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| Modified on Sep 17, 2022
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With age, all of us suffer some loss of vision and visual acuity, but natural foods and home remedies can combat these vision problems and protect your eyes. For sure, carrots truly are great for your eyes, but that's only the start of the natural cures for eye health!

When it comes to visual acuity, we want to be concerned about both the muscles of the eye and the iris, as well as with the health of the photoreceptors in the back of the eye - our rods and cones.

Home Remedies to Improve Eyesight

In addition to the beta carotene in carrots, our eyes can possibly benefit from other vegetable sources of vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acid sources or supplements, and from various eye exercises, such as utilizing pin-hole eyeglasses. These and other eye care suggestions you can find below to correct blurred vision. Here at Earth Clinic, we are always interested in discovering more home and natural remedies; have you or your family been utilizing a method to improve eyesight that isn't listed here? Please share it with us!


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Posted by Martin (Cambridge) on 05/21/2018

I was taking Astaxanthin as an antioxidant and to lower blood pressure. Surprise instead my vision improved so much after a month that I stopped needing reading glasses. I started using them a year ago so I am in the early stages of vision deterioration. But I am wondering if this would help someone who has more significant vision issues. I take 12 mg capsule once a day.


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Posted by Karen (Atlanta, Georgia, USA) on 01/02/2009

My vision improved significantly within 30 minutes of taking Bilberry. After I took it I could lay my glasses down and could see well enough to find my glasses, peel a band aid etc. I couldn't do that before. Try it!

Replied by Janet
(Sparta, Missouri, U.s.a.)

Karen, how much Bilberry did you take?

Replied by Charity
(Faithville, Us)

I use billberry and some castor oil ...the verdict is still out but this site might help :

Carrots and Spinach

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Posted by Man (Sojouring America) on 03/04/2014

This is a quick report back on the vision issue. My left eye has improved markedly. It is back to normal. Normal for the left always has been a little weaker than my right as long as I can remember. What I did was eat a few carrots a day and a can of spinach also, with some Extra virgin Olive Oil, and I put this salt shaker lid with small holes in it over my eye and I covered by other eye with the palm of my hand and then I looked and read the smallest print I had and then lifted up my eyes to read typing on that I taped on the wall. I looked up and read a few seconds and then looked down to read the smallest print and then back again. Just a short time. Also, I now wear a pair of UV clear work goggles to look at the computer to cut down on the glare from the monitor.

The three prong approach on the vision issue in summary.

1. Carrots and spinach ( spinach contains high level of Lutein) (sic?) and EVOO ( the oil it to help the body absorb the oil soluble nutrition).

2. Eye exercises with a pin hole type thing over the eye.

3. Glare reducing clear glasses for reading the computer screen monitor.

I hope this helps somebody. Over and out.

Castor Oil

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Posted by Drew (Hong Kong) on 05/30/2016

I buy cold pressed castor oil. It is hexane free and organic, Have been using it for 3 months and it softens the eye lens and has helped me see better.

Castor Oil
Posted by Paul (Plano, Texas) on 10/11/2012

Hi, I had an accident last week where I had a detached lense. Then my fiancee told me abot your solution. Castor oil solution. Well now I am sufferring fog in my left eye. And it made things worse.

Replied by Lucy

I fixed that by doing an eye rinse with a tiny bit of cayenne pepper in the water. Stings a little bit, but doesn't burn. Look up Dr Christopher's cayenne in eyes to better eyesight.


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Posted by Mikeyp (Eldridge, Ia) on 02/27/2011

I threw away my glasses after taking 4 grams of cayenne fruit capsules per day for 2 months.

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

Could you please tell us what your eye problem was? I also have eye problems but I had no idea about the influence of cayenne pepper. Although I don't take the pills (I find them a waste of money) I do take quite a bit of the real stuff but I never noticed a difference in my eyesight.

Replied by Grrrl
(Sarajevo, Bosnia)

I highly doubt that you can reach that amount of cayenne pepper in pure powder form. You should never think that a remedy for your health is a waste of money! And caps with cayenne are natural caps PACKED with cayenne so I doubt it is the same amount you use in food, nobody could eat that!

Replied by Rivenraven
(Colvile, Washington)

They are not marketing a fricken product! It makes perfect sense to me that the capsules are better as treatment then the amount you add in food. I don't think anyone will eat 3 tsp of cayenne a day in food, it's just too spicy. I am broke so I put 3 teaspoons of cayenne in orange juice along with some turmeric and chug it, but I doubt other people would be willing to do that lol. It's pretty horrid. I haven't done it in a few months, and I think I need to start doing it again, I feel like I have permanently tired eyes and eye strain. Time to step up the cayenne.

