Natural Remedies for Essential Tremors: Effective Top Supplements

Taurine, L-Theanine, Magnesium
Posted by Graham (United Kingdom ) on 02/02/2023
5 out of 5 stars


I too have found this combination very helpful, it's early days but my tremors have reduced.
I've only been taking the combo for a week, do you have any further updates?
Thank you.

Taurine, L-Theanine, Magnesium
Posted by Pacific Coast Lady (Crescent City, CA) on 06/18/2021 194 posts
5 out of 5 stars

I feel very hopeful after trying Taurine last night before bed. I have already been on Magnesium Citrate as I tolerate it well, and feel it is absorbing better into my system. I also want to mention that I follow the Keto Diet, and will post in the Type 2 Diabetes board here at EC.

I ordered Life Extension Taurine, and they had a good buy on 1000mg capsules so I bought those. I was afraid to take that dose, so I poured out half of the capsule. I took it with my 500mg capsule of Magnesium w/Mag. Oxide, citrate, succinate, Mag. lysyl glycinate chelate. I did not notice when I ordered the final content of the Magnesium. I thought I was ordering Citrate so I am not at all sure about the content but am checking today. I was warned against Oxide by Dr. Berg, but he didn't give a reason.

I slept more hours than I had in ages, one time up to go to the bathroom, but fell right back to sleep. Also, I noticed I had no grogginess, or hangover from the Taurine. Felt good and balanced in the a.m. ready to go. Oh, and I wasn't shaking when I woke up that one time, and not this morning either. I feel calm but not sleepy.

I plan to post again here to keep folks up to date that are interested. I took a Taurine full 1000mg 45 minutes ago, and want to see if it keeps me calmer (lessens tremors) w/o any sort of drowsiness during the day, very hopeful.

I also supplement with B vitamins, C, D, ALA, E, and Zinc but I have been on those, plus the Magnesium months now. Tolerate all very well. No drugs or herbals. Forgot to mention that I have lost 16 lbs since Jan. 2021. I should also tell you that my tremor is pretty bad, as I cannot begin to put makeup on for the last few years, and handwriting is almost impossible. Most of tremor is in my head, shakes side to side, and left-hand is worst, right hand only at times. I don't have Parkinson's, doctors don't know what it is, possibly hereditary but I'm going to break that "chain" if I can ;)

Taurine, L-Theanine, Magnesium
Posted by Kellie (Oklahoma) on 03/26/2019
5 out of 5 stars

Taurine may be the key to essential tremors!

About a year ago I developed shaking of both hands (action tremor). This developed suddenly and I was experiencing some other symptoms as well that led my doctor to believe I could have Hyperthyroidism. Tests came back negative for Hyperthyroidism, but I do have antibodies against my thyroid, so the doctor started me on Selenium and a Gluten-free diet. I also had pretty severe iron-deficiency anemia, and mild B-12 & vitamin D deficiency. I felt better after those things were corrected, but the tremors continued as well as the foot/leg cramps and eyelid twitching I had been experiencing. This led the doctor to believe I could be Magnesium deficient. I began taking 460mg of a high quality Magnesium Glycinate supplement. The cramps & twitching resolved (other than occasional cramps), but the tremors only improved a little.

At this point, I was frustrated, upset & worried that I had developed Essential Tremor. I have no family history of ET & come from a very large family; I even knew my extended family & no one had ET. It's possible for it to develop in someone without a family history of course, but I'm in my 40's & wanted to be sure I tried to thoroughly get to the bottom of this before resigning myself to the ET diagnosis.

I started doing some research & came across information about l-theanine being helpful for tremors, so I began taking 200mg twice daily. This helped a lot, but the tremors weren't completely gone. The doctor suggested increasing my dosage of Magnesium, but I have trouble tolerating the higher doses (even of the glycinate).

During my research, I found the Earth Clinic website & was encouraged by the tremor-reducing suggestions. I added 500mg of Taurine once/day a few days ago & my tremor is 99% gone! In fact, if I wasn't so sensitive to it, I wouldn't know I had it at all. It's too early to assume that the Taurine, l-Theanine, Magnesium combo will continue to work, but I'm very encouraged!

Sorry for the long post, but if I can help anyone going through a similar situation, I want to be detailed as to what is working for me in case someone is going through the same thing.

*A positive side effect of taking the l-theanine & taurine is improved mood & less anxiety/stress.