Natural Remedies for Essential Tremor

| Modified on Oct 21, 2021

Dietary Changes
Posted by Queb (California) on 12/08/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Had shaky hands and a slight voice tremor from essential tremor. Tried everything under the sun!

Gluten-Free... that did not help. High B2 doses, nope! Every vitamin combo you can name. No help.

As you all know this ailment is so frustrating and its a long road that just gets worse! I came across some research regarding brain using Ketones for energy through a ketogenic diet. A very low carb, high fat diet where your body/brain runs off fat. The brain runs much more efficient on fat. I've been on the ketogenic diet for 3 months and my tremors are down 90%!!!!!! I've been on earth clinic many times looking for the next advancement in tremor control. THIS IS IT!!!!!! DITCH THE CARBS!!!!! I CANT TELL YOU HOW HAPPY I AM TO RELAY SUCH POSITIVE NEWS!!!

Some days I do miss the chips, ice cream, sweets, but to be able to control my hands is so much better than a bag of potato chips. I'm not going to go into the details of the keto diet, but a simple google search will lead you to how to get started. I'll check back on here if you have any questions about my journey.

I went from having difficulty writing to having such steady hands! You would never know I had ET! MIND BLOWN!!!!! If you are looking for a solution, this is it guys. So Excited to share the news.

Magnesium L-Threonate
Posted by Soazburrolady (Southern Az., US) on 02/23/2015
5 out of 5 stars

A few years back, my husband developed an essential (or intention) tremor in his hands. At first it bothered him only when upset or tired, but gradually started to affect him full time. As my husband makes his living as an OR nurse and needs to have fine motor skills for his job performance, it became imperative to find a treatment or cure. After researching the problem, we decided to hit him with the whole shebang of potential treatments. The most important seemed to be Magnesium L-threonate, GABA, Taurine, and L-theanine. Fortunately, as some have mentioned, the Magnesium L-threonate does not cause or aggravate diarrhea. I am really happy to report that my husband's tremor has basically disappeared. He takes other supplements also, but was taking them prior to the onset of the tremors. We have also eliminated any aspartame and eat only very small amounts of gluten. I am not sure if I am allowed to mention a specific product, but there is a tablet available from a reputable "Source" that contains the combo of GABA, Taurine, L-Theanine, Magnesium chelate, and some herbal extracts that simplifies the process. He adds a Magnesium L-Threonate product from the same "Source" to that tablet. All the best and hope this works for you as well.

Remove Electrical Devices Near Bed
Posted by Jim (Atlanta, Ga) on 05/25/2014
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I have had shaky hands for the past 2 years. I made dietary changes like cutting out caffeine, sugar and artificial sweeteners, but that didn't help. A few weeks ago I saw a naturopath who asked me if I slept with a clock radio next to my bed as EMF exposure was showing up in his scans as the cause of the shaky hands. I don't have a clock radio next to my bed, but I do have a white noise machine that I sleep with. He suggested that I remove the device from my bedside table and place it at least 5 feet away. I did and 3 days later my tremors stopped and haven't returned.

Anyone experiencing tremors should remove all electrical devices from the bedside and see if it makes a difference. I can't believe how easy the cure was.

Magnesium L-Threonate
Posted by Pointvet (Texas Usa) on 10/15/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I will write too long. I had a head injury in 1966 and a 7 day comma, when I woke -- right off I tremored and said to myself, "the girls will never be interested in me now". I lost from 174 lbs down to 109 lbs. Numerous doctors told me I would not live to see age 30...or much less. Over the years I did much research, being I was smart enough yet, even if I tremored badly, to the extent I could not write my name, play the guitar, do art, hold a book in my hands to read it etc. I used many naturals and some with benefits, usually for a short term. I was for a while addicted to tranquilizers, to the extent now I truly am opposed to them for myself. The tremors gradually got worse over the decades, yet I never got angry at or resented the problems. I got this honorably, in a small teams parachute jump in VN, doing what I felt true to liberty assistance....I was fortunate to have an excuse for quirkiness.

