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Saw Palmetto

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Posted by John (Mount Washington, USA) on 09/07/2007

I can't recall how I came across this, but Saw Palmetto supplemental capsules work great for BPH. Common directions are 2 caps in the morning and 2 in the evening. I mentioned this to my father who told me he had already been taking Saw Palmetto for years to keep from having to get up during the night to urinate. Upon more research, I found that Saw Palmetto is a DHT blocker. DHT is what causes hair loss. I was getting a thin spot in my crown when I started taking Saw Palmetto. Six months to a year later, my wife asked if I was using Rogaine! I asked why and she said she noticed I no longer had a thin spot. I again mentioned this to my father and he increased his dosage. At 75 years old, he has noticed his hair becoming thicker. Hope this helps everyone.

Saw Palmetto, Zinc

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Posted by Frank (Maryland) on 03/02/2019

Been using Saw Palmetto since my early fifties to keep my prostate healthy. Now in my mid-sixties and add a zinc supplement in addition to the SP. Combo working very well thus far.

Saw Palmetto, Zinc
Posted by Thomas (Huntington, Ny) on 02/01/2010


I have continous chronic prostatitis. I have used saw palmetto and zinc. Any other suggestions?


Replied by Jason
(Levittown, Ny)

I was wondering how you were doing Tom because I am also from Long Island and have recently been diagnosed with prostatitis but have had mild symptoms for a long time. It wasn't until the pain was so bad I went had to go to ER. Since then I went on Cipro for 3 weeks which helped right away but tore my stomach and mind apart. I still have symptoms and my urologist told me to live with it completely unaware how it feels. One thing that really helped was apple cider vinegar. I drink 3 glasses of water a day with 2 tblspoons of ACV a day. At first I was drinking a lot more but the better I feel the less I drink. I noticed it made me feel good and gave me energy. I also quit smoking marijuana which was a major trigger because every time I got high I would have symptoms right away. I also take saw palmetto but I don't think its very effective as a relief of pain but more of a preventive measure. I also changed my diet drastically. No red meat, more fish and vegatables. Diet is very important. I also try to eat almonds everyday because it's my understanding the prostate needs zinc so foods high in zinc are good for men. I also gave up coffee and alcohol. I also used to wear tight jeans but believe me I won't be wearing those anymore. I also took a super probiotic to reverse the damage of the cipro. I also take cayenne pepper and most recently I am trying serrapeptase and immune boosters until my immune system heals from years of smoking pot and drinking and can fight bacterial infections again. Everyone thinks I am crazy but I truly feel better and its been only a month since I had to go to ER. Stress is also a big factor so I will be trying St. John's wort in the future and trying to melt away stress with foot rubs, sauna trips, good sleep, and learning new ways to tackle stressful situations. Perhaps even go to a psychologist. This is a rough thing to deal with and it's a shame that there isn't an easy well known cure but on the brighter side at least I am finally taking my health into my own hands and making responsible better decisions in the face of criticism. So anyway if you haven't figured this out yet you need to figure out the triggers and eliminate them for a while and maybe re-introduce them slowly and keep them in moderation. And if you are doing well I would love to know what worked for you!

Replied by Rob
(Dublin, Ireland)

That is a great post!!

Replied by Jake

Since I have kidney issues, the tomato paste is hard on me because of the high potassium level. I have just determined that watermelon has about 50% less potassium for the same amount of lycopene and the absorption seems to be just as good, without the need for oil - although coconut oil I believe is still good for you nonetheless. See the following from Dr. Weil's site:

Watermelon for Prostate Cancer?

I love tomatoes on my salads, but I've read that tomatoes have to be cooked in order to reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Is this true?

Answer (Published 12/10/2002)
The compound in tomatoes that reduces the risk of prostate cancer is lycopene, which is the carotenoid pigment responsible for their red color. Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant that a number of large studies have shown is particularly good at protecting against prostate, colon and rectal cancer, as well as heart disease. It is true that lycopene is much more available to the body from cooked tomatoes than from raw ones. And since it is fat soluble, you need to eat your cooked tomatoes with some fat to facilitate absorption. That doesn't mean eating all the pizza you can get your hands on. However, it does suggest that homemade marinara sauce would be a healthful staple. I make my marinara with olive oil and keep some on hand in the freezer.

