Natural Cures for Enlarged Prostate

Apple Cider Vinegar With Saw Palmetto Honey  

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Posted by Spence (Lake Worth, FL) on 03/10/2006
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ACV with saw palmetto honey - 2 to 3 tablespoons ACV, a coat of honey on bottom of glass and a dash of water-stir until diluted - 3 times a day for 3 weeks then once a day for 3 weeks - then 4 - 5 times a week once a day. Stopped taking nexium for reflux and saw palmetto for prostate.

Bee Pollen, Propolis, Royal Jelly, Nettle  

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Posted by Bob (Frankfort, Indiana) on 03/19/2009
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1tsp pure honey 1 tsp bee pollen in hot water drink early morning and 1 propolis pill and 1 royal jelly pill and up to 3 nettle leaves pill or tea organic is best I think.

This is the remedy I use everday for enlarged prostate with concurrent infections I have had this problem for 7 years now and this is the first thing that has made feel 85% better good luck hope it helps someone.

Blackstrap Molasses  

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Posted by V-man (Florida) on 07/21/2016
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BSM ... Has helped my bladder, urethra and prostate by the 8th day... No more bladder pressure and from drips to stream. I mixed it with organic maple syrup and detox tea or green tea and a meal replacement.

Posted by Dm (San Francisco) on 05/22/2014
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I tried Blackstrap Mollases yesterday morning for the first time, and by the end of the day my prostate pain was mostly gone. Today, literally 30 hours after taking molasses a few times, all of the pain is completely gone. This stuff is pretty amazing.

I took 3 tablespoons, mixed with a little hot water, and added milk. Looked like a cafe au lait, tasted like old school licorice candy. Not as horrible as I thought it would be.

If your prostate is giving you pain, then try molasses immediately.

Replied by Donald
New York

I would like to try black strap molasses for my bph [Benign prostatic hyperplasia]. I have type 2 diabetes. Can I still take 3 tbls 2-3 times a week or less than 3 tablespoons? Please advise, thank you.

Replied by Kennywally
49 posts

Donald/NY, You may wish to keep reading and add ACV, it just may help your diabetes as well.

Posted by El Mohel Castorena (HÖ¸ Emet, Ca) on 04/09/2013
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I and other men have been using organic blackstrap molasses (BSM) to shrink an enlarged prostate. Every male that has done this has gotten relief. All it takes is 3 tablespoons of blackstrap molasses 2 to 3 times a week.

A friend of mine even had PAIN in the prostate and refused what the doctor wanted to do and give. I told him how this worked for me and encouraged him to try it. With in four 4 days, he had relief from some pain and within 2 weeks, the pain was gone and shrinking had happened.

Blackstrap molasses is a must have for me! I use BSM once to twice a week to help myself. My Flow is 80 to 90 percent back!!

Please take it from me --- Mohel Castorena. IT WORKS!!

P.S. I found this out just on a craving. As a child I remember my mother, of blessed memory, would let me try a teaspoon every now and then. Other than that, when my wife got some to make cookies it sat in the refrigerator.

Well, one day I took a teaspoon. That turned into several teaspoons and I found out to my surprise and delight my flow had improved! I tried many over the counter items - All failed!

Replied by Concerned

A family member has had this condition a few years. He took terazosin and passed out (it lowered his already low blood pressure) on his face. He suffered severe facial and jaw injuries. So beware. He stills suffers with bph. What type of Blackstrap Molasses or Apple Cider Vinegar should he try? Are organic brands better? Are the unfiltered (Bragg) brands of Apple Cider Vinegar better or worse?

Replied by Gary
New York

Mohel, I have had a chronic prostate condition for 30 years. (Not a misprint.) I want this to work. I did as you suggested about 5 hours ago. I will report back in 2 weeks since that was the time indicated to reduce enlargement. I will be the acid test. I hope this works!!! (I'm optimistic.)