Thanks for this site! I have been reading and have been taking the theanine serene with relora 2 per day and one magtein, now for about 8 days. I can carry a dinner plate and can touch two fingers of each hand to each other. How long will this last...I have no idea. But over the years I have done hospital stints, done scans, seen numerous neurologists, taken k's of dollars of naturals, took medical drugs I soon quit with side effects, exercise everyday, had years of giving up all caffeine, food coloring, salt, sugar, suggested bad foods, avoided chemicals, withdrew from social gatherings, still losing the abilities of most things I enjoyed. So far I have good results with this and many thanks. Others should do their own research and discussions with their health care opinions are useless in a professional way.

Posted by Edna (Hayward, Ca) on 10/14/2015

Essential Tremors are sign of Magnesium Deficiency. Google Tremors, Dr Dean. Google Magnesium Deficiency.

Magnesium Glycinate is one of the best absorbed forms of Magnesium. Most everyone is low in Magnesium. Dosing 5x Elemental mg body weight in lbs. It will take time to restore Mg, so give it time, months. Other health issues would also be corrected along the way.

You could also add Mag L Threonate 2 caps a day, one at daytime and one before bed. 48 mg elemental Mg per cap. In combo with Mg Glycinate. Mag L T is the only form that would cross the blood brain barrier so this form of Mg could help the tremors in a shorter time.

Sea Salt
Posted by Me (Pennsylvania, US) on 03/02/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I had had some shakiness in the past few years, most notably when I was hungry, nervous, or angry. I'm now 9 weeks pregnant and it had gotten much worse. I was very frightened that perhaps I had a neurological problem. I tried to isolate possible problem, and decided it could be one of the following: Thyroid, neurological damage, blood sugar, blood pressure, vitamin or mineral deficiency, or an anxiety disorder.

My husband and I have been doing Dr. Batman's "Water Cure" for nearly a year with spectacular results. That is simply drinking half your body weight in ounces of water, and dissolving a few pinches of sea salt on your tongue daily.

Well, I realized perhaps it was really due to drops in my slightly low blood pressure, and I read up on how to raise it. Salt. I realized since I got pregnant, I'd reduced my salt intake because I wasn't sure if it was good for my baby.

So I started taking the pinches of salt again, and that awful daily shaking is GONE GONE GONE. I am so happy. My hands are steady again, that horrible shaking has ceased. I only take a few pinches a day.

For the record, the shaking was like an intentional tremor, so if I was drinking from a glass, or trying to lay a sheet of paper on a pile, it would really tremble. If I was trying to do something, like say, plug a charger into my cell phone, or put the key in the ignition of my car, it would tremble and make it hard to do. I am a 40 year old woman in overall excellent health.

I think you have nothing to lose, and quite possibly everything to gain, by trying sea salt. It's cheap and if it works, you'll be happy. I don't have any definite reason WHY I was shaking but I do know it has STOPPED since the very day I began the salt again. I don't know if it will help everyone, or anyone but if it does help anyone, that would be wonderful.

Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)
Posted by Howard (Westminster, Md. Usa) on 05/03/2015
5 out of 5 stars

If you suffer from essential tremors, you might consider riboflavin. Riboflavin alone seems to mitigate this condition as I was seemingly going into full blown Parkinsons before I took this and only this. The b-complex was not therapeutic btw. I hope this post helps someone!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Cathy (Biloxi, Ms) on 02/14/2014 1 posts
5 out of 5 stars

Apple cider vinegar (1tbsp) in a glass of Orange Juice (with pulp) each morning for past five days has slowed my Essential Head Tremors about 70%. In addition, I have more energy and I have noticed my long hair hasn't fallen out in the shower (something that always happens). I discovered this remedy by accident. My intial purpose for taking the concoction was to slow my menstral cycle (which it has done successfully in the past). Please note that I am 43, college educated, and a breast cancer survivor (chemo and radiation was unnecessary due to diagnosis of dcis). I was afflicted with essential tremors a year prior to the brca diagnosis. I have been taking Inderal for tremors from the beginning with moderate results. But recently, my tremors have been so bad I have considered the possible need of a neuro exam...that was five days ago.

