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Posted by Ron (Milwaukee, WI) on 01/31/2023
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Cure for enlarged Prostate or urinary blockage.

First you have to know the cause of an enlarged Prostate. In my case, it was due to calcium oxalate. One needs calcium for strong bones up to about age 30 or so. After that, it is a hindrance. I had complete urinary blockage; and when the catheter was removed after a week, the small kidney stones came out for days.

So in your diet you have to look for low oxalate alternatives. Avoid all dairy that contains cholesterol and calcium oxalates. Avoid all saturated fats, salt, sugar, alcohol, caffeine and even tap water with high mineral content. Avoid when you can, but otherwise reduce the intake and use substitutes. Various foods and drinks have labels showing levels for calcium and cholesterol content. Not only can these bad substances have a worsening affect on the Prostate, but they are also bad for the heart.

Each day I take zinc, magnesium, and Ibuprofen. I like coffee and drink about 1 -- 2 mugs in the morning. The rest of the day is decaffeinated. Another thing to consider is that cattle are fed antibiotics and growth hormones. This also contributes to an enlarged prostate and possible breast cancer in women. Avoid fast food when possible because it is heavily salted.

DIY Prostate Massage

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Posted by Caterina (Maryland) on 03/07/2021
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Link for prostate massage for treatment of BPH or benign prostatic hyperplasia (enlargement of the prostate gland) due to age.

I wanted to let men know about this technique and website. Having to get up multiple times a night and not being able to fully empty the bladder wrecks havoc on mens' quality of life. I hope this will be helpful to someone.

Hopefully, one day, our doctors will be taught to help their patients with natural remedies instead of drugs whose side effects are so destructive.


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Posted by Luis (Valle) on 01/07/2017
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I suffered a chronic prostatitis with abdominal pain and frequent urination for three months. I think it was due to retaining ejaculation for an excessive time. A urologist recommended me a prostate massage (after a negative urine culture and test) and a batch of a couple of antibiotics for two weeks I did not experience any improvement and I stayed the same.

On my own I started doing abdominal exercises by lifting my legs and bringing them to my chest. This greatly moderated abdominal pain.

Without a solution in sight, and already without hope, on my own I experienced drinking a teaspoon of DMSO 70%, and at the same time I was massaging the pubis with this liquid. I began to feel better from the first session, with reduced pain and moderation of urine at night.

Afterwards, I then decided to rub the liquid directly into the glans first in the nights, and then in the mornings too, after asepsis with soap and water, and then the relief was quicker. Today in the fourth month since the onset of chronic prostatitis I am free of it.

Yesterday I had the prostate antigen PSA taken and the result was 1.6, excellent for a man 65 years old.

Replied by John

Luis, what DMSO do you use. Buy off Amazon, Ebay. Where did you get yours. And it is the DMSO 70 percent 30% distilled water? Thanks in advance Luis

(Aventura, FL)

The DMSO that I bought is from Heiltropfen, 70% DMSO & 30% Aloe, on glass bottle (that is important).

Replied by Albert

Can DMSO be used to treat a swollen prostate? What is the dosage? will it help with frequent urination?

EC: Please see the post from Louis in 2017 that we attached this to.

(Overland Park KS (USA))

Hi Albert.

Prostate issues mean you're chronically deficient in vitamin D3, iodine, vitamin C, magnesium chloride and zinc. Get you some liposomal vitamin D3, some high quality nascent iodine, zinc and quercetin (to get zinc inside the cells). If you can, get these and start supplementing every single day. Besides this one guy from a group I am part of reported having reversed his dad's prostate troubles by putting him a regular lemon water enema for 3 months straight. He also has his father take Saw Palmetto every day according to him his dad is now free from that which was troubling him. Hope this helps.

Replied by Fern.

Let me tell you my situation. I have problem with swollen prostate, PSA high, low pressure of urine flow, little pain, bladder with thick internal wall, reducing the capacity of urine, low testosterone. I am try many procedures presented in this EarthClinic.

By my bladder issue, I did many research, and I am going to ask the doctor to give me a catheter Color Black = French 10 (Fr.10) = 3.3 mm or White = Fr.12,4.0 mm and prescription of RIMSO-50 (dimethyl sulfoxide = DMSO). That is for me to do self bladder installation. As I read: During the bladder instillation, a solution is inserted into the bladder through a catheter. The solution of RIMSO-50 remains in place for about 10 to 15 minutes before it's drained naturally, pissing. It say that the treatment can be done by a urologist or with self-catheterization at home. -- The only bladder instillation solution approved by the FDA is dimethyl sulfoxide. It's believed that this solution works by increasing bladder capacity and relaxing pelvic and bladder muscles. It helps to reduce inflammation and discomfort.

