Effective Home Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction

| Modified on Jan 24, 2023
L-Citrulline, Pycnogenol, Ginseng
Posted by Ringgo (indonesia) on 11/15/2022
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hello ED folk,

Try these combinations - l-citrulline malate - pycnogenol - Panax ginseng

it will do wonders!

Posted by Pay It Forward (PNW) on 11/14/2022

Very interesting but not widely known. We were just talking about this recently. I'd read a study that said men who regularly watched it had a significantly higher ED problems. It's a real connection and problem. I'm not saying every man who has ED watches porn but, after conversations with women friends, the men who were having issues were known by their partners to be porn watchers, and in each case. Pornography absolutely impacts male sexual performance.

Below is from an article by sex addiction expert Robert Weiss, Ph.D., LCSW, Chief Clinical Officer...

  • The amount of porn a man watches is linked to ED. More porn equals more ED.
  • The constant fantasy/satisfaction cycle with heavy porn use leads to emotional and psychological disconnection with live partners

"For many healthy adolescents and adult males, an unexpected consequence of heavy porn use is sexual dysfunction. Most often, this manifests as erectile dysfunction (ED), but porn-using males also sometimes struggle with delayed ejaculation (DE) and anorgasmia (the inability to reach orgasm). Depending on the research, anywhere from 17% to 58% of men who self-identify as heavy/compulsive/addicted users of porn struggle with some form of sexual dysfunction. Basically, research tells us that the more porn one uses, the more likely sexual dysfunction is."

"Simply stated, growing numbers of physically healthy male porn users, including adolescents and men in their sexual prime, are struggling with various forms of sexual dysfunction—especially if/when they attempt to be sexual with a real-world partner. Numerous studies back this up, including a large-scale (more than 2,000 participants) study published in 2020.[i] This study found:

  • 90% of men fast-forward to watch the most arousing pornographic scenes—i.e., the scenes most likely to be neurochemically rewarded with an intense dopamine and adrenaline rush.
  • Heavy porn users take significantly longer than other men to reach orgasm with a real-world partner.
  • 23% of the men under age 35 (i.e., in their sexual prime) reported some level of ED when having sex with a real-world partner.
  • The amount of porn a man watches is linked to ED. More porn equals more ED.
  • Heavy porn use is also linked to dissatisfaction with real-world sex.
  • 20% of male porn users find that over time they need to watch more extreme porn to achieve their desired level of arousal.

Based on this and other studies, it appears that for many porn-using males, sexual dysfunction is neither physical in nature nor related to the frequency of masturbation and orgasm (i.e., the need for a sexual refractory period in which males reload, so to speak). Instead, problems with ED, DE, and anorgasmia are increasingly related to the fact that when a male spends 80,90, or even 100% of his sexual energy viewing and masturbating to pornography—endless images of sexy, exciting, constantly changing partners and experiences—he is, over time, likely to find a lone real-world partner less stimulating than the endless variety and intensity he experiences online."

(Source: Psychology Today)

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Chuck (Cincinnati, Oh) on 09/30/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Almost daily, I would have trouble becoming very tired in mid afternoon. Many times I would catch myself falling asleep at my desk. I started 10-15 ML of 35% H202 with 8-10 oz of reverse osmosis water about three weeks ago. I almost immediately I regained my energy and no longer fight sleep in the afternoon. About two days into the processes I notice that well.... my slight problem with ED had gone away. Being skeptical I stopped taking it and it re-appeared. I begain taking it again and it was no coincidence. So what's the reason for this?

Avocado Oil
Posted by D (CO) on 06/01/2022

There is a lot of fake olive oil and avocado oil out there.

Posted by Dorothy (Japan) on 05/29/2022

Hi, Which brand of kelp do you use? Thank you

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Haniff (Raleigh, North Carolina) on 03/23/2022
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Speculating two things. Increased blood flow. Cleanser effect including killing off bad bacteria in urinary tract that may be impeding erection quality. H2o2 increases oxygen in blood. Better oxygen supply = better erection quality?

Experimented back in 2017 and noticed a similar erect. Plump full and heavy erections.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Walter Braunbaum (Germany ) on 11/06/2021

Eggs, Liver and Butter.

maybe horsetail tee

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Teena (Victoria) on 10/02/2021 235 posts

Rod, it could take four weeks before you start to see benefits, take into account your health before this, you're likely trying to unclog decades of arterial plaque.. take the 1/2 tsp cayenne together with the shot of Apple Cider Vinegar twice a day, mag daily should be 1000mg, have you added the ALA in the form of flax or walnut oil? How much niacin are you up to daily? And have you noticed any differences in your health yet?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Rod (Montana ) on 10/01/2021

Okay, so with acv, cayenne, magnesium, b3 (niacin), and I take vitamin c I have had no effect on my ED. Hope something helps.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Rod (Montana ) on 09/22/2021

Thanks, I'm very fit and don't know why my libido dropped to nothing, hope this helps.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Teena (Victoria) on 09/22/2021 235 posts


ACV has helped people with ED, just as a side effect of getting healthier, improving blood flow through arteries.