From personal experience, I highly recommend ACV with OJ for tremors, hair loss, energy, and heavy menstruation.

Posted by Toourlady89 (Ca) on 09/25/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Magnesium works for essential tremors. The better choice of the several forms of Mg will be Mg Glycinate. Its absorbed well without laxative effects. I usually get mine on line. I used to have diffeiculty in signing my name, my handwriting was shaky. With Mg, it has come back to normal. It's important to understand that Mg will take time to build up in the system, so it could take months, but it will work. Most of the population are now deficient in Mg beccause of the quality of the food we eat causing many symptoms.

Taurine, L-Theanine, Magnesium
Posted by Kellie (Oklahoma) on 03/26/2019
5 out of 5 stars

Taurine may be the key to essential tremors!

About a year ago I developed shaking of both hands (action tremor). This developed suddenly and I was experiencing some other symptoms as well that led my doctor to believe I could have Hyperthyroidism. Tests came back negative for Hyperthyroidism, but I do have antibodies against my thyroid, so the doctor started me on Selenium and a Gluten-free diet. I also had pretty severe iron-deficiency anemia, and mild B-12 & vitamin D deficiency. I felt better after those things were corrected, but the tremors continued as well as the foot/leg cramps and eyelid twitching I had been experiencing. This led the doctor to believe I could be Magnesium deficient. I began taking 460mg of a high quality Magnesium Glycinate supplement. The cramps & twitching resolved (other than occasional cramps), but the tremors only improved a little.

At this point, I was frustrated, upset & worried that I had developed Essential Tremor. I have no family history of ET & come from a very large family; I even knew my extended family & no one had ET. It's possible for it to develop in someone without a family history of course, but I'm in my 40's & wanted to be sure I tried to thoroughly get to the bottom of this before resigning myself to the ET diagnosis.

I started doing some research & came across information about l-theanine being helpful for tremors, so I began taking 200mg twice daily. This helped a lot, but the tremors weren't completely gone. The doctor suggested increasing my dosage of Magnesium, but I have trouble tolerating the higher doses (even of the glycinate).

During my research, I found the Earth Clinic website & was encouraged by the tremor-reducing suggestions. I added 500mg of Taurine once/day a few days ago & my tremor is 99% gone! In fact, if I wasn't so sensitive to it, I wouldn't know I had it at all. It's too early to assume that the Taurine, l-Theanine, Magnesium combo will continue to work, but I'm very encouraged!

Sorry for the long post, but if I can help anyone going through a similar situation, I want to be detailed as to what is working for me in case someone is going through the same thing.

*A positive side effect of taking the l-theanine & taurine is improved mood & less anxiety/stress.

Magnesium L-Threonate, Theanine, Acetyl L-Carnitine
Posted by Art (California ) on 11/20/2018 1004 posts


Many people don't realize that the currently available meds for PD and most supplements do nothing to halt or even slow disease progression and they merely work to try and control symptoms while the underlying disease progresses unabated even though symptoms may be well controlled for now. Eventually the meds can lose effectiveness even with increased dosing until they may no longer control the symptoms that he is taking them for. What I am talking about is different in this respect. When you are relatively symptom free is the time to be as proactive as possible in order to preserve what you have before the disease progression level becomes too advanced and irreversible damage is done to the brain.

I understand what your husband is saying and so I will stop here.


Vitamin Deficiency and Tremors
Posted by Dina (Texas) on 02/10/2016


You likely have a magnesium deficiency that is being exacerbated by the large amount of Vitamin D that you are taking. The same thing happened to me. Vitamin D needs magnesium to convert it into a usable form. The large amount you are taking is sucking up all your magnesium. Trembling and hand tremors are a result. Please research how to take Vitamin D with magnesium.