Posted by El Mohel Castorena (Inland Empire, California) on 10/02/2011
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For over 5 years I have Used Black Strap Molasses to help with prostate enlargement symptom, If you look on You Tube my name Mohel Castorena you will see it and Other Men have tried BSM (Black Strap Molasses) getting the same Results. 3 Table Spoons in milk or yogurt or both, twice or three times a week. Please let Men know this can stop the prostate enlargement even if it has begun to enlarge to become painful- I use a Organic BSM Unsulfered. IT WORKS. Mohel

Replied by Jj
Chicago, Il


Replied by Jessica
Chicago, Il

Liquid Iodine supplementation is extremely helpful with male prostate. You will however need to take between 3-6 dropper fulls. When you squeeze the dropper, whatever fills up is considered a dropper full. Its a little confusing but a dropper full is never a FULL dropper. Please let me know how this helps. Also supplement with Selenium and get a good complete mineral supplementation. Take the Iodine daily. You should begin seeing really results in a matter of days. Life-Flo is a good brand choice for your liquid Iodine supplementation. Do not worry about taking a higher dose of Iodine, you will urinate out what your body doesn't use. Though every cell in your body needs Iodine to produce the proteins or carbohydrates in your blood, which is why higher dosage is needed to make sure the body has enough to direct it over to where you want it to go. Please let me know how this is working for you when you try it.

Replied by Fern
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Hi Mohel, I've looked on and have not been successful at finding you. Could you give me more info or send me the link to video to my email fern. Kirouac(at) I would love to see your video and others as well.



Replied by Robert P.
Ma, US

Everybody says blackstrap molasses works. What I would like to know is how long before I see results. Does it really shrink your prostate? And how can I tell?

Replied by Keith

May the Blackstrap Molasses be taken with coffee and creamer and still help with an enlarged prostate?

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Keith,

Some people find that Blackstrap taken in coffee works well for them; it would be worth a try.

If the iron from the blackstrap is what helps with enlarged prostrate though, I don't think it will work. Either the coffee or cream affect the iron absorption. (I was taking blackstrap in coffee and it did not help me when I was anemic.)

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Mohel Castorena (San Jacinto, California) on 01/19/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Prostate and Blackstrap Molasses

I have suffered with enlargement I have tried ACV with no help. But I have found that blackstrap molasses Fixed Me up and every other day 3 Tbs in 8 oz of yogurt and milk has done it for me. A friend of mine had his prostate in the stage of pain and VERY SLOW FLOW! He did not want to do the Doctor thing I told him about blackstrap molasses and in 5 days flow was better and pain started to subside. In a Month Much better! He is continuing with blackstrap molasses. It Cured him and Myself.

Replied by Mugandani
Chiredzi, Masvingo

Blackstrap Molasses. What is it made out of? Can ordinary Molasses from sugarcane be of any use and whai is the difference if any?

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Mugandani: Blackstrap molasses IS ordinary molasses from sugar cane, just make sure it's the really BLACK thick stuff, not the brown liquidy syrup they call molasses.

Replied by Kennywally
49 posts

To; Mugandani, The real thick stuff is, ORGANIC BSM, the regular blackstrap is pretty runny.

Posted by Vernon (Salem, Oregon) on 06/18/2008
5 out of 5 stars

For the lady with Metastatic Breast cancer which has spread to the bones. Contact me! I was diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer which had spread to the bones. The second opinion concurred. After taking Molasses with another substance for 10 days I had another bone scan. I was afraid to open the envelope that was sent me containing the results. I burst out bawling like a baby when it said: No convincing evidence of an osseous metastatic process. I am very very happy.....

EC: Read more about Molasses here.

Replied by Mary
Portland, Oregon

The other substance is baking soda. I heard about Vern thru another friend who knows him, and its baking soda 1:1 ratio, 1 teaspoon of blackstrap molasses and 1 teaspoon of baking soda mixed in water.

Replied by Peter
Bedford, Nova Scotia

Would like to know about the 1 to 1 ratio of BS molasses and soda. (TBSP) How many times a day?