Sea kelp, not sea salt, one tablet a day for iodine, supports the reproductive system.

Yes. L Carnitine L Tartrate, but wait on this, you should see improvements just from the mag and the GLA.

Cayenne pepper very simply improves circulation, you can see how used in tandem with ACV it will be of benefit

B3 niacin flush, you want to open arteries, capillaries, get the blood flowing, start low, you'll feel this one, slowly build up.

Dr. Carolyn Dean recommends 1000mg mag for healthy young men. Sick and older use more, research, and find your own dose, keeping in mind Magnesium and Linolenic Acid. Makes pge1, a natural hormone that is a vein dilator. They make this synthetically for Erectile Dysfunction and charge good money, it's called Alprostadil.

Best sources Linolenic Acid, flaxseeds and oil, walnuts and oil, pumpkin seeds and oil, borage oil, and evening primrose oil.

Hope that helps.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Rod (Montana ) on 09/21/2021
3 out of 5 stars

How much cayenne pepper and what delivery method do you recommend? I already take magnesium 400mg. Thanks

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Joseph A. (Stockton, Ca ) on 09/20/2021 75 posts

Hey Rod, I just read your comment and another one from some person in Australia that used a combinations of things that don't make sense to me or how to use. Did you also view that with magnesium, sea salt, L-Carnitine, cayenne pepper, Vit B3 Ala, dosage? I just asked for some clarification, if I get it I will send it to you. Joe

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Joseph A. (Stockton, Ca ) on 09/20/2021 75 posts

Very interesting comment, however I have questions since I am a young 80 yr old.
Where does ACV come into usage?

sea salt 1/4 tablet or 1 tablet?

product L-Carnitine is that the total name or is

L-CartineL-Tartrate the real name?

still don't know where: cayenne pepper (dosage) comes in

Vit B3 Niacin flush type or B3 Niacinamide no flush!

magnesium ionic (liquid) 1/2 cap full (cap is from magnesium container?

take sea salt capsule with water or is everything mixed, blended together?

at the end you have more writing regarding other names Prog E1 or whatever, however spelled, does that come into play with ED? Whew…. Can you send me a simple formula?

Will appreciate. Thank you. How often do you use this daily or will it last for sometime?

please as specific as you can.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Teena (Melbourne, Australia) on 09/20/2021 235 posts

Now add the cayenne pepper, vitamin b3, and magnesium to your regimen. Also mag + ALA equals erection drug, check it out for yourself


Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Rod (Montana) on 09/19/2021
1 out of 5 stars

I've had ED for 10 years now, I tried ACV for a week now. No difference in anything. 2TS 2x a day.

Spinach and Tomato
Posted by Paracelsus (Orlando, FL) on 06/21/2021 47 posts
5 out of 5 stars

The reason why this works is due to high nitrate content of spinach. Green vegetables in general are high in nitrate which is a key component for the body to create Nitric Oxide which is critical to getting and maintaining an erection (see my article under "Editor's choice" for a more in depth analysis).

Posted by Paracelsus (Orlando, FL) on 04/29/2021 47 posts

L-Arginine works sometime because this is another pathway for the body to generate nitric oxide. However, according to some studies, L-Arginine supplementation isn't effective for many people. I think that by following the natural path I recommended in my post on Nitric Acid in this section, you will have better success and you won't have to take any supplements. By consuming nitrates from vegetables, especially beetroot, and by creating and maintaining a healthy microbiome (through the consumption of milk kefir), you will be creating plenty of nitric oxide for cardiovascular health. ED is really only a symptom of cardiovascular issues.

Remedies after Radiation for Prostate Cancer
Posted by JJ (USA) on 04/27/2021

Prostate cancer screening and early detection does NOT save men's lives. Let's do the math. Per the USPSTF (a US government health agency): “A small benefit and known harms from prostate cancer screening” and “Only one man in 1,000 could possibly have a life saving benefit from screening”. However about 1.3 to 3.5 deaths per 1,000 from prostate blind biopsies. Also, 5 men in 1000 died and 20.4% had one or more complications within 30 days of a prostatectomy. This does not include deaths and injuries from other procedures, medical mistakes, increased suicide rate, ADT therapy complications, heart attracts, depression, etc, caused by screening and treatments. Detection and overtreatment for prostate cancer has killed or destroyed millions of men's lives worldwide from understated and multiple undisclosed side effects. The doctor that invented the PSA test, Dr. Richard Ablin now calls it: “The Great Prostate Mistake”, “Hoax” and “A Profit Driven Public Health Disaster”.

My story: http://www.yananow.org/display_story.php?id=1659

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYii98gcejA https://www.uspreventiveservicestaskforce.org/Page/Document/UpdateSummaryFinal/prostate-cancer-screening1

https://medium.com/@drsadeghi/early-detection-disaster-4d4740ee5828 https://urologyweb.com/

https://urologyweb.com/uro-health-blog/ https://grossovertreatment.com https://medium.com/@bvorstman/is-psa-testing-for-prostate-cancer-bad-health-advice-7199618e56c5


Recommended books:

The Great Prostate Hoax by Richard Ablin MD (the inventor of the PSA test)

The Big Scare, The Business of Prostate Cancer by Anthony Horan MD.

