Dupuytren's Contracture Remedies

Iodine, Magnesium and DMSO

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Posted by Andrew (South Africa) on 06/29/2018

I have been using iodine and DMSO for about a month now with no effect, but the magnesium with it may work. I did read that it should be mixed 50/50, but I apply the iodine and then the DMSO.

Replied by Andrew
(South Africa)

After three months of using Iodine, Magnesium oil and DMSO, I had no improvement.

I have now started using Lugol's Solution ( Iodine 5g/100 ml and Pot Iodide 10g/100ml).

If it works I will post again.

Iodine, Magnesium and DMSO
Posted by Belle (Australia) on 04/05/2017

I agree with Jean in Kentucky below. My hand has just started to grow nodules. My father had DC.

I have started to use 2 modalities. I use ultrasound ( physio strength type twice daily on a low frequency for 5 mins. I then use DMSO and saturated potassium iodide ( not iodine) with magnesium oil. The key is the Potassium iodide, but you need the DMSO to drive the SSKI and magnesium oil into the area. I only received the Potassium iodide today, and the nodules have already softened and flattened out.

There are a couple of Doctors on the internet, one called Tucker. Research it a and see. There is also a Utube video made by a young Australian man who will give you the quantities to use. His partner had severe DC and her hand is now flat.

Replied by Darran
(Sydney Australia)

Thank you for sharing, can you please tell me if you are still self treating it and your progress. Regards Darran

Replied by dustin

hey there, I have dc in both my hands, reluctantly has surgery on one of them. do you know the exact quantities you used?

Replied by Edmund

I've spent nearly an hour searching for the video you mentioned and still am no closer to finding it. No matter how specific the search terms I use, I'm still literally swamped with videos on surgery, stretching, massage, etc, etc, for Dupuytren's. So, if anyone knows where this video is, or the ingredients and quantities used, if they could be posted here, that would be great!

Iodine, Magnesium and DMSO
Posted by Jean (Kentucky) on 03/11/2017 28 posts

My husband has Dupuytren's contracture as well. He applies a mixture of iodine, magnesium oil and dmso to his hand twice a day and just rubs it in. The knots are about gone and his hand is flexible. This is after about two weeks of consistent application of the mixture. I believe the iodine is the key. Then the dmso helps drive the iodine further into the skin and the magnesium oil helps keep it moist. It seems like a miracle to him. His doctor has Dupuytren's and had surgery. Now the doctor has a long scar across the palm of his hand. Generally the knots return within a year and apparently consistent surgery would be the remedy. I think a little mixture to soften and prevent it is more sensible, cheaper and keeps it at bay. I'm sure diet helps as well.

Replied by Mary
(Colorado Springs, Co)


Could you tell me how much of each ingredient he mixes together?

(Hollywood, FL)

DMSO, you just put a light coat over the iodine and magnesium. You can buy magnesium spray, spray on so as to moisten tissues, iodine you can dab on, just make sure you don't use too much because DMSO takes in right into your bloodstream and thyroid, so be careful. I don't really think you can overdue Mag spray or DMSO, cause you are just coating it... Hope this helps everyone. There is a Facebook group called Dupuytrens Alternative Treatments that is very helpful with the many options out here to help DD.

Replied by David

I am having much pain in wrist, elbow, and shoulder. My fingers are swollen and not bending over but I can't make a fist. Doc said it was dupuytren's not carpal tunnel. Could you please tell me what quantities your husband used in his treatment thanks? David


Have you tried Vitamin D?

Many people who experience pain are deficient in Vitamin D. This happened to me, when I upped my Vitamin D dose to 4000 iu my pains disappeared. Vit. D3 has to be taken with Vit. K2 or take it with a good Multi Vitamin. Increase D and wait 2-3months to have your Vit. D level checked.

A good D level should be between 40 - 60. My Vit. D test came out to 47. I now add other supplements to my Alive Multi & Vit. D, increased Vit. C, Omega 3, Magnesium, Pro-biotic, B12, Olive Leaf, Milk Thistle and Turmeric with black pepper. And of course a good healthy natural Mediterranean Diet and exercise. I would check out Dr. Richard and Cindy Becker's youtube videos. They also have their TV show on CTN which I record. I am short, thin, and petite so I take 4000iu of Vit. D, a larger or taller person should take more.

