circular. I am 69 years old and just got my first set of mild prescription glasses (1.5 mag) from an ophtalmologist a couple months ago.

As a follow-up, don't use the pinhole glasses while driving because you lose a lot of your peripheral vision.

Peer Through a Small Hole
Posted by Martha E. Martinez (El Centro, Ca) on 11/07/2009
5 out of 5 stars

This is amazing. The way to improve (I'm afraid to say completely cure) your eyesight is to do this: Peer thru a small hole the size of a pencil lead width. Use a card or your hand. Look thru and you will see your eyesight is perfect! Not sure exactly why it works but if you use it to exercise your eye, it will improve your eyesight dramatically. You can even feel your lense contract as it works to adjust itself. It works quickly and 5 minutes a day for a couple of weeks will do the trick. Then just as needed after that to keep them eyeballs in shape! And if you ever forget your glasses, peering thru a pinhole will do in a pinch.

They sell what are called pinhole glasses online (cheapest on ebay) but they are too dark, I don't like them much. But the idea is they help you improve/exercise your eye!

Replied by Pareetp
(Los Angeles, California)
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oh so true. our dad used to make us look at moon thru the hole in the needle (the small upper portion where the thread goes in)..... it improves eyesight.

Replied by Roslyn
(Okc, Ok)

Can you be a little for detailed? Do you cover one eye with your hand and then with the eye that is uncovered you look through something the size of a pen hole? I need to excecise my eyes.

Thank you,

Replied by Linda
(Vancouver, Wa, Us)
5 out of 5 stars

This works and has been used by Eskimos with their traditional snow goggles with the narrow slit for peering through. You can also buy glasses with black lenses but dotted with pinholes - they work very well and are called pinhole glasses. The results are immediate but they will also improve your vision if worn regularly. I've also seen plastic fashion glasses that are similar to pinhole glasses in teen fashion shops that are less expensive.

Replied by Nk
(Ny, Ny, Usa)

I have same question as Roslyn, do you peer with both eyes @ the same time or you cover one eye with something. Please reply. Thank you.

Replied by Mary
(Mukilteo, Wa)
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I have tried looking thru the eye of a needle and cannot make any progress of even seeing thru it at all. Any suggestions? Is there a size of the eye of a needle or will any do?

Thank you

Replied by Bito
(Fort Worth, Tx)

If you wear glasses do you peer through the hole with or without glasses?

Replied by Saba
(Mentor, Oh)

I think you do it without your glasses. here is a demo on youtube
Hope this helps.

Replied by M
(Mukilteo, Wa)

How large can the eye of the needle be to be useful?

Replied by Yolanda
(Carbondale, Il)

You don't want to look through a needle. The object of the exercise is to block out most of the view and just look through a small hole. That way the light hits the back of your eye in one small place. It works. There are glasses you can get for this called pin hole glasses.

Pill Box for Blind

Posted by Pris (California) on 04/12/2019

My sister in law is blind and I would like to know if there is a pill box for the blind! She takes several different pills! She does not know Braille. Would appreciate any guidance on this problem. She lives with a nephew that has eye issues and can't be of help.

Replied by Nonnie

Hi Pris -

It might be a good idea to contact the American Institute for the Blind. They would have suggestions (like pill containers that have an audio button on it so it can be programmed to say what pill it is, pill containers that have different raised lettering like MON for Monday, EVE for evening). At least they could steer you in the right direction if you want to find something online that actually works - it could get quite expensive if you do a "trial and error" with some of these products. In the meantime, you might be able to improvise and set up your sister-in-law with different tops for each pill container. For instance, glue something round on the top of the blood pressure medicine container, something square for the cholesterol medicine, something triangular for the heart medicine, etc. She just needs to remember what pill each top represents. Good luck - I wish you the best for your sister-in-law. She's fortunate to have you in her life. Take care.


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Posted by Jeri (Lincoln, Illinois) on 11/19/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Several years ago I started consuming pumpkin. I had heard that the canning process doesn't harm it the way it does other vegetables so I began taking about a half cup per day in hot water seasoned as a drink, or with butter like a vegetable. My reason for taking it was for the beta carotene antioxidant qualities and fiber. After having worn glasses for distance for almost 50 years, I started putting them on top of my head because they were bothering me.

When I went for my next eye exam the dr. told me my vision had improved. It has been several years now that I do not wear my glasses except for reading. I am 67 years old. I didn't know that one's nearsightedness was reversible. The only thing I had done differently was taking the pumpkin (which has protected me from flu when everyone around me was sick when I was teaching school).

One day I heard Paul Harvey on the radio talking about a supplement for macular degeneration and that some people were claiming their vision was improving. I then knew for sure it was the nutrients in the pumpkin. Plain canned pumpkin with nothing added is a great addition to a healthy diet.

My favorite is pumpkin in chicken broth with liquid amino acids to taste(similar to soy sauce) for flavoring, shredded chicken breast and brocolli. The anti-inflammatory number in that is very high!

Replied by Elsaeasterly
(Elsewhere, Ca, Usa)

How long did you consume pumpkin before you saw results?

Raw Carrots

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Posted by Caitlin (Austin, Tx) on 09/17/2010
5 out of 5 stars

My mother is 82 years. Just recently I noticed that she is wearing reading glasses. All these years, she had perfect eyesight. I asked her about her eyesight and she said her doctor is astounded that she has such great eyesight and perfect health. Mother told me to eat 1 raw carrot a day until my blurry vision is normal. She's done this for years she said and has just began using prescription reading glasses. WOW! I'm starting this today.