Arginine, Horny Goat Weed, Cayenne
Posted by Swade (Atlanta) on 03/16/2021
5 out of 5 stars

I have had success with L-Arginine, The one by "Now Sports" its pure with no other ingredients I dont work for them nor am I an affiliate either, this is just my personal experience, my cardiologist approve of it also. so consult your physician

Panax Ginseng
Posted by Triton1924 (Nelson, British Columbia ) on 02/12/2021 2 posts
5 out of 5 stars

I'm 41 and never had any issues until after my heart surgery, since then I've been on a combo of blood thinners and blood pressure pills. I started having trouble keeping an erection as soon as I started those pills, I've tried so many natural things too many to list here but I finally started taking Panax Ginseng, it worked almost immediately for me it was a in comparison to Viagra but natural with no side effects taste awful like the worst tasting cough medicine but it's worth a try, this is the brand I found but I'm sure there are other brands you could try I only take one full dropper full a lot less then it recommends but don't need anymore. Good luck keep your stress down and keep living. Bye for now.

Remedies after Radiation for Prostate Cancer
Posted by Joseph B. (United States) on 11/18/2019

The radiation therapy will destroy the internal workings of the prostrate as it looks to have caused other nerve damage. Between cancer tumors and radiation you may never produce semen again. Does not mean that you can't have satisfying dry ejaculation. No kids.

Remedies after Radiation for Prostate Cancer
Posted by mandandi (Gaborone, Botswana) on 11/05/2019


I dont know if you are responding to me or not with the question. I live in Botswana, so I am able to get most of these plants in powder form in health shops. The oils can be used to massage the testicles too - particularly blackseed oil. It has been proven to have a positive effect on male gonads as shown in the study below quoted from Dr Axe: A systematic review published in 2015 in the Journal of Herbal Medicine also looked at the effects of black seeds on male infertility. The researchers reviewed studies that took place between 2000 and 2014, and overall, they concluded that black seed can “positively influence sperm parameters, semen, Leydig cells, reproductive organs and sexual hormones.”

Remedies after Radiation for Prostate Cancer
Posted by Nanjay (Nigeria) on 10/27/2019

Do you get all of these in Nigeria? If yes,where please?

Remedies after Radiation for Prostate Cancer
Posted by mandandi (Gaborone) on 10/26/2019
5 out of 5 stars

Hi Chandu,

Sorry to hear about your predicament man. Please do some research on plants called Adaptogens. i believe there are about 12 to 16 of them, including: Maca, cacao, pine pollen, Moringa, schishandra, gotu kola, Eleuthero, maral root, shilajit, bacopa monneiri, ashwaganda, astragalus, ginseng, licorice root, holy basil, some mushrooms and rhodiola. Please note that cocoa is the processed form of cacao, chocolate is another form too. Stick to the non-processed forms if you can. These plants help the body return to normal function while cleaning up cortisol. They have many benefits in the body, but help men with too especially with various male issues. How to use them? I get powders of as many of the adaptogens as I can. I then add tablespoon of each powder i have to a container and mix thoroughly. Then I get 500 g of walnuts, pound them into powder and add to the container with with adaptogens.

I then add 150 ml of aloe vera juice, 200 ml of honey and half a cup of lemon juice or more (fresh if possible), mix everything together then put in a fridge in a suitable container. Sometimes I add 350 ml of cognac too if I want something alcoholic without taking moderate amount of alcohol. I then take 1 tablespoon of the mixture 30 minutes before each meal daily. I notice that my family members like my mixture too these days, used to last me a month now it takes a few weeks. Good health to everyone though, so I am not complaining. Look for these plants too since they help men too: Horny Goat, mucana pruriens, Polyrhachis ant extract, Brazil Nuts, Pomegranate, Cistanche, Nettle Root, Passionflower, Cruciferous Vegetables, Tongkat Ali The following plant oils also help a lot: -Olive, blackseed oil, argan oil,coconut oil Lastly, just take a teaspoon of charcoal in a glass of water before going to bed each night to clean out toxins in your body daily.

Remedies after Radiation for Prostate Cancer
Posted by Steve L. (United States) on 03/20/2019

Try zinc 50mg/day, vit D 10,000-20,000IU /day and black gelatizined Maca 1Tbsp/day or more.

Remedies after Radiation for Prostate Cancer
Posted by Chandu (English ) on 03/19/2019

Can anyone help. Had prostrate cancer 8 years ago n had radio therapy. My body did not heal, can you suggest natural remedies to have natural erection n produce semen. Please help.

Cayenne and Garlic
Posted by Bill (Melbourne) on 08/26/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Confirmed. Garlic and cayenne pepper works.

Posted by Kev (Qld) on 09/19/2018

Hi Chuck ... is that 25 or 2.5 DHEA? The spacing may be a consequence of the word processor?