Taurine, L-Theanine, Magnesium
Posted by Pacific Coast Lady (Crescent City, CA) on 06/18/2021 130 posts
5 out of 5 stars

I feel very hopeful after trying Taurine last night before bed. I have already been on Magnesium Citrate as I tolerate it well, and feel it is absorbing better into my system. I also want to mention that I follow the Keto Diet, and will post in the Type 2 Diabetes board here at EC.

I ordered Life Extension Taurine, and they had a good buy on 1000mg capsules so I bought those. I was afraid to take that dose, so I poured out half of the capsule. I took it with my 500mg capsule of Magnesium w/Mag. Oxide, citrate, succinate, Mag. lysyl glycinate chelate. I did not notice when I ordered the final content of the Magnesium. I thought I was ordering Citrate so I am not at all sure about the content but am checking today. I was warned against Oxide by Dr. Berg, but he didn't give a reason.

I slept more hours than I had in ages, one time up to go to the bathroom, but fell right back to sleep. Also, I noticed I had no grogginess, or hangover from the Taurine. Felt good and balanced in the a.m. ready to go. Oh, and I wasn't shaking when I woke up that one time, and not this morning either. I feel calm but not sleepy.

I plan to post again here to keep folks up to date that are interested. I took a Taurine full 1000mg 45 minutes ago, and want to see if it keeps me calmer (lessens tremors) w/o any sort of drowsiness during the day, very hopeful.

I also supplement with B vitamins, C, D, ALA, E, and Zinc but I have been on those, plus the Magnesium months now. Tolerate all very well. No drugs or herbals. Forgot to mention that I have lost 16 lbs since Jan. 2021. I should also tell you that my tremor is pretty bad, as I cannot begin to put makeup on for the last few years, and handwriting is almost impossible. Most of tremor is in my head, shakes side to side, and left-hand is worst, right hand only at times. I don't have Parkinson's, doctors don't know what it is, possibly hereditary but I'm going to break that "chain" if I can ;)

Magnesium L-Threonate
Posted by Soazburrolady (Arizona) on 06/24/2016
5 out of 5 stars

John, so sorry to hear of your new difficulties. I just thought I might add a note of encouragement to all of you suffering from ET. My husband has been continously on the same supplements since before my first post - and continues tremor free. We are truly thankful. It is, without a doubt expensive, but works, and he has had no ill effects. I will say that the remedy worked fairly quickly (within a few weeks he noted improvement). So, it is possible that other causes of tremor will not respond as well. We have been too chicken to discontinue to see what might happen! My best to you all.

Gluten-Free Diet
Posted by Jon (New South Wales) on 10/19/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Tremors are 100% gone after eliminating Gluten from diet. Woohoo

I reckon Gluten-intolerance is the root cause of many essential tremors. I have read Gluten may is indeed be a very common cause of essential tremors.

Even without any gastrointestinal symptoms you can have Gluten-intolerance/Celiac disease. I am very grateful I found out about Gluten causing tremors, very happy.

Iodine, Multiple Supplements
Posted by Sid (Springfield, Mo, Usa) on 07/05/2010
5 out of 5 stars

At age 66 I have gradually developed a tremor in both hands over the past 10 years. It was just something I thought was normal aging and mostly ignored it.

Two and one-half months ago my wife and I started taking 50mg of potassium iodide daily, and a month later made our own 5% Lugol's solution, taking 50mg a day of iodine in that form instead of the potassium iodide. Just a week ago she switched to four 12.5mg Iodoral per day and I continued with the 50mg of Lugol's internally, plus have been paint the palms of my hands daily with Lugol's solution. Additionally we have been taking 3000mg vitamin C, 400mcg selenium, 500mg niacin, 1,000mg tyrosine, 1,500mg DL-Phenylalanine, several forms of magnesium (magnesium chloride, magnesium asporotate, magnesium oxide), 50mg zinc, 100mg B6, 1000IU Vitamin E, 5000IU vitamin D3, a good quality health food store multiple vitamin/mineral plus 1 teaspoon of Real Salt. We just added a tablespoon per day in a glass of grapefruit juice of diatomaceous earth last week for the silica.