Replied by Paul

Is there a formula for mixing these? How much of each is required? Your reply would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Lifestyle Changes

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Posted by Joseph, L.Ac. (Boulder, Colorado) on 11/16/2019

My understanding of dupytrons contracture stems from my father having had this condition for many years. He was a drinker and smoker, both to excess, which was instrumental in precipitating and prolonging the condition. What I was told by his doctor was that the tendons became pinched within the synovial sheath, and they performed surgery in order to free their motion.

I am a chinese medical practitioner, and in Chinese medical theory any pathology having to do with the tendons, directly and unambiguously implicates liver health, since the liver rules the tendons...so specifically drinking and smoking adversely effects (among many many things) the liver's function of keeping the tendons moist, strong, supple and smooth. The operations were successful temporarily, but the condition returned when he did not clean up his lifestyle... the skin of the palm was also hardened but it's the hardening of the tendons proper which tightened his hands into a semi-claw position. basically it's a lifestyle choice, either clean-up yr act and minimize the poisons being administered, or lose the function of yr hands...but the place to start therapy is with is the liver....topical applications of herbs, etc are useful, but futile without cleansing and restoring liver health, ie function(s)...acupuncture, herbs, diet, exercise and lifestyle changes will remedy the condition...the liver is the most regenerable organ!


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Posted by Michael (Toronto) on 01/16/2023

Over at the web site, ( https://dupuytrens.org/magnesium-and-dupuytren-disease/#gsc.tab=0 ) there showing pictures of a Dr who started taking Magnesium supplements and she can now straighten out her fingers, I just took a trip to Walmart and picked up Magnesium Citrate powder drink mix at 300mg and I will start tonight on that, and the one fellow with some good results from iodine, I just picked up some Sushi Nori Roasted Seaweed Sheets, loaded with nutrition and has some iodine, my diet has turned naturally to food's rich in magnesium like avocados assorted nut butter with Brazil nuts almonds etc, banana's, spinach etc ... so will let you know if it all works ...

Magnesium Oil

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Posted by Tony (Pittsburgh) on 07/03/2015

Hi, I have been suffering from a somewhat mild case of Dupuytrins Contracture in my left hand. I was told by a Health food store owner to try Magnesium. I started with the pills but then tried Magnesium Oil and started rubbing it in my hands once a day. Just a small amount. Well now I do not have any symptoms of the tightness and ripping feeling and pain in the morning I use to have every morning when I woke up. I stopped using it for a while and the symptoms came back. Started again and the symptoms went away again. Hey it's worth a shot for anyone. Magnesium oil is cheap. Lots of ways to get Magnesium. Pills, Oil and Epson Salts(Epson Salts are also fantastic in your Gardens).. all super cheap.

Multiple Remedies

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Posted by Judy (Belleview, Fl) on 01/22/2018

I've been researching anything that might help with either TRIGGER FINGER or DUPUYTREN's CONTRACTURE. This is for my husband who is a keyboardist. I have started him on P-5-P 3x a day, in addition to all the other things he takes.

He is also a diabetic and from what I have read he also has THAT going against him for this issue.

I am using the patches instead of having him ingest NSAIDS, which does help. I put a splint on it at night. I also have been using DMSO, Magnesium oil, lavender and frankincense essential oils. We've been using Mag Citrate for a few years now, once I realized how good it is for you, especially as we are in our 60s.

I've read someplace that 20 mg BORON, divided doses, a day is helpful, but I wanted to make sure that this would not cause a problem at that dosage, or what I should look for and consider taking in addition if taking that dosage.

Thank you

Needle Aponeurotomy

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Posted by Gunter (Johannesburg, South Africa ) on 10/31/2012

I also had a Needle Aponeurotomy with Dr. Badois in Paris, very successful. The cost is a fraction of an operation, the expense of the flight, stay in the hotel and treatment included. Was playing golf 3 weeks after the treatment!