However, if you don't like tomatoes, you could try watermelon. Results of recent research at the U.S. Department of Agriculture suggest that watermelon contains 40-percent more lycopene than an equivalent weight of tomatoes. As a matter of fact, one study suggests that watermelon may be a better source of lycopene than tomatoes. The amount of lycopene provided in watermelon is as well absorbed by the body as lycopene from tomatoes. (And, of course, you don't have to cook watermelon to get the same benefits that you get from tomatoes.)

This new information about lycopene comes from a study at the USDA's Agricultural Research Service laboratory in Maryland. Participants (all of them healthy) ate either a diet low in lycopene or one supplemented with cooked tomato juice or squeezed and frozen watermelon juice. Results showed that those who drank either juice doubled their blood lycopene concentrations by the end of the trial. Scientists say that this is the first study to show that the body takes up lycopene from raw watermelon.

The body converts about 500 different carotenoids into vitamin A. I recommend taking advantage of them all. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables, especially peaches, melons, mangoes, sweet potatoes, squash, pumpkins, tomatoes, and dark leafy greens - and now watermelon - can give you an abundant supply of these healthy pigments. (If you don't get enough of these foods in your diet, you may want to use an antioxidant supplement. I recommend a mixed carotenoid supplement containing lycopene, lutein, alpha-carotene and zeaxanthin, as well as beta-carotene.)

Andrew Weil, M.D.

Dosage Update, October, 2004
In order to provide the most up-to-date health information, I may change my recommendations from time to time. Due to compelling new research on carotene, I now suggest that you take 15,000 IU of mixed carotenes. (My previous recommendation was 25,000 IU; please adjust your dosage accordingly.)


Posted by Mike (Okeene, Ok) on 11/02/2009

Could increase in taking prostate supplements, ex: saw palmetto, hawthorne berry, zinc, licopene: cause increase in PSA? Gave blood and had PSA done, came back at 7.03 the last one I had was 20 months ago at 3.04. I have in the last 4 months increased by consumption of supplements, ACV, EVCO.etc, since finding out about earth clinic. Any suggestions?

Replied by Carolinablueskies55

It seems the more of these supplements my hubby take the higher his psa test goes. I am beginning to wonder about the supplements bc before he was taking so many 4 years ago, his prostate wasn't even enlarged. And he was mainly taking saw palmetto and collidal silver. Either certain brands of supplements don't work or they may be fake pills. I don't know..... But we do know the psa test is not approved by the fda bc they found it to be too inaccurate and gave it a failing grade of 'D'! Would you want a doctor to operate on you if you knew his final grade was a 'D' on his license? I know, there wouldn't really be a license. Just saying...

The Squeezing Method

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Posted by Donna (Aspen, CO) on 05/01/2006

Cure for enlarged prostate: Squeeze your buttocks together a couple times a day, also--have sex!!

Replied by Zark
(Emerald City)

Do you also squeeze like your trying to hold pee in at the same time? (ie. squeezing the prostate)

(Los Angeles)


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Posted by Will (Milburn, Oklahoma) on 08/23/2015

Let me just begin by saying that I have known for 20 years that something was not right with my prostate, you can feel when its not right. But I noticed just recently that the discomfort and symptoms have gone away entirely. I started searching my diet and trying to understand this. It took a few days before I realized what it was.

About 2 1/2 months ago I changed my breakfast habits. I started making breakfast burritos every morning and sometimes at lunch. Long story short my wife was in hospital and I was trying to simplify things. I had noticed that my burritos tasted a lot better with Pace picante sauce on them, and so I read the label and there was no sugar, corn syrup, or artificial ingredients, preservatives etc and that it was cheaper by the gallon Hmmm. So I started buying the medium heat picante sauce by the gallon and refilling my little glass pace jars.

I am starting the third gallon and I woke up the other morning and realized that even when I take my allergy meds with Pseudoephedrine in them that there was no discomfort. I also noticed there was no issues going to pee, Hmmm. Why?? I started searching and discovered why. Because of a ingredient in tomatoes called Lycopene. That is the only changes in diet I have made.