Posted by Kev (Qld) on 09/19/2018

Hi Manny ... when you refer to Vit C, is this Ascorbic acid (synthetic) or Vit C (natural real whole food manufactured into a powder like Camu Camu)? Vit C is expensive and most store bought Vit C is in fact only AA.

The best Mag is only about 12% absorbed via internally, the better way to use Mag is making an oil 50%/50% and rubbing it into the skin. No cofactor is required and no limit to the amount as the body only takes up wat it needs and you wont get the "runs" as Mag is used as a laxative.

Is sea kelp just wat we aussies call seaweed and can this be bought manufactured into powder in caps?

Ginseng and Cayenne
Posted by Kev (Qld) on 09/19/2018

Can someone please explain what they think Carlos meant in his post from 2009? He says "swallow many cayenne fruits" and then say not more than 10? His comment in NUMBER 2 is cayenne red pepper powder so what is a cayenne fruit and how are we count 10 fruits?

Garlic and Vitamin C
Posted by Kev (Qld) on 09/19/2018

When you say Vit C, are you referring to Ascorbic Acid (synthetic) or Vit C (natural or whole food). Vit C is very expensive and most store bought Vit C is in fact AA.

Arginine, Horny Goat Weed, Cayenne
Posted by Art (California ) on 08/13/2018 1508 posts

Arginine with NAC is more effective than arginine alone for lowering blood pressure. For people with herpes or certain viruses, arginine may exacerbate the condition and cause outbreaks or feed an existing outbreak.


Arginine, Horny Goat Weed, Cayenne
Posted by Brent (Spartanburg, S.C.) on 08/13/2018

I've been taking L-Arginine for years. It's a vasodilator. Dilates your blood vessels to increase your blood flow. Lowers blood pressure and sends more blood to your manhood. It works. It's in all the men's sex products. I take 3 grams a day when I take it. Probably caution if you have heart problems. Citruline is a similar product. Check with your nearest health food store.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Jim (Austin, Texas) on 02/08/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Just about 2 tbls in a glass of water every evening before bed. Works for me.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Ken (Evans, Georgia) on 01/15/2018

inquiry as to dosage

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Bill (Melbourne, Australia ) on 11/04/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I am a 48 year old male that is suffering from.... was suffering from mild erectile dysfunction. Erections were simply not as hard as they were when younger. Morning wood or morning glory was a long thing in the past.

I started doing h2o2 therapy for a health cleanse but could only make it up to 3 drops of 35%h2o2 in a glass of milk 2 times a day. Any more than than 3 for me was revolting. I did this for about one or two weeks. At the same time I was taking a natural testosterone booster.

Within 2 days at night just after going to bed I would get a rock hard erection that seemed to last for 30 minutes or more. After falling asleep would wake up with morning wood at about 5am with same strength and intensity.

I finished my t-boost tablets and stopped the h2o2 a couple of weeks earlier. At that stage I thought it was t-boost, and because I liked feeling like a twenty something down in that department I ordered some more natural t-boost at 60 bucks for 6 weeks supply.

Received my order within a week and started taking the t-boost and guess what.... Not a thing.... Went back to my old ways down stairs.. And just forgot about it....

It had been about a year and I had some left over h2o2 that I thought I should use before it goes off. It was at this time that the penny dropped that it could have been the h2o2 that was the source of my virility 12months earlier.

So on Wednesday night of last week I put 1 drop of 35% H2o2 in a glass of water and drank it.

At about 2am Thursday morning I woke up to a rock hard erection and went back to sleep.

The following night no h2o2 was taken and I was woken at 5am with morning glory.

I am in no doubt that h2o2 is giving me strong and hard erections, with no immediate side effects. I have tried viagra once, and will not use it again. It worked but no where near to what I have experienced with h2o2. Viagra left me dehydrated and with the dirtiest headache the next morning.

I see another poster said he found it helped his Ed. My experience agrees with him completely.

My question is..... Why is this happening. Why does ingesting a drop of H2o2 mixed with water having this effect?

Posted by Azuka (Mi) on 10/07/2017

The amount of borax (or any supplement/medication) contained in homeopathic products has been diluted to the extent that it is unlikely that even one molecule of the original material will be contained in the product.

Therefor, I avoid any homeopathic preparation as well as ANY medical professional who advises or promotes their use.

Cayenne and Garlic
Posted by Chris (Greensboro Nc) on 07/23/2017

Starting CP, Garlic and ACV tonight. At 51 I have first real battle with ED.Up to 4 months ago I was up and ready at drop of hat. Have never had performance anxiety issue even when performing in front of room full of women, heck I loved them watching. Have never had issue and man its hard to handle, well not hard or not be issue.

I have been trying about every natural cure known and just found this. Hope it works as quick as some have said or at least well before 3 month trial time one suggested.

I am adding 1 teaspoon each to my homemade tomatoe juice and using supplements in evening.Tomatoe juice already has CP, Garlic, ACV, ginger, crushed red pepper and few other spices added, so adding these will just be booster and taste pretty good but HOT.