Needle Aponeurotomy
Posted by Fieldinski (New York, Ny) on 07/27/2012

Worked Temporarily

I've had needle aponeurotomy on my right hand three times. The best practicioner was in Paris, Dr. Badois, who was one of the original team that developed this treatment. But it keeps coming back, and now my left hand is affected. I can't stop thinking there must be a cause (besides inherited‚ and a cure, and I keep experimenting with movements, like brushing off the hands, wiggling the fingers, that seem to relax the tensions somewhat. working with tools seems to be bad for it, and making fists, say for shadow boxing. I do exercises ever day, kind of yoga, and like the ones where you place the hands flat on the floor, which the contracture makes difficult. Very gentle tickling massage of the cords in the palms also seems good. I feel that if I could reach a core understanding of what's going on that produces this disease, I might be able to work on it and solve it. nowhere do I read anything about the inner causes -- why we are doing this to ourselves. Comments?

Replied by Nancy
(Bellevue, Ne)

Are you, or have you ever taken phenobarbital by chance? I agree with what you said as well, there is not a soul in my family who has this. Dupuytren's Contracture usually strikes men age 55 or older of eastern European decent, and it's supposedly hereditary. However, there are also studies to suggest that long term users of phenobarbital can also get DC. That would be in my case. My surgeon truly believes that this is the cause of mine. I've been taking the drug since 1986 for seizures. I've known others as well. I'm a woman, and I started to get this very gradually in my 30's. I'm 50 now, and the condition is very bad, I just had surgery 2 weeks ago on my right hand. I've had 2 surgeries now and the Xiaflex injections. That causes even more trauma to the hand with the growth of scar tissue.

Replied by Joy

Try adding in the magnesium oil. It seems that some are having good results with it alone...? Just a thought. Hope you figure it out! :)

Needle Aponeurotomy
Posted by Anthony (Port Elizabeth, South Africa ) on 09/09/2010

I have recently under gone NA (needle aponeurotomy) procedure to remedy DC on both hands. Very succesful! So pleased that I did not have the surgery recommended by medical experts.

Paleo Diet

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Posted by Dillis (Meyerton, Gauteng, South Africa) on 08/25/2010

I have Dupuytrens in both hands, and was told by my doctor that there is no cure, and that it would get worse and only an operation would cure it. I went on a paleolithic diet, and my Dupuytrens subsided remarkably. When I break the rules, it grows again, but subsides when I go back to the correct eating. Also, massaging cold pressed Apricot oil, or any vitamin e oil into the Dupuytrens helps.

Radio Therapy

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Posted by Michael (Frankfurt, He) on 01/12/2013


Local Radiotherapy for Early Stage Dupuytren or Ledderhose is the treatment of choice to avoid surgery; the International Dupuytren Society (IDS) is collecting data on many other treatment options to foster potential sufferers with the best information available:


Replied by Ronald


Is these radio therapy treatment still effective in early stage?



Posted by Manali (Malta) on 07/30/2014

How can I purchase SSKI on-line for Dupuytrens? Kind regards, M. Kuko

Replied by Debi
(Mass, US)

There is a man in New Hampshire who makes, and sells SSKI. It's very expensive for the large bottle, but, I figured if I don't have to use it on Dupuychen's, I could use it for if we ever need it for a radiological release... Just type in SSKI New Hampshire.

Standard Process Phosfood Liquid

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Posted by Susan (Kingston, Ma ) on 12/29/2014

I've had a lot of success using Standard Process phosfood. The cord and nodule in my left hand had softened a huge amount, my pinky finger on my right hand is straighter and more flexible. I also have leddarhose in my feet with strong cords no nodules. The cords on my feet are also softening. Another thing I want to mention is that I follow a ketogenic dietary lifestyle, which may also be helping.


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Posted by Hound (California) on 01/18/2018

I had shooting pain from dupuytren's contracture. These supplements slowed the progression and greatly reduced the stabbing pain that would wake me. My thumb had stopped functioning and that function returned.

  • 400 MG Magnesium Glycinate - recommended by DC Foundation.
  • 30 MG UC-II (10mg undernatured) turns off the pain of arthritis. Take on an empty stomach 1st thing in the morning.
  • PABA 6 g/ day. Recommended by Dr Wright of the Tahoma Clinic.
  • MSM 1 teaspoon once a day

Finally, limiting sugar/Carbs may help.

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