I eat at least a half cup of it a day almost every day. I'm a old member here at Earth Clinic and so I have been using lemon or lime and baking soda for maybe 10 years for my ph, Thanks to TED. It's been years since I have used the site. But I thought this to important not to share. I wasn't looking for a remedy, but I tripped over one by mistake. I found a remedy that works and didn't know it. When I realized I had healed myself I started looking for how. I could think of no better place to share it. Better save this one folks, It works.


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Posted by Joe (Orcas Island, Wa) on 03/31/2016

Turpentine Cure:

I had an enlarged prostate to the point I had to sit sideways in my truck to drive. I did not want to go to the doctor and take drugs. I read about turpentine and thought I would give it a shot. I took a dose, three sugar cubes soaked with turpentine every three days. First dose, next day I woke up felt very good and worked thru the day about 2pm I had a diarrhea attack. The diarrhea was very black and very awful smelling. For a period of about 3-4 days I did not have the diarrhea but my waste was still black until it normalized.

I kept taking the turpentine every three days for about three weeks and then I went to the toilet and peed, I started to pee chunks. The chunks were the consistency of snot with a little blood red end. This lasted about three days with the intensity waning as it progressed. Swelling immediately went down.

When I take turpentine now I barely get a reaction. OK there is my story.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile , Tn)

HI U JOE,,,,,,,,,, you have helped far more people than you realize. Posts like this are simple and to the point. All get the message.

I commend you. ====ORH=====

Replied by Walter

Great it's good to know. Q: can I still take turpentine & sugar while wearing a catheter?

Twisting, Wringing

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Posted by Barry (Vineland, New Jersey) on 12/05/2008

Urinating while retaining problems: I found that twisting the penis like wringing a dishrag helps release urine in stages. Not a cure, but temporarily releases urine to alleviate the pain.You can feel it re-loading, then let the penis unravel and release...

Replied by Dee
(Hill Country, Tx)

Dear EC, Cross reference this remedy to your "Remedies: Laughter" page!

Urination Technique

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Posted by John (Philadelphia, PA) on 11/11/2006

I don't know if this process would help an already enlarged prostate, but men should sit down to urinate whenever possible. This helps to empty the bladder as much as possible and helps to keep the prostate from becoming enlarged.

Replied by Mike

This is strange to me, as I actually find the opposite. If I stand up to urinate, I find it easier to and at the same time seem to empty my bladder more. It's still not perfect but it's a considerable improvement I find.

Replied by Wdickson
(Washington, Dc)

Mike - I agree. I feel that my bladder empties considerably more freely and completely when I stand to urinate. Perhaps it's the gravity effect?

That reminds me of an old Virginia Supreme Court opinion of the late 1880s in an appeal from a conviction of an 85 year old man of rape, in which the justice, in overturning the conviction, wrote that the "only reason for a man of that age to have a penis was to connect his bladder with the outside air! " (Can't recall the case citation, but it's in the books! )

Vibrator Help

Posted by Wayne (Atlanta, Georgia) on 05/26/2008

I am almost 50 and have had prostate problems ever since I got with the woman I presently live with. Time and time again my doctor told me to have MORE sex. Couldn't convince her though. I have taken every drug out there to try and alleviate the problem. The thing that really worked best was....hold onto your hat...getting a womans curved vibrator (gspot kind) and inserting it into the anus and actually massage the prostate. This was the quickest remedy I ever found. It also gives you an instant you-know-what. Hope it helps.

Replied by Big Dawg 213 [Bill]
(Barstow, CA)

My ailment is BPH [Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia] . I am 58 years of age, and recently really started having issues with the symptoms. I am a cross country truck driver, and find it hard to cover any milage without having to have several pit stops with the ergancy of needing to relieve myself.

Two remedies have caught my attention. "First," the Vibrator? That sounds a bit Kinky, but if it work? Why the heck not? I need relief now! So tell me, how often would one use the vibrator and for how long to totally cure this inflection?

"Second," is the apple Cider Vinegar. What dosage was used (ie: teaspoons, table spoons or shovels full), how many time a day, and for how long to start enjoying the benefit of not getting up 5 or 6 time a night ot make my bladder gladder?