Soy Milk, Raw Egg

Posted by Gavin (Manganui, Northland, New Zealand) on 09/19/2010

I tried many things to improve longsightedness.. And one that seems to work well is a glass of soya milk with a raw egg beaten into it and taken before going to bed at night. The only problem is wind... It takes about three days to get an improvement.

Replied by Gavin
(Manganui, Northland, New Zealand)

I might have to have a recap as I've been posting with regards to a period a couple of years ago when I was sitting watching the television, my vision went blurred so I took off my glasses and could see perfectly. Since then I've been trying to get to the nub of the improvement with some sucess. The improvement lasted ten days I'm sure it was down to grapefruit juice... I ran out the season came to an end... So since then, I've been trying to reproduce the main things that caused the improvement. Lemon mixed with orange juice, with a capful of ACV added seems over a couple of weeks to have allowed me to just use the one pair of glasses for reading.. that's a definitive improvement.

Now the interesting part Sunday I happened to see a reporter on a TV show get into an MRI scanner, and have a brain scan, when it was done she had a cup of coffee, then an hour later she had another MRI scan.. The one cup of coffee had caused a reduction of blood flow to the brain of 40% she was shocked. The following discussion ensued as to the headache, caused by the stopping of this bevarage, which is basically the return of blood flow after coffee/caffene has been stopped.. This can last several days. Since blood flow to the eyes is essential for good vision, and being a coffee drinker, I slowed my consumption from about four a day to three to two to one and today is the first day with nill coffee. The vision improvement has been dramatic! My headache of course is now on the wane, and since the eyes were throbbing, I'd assume the blood flow is returning to normal. Which begs an interesting question, what's normal after a lifetime of coffee drinking? When they improved last time I was drinking copious amounts of juice.. And not drinking my usual amounts of coffee beverage. I'm now subsituting with cocoa. The distance vision has improved, over the past few days and things look so much clearer.. Of course it wouldn't only be coffee that's loaded with caffeine most soft drinks and energy drinks could be a problem as well.

It might be worth mentioning, I'm having some lemon /orange juice and ACV garlic cayenne turmeric and organic soya milk.. before stopping the coffee.

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky, Usa)
2083 posts

Looks like this condition could be improved by daily Vit-C w/ Bioflavinoids, Grapefruitseed extract. A round of the top 5 or more Circulation herbs would also be in consideration on a once every 5yrs basis. As time goes by, the arteries of many folks "harden" (hardening of the arteries) or become inflexible I. E. They lose their elasticity. Omega 3 fatty acids are also good to prevent the hardening.

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky, Usa)
2083 posts

*corection* NOT "grapefruitseed extract" YES "Grapeseed Extract" or Pine Bark Extract would do.

Replied by Had
(White River Jct, Vermont)

I have reverse T3 and hoshimoto's and adrenal fatigue, all that affect my vision, and I drink coffee. It's organic, but this blood flow information is enough to get me to cut back to only 1 cup a day and eventually get off it. I'm going to buy the 'small' coffee maker, only makes like a cup or two at a time, you've given me incentive. Thank you again.

Vitreous Detachment Remedies

Posted by Anna (Langwarrin, Melbourne) on 04/12/2019

I have recently suffered vitreous detachment in both eyes, I am sixty five years old and have been told by optometrists that it is an age related condition. My vision is now a bit blurry and I keep having to blink several times in order to clear the vision. I am told its caused by floating proteins in the eye. I also have had dry eyes for many years now and feel that it could have contributed to the condition. I used eye drops at least twice daily to moisturize they eyes. I also get blepharitis from time to time which is uncomfortable. I was wondering if anyone has had any of these conditions and if so have they found anything that helps.

Replied by Sam

Google eyes moxibustion. Also consider to increase blood flow to the eyes with air pump leg sleeves. Also google your condition+jack kruse. See what he says. Finally find a very experienced chinese acupuncturist. One who started practicing in China.

Replied by Katy

For the dry eyes, I know quite a few folks who have been helped with Fish oil taken daily. More specifically a Fish oil with High DHA - I work with holistic MD and he recommends it with good results for his patients.

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1 tablespoon of Diatomaceous earth fixed my dry eyes problem.


How did you use it?

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(Mumbai, India)

Dry eyes get completely cured by doing bates eye exercises.

Wearing Contact Lense in 1 Eye

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Posted by Katrina (Carmel, Ca) on 05/06/2017
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I went to the eye doctor recently for my annual contact and glasses check up. My Dr. said, "Keep doing what you are doing! " My eyes have gotten better the last 5 yrs when most others get worse. There are 2% of the population that never needs readers, according to my eye doctor. I have been nearsighted since 7th grade. I switched from glasses to contacts right out of college.

About 5 years ago my sight, what with contacts in and doing tons of work on the computer, was blurry. I was like dang my eyes are changing but they are getting better! So, as an experiment I started to wear just 1 contact lense in my eye needing a stronger prescription - the left eye. It is just for long distance vision (not a bifocal lense). In time, I was able to see the computer just fine as well as drive! It took a few days for my eyes & brain to get used to wearing one contact lense instead of 2.

I sometimes switch the contact to the right eye for driving. I began to think that the body really is amazing and it adapts. My vision for contacts went from 275 and 250 to 225 and 200. Both eyes have gotten stronger regarding my distance vision! I do not use reading glasses anymore. Small print is very clear. My eye doctor told me it's 20/15.

My vision hasn't been at these numbers since 1987. I checked my records! Hope this helps someone else.

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