I will see how it works and in cpl weeks, maybe sooner if something pops up before.

Posted by James (Edgerton Ks) on 07/17/2017

Amazon is where I bought borax ..

Posted by Diana (Oklahoma) on 07/01/2017

That's a anabolic steroid!

Posted by Art (Singapore) on 03/28/2017

20 Mule Team Borax in the laundry detergent aisle. Wet "Trigger Finger" to 2nd knuckle. Dip in borax and stir into 8 oz glass of water. Drink Up! More energy, blood flow and with stimulation a damn good Woody.

To Duracell last coat crotch with iodine. Use 1 capful of DMSO and get frisky. Takes a lick-in and keeps on tic-kin. You will be amazed. Also gets rid of "Red itchy Balls" ( also good to bring blood and sensitivity to clit )

Cayenne and Garlic
Posted by Barry (Aristomenis Greece) on 03/28/2017

Hi to those who it did not work for, but somewhere it states should be done for 12 weeks as a trail, and you start at a heat that suits you and after that you slowly build up, this cleans your blood, with good clean blood your get good erections, I been on this for 7 years and it still works for me, as I went from no erections to good erections, see NOHARD to NOWHARD, and you have to trust these things for them to work so you really need to do the 12 weeks for it to work, these are true natural products and they take time to work. OK

Cayenne and Garlic
Posted by Nohard (Messinias) on 03/28/2017

Hi Sorry just got around to this as I do a lot of other things, but there is another post which gives my mix. OK


Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Rr (Brazil) on 03/08/2017

Será mesmo! Fazer o teste ...de houver melhora volto para relatar a experiência!!!

EC: Translation: 

Really! Do the test ... if there improvement I come back to report the experience !!!

Cayenne and Garlic
Posted by Htownfarmer (Houston, Texas) on 12/11/2016 9 posts

What is the method you are using to consume garlic and CP? How much?

Cayenne and Garlic
Posted by Theresa (Florida) on 12/10/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I wanted to share with the group. A few weeks ago I was searching for a cure for the discoloration in my boyfriend's feet. I stumbled around and found this thread because he also had a problem in this area that we were dealing with using Viagra. It is so expensive and I thought that this was worth a try. Well, I am happy to report that not only has it been getting his feet color back to normal it has cured his ED. He is doing so much better in every area and this one area has thrilled us both!

Garlic, Cayenne, Hawthorn, Grapeseed Supplements
Posted by Canadian Dave (Canada) on 12/02/2016 15 posts

This is armchair diagnosing and isn't appropriate. I react poorly to garlic, with heartburn, probably because of a sensitivity. Some people can't tolerate cayenne either, or any particular supplement. I like to encourage people to try supplements, but one should learn from experience. Maybe another herb or supplement would help. I have heard from a doctor on youtube that what we have been told is vitamin C all these years doesn't match natural vitamin C's benefits because it is not actually complete. His words are natural source vitamin C acts as 'roto-rooter' on clogged arteries, and vitamin C should have done so all these years, and would have were it complete, like the natural stuff. Perhaps this would work!

Posted by Canadian Dave (Canada) on 12/02/2016 15 posts

Cayenne pepper can raise blood sugar in diabetics. I had to stop taking it for this. But not every diabetic responds to herbs the same way.

Posted by Z.a (Cape Town, South Africa) on 11/11/2016

Hello to the person who advises of her husband's itchy condition ....yes it does happen and can also occur between the testicles and legs . and once uve scratched ....u will continue .a friend and I had a discussion about this ....she has had it ...and was told by her lady doctor that her own husband had embarrassing moment s when he started itching ...the doctors advice was bath in water dosed with a cup of brown vinegar...it apparently helped ...my friend followed the advice and was cured....however, I who would have to scratch both the testicles and inner legs .....was lazy ..so I dabbed vinegar on cotton wool and smeared the testicles and inner legs twice over two days ....5 months ago...I never itched again ....try it.. I dont know how that condition can occur ....but think that its sometimes caused by the uric acid drops after a wee... try the vinegar.

Yohimbine Bark
Posted by Drhoward (Torrance Ca ) on 11/04/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Yohimbine bark is or was even recognized by the FDA for ED until the dangerous ED med's came out. Orally or get powder mix with a salve or natural Vaseline use topically on inner thighs, stomach, under bicep areas.

If you have BP or Heart issues check with your doctor. Read up on it carefully. Start, say, with 5mg with food. Works!

Dietary Changes, Exercise
Posted by Jack (Short Hills, Nj) on 08/09/2016

For erection issues. Do burst training. Look it up on internet. It raises HGH (Human Growth H), and testosterone. It takes some time. Always consult with Doctor. It can be too intense for some. Takes 20 minutes 3 times a week. Also, eat nuts like broad beans, almonds, pastachios, brazil nuts, walniuts with raw honey. It need not be mixed together but eaten together. A small amount goes a long way. It's especially good eaten before bed. Ask doctor first. Can upset stomach.