Replied by Ute
(Albuquerque, New Mexico, Usa)

I agree, I don't think she is marketing about her success with cayenne. This stuff works wonders for a lot of things, I tried it for sinus problems and that was the one thing that helped (tea with appelcider vinegar and about 1/4 tsp cayenne) did not try it for my eyes yet but I should try it.

Replied by Man
(Sojouring America)

If she was trying to "market a product", she would have had a specific brand name, because anybody can go to the store and buy a pound of cayenne pepper for about five dollars. How is that "marketing a product"? I tell people to take turmeric and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, both of them foods from the grocery store. If she was "marketing" she would have said that her cayenne is special and all the other cayenne pepper was just not as good as her brand. Capeeche. Now, I am going to try increasing my cayenne consumption and see if my tired eyes can feel a little better. They have felt burned out and hazy lately. I did some painting with oil paint rust inhibitive paint and the next day my vision seemed off, ( inside with little air movement). On to the kitchen to get the cayenne pepper.

(Edmonton Alberta)

You mention your eyes feel tired and head in a fog. I was like you. It's a very good chance your Testosterone is very low and should get some blood work done to confirm.


I just saw yesterday where a Dr. said diatomaceous earth helps after chemical exposure. The same symptoms you stated.

Replied by mia

It is unethical and immoral to recommend a product solely you can make a profit out of it.

(Illinois, USA)
403 posts

My response to those who accuse people who use and get results with natural products of "marketing a product"is, "What?". It's a pepper. You can grow it yourself and it wouldn't cost you a dime!

And I'd like to point out that I don't drive a Mercedes, belong to a country club or sell toxic chemicals that kill hundreds of thousands of people every year as medicine for perks, a hefty commission or so that my family can hang onto it's social status but if you'd rather seek the "advice" of those who DO, then why are you here?

If you want to sacrifice your liver for a bronze in the my-disease-is-worse-than-yours Olympic games, nobody here can stop you. You can even sacrifice your children for a win! It's perfectly legal and might even get you up a step on whatever sociopolitical ladder you're climbing so GO for it! Just ignore all the deaths caused by that little Wall Street profit stream and the appalling suicide rate of those who participate in it. Easy peasy!

Posted by Rita Cachia (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia ) on 11/10/2008

Vision improvment

I have been taking 3 cayenne pepper caps a day and I cannot believe how i can see better. I am typing away without glasses this evening. My vision is +2.5 on the left and +2.00 on the right.

Also I suffer from a bad cocxyx (tail bone pain) since I started the caps my pain has halved. I read somewhere it heals nerves I think its true.

I am telling everyone about it.I take a capsule with everymeal.Its working. I had a brand new wart which became sore so I mixed cayenne pepper with a drop of water to make a little paste and put it on the wart. Put a bandaid on it and now its gone. Try it.

Replied by Nm
(Houston, TX)

I don't think Bosnia was trying to market any product. Usually the supplement is a more potent form of the supplement, at a higher level of the ingredient than you could reach my eating the foods. Your reaction is a natural one, but I think if you do a little research you will see the difference.

Eye Exercise

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Posted by Prioris (Fl, Usa) on 03/04/2014

When I was very young, eye exercises brought my very deteriorating eyesight back to normal. I just used eye rotation. I actually got idea from reading the comics fun facts. At much older age eye exercise don't help as much. I benefit more by eye relaxation. Just goes to show that one must experiment to find out what works for their situation. Also remember that wearing eye glasses will worsen ones vision so unless you really have to use them, minimize wearing them.

Eye Exercise
Posted by Evan (Hastings, Florida) on 03/02/2012

Nobody has tried this here yet so I thought I'd put my 2cents in. I'm 40 yrs old and have always done, what I call eye exercises. You need to be outside in a large open area and what you do is hold your hand over one eye and look at something as far away as you can and then look at your other hand, close to your face. You do this back and forth as fast as you can for 30 seconds, and then switch eyes. You don't have to cover your eyes, but if you don't your domanant eye will get most of the workout. When you feel like your eyes have done pushups you have done a good eye workout. By the way I have 20/15 vision!

Replied by Kitti
(Sterling, Va)

This exercise helps instantly! Thanks v. much for sharing your tip.

Replied by Man
(Sojouring America)

I like Evan's comment here. I have a bit of poor near sightness developing I have noticed in the last short time. Some one had mentioned somewhere that taking a small grid and reading through it helps. I took a salt shaker lid and put it over one eye and cover the other one with my hand and read the smallest print I have and then look up and read what I have printed on a page about 6 feet away alternatively. It has lessened the annoyance of the one eye having a slightly poorer vision for reading.

The difference in vision was making reading a head ache to me but this exercise of using pin hole salt shaker lid as a "pin hole" glasses, it has really helped.

Is my vision perfect now? No. But am I able to continue to read with less annoyance? Yes. So, the eye exercise is a big winner and the pin hole type glasses also.