Replied by Ulla
Lake Cowichan, Bc Canada

Blackstrap Molasses and prostate cancer. Check out:

or go to:

Blood in Semen  

Posted by Penknee (North Bend, Washington, United States) on 06/29/2013

This question is from my daughter, a situation has arisen with my boyfriend. He is only 23 years old and having serious problems with what seems to be his prostate. About a year ago, he noticed blood in his semen. He also was experiencing severe lower back pain and difficulty gaining an erection at certain times. This obviously freaked him out, so he began looking for answers online and through his peers. He associated his symptoms with a prostate infection, and when he saw his family doctor, that is what they told him as well. They told him things like, "As long as the blood isn't in your urine, you have nothing to worry about, " "This looks like a classic prostate infection, " "Nothing a few antibiotics can't fix, " "No harm to your partner. " My boyfriend took the antibiotics for 14 days and the bleeding stopped along with the other symptoms. However, the exact same problem came back this past February. He went back to his doctor who referred him to a Urologist who wanted a urine sample, but ran no tests of his semen, kidneys, liver, or any other body parts that may have been affecting this. The Urologist ended up putting him on the same medicine he was taking but advised him to take it for a longer period of time (1 month). After he finished this, the problem seemed to go away until just a week ago. He pleasured himself and noticed a large amount of blood all throughout his semen. He brought it to my attention, and I told him to see his doctor. He argued with me, because he felt as if they'll just put him right back on the meds, sort of shrugging it off like before. We ended up having sex just a few nights ago and as he pulled out to finish, I realized the huge amount of blood in his ejaculate. It scared me so bad that I told him he needed to go to the emergency room. Unfortunately, he could not go right away, because of work and such, but he ended up going the following night. I went with him for support. At the emergency room, they requested a urine sample and asked him some questions. This time, they took a blood sample to test his PSA levels, which turned out to be completely normal. Yet, they still sent him home with the same medication as before calling it an infected prostate. My boyfriend feels as if they are not testing him enough in other areas that may be causing the prostate to continue becoming infected. He also asked the doctor at the emergency room if it could affect me from us engaging in unprotected intercourse. The doctor said "absolutely not. " But, we are obviously still very worried about his ongoing issue. After these antibiotics, it will most likely just come back. I do not know if there is any advice you can give me, or if you even know anything involving a matter like his. But, if you can, it would be greatly appreciated. Our worst fear is prostate cancer or some sort of other fatal condition.

I want you to know that you taking the time to read this and get back to me means so much. Thank you in advance!

Replied by Blue777
Lamarque, Tx

Large glass of Cranberry Juice every day for rest of your life. And no more prostate problem. Older people should take 2 glasses a day. 1 when you wake up and 1 when you go to sleep.

Replied by Zark
Emerald City, The Land Of Oz

Two remedies for prostate issues that worked well for me and for others with prostate issues:

* Apple Cider Vinegar - 1 tbsp in a glass or juice, once or twice a day. Can increase the dose gradually later if necessary.

* Molasses & Baking Soda - this can knock over 2 birds with one stone based on the experiences of others, ie. both prostate enlargement AND prostate cancer. 1 tsp molasses, and 1 tsp baking soda. Increase dose gradually as necessary.

Can totally relate to the issues with doctors. They don't have time to really look into our health problems in detail anymore. You need to spend a lot of money or have a very caring doctor to get good quality care. Can't entirely blame them, they are typically over-worked & stressed.

Replied by Johnny
Nashville, Tn

I have had similar problems 2 times in my life. Blood in my semen after a very intense orgasm. I was maybe 28 yrs old. The first time it happened I was told, by a Dr, that it was due to a busted blood vessels in my urethra caused by the intense orgasm. It happened again much later in my life and I just chalked it up to the same thing and didn't worry about it. It never happened again that I know of.