Posted by Bob (Phoenix, Az) on 07/18/2016

Borax is the ingredient found in 20 Mule Team Borax. Yep the same thing my grandma used to wash clothes with. You can find it on ebay and Amazon. I am trying it by the way, it is too early to tell whether it is helping but I do have more energy after taking it.

Garlic and Vitamin C
Posted by Joe (Short Hills) on 07/11/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Taking garlic capsules or garlic with vitamin C is very powerful for Ed issues. It can boost nictric oxide. Try with a small amount at first to test it out. Best on an empty stomach. Be careful in terms of upset stomach. Best if taken on an empty stomach. Increase the amount to see what works. Maybe more Vitamin c, or more garlic. See what's best for you. If done right. it's like rocket fuel. It Can also thicken the penis. Lowers blood pressure, so if your on meds. be careful. Also, it's best if no ejaculation has occurred for at least a week or 2 or more. Experiment and see.

Spinach and Tomato
Posted by Joe (Short Hills, Nj) on 07/05/2016
5 out of 5 stars

For ED:

Eat spinach with some tomato on an empty stomach (2-4 hours) after supper later at night around 11 pm-2 am.

I was hungry one night, and had nothing else to snack on. It caused an erection and horniness about 2 hours later. Repeated and had same reaction another night as an experiment.

I think empty stomach and later at night is key.

Posted by Mark (Virginia) on 06/24/2016

Magnesium is blocked by Roundup are in food/Gyophosphate used on crops (grains) and fields. It is how it kills weeds, blocks their ability to use nutrients.

Royal Jelly
Posted by Alon (Jerusalem Is) on 05/02/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Royal Jelly (1 – 2 gram daily) is an excellent remedy for ED. It is also an aphrodisiac and it will increase sperm volume. It should be taken with zinc and other supplements to support the reproductive system.

Do not over indulge ejaculating as it will weaken your system in the long run.

L-Arginine, Pycnogenol
Posted by Jillery (Rawlly, Nc) on 03/13/2016 89 posts

We just started this regime--

Please read the following article about ED help:


It states arginine 1.7 grams, along with 40 mg 3x a day of pycnogenol to be helpful with erections. Success seen after 3 months with 90% of the patients. Only 40 men were in the study, but hey...

Good luck :-)

Cayenne and Garlic
Posted by Nowhard (Aristomenis, Greece) on 03/10/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Hi OK from NOHARD to NOWHARD so yes 5 years later, and do still take this daily and here's how I do it, this is a post of mine and as I now answer questions on some health problems this does go out weekly, for a start plaque is a big problem, for good erections you really do need good blood, so just trail this for 12 weeks.

The way out and clearing away plaque would be to get on Cayenne Pepper, Turmeric and garlic, take this each morning and see how you go.

It's all very healthy for you.

You just mix CP and Turmeric 50/50 in olive oil and then mix with tomato paste and thin it with olive oil, at first you just mix this to a heat that suits you, and over time you can slowly increase the CP and Turmeric.

You take 3 teaspoonfuls each morning first thing, you wash each spoonful down with water, before anything else just after you get up, one thing it will warm you up, with this, which will also help would be very fine chopped garlic, just do a whole head, chopped fine, and keep in olive oil, with this you add dried parsley, a couple of good desert spoonful's and mix, you just add a teaspoonful on top of the CP an turmeric mix, just mix into the top take as said.

The Parsley its very good for the blood and helps keep your Cholesterol down.

Please do keep both jars in the fridge, keeps a lot better that way.

Now if you google and read up about all three, there very good for ED, your cholesterol, heart and prostate and RA, garlic is also very good for your blood, so along with the CP and turmeric, your be doing your body the world of good.

At first you really need to be taken this 3 times a day the other 2 times just before meals, for 2 weeks, then just twice a day for 2 weeks then just the once at first thing in the mornings, great way to start the day.

And yes have had ED now in recovery and do take what is above daily along with other supplements and a hormone.

So do hope this helps you.

Good Luck

PS This really needs a 12 week trail, to see if its going to work for you, if its for RA do increase it up, the stronger it is the better it works for you.

Don't forget to up the amount of CP and turmeric as you go on..

If you want to know any more about how I did it all just google this, its a post of mine on a site called franktalk.org its a site for guys with ED problems, so just google this.


Do hope this helps others, it has me.

Posted by Abdelaziz (Birmingham, Uk) on 02/20/2016

Hi Manny, Is it necessary to take all the 5 supplements you mentioned or you can choose 1 of them? Kindly regards

Cayenne and Garlic
Posted by Tony (Miami, Fl) on 02/03/2016

How soon before activities did you drink the cocktail mixture, or you just drink every morning?

Cayenne and Garlic
Posted by Mm (Orlando) on 01/26/2016

Thank you sooo much for sharing! I will definitely try asap. This problem has been eating at me for some time and taking a toll on my emotional health. Thanks!!

Posted by Chris (California) on 01/15/2016

Hi can you please explain more on when you take most of the supplements. Do you break them up through the day or take everything but the Primrose oil in the morning?