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Posted by AC (West Midlands, England) on 08/26/2008

My Mother in law has a book about herbs -- growing them and the different things that they do.

The book is called "The book of herbs" and is by Dorothy Hall. This book was published in the 1970s, so if you are seeking it you may only find it used.

In this book, the author suggests that you can improve your eye sight by "boiling fennel leaves in water until the water is reduced by half" and applying this to the eyes every day when it's cool. She lists no exact qualities because she says these aren't necessary. The body will use what it needs and discard the rest.

She also suggests drinking fennel tea to keep slim. Maybe people are confusing fennel with fenugreek which would explain several recent comments about people gaining weight while taking fenugreek.

My question is, has anyone tried these remedies? I know that fennel is good for digestion, but for weight loss and eye sight too?

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, Tn)
509 posts

Hello To the one with the fennel/herb efficacy question: Your question on fennel cannot be answered until you can identify what the author of that herb book is calling fennel! Is it that common weed with a distinctive odor that we southerners frequently call dog fennel. Our inability to answer this question is why I recommend that everyone buy themselves l or more good herb books and another good reference book for identifying these so-called "weeds" that usually are wonderful herbs. How many of them can you identify beyond the dandelion? You never know when you might be reduced to gathering and preparing those herbs for your own use, so you should become familiar with those in your area. You should also have a good reference book about what local plants are safe to gather and eat. Most bookstores stock some good reference books in this area. If you aren't familiar with him, James Duke's book, "The Green Pharmacy" is based on the information he gathered before retiring from federal employment, which can be found in the Federal Government's data base on plants, not only on the plants in N.A. but plants from other countries also. I suggest that you concentrate on your local plants because if you find yourself in a position of needing this information, you aren't likely to be able to order "cat's claw" from South America or anywhere else at that time.

Replied by Sindee
(Carlsbad, Ca)

This is an East Indian spice that we drink in our tea concoction once a day for maintaining good digestion. Also helps with bad breath and a few other ailments.


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Posted by Sridhar Av (Irving, Tx) on 05/06/2014

I have used cow ghee (clarified butter) into my eyes on a daily basis. This really works for stabilizing and even reducing myopia.

Posted by Dianna (Austin, Tx) on 10/15/2010

Ok - I have very dry skin. Cool air, wind, all of these make my skin feel tight, dry and itchy. Recently I discovered that ghee (clarified butter) rubbed on my skin at night made it feel much better and I wake up with younger skin. So - I started putting it near my eyes and on my eyelashes and it would get into my eyes and it felt good. I have had fatty deposits on my eyeballs for a while now and usually can't drive at night and have to wear reading glasses to read (i am 50) but imagine my surprise when I had to drive in the dark for an emergency and had no trouble! And also I found myself not reaching for my reading glasses as often!!! Now I put the ghee into my eyes every night. Also my eyes are whiter in the morning and I have almost no crows feet!!! Amazing!!!

Replied by Cherokee
(Moulton, Alabama, Usa)

What kind of Ghee did you use for your eyes? There are differnet types like, vegetable, cows milk & etc. I would like to try this myself so if you could give me exact brand, strength and etc. I could be sure and NOT mess up maybe.

Gingko Biloba

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Posted by Ihateglasses (London, England) on 01/04/2013

Im starting to take 120mg of standardized gingko biloba capsules as ive read a few studies where its helped with improving eyesight, and I believe gingko has similar effects as cayenne because they both help improve circulation so ill report back in about 2 months time.

Replied by Faust

Hi, any luck on taking gingko biloba for myopia?..I'm desperate for a cure here..

Hydrogen Peroxide

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Posted by Elaine (Fairfield, Ct.) on 01/16/2014

I have a friend who has retinitis pigmentosa...I checked your remedies and one said no cure and another said H2O2 with equal parts water into the eye...Is there anything new or has anyoone out there had positive results with the H202 or anything? Thank you.

Replied by Om
(Hope Bc Canada)

Cold pressed castor oil will cure cataracts so I think it is worth while giving it a go. I use it and it gives brightness and deeper colour. Apply twice a day, especially at night. Very nourishing. Om

Replied by Blanche

I agree that castor oil is soothing in the eye, especially at bedtime, but I can't agree that it cures cataracts. I used it faithfully for 6 months, and went to eye doctor expecting him to ask me what I'd done and that the cataracts were dissolving, but he told me that they were worse....Turned out he was right.

Replied by Samantha
(Nc, Usa)

You may need to use cold pressed, organic castor oil, so there is no hexane - a byproduct of pressing oil in most, commercial oils.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Brandon (Buffalo, Ny) on 01/12/2013

Yes, 35% hydrogen peroxide diluted down to 3% works! I have LHON eye disease and it has greatly improved my vision.

Replied by Sheryl.
(West Palm Beach, FL)

Yes, exactly how did you use the peroxide and how long did it take before you noticed a difference?

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