Bromelain for Testicular Pain  

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Posted by Milky Way (France, Paris) on 05/29/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I have had chronic enduring testicular pain for more than a year and tried loads of natural remedies. Turmeric, ashwagandha, rhodiola, zinc, and daily juicing had no effect on my pain and inflammation. The only thing that helped was prolonged abstinence, but it is not easy to keep up long term or more than 4-5 weeks. Luckily last month, as I was eating dried pineapple fruit, I noticed a clear soothing effect on my pain, so after doing research on pineapple, I ordered bromelain and got incredible relief taking 3 or 4 daily capsules of 500mg bromelain at 2500gdu.

It's important to take bromelain on empty stomach away from meals.

Cabbage for Painful or Dribbling Urination  

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5 out of 5 stars

Recipe: Take common green cabbage, put in boiling water, boil briefly until half cooked. Pour out half the water, add plenty 2 tablespoons of olive oil, salt and a little cumin. Bring to another boil for about 3 minutes. Eat the cabbage and drink the juice from this recipe immediately. Once a day is best.


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Posted by Thinus C. (Jamesonpark, Gauteng, South Africa) on 05/07/2016
5 out of 5 stars

On 21 January 2016 I was diagnosed with tubular prostate cancer phase four. My PSA was 901 on 5 February. I got my first Lucrin injection on 9 February and also started with artemether. Now after 11 weeks on 3 May my PSA was 69. I am working hard to reach 0 by the end of June 2016. I had a problem with my stream peeing.

For the past three days I am taking a 500 mg Cayenne pepper capsule three times a day. Really, the difference is amazing. I am pissing a beer bottle stream in a relaxing mood.

Replied by Kennywally
49 posts

Thinus C. a capsule of cayenne 3-5 times a week should also help to keep veins clean from miss piggy and other vein cloggings things folks love to eat.

Replied by Suleiman
Tanga, Tanzania
1 posts

I would like to know how you are doing to date with the cayyene pepper treatment

Posted by Lizzie (London) on 02/22/2014
5 out of 5 stars

First off, thank you to earth clinic and all the people that post on here. It is such a great site.

My partner was suffering from enlarged prostate. He was suffering quite a bit, hard to pee and frequently wanting to pee. He was put on a 3 month waiting list to have an operation. He was not sure he could last that long because of the pain of it.

He started taking 10.000 Hu cayenne tablets. Think he took about 6 a day. Within about two days the pain had eased off and he was able to pee properly again. He was amazed and so was I. He cancelled the appointment to be operated on and is now completely fine.

Posted by Bill In Thailand (Chiang Mai, Thailand) on 11/04/2012

Could someone let us know.... A daily dosage of 600-mg of cayenne peper would equate to how many teaspoons?

I began taking it today in hopes of easing my BPH symptoms... Started very cautiously with three x 1/8 teaspoon servings in 3-oz V-8 juice diluted with 3-oz of warm water... Taken after meals. I have a small hiatal hernia and battle GERD as a result. So need to be wary when ingesting pepper. But I seem to have tolerated this small dosage rate quite well. Now, I am wondering what it takes to ingest a total of 600-mg. Taken in three servings (200-mg each).

Thanks to all posters for the very interesting information.

Replied by Bill
French Polynesia, Moorea

However, cayenne powder is much lighter than either of these substances. 1 average tsp of cayenne powder is the equivalent of 2000 milligrams.

Posted by Len (Toronto, Ontario Canada) on 01/29/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I had been using saw palmetto for the last 7 months. Urine flow was half of what it used to be (less in the morning but "improved" to about 1/2 of what it was when I was younger (now 59).

It seemed to be helping but I wasn't totally satisfied and started looking elsewhere. I found references to cayenne pepper. I read more about supposed "cancer" fighting properties. I'm getting more into "natural" methods and away from pharmaceuticals and thought I would give it a try.

