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Urination Technique

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Posted by John (Philadelphia, PA) on 11/11/2006
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I don't know if this process would help an already enlarged prostate, but men should sit down to urinate whenever possible. This helps to empty the bladder as much as possible and helps to keep the prostate from becoming enlarged.

Replied by Mike
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This is strange to me, as I actually find the opposite. If I stand up to urinate, I find it easier to and at the same time seem to empty my bladder more. It's still not perfect but it's a considerable improvement I find.

Replied by Wdickson
(Washington, Dc)
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Mike - I agree. I feel that my bladder empties considerably more freely and completely when I stand to urinate. Perhaps it's the gravity effect?

That reminds me of an old Virginia Supreme Court opinion of the late 1880s in an appeal from a conviction of an 85 year old man of rape, in which the justice, in overturning the conviction, wrote that the "only reason for a man of that age to have a penis was to connect his bladder with the outside air! " (Can't recall the case citation, but it's in the books! )

Vibrator Help

Posted by Wayne (Atlanta, Georgia) on 05/26/2008

I am almost 50 and have had prostate problems ever since I got with the woman I presently live with. Time and time again my doctor told me to have MORE sex. Couldn't convince her though. I have taken every drug out there to try and alleviate the problem. The thing that really worked best was....hold onto your hat...getting a womans curved vibrator (gspot kind) and inserting it into the anus and actually massage the prostate. This was the quickest remedy I ever found. It also gives you an instant you-know-what. Hope it helps.

Replied by Big Dawg 213 [Bill]
(Barstow, CA)

My ailment is BPH [Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia] . I am 58 years of age, and recently really started having issues with the symptoms. I am a cross country truck driver, and find it hard to cover any milage without having to have several pit stops with the ergancy of needing to relieve myself.

Two remedies have caught my attention. "First," the Vibrator? That sounds a bit Kinky, but if it work? Why the heck not? I need relief now! So tell me, how often would one use the vibrator and for how long to totally cure this inflection?

"Second," is the apple Cider Vinegar. What dosage was used (ie: teaspoons, table spoons or shovels full), how many time a day, and for how long to start enjoying the benefit of not getting up 5 or 6 time a night ot make my bladder gladder?

Any and all help is appreciated: Respectfully, big Dawg 213 aka Bill

Replied by Davey D
(Victoria BC, Canada)

It is extremely not healthy to use anyones vibrator on your anus. There is a high risk of infection to contracting HIV because you can never clean them good enough. Get your own if you must do this for your prostate and do not share. How do you know what they have even if it is your spouse. There are to many people running around with HIV and don't even know it because they don't get tested. The rate of infection has climbed since 07.

Replied by Phil
(Kailua Kona, Hawaii)
Replied by Tim
(Brooklyn, New York)

> "The thing that really worked best was....hold onto your hat...getting a woman's curved vibrator (gspot kind) and inserting it into the anus and actually massage the prostate."

My question to Everybody is,

When that vibrator really worked the best... what do you think, was it set to "ON", or "OFF"?


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Posted by Insight (Lagos) on 05/27/2017
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Trust me, watermelon does a great job. If you can finish a complete ball of watermelon you will be highly relieved. It suppresses BPH though you may have to repeat it when next you feel symptoms. In my own case, it suppressed it for about 5 weeks after eating a ball in two days.

Willow Herb Tea

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Posted by Julia (Toronto, Canada) on 06/25/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Dear all Prostate sufferers, Please, listen to me. My husband had prostate surgery (no cancer) 6 years ago and he tried all the available supplements on the market expensive and sophisticated. Nothing has helped him as much as a Willow herb tea. This herb is not presented very well on North American market. It's very popular folk remedy in ancient Russia but today it's produced by some Hungarian origin company called Herbaria. Most Canadian health stores have one in tea form. In two days he felt much better with the urination. Such a relief!

Hope I'll help to somebody with this message.

Replied by Hp
(Kirkland, Wa)

Hi, My husband is having the prostate problem for over two years now after the biopsy. He's through all doses of antibiotics and several trips to the ER and just last month he was hospitalized due to the urine infection through the catheter. He's now alpha blockers or ibubrofin to help when it's hard to urinate. He's also on the Broccoli Treatment for over 10days now (it's a 21 days treatment). I don't see much of the progress yet. So, I will try the Willow Herb Tea as you recommended. Where did you buy it?

Replied by Terry
(Huntsville, Al)

Very topical for me, this idea of using Willow Tea. I just read about this. The trusted source said it was truly miraculous. I will try some for sure. The supplement that has worked best for my prostate issue is beta sitosterol.

Replied by Carolinablueskies55

Hi Hp, did your husband have these prostate symptoms before or after the biopsy? I have heard that the biopsy can cause long term issues.


Is there another way for Doctors to test, I have heard the same and I have a coworker who say his issues got a little worse after. If anyone have an answer please share it with the rest of us..


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Posted by Magicgal (Cambridge, Ma) on 09/29/2013
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A vegan, my friend's dad is 60 years old with weight of 75 kg and has trouble urinating. It just drips and never really releases all the urine. After taking 4 pills of Zinc gluconate @50mg for 4 days, his condition improves. Usually it takes 15 minutes to urinate, but now he's practically urinating normally. Several doctors actually suggested him to take prostate surgery but he remains confident with natural healing. He took some testosterone pills and others but saw no real improvement. But Zinc pills, a definite yes. He's happy that he does not have to undergo any surgery to eliminate this enlarged prostate problem. As he's experienced this problem for many many years, he is continuing the 200 mg/day Zinc gluconate for a week, then tapering off to 150 mg/day as a maintenance dose. Hope this helps any of you having this same problem.

Replied by Chris
(Dighton Ma.)

Over 100 MG per day suppresses the immune system.

Posted by John (Indianapolis, Indiana) on 12/13/2006
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I would get urethra pain from an enlarged prostate so i started taking zinc tablets three times a day that i bought at CVS for 4.99 buy 1 get 1 free. about 4 days later i was cured. now i take one a day and i have never felt better. joe.

Replied by Eastet
(Batonrouge, La, USA)
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Zinc works for me, but be careful with the tablet ingredient "cellulose" (wheat, gluten, and grass allergies). Always use Softgel vitamins (no cellulose).

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