Folks, DMSO is a miracle too. You have to buy "all books" to learn..., I have many, the most practical one is "The DMSO Handbook for Doctors", Archie H. Scott. Only in this book I learned that I can ingest DMSO with many drops, or teaspoonful. DMSO is extracted from tree pulp. Chapters in this book about: Amyloidosis, Alzheimer's and other Dementia, Arthritis, Athletic Injuries, Brain Injuries, Burns, Treating Cancer Patients, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Cirrhosis of the Liver, Diabetes, Ear & Hearing problems, Eye Problems, Fibromyalgia, Fungus Infections, Hair/Scalp Problems, Headache, Infections, Inflammation, Interstitial Cystitis, Lupus, Mental Illness, Mental retardation, Multiple Sclerosis, Pain, Protection from Radiation Damage, Respiratory Problems, Scleroderma, Shingles & Herpes, Spinal Cord Injuries, Skin Problems, Stroke, Tooth/gum Disease.

Replied by John
(Cornwall, UK)

Hi Luis, thank you for sharing your experience. When you said you rubbed the DMSO directly onto the glans, did you mean the prostate? How did you do that? Thanks, John

Dried Figs

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Posted by Ahmed (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia) on 10/01/2006
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Dry Figs cures Gall Stone and Prostate. If consumed 50 Gms daily, will ease passing urine in 3 days. (It's my personal observation) To clear gall stone, do this 2 months continuously. (I read this in a book and my sister got cured by this as confirmed by before/after ultrasounds) Thanks.

Replied by RAFI


Replied by Zark
(Emerald City, The Land Of Oz)

Figs have a strong alkalising effect on the renal system. I believe that is the likely reason figs are working for you. I have had similar observations when a diet that alkalises the urine, ie by eating lots of fruit and veg, and little protein/refined sugar.

Enlarged Prostate Symptoms

Posted by Joeelli (Dublin) on 12/10/2013

Enlarged Prostate? I'm 29 years old. my problems: fast and frequent need to urinate. The quality of orgasm is different; it's not as satisfactory as before.

Replied by Prioris

Not sure what you have but look into DIM Complex (Diindolylmethane)


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Posted by Mir Ar (Montréal, Canada) on 02/10/2007
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re: How my 'hated' remedy freed me from the prostate discomfort. Hi, For the last 2 months I have been suffering from sleeplessness caused by my prostate disorder. I started reducing consumption of liquids closer to evenings; thinking I would not be going to the toilet 3 or 4 times during the night. It did not help. Recently, for 2 consecutive nights I was forced to go to the toilet 5 and 6 times. My sister reminded me of a grain used in the Afghan cuisine and as well for kidney problems. It is known in Farsi as 'Shanbalila' in Arabic al-holba'. This grain's name in English is Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum). I bought a small package of 200g. (Imported from India) in an Afghan variety store in Montreal for 2 dollars. Since my childhood' I did not like the smell of the thing and the day my mother put some of it into a sweet rice dish I refused to eat it at all and invited myself to my aunt's place to avoid being forced to eat. After my 2 troubled nights, I looked into a book of remedies published in Iran in Persian language. I found this Fenugreek recommended for my kind of problem. According to the simple instruction, I put approximately 2 teaspoons of the grain in a pot of boiling water and turned the heat off shortly and left the infusion for the evening. Before going to bed I drank a cup of the liquid and started wondering what kind of a 3rd night will I be going through. At the early hours of that night, I woke up twice for the toilet, each time after an hour of shallow sleep. Afterward I woke up around 7 in the morning without any pressing need to the toilet. Apparently the infusion took a few hours to start working. I used this remedy for 3 more days and with 2 -3 cups per day. Now, I wake up only twice in the night, if I don't drink a lot of liquids in the afternoon. Whether it cured an infection somewhere in my body or else, it did something good to me and I sleep well enough at nights now. The only aftermath of the fenugreek is an unpleasant odder (for me) in the armpits that does not go away after 2-3 showers. One has to use a strong deodorant for a few days even after the treatment. Good luck!

Flor de Mashua +

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Posted by Aus (Liverpool UK) on 06/14/2022
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Hello, I'm 74 years young and have recently had the worst prostate enlargement for at least the last 20 plus years. Thankfully the symptoms are improving and I'd like to share my healing treatment that it may help others.

Firstly, having tried it over the years, Saw Palmetto didn't do it for me but this time I've thrown just about everything at it. The following is a list of what has definitely helped this time.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV), a teaspoonful in water morning and night.
  • Pumpkin seeds, a handful (soaked overnight in spring water).
  • Stinging nettle root as a tea, I make a pot in the morning and drink it throughout the day.
  • Quercetin and zinc.
  • Lycopene, from organic fried tomatoes.
  • Beta sitosterol.
  • Pygeum Africanum.
  • Intermittent fasting.