I had my first taste this morning after breakfast: I used 1/2 tsp in half cup of warm water. Chugged it and oooh boy, it was hot. Not burningly so but enough. Without word of a lie, when I peed about 1. 30pm, flow was twice what it usually is. Four hours? Sounds dubious but it's true. All I know is I'm a believer (at this point) and am going to continue this level of cayenne (1/2 tsp in half cup of warm water 3x/day (after each meal).

Take this for what it's worth. Good luck to you :)

Replied by Len
Toronto, Ontario Canada

No specific quantities as there are no claims that it kills cancer cells. Just some studies suggest it does in mice. It has not been tested on people.

Powdered quantities suggested range from 1/4tsp to 1 tablespoon in 1 cup of water 3x a day (preferably after meals as the food has a "gentling" effect). A lot depends on how much you can tolerate. Upset stomach is a common first reaction.

I started with (and am still using) 1/2 tsp in 1/2 cup of warm water. I had a little bit of "turmoil" (still do--it's not a "leisure" beverage to sit down with and enjoy) but it settled down quickly.

Everything I've read says powdered in very warm water (I'm using 1/2tsp of Bulk Food Store cayenne powder--25 to 35 thousand SHU--in 1/2 cup very warm water) is best. It's benefits hit you immediately whereas the capsule has to dissolve.

Capsules work too but are slower.

As a side benefit to the prostate issue, it is clearing up my sinus and coughing/congestion issues related to the bronchitis I'm currently "enjoying".

It's a wonder pepper. I do believe in it at this point.

Replied by Doug
Phoenix, Az.
5 out of 5 stars

Cayenne does so many wonderful things. There are so many testimonials it will make your head spin, just like ACV. Buy your cayenne in powder or liquid form. Forget about the capsules; when your mouth senses the heat, your stomach will immediately release juices to protect itself, something the capsules don't do. Also, the more heat units, the better. I am taking 160,000 heat unit cayenne pepper that I buy on-line. Research Dr richard Schultz and Dr. Christopher (can't remember his first name) on the internet. Good luck everyone.


Replied by John
Johannesburg, Gauteng

Dr Mathias Rath, a great in the science of natural health and antedotes, explains that of of all the earths mammals, the human is the only species that does not produce its own requirement of Vit C. We pay the price, unless one ingests vit C on a regular basis. Cayenne, ginger, are loaded with Vit C.

British Medicine discovered the C discrepancy after 150 years, heart attack was then known as Scurvy!

To this day, the Nation Health Services of the UK or anywhere else will not reduce the Hospital bed occupancy by making this simple truth known to every school child and expectant mother. One day the medics will be looked at as we now view the infamous, demonic inquisitors. It is after all, thier own fault, they refuse to see TRUTH and continue to support the purveyers of slow profit making death, instead of using thier existing medical platform to improve themselves in order to improve the health of thier fellow travellers.

Replied by Njoku
Makurdi Benue State

I have an enlarged prostate and read about kyane paper treatments. I use to see powdered type in my country Nigeria but don't know the dosage. kindly educate me on how to use it. Thanks for your response. Njoku Emole

Replied by Richard

Why bother with the whole digestion.? I am for doing tropical treatment say Glycerin with cayenne pepper applied near the prostate area. It can absorbed through the skin. no hassle with the stomach.....

Replied by Gary
New York

Hey, Richard. I love the idea. Since oral dosing only produces increased urine frequency. (Both AVC and cayenne.) How is the "paste" working for you?

Replied by Carolinablueskies55

Richard, would you please give more details how you do this? My hubby wants & needs to know. Thank you

Replied by Kt

Dear Carolinablueskies5,

I am female and I take cayenne everyday. I started with 1/4 tsp. in about 1/2 C water until I could get use to the heat and now am up to 1/2 tsp. It does not irritate my stomach and it doesn't take long to tolerate the heat. Stirred briskly and chug...maybe chase with a little more water, getting the residue from inside the glass. I feel working from the inside is better than topical application.

Sometimes I add 1/4-1/2 tsp. ginger or turmeric. They both reduce inflammation, fight cancer and ginger is a natural antibiotic.

I wish you and husband well.