Any and all help is appreciated: Respectfully, big Dawg 213 aka Bill

Replied by Davey D
(Victoria BC, Canada)

It is extremely not healthy to use anyones vibrator on your anus. There is a high risk of infection to contracting HIV because you can never clean them good enough. Get your own if you must do this for your prostate and do not share. How do you know what they have even if it is your spouse. There are to many people running around with HIV and don't even know it because they don't get tested. The rate of infection has climbed since 07.

Replied by Phil
(Kailua Kona, Hawaii)
Replied by Tim
(Brooklyn, New York)

> "The thing that really worked best was....hold onto your hat...getting a woman's curved vibrator (gspot kind) and inserting it into the anus and actually massage the prostate."

My question to Everybody is,

When that vibrator really worked the best... what do you think, was it set to "ON", or "OFF"?


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Posted by Insight (Lagos) on 05/27/2017

Trust me, watermelon does a great job. If you can finish a complete ball of watermelon you will be highly relieved. It suppresses BPH though you may have to repeat it when next you feel symptoms. In my own case, it suppressed it for about 5 weeks after eating a ball in two days.

Willow Herb Tea

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Posted by Julia (Toronto, Canada) on 06/25/2012

Dear all Prostate sufferers, Please, listen to me. My husband had prostate surgery (no cancer) 6 years ago and he tried all the available supplements on the market expensive and sophisticated. Nothing has helped him as much as a Willow herb tea. This herb is not presented very well on North American market. It's very popular folk remedy in ancient Russia but today it's produced by some Hungarian origin company called Herbaria. Most Canadian health stores have one in tea form. In two days he felt much better with the urination. Such a relief!

Hope I'll help to somebody with this message.

Replied by Hp
(Kirkland, Wa)

Hi, My husband is having the prostate problem for over two years now after the biopsy. He's through all doses of antibiotics and several trips to the ER and just last month he was hospitalized due to the urine infection through the catheter. He's now alpha blockers or ibubrofin to help when it's hard to urinate. He's also on the Broccoli Treatment for over 10days now (it's a 21 days treatment). I don't see much of the progress yet. So, I will try the Willow Herb Tea as you recommended. Where did you buy it?

Replied by Terry
(Huntsville, Al)

Very topical for me, this idea of using Willow Tea. I just read about this. The trusted source said it was truly miraculous. I will try some for sure. The supplement that has worked best for my prostate issue is beta sitosterol.

Replied by Carolinablueskies55

Hi Hp, did your husband have these prostate symptoms before or after the biopsy? I have heard that the biopsy can cause long term issues.


Is there another way for Doctors to test, I have heard the same and I have a coworker who say his issues got a little worse after. If anyone have an answer please share it with the rest of us..


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Posted by Magicgal (Cambridge, Ma) on 09/29/2013

A vegan, my friend's dad is 60 years old with weight of 75 kg and has trouble urinating. It just drips and never really releases all the urine. After taking 4 pills of Zinc gluconate @50mg for 4 days, his condition improves. Usually it takes 15 minutes to urinate, but now he's practically urinating normally. Several doctors actually suggested him to take prostate surgery but he remains confident with natural healing. He took some testosterone pills and others but saw no real improvement. But Zinc pills, a definite yes. He's happy that he does not have to undergo any surgery to eliminate this enlarged prostate problem. As he's experienced this problem for many many years, he is continuing the 200 mg/day Zinc gluconate for a week, then tapering off to 150 mg/day as a maintenance dose. Hope this helps any of you having this same problem.

Replied by Chris
(Dighton Ma.)

Over 100 MG per day suppresses the immune system.

Posted by John (Indianapolis, Indiana) on 12/13/2006

I would get urethra pain from an enlarged prostate so i started taking zinc tablets three times a day that i bought at CVS for 4.99 buy 1 get 1 free. about 4 days later i was cured. now i take one a day and i have never felt better. joe.

Replied by Eastet
(Batonrouge, La, USA)

Zinc works for me, but be careful with the tablet ingredient "cellulose" (wheat, gluten, and grass allergies). Always use Softgel vitamins (no cellulose).

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