Posted by Jillery (Rawlly, Nc) on 12/06/2015 89 posts
5 out of 5 stars

I found under the ailments section that cayenne could be helpful with someone with ED. My mate's ED came on rather quickly and we were both surprised. Looking over EC I found taking cayenne (and also garlic) could be helpful. Let me tell you it WORKS!!! He takes one tab a day and then often one shortly before we 'go to bed'. He takes one Kyolic tab a day. We are happy campers!!

Posted by Manny (Uk) on 09/14/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Ultimate Supplement Combo for ED, healthy erections, hard flaccid, and peyronies

OK. I've been messing with every supplement under the sun for about 10 years now, for better health in general and libido and erections. 100's. And I'll tell you what I found, by finding and using the few supplements you're nutritionally deficient in, which could be around 10, your erections will be 100x better than taking all the libido enhancers out there (horny goat weed, maca, etc..) but not correcting these nutritional deficiencies.

So here is my recipe for super erections on a constant basis:

1. Ionic Magnesium - This must be the liquid magnesium. I use the Good State brand as it's cheap and effective. Nearly all other forms of magnesium don't absorb, so don't both buying capsules of magnesium oxide or any other type. Why magnesium? Well people are hugely deficient in it, it is responsible for other 900+ enzymes in your body, one of them being converting GLA > PGE1, which is needed for erections (the injectable ED drug was pure PGE1 called Alprostadil). If you're using Good State brand, take 1/2 a filled cap.

2. Sea Kelp - This is for iodine. And you don't need iodine in any other form (lugos or whatever), sea kelp works period. I have a friend who is very sensitive to iodine, and he can't even take a 1/4 of a tablet of sea kelp because it's too much iodine for him. And with mine and my other friends experiences, sea kelp works wonders for really hard erections and stronger orgasms. (Stronger orgasms for women too). Iodine is extremely important for erections, believe me. But take it via sea kelp, as you can easily go over board other ways. Take 1 tablet.

3. L-carnitine. Now DO NOT get Acetyl l Carnitine. Get either L Carnitine L Tartrate or L Carnitine L Fumarate. The latter 2 are more for the body, the former crosses the BBB too easily and will make you stressed, angry, or headache. L Carnitine L Tartrate has been proven in scientific studies to be better than testosterone injections for ED, and increasing androgen receptors in your body (more receptors allows more testosterone to latch onto). I tell you, l-carnitine is almost like an anabolic steroid, my dumbell bench press went from 30kg to 37.5kg on each arm in 22 days. L-carntitine gives you so much more strength and power. Take 500mg-3000mg, 1 to 6 tablets. I recommend however you just take 1.

4. Vitamin C. You might think I'm crazy for suggesting this, but it works really well. Start taking 2g of vitamin C before sex and you will be amazed how powerful this out of fashion vitamin is. It is a very powerful Nitric Oxide enhancer. Take as much as you can tolerate. It could be 1g every few hours, or 2g every few hours. I personally just take 2g once a day with my other supplements as it's easier that way.

5. Evening Primrose Oil. This has GLA in it, which converts to PGE1. Once you start taking ionic magnesium as well, you will be converting more of this GLA to PGE1 regularly. Also EPO may lower your prolactin, but we take it mainly for the GLA. You DO NOT need to take expensive starflower/borage oil which is meant to have more gla in it, EPO is cheap and very effective. Also note that if starflower/borage oil is not processed correctly, it can keep toxins from the plant which may harm the liver; EPO doesn't have this problem. Take 1-3g a day.

This formula is probably going to cost you $10 a month or less if you took these supplements everyday. Every one of these supplements you can get large supplies of for very cheap, except maybe for l carnitine, which is why I recommend you get the L Carnitine L Tartrate as it's cheaper, and been the one used and proven in scientific studies. If you live in the UK or EU, I get my l carnitine from myprotein.com.

Whatever the case, you wanted erection power. These supplements alone will do better than all the aphrodisiacs put together. You will consistently get hard erections and high libido every time. Also you'll probably cure a lot of other things along the way, especially with the magnesium and sea kelp (iodine). In fact, I've taken many supplements over the years, and have had a few bouts of depression or anhedonic. Since taking liquid magnesium, it's pretty damn hard to ever get depressed. There is an old study out there which claims magnesium can cure depression outright, and in my case, I believe it. Magnesium deficiency is huge, and we know magnesium is a co-factor for over 900+ enzyme in our body, so it's very important. These no point putting anything into your body, if you don't have enough enzymes to break them down into the useful nutrients your body uses.

Anyway, trust me, your money won't be wasted. Buy a months supply of the above supplements and start enjoying better erections and libido.

Though I'm not a woman, I can only image the above supplements helping your libido also.

Posted by Grace (Seattle) on 06/21/2015

You can buy borax pellets that are homeopathic so you do not have to take the borax detergent.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Saif A (India) on 06/16/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Yesterday I took 3 tsp organic Apple Cider Vinegar with 1/2 glass of water, later in morning I was able to acheive orgasm twice with a 15 min gap, never happened that before, I am newly married, recently I was having pain in the foot, found out that Apple Cider Vinegar treats gout, so tried it last night. I think Apple Cider Vinegar really helped the erection.