Flor de Mashua

I feel all of these together have helped BUT, I truly believe the biggest difference has been the thing I have taken these last few weeks, Flor de Mashua, which is made from the flowers of the Mashua plant that grows in South America. This can be bought at Alpha Omega Labs based in Ecuador. A short video about Flor de Mashua by the late, great herbalist Greg Caton can be viewed at I put a spoonful of this tincture into my nettle root tea as I make it, this helps to steam off some of the alcohol.

One thing I should mention, the prostate enlargement I have had could have been caused by taking too much Vitamin E tocotrienols, taken for my vascular system. In a YouTube video, Thomas de Lauer said that older men should not take too much Vit E because of the possibility of it causing prostate cancer. This I have now reduced to a minimum.

I hope this helps some of you guys out there. Good luck. Aus

Grape Seed Extract

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Posted by Art (California) on 07/19/2022 1510 posts
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I was talking with a friend who told me he was having urinary tract issues. I asked him what type of issues he was having, to which he replied that he was having a hard time getting his urinary flow to get started, and then once it started, it stopped and started quite a bit or, as he put it, it was like Morse code. He further mentioned that he was having to urinate more often and even at night, Whereas previously, he usually slept through the night.

I told him that these symptoms are normally seen in Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia(BPH), but he did not have a medical diagnosis as such. I suggested that he consider trying high dose Grape Seed Proanthocyanidin Extract (GSPE) for its anti inflammatory and antioxidative stress qualities. I asked him to keep me posted on how it worked for him.

He stopped by three weeks later and said he was back to normal! Here is the supplement he took at the recommended label dose each day.

I don't know if this will work for all men, but it definitely did work for him and very quickly!


High Intensity Focused Ultrasound

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Posted by Donna (Aspen, CO) on 01/08/2009
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Just 3 weeks ago my husband had HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound) for prostate cancer. He is completely back to his old self, and never felt any pain or discomfort, never had the threat of maybe he would be incontinent or impotent. It was so easy!

HIFU, as it is called, is in clinical trials in the USA, but your urologist won't tell you about it, ours tried to discourage us, by telling us it wasn't approved by the FDA, but after much searching and studing--we knew it was the right decision! No cutting!

HIFU has been used in Europe for 16 years with a 94% cure rate. It would be 100% except if the cancer has spread outside the gland too far, then it cannot get it all, neither can surgery though, chemo is the choice then, but HIFU can be done first.

There are two HIFU machines, the Albatherm only has one size setting, so if your gland is larger than the setting it also may not get all the cancer. But the Sonablade500 can be adjusted to accomodate all sizes and if the gland moves during the procedure then so can the ultrasound beams. The Sonablade500 is made in the USA, while the Albatherm is made in Europe.

Because HIFU hasn't finished clinical trials in the USA it isn't FDA approved, so you must go outside the US to have it done. We went to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We met Dr. S. Scionti ( ) and his team of nurses, anathiesologist and mechanics for the machine the night prior to the treatment at Xavier Hospital, which was spotlessly clean. The treatment took 2 hours, then we waited for husband to come out of his sleep, and we went back to the hotel, we had dinner out, and life was good! A supra-pubic catheter is installed, it is needed as the doctor uses it to clean him out prior to treatment, then there are tiny particles of prostate that must leave the body and the catheter makes this easier, or they could clog up the urethra. The catheter was a bummer, stayed in 12 days, but I understand you get the catheter with surgery too. Radiation causes other cancers, like bladder and renal.

HIFU is the answer! For complete info here is a website from the Prostate Cancer Research Institute, an independent research charity which explains it:

Dr. S. Scionti is the most experienced in HIFU outside Europe, over 400 treatments. He lives in Hilton Head, South Carolina. 888-874-4384

It just makes me sick that the rest of the world has this easy treatment and we've never heard of it!

The Japanese use HIFU for bone, liver, kidney, pancreatic, prostate and breast cancer.

Replied by Dee
(Hill Country, Tx, Usa)

Your statement, "HIFU has been used in Europe for 16 years with a 94% cure rate. It would be 100% except if the cancer has spread outside the gland too far, then it cannot get it all, neither can surgery though, chemo is the choice then, but HIFU can be done first, " reminded me of tomography (search online). A friend said that in one visit tomography cured the tiny seed tumors that arose throughout his step-father's body some time after surgery.