We started this regimen for a number of reasons. As for me, I would wake up tired and need a two hour nap every afternoon. I had no energy. I have an enlarged prostate. I have Dupuytren's constricture in the palm of both hands affecting the tendon of the ring finger. My memory kept getting worse. I have almond size cysts between the muscle and skin, one on my hip and one on my arm, plus a few other smaller similar cysts. I have trouble keeping my weight normal.

The first six weeks I had no side effects, but then developed pain in my kidneys and stiffness in my finger joints plus random weird feelings around my body, after which I upped the detox efforts (more magnesium, more real salt, added diatomaceous earth). The side effects are diminished to non existent now.

I have noticed that I can already straighten the fingers in both hands which I could not do before. The lumps in the palms of my hands are noticeably smaller. The almond size cysts are smaller but still noticeable. My energy level is fantastic by comparison to before; very few naps, plus plenty of energy for gardening and getting out. I am sleeping longer between trips to the bathroom, and am having mostly beautiful, intense dreams almost every night. My mood is now one of pleasure rather than dullness.

But the big surprise is that my hand tremors are suddenly 95% gone. I wasn't even paying attention but my wife pointed out to me that my hands were hardly shaking any more. I can hold them steady with no support; no more food falling off my fork; no more spills when I put down a cup. I can again sign my name and it looks like my signature. I wasn't going through this regimen for my tremors; but, I don't know which part of what I am taking cured them.

Tyrosine breaks down to l-dopa and dopamine. L-dopa can be absorbed into the brain, and along with B6 will then convert to dopamine. This may be what did it. But DL-Phenylalanine also breaks down into tyrosine so this is also probably involved. Plus the iodine, the deficiency of which I was treating, could well be involved. Plus iodine helps eliminate fluorine, bromine, mercury, lead, and arsenic which could be involved. I had been taking magnesium for years in a calcium/magnesium/zinc supplement, but in my new program I was taking more magnesium and in different forms.

I am sorry I can't be more clear on what out of the above cured my tremors, but the answer is in there somewhere.

Magnesium L-Threonate, Theanine, Acetyl L-Carnitine
Posted by John (Suffolk, England) on 10/18/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Hi again, Soazburrolady. Just wanted to say, I am now TREMOR FREE! Using your husband's recommended combination.

Magnesium Threonate, Theanine Serene with Relora and Acetyl L-Carnitine.

Will keep taking, along with top ups of Magnesium Citrate and, occasionally, the Good Guru supplement that I mentioned. But, it's definitely those initial three that made and make the difference. Have started making art submissions again. Bless you for your initial post on the subject. Looks like I can have my artist's life back again. Thank you.

Dietary Changes
Posted by John (Arizona) on 12/09/2016

I have seen Ketogenic diets for individuals who have seizures, another neurological problem. Sounds like this diet can apply to those with other nero problems like tremor. Thx for posting your success. Amazing.

Posted by Thomas (Dublin, Ireland) on 09/23/2014

The best way to get magnesium is transdermal . That way there is no problem with stomach or diarrhea.

Ancient Minerals is a pure form and can be sprayed on skin or added to footbath.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Aliups (Atlanta, Ga) on 07/01/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I have had tremors since I was a kid (30 yrs), they started to get really bad a few years ago and that's when I was diagnosed with ET. After months of trying different meds that didn't work or I could take because of the side effects, and also dealing with doctors and their "you just have to deal with it" attitudes. I took back control of my health. I spoke with a naturalist and an allergist. After some tests, a lot of research and some prayer this is what I changed.

I went gluten free, caffeine free, aspartame free (any sugar substitute) I take Lecithin 1200mg, Acetyl L-Carnitine 500mg, L-Lysine 500mg, GABA 1500mg, Calcium 1000mg, Magnesium 800mg, Norwegian Salmon Oil 2200mg plus a multivitamin.

I have been doing this for almost three months and I am mostly tremor free. The tremors will start up if I get upset or angry, but very mild. Definitely something I can live with. The diet was difficult at first, but when I realized the difference it was making... It isn't so hard any more.

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