Cayenne, Supplements
Posted by Michael (Kingston, Jamaica) on 05/27/2015

Use odourless garlic

Posted by Michael (Kingston, Jamaica) on 05/25/2015

Could you inform which brand is correct for erectile dysfunction and by extension, neuropathy

Cayenne, Supplements
Posted by Silverark (Kelowna, Bc, Canada) on 04/30/2015

For Erectile Dysfunction: I recently switched my diet away from meat - beef, pork or chicken. A year later I developed ED.

So I began to take with breakfast, one tablet of 2ooomg of garlic and 1 tablet of 500 mg cayenne pepper.

Nothing changed until I added 1 tablet 50mg zinc, one tablet 500mg magnesium, and one tablet 500mg niacin to my diet. Within 2 days I was cured of ED.

BUT, do not take the cayenne pepper with the zinc, magnesium, or niacin. Take the cayenne separately, otherwise you will have hot flashes and itching.

I'm not sure which of the above, (zinc, magnesium, or niacin, ) is the cure, and I may try to find out by stopping one, and seeing what happens, but maybe not too. The 3 together work real good as far as I'm concerned, so why mess with a real good thing!

I also take 1 capful of Apple Cider Vinegar, 1/2 teaspoon of Baking soda, and 2 eyedroppers of hydrogen peroxide every day before breakfast, though I did this before the ED.

Posted by Steve (Michigan, US) on 04/03/2015

One guy asked if something could help improve sensation. And yes there is, but I only know of it helping with oral sex.

There was this product my wife bought years ago at an adult themed home party called, 'Good Head.' Obviously intended for the activity implied in the name. So we tried this out. The stuff comes in a tube and is a gel with a strong mint flavoring. I have to tell you that this was an AMAZING product. But I don't know if anyone makes this stuff any more. Maybe you can go to a marital aids shop and nose around.

As an alternative, have your partner eat one or more Altoid candies right before oral sex. Altoids are known for this use, by the way, and more than one innuendo has been laid upon a woman who has innocently purchased a tin.

Posted by Ivan (Sacramento, Ca) on 02/25/2015

The only ashwagandha that does work is the hymalaya brand, everything else is a junk, does not work because is a fraud. Ashwagandha itself does work, but to get you to have sex you would need not what's written on the bottle. Indians took one heaping table spoon to have intercourse.

With the hymalaya, take 3 pill at once, in 30 minutes two more, in another 30 minutes again two more. Sex is guaranteed. Don't be scared. For sex, this herb is taken in large quantity, just don't take it all at once and you will be happy.

Avocado Oil
Posted by Id (Florida, US) on 11/05/2014

Avocado oil is said to be excellent for reducing cholesterol, which in turn, decreases plaque build up and improves circulation all over the body.

Based on the benefits, I would say yes it would help in addition to cayenne and cold showers, exercise, etc.

Posted by Beaumartin (Lincolnshire, England) on 10/10/2014

I'm really pleased to hear this. What dosage does he take?

Avocado Oil
Posted by Larry (Fairfax, VA) on 08/25/2014

Heard that avocado oil aids male erectile dysfunction. Anyone familiar with this use of avocado oil?

Cayenne and Garlic
Posted by Nohard (Aristomenis, Greece) on 04/21/2014

Hi just back for an update, I'm now taken cayenne with fine chopped garlic and parsley, the cayenne very good for erections added boost of the garlic for the blood, the reason for the parsley, is this helps fight cholesterol, you find all 3 will help fight cholesterol, once you have been on cayenne pepper for a while you will need to up the heat, ie increase the amount of cayenne your taken, its good for a lot of things, it will make you feel good, good the heart, good for your prostate health, very good for getting rid of plaque from the blood, and lots of other things, just go to, www.cayennepepper.info Ok I take 3 good teaspoonfuls each morning with the garlic and parsley, I then walk my dog, after 10 minutes I fill it going round my body, its that good, I keep to jars one has my cayenne mix in it, its CP with tomato paste and olive oil to thin, the other has fine chopped garlic and plenty of dried or fresh parsley mixed in olive oil, just keep in the fridge, I mix one spoonful of the garlic mix on top of the CP, just mix into the top layer and take, I find if I take it later it does tend to repeat on me.

But do get some good erections being on this and some other things. But it will make you feel good and help with erections.

Good Luck Guys

Cayenne and Garlic
Posted by Randall (Sandy, Ut) on 04/13/2014

Recently after being on this site I started using DMSO (two days ago) and today I took my vitamins including "no" flush niacin and then ten minutes later I took 1tsp DMSO. About and hour later I am getting a niacin flush thereby proving to me that DMSO really does get whatever it is into your system.

So I am thinking that using it in conjunction with Cayenne, Garlic, L-Arganine would have a greater effect on any of those..

I will give it a try when the wife gets back in 9 days and see how that works :)

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