Horsetail Tea

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Posted by John (Trang, Thailand) on 07/13/2009
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For the slow urinating people, I drank HORSETAIL tea [equestrium avense] for 2 - 3 days then stopped and everything was lovely. From then on I only drank whenever things slowed and usually it only needed one cup and I was back to normal, whatever that is.

Replied by Ronnie
(Bucharest, Romania)
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yeah.. Horse tail works.. I cured with a tea that is made out of 16 plants wich includes horse tail I think it can roll back cancer at some point and stop any infections.. Ppl ar so ignorant.. They are taking pills and that flow max stuff with diet coke.. Which is poison for the bladder and prostate.. U get large prostatis cos of the agresions bladder endures.. Ps srry for my bad english.

Hydrogen Peroxide

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Posted by Thom (Kc Mo) on 12/27/2013
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Hello; I have been following the H202 protocol for about two months and have not noticed any improvement in my prostatitis condition. After doing the build up to 25 drops for 3 times a day I continued for three weeks and now I'm using 25 drops x2 dally and still experience a continual burning. I have adjusted my diet and reduced alcohol consumption but still no improvement. Frankly, I'm wondering if H2O2 really works. Could you offer any helpful guidance? Thank you, Thom

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Rafael (Panama City, Florida) on 08/30/2009

Iam 81 years old and have had BPH or what is commonly called an enlarged prostate for more than 20 years. I have taken all kinds of prostate-shrinking medications prescribed as well as undergone TURP surgery several times. All of these medications and procedures have done little to reduce the size of my prostate. Although the frequency of my urinating at night has decreased, there has been no significant shrinkage of my prostate.

I started taking 35% food grade Hydrogen peroxide more than 2 months ago. My question is, can H2O2 help in shrinking my prostate by attacking the cells responsible for enlarging it?

Thank you for allowing me to pose this question

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Davey D (Victoria, BC Canada) on 08/05/2008
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swollen prostate: 5/Aug/08
Cuddo's again to you Earth Clinic. I had pain spasm in my lower stomach area at the belt line and had trouble eliminating my bladder Sunday night. I awoke with pain and it felt like it was pushing on my prostate. I goggled your site on Sunday morning and found a remedy of 6 drops of hydrogen peroxide in a half glass of warm water every 4 hours. I tried this and started to feel relief 30 minutes later. It became easier to empty my bladder and by night fall I was pain free. I will stay on this regime reducing to 4 drops per half glass of water for the week. Bless you. Davey D.

Replied by Davey D
(Victoria, BC)
3 out of 5 stars

Worked Temporarily

Well I went to the doctor because the pain came back with a vengeance. I was diagnosed with prostatitis and had to take a regime of strong anti biotic for 28 days. The peroxide did work for a while but it didn't cure it.
Thanks again for your site.

Replied by Connie
(Horicon, WI)

Are you using a saline water? I read of using distilled water or reg. water with HP can cause physiological damage! You need to add salt to the water. To make your own saline solution, mix 1 tsp. of unprocessed salt(Himalayan salt, Celtic salt or Redmond's real salt) into a pint of distilled water. Then add your HP to whatever amt of saline water you use.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Raymond (Manila, Philippines) on 07/20/2008
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I am desperate to find cure for my prostatitis with enlarge prostate. I hated surgery, antibiotic didnt work. I tried everything herbal etc...looking for cure . My urine test would always reveal plenty of pus. I tried to experiment on myself by injecting 1% of 30ml.Hydrogen Peroxide directly to my pen (urethra) through a syringe. At first it was painful -- bubbles came out of my pen. Now it's more than one week, my sacrifice paid off. My urine has improved. Thanks a lot.

Replied by Vic
(Hamilton, ON Canada)

Hello Raymond,

Could you please tell me how you did it? What type of syringe did you use and how many times did you inject it? And what type of hydrogen peroxide did you use? Thank you

I would appreciate very much.


Replied by Duane
(Shelby NC)

Did hydrogen peroxide help with swollen prostate?

Incline Bed Therapy

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Posted by John (Escondido, California - USA) on 02/02/2009
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Up until last June, I had been getting up two to four times a night for years due to an enlarged prostate. Then one day I was painting the base of my bed and didn't want to set it back on the floor, so I put a couple barbells under the head to keep the painted base off the carpet. Hit the sack that night and woke up at 5:00 -- couldn't believe that I had slept all night. So, I went to the Internet to do some research and ran across the "inclined bed therapy" concept.

Now I'm at 6 inches high and sleep well every night and only get up once. Also had a cough that would wake me during most nights... that went away. Varicose veins have subsided. My wife no longer snores. This one simple move has changed our lives - and it can change yours. Regardless of the problem you have, try it and see what happens. I don't take any drugs and sleep like a log every night.

EC: Read more about incline bed therapy here:

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