Dupuytren's Contracture Remedies

CBD Oil + Massage
Posted by Twinkytoze (Sw Ontario) on 04/07/2022
5 out of 5 stars

So here's my current regimen and status.


5ml CBD oil (strain AK47 7grams decarbed & infused in 250ml organic extra virgin olive oil) morning and night orally to counter arthritic inflammation that might be contributing to the condition.

3-4 drops CBD oil with homeopathic frequencies rhus tox, cholecynthis and nosode rubbed into palms 2-3x daily and 1ml orally morning and night.

Gentle stretching - holding stretch for 30-60 seconds 3-4x daily.

Massage - as often as possible.


Left Hand Middle Finger Palm Node: now flat and spongy. Cord in palm is soft almost gone. 90% improvement from beginning state.

Right Hand Ring Finger Palm Node: 50% smaller, softer. Cord in palm is completely imperceptible.

I may not be able to get rid of these entirely, and may have to continue treatment indefinitely, but if I can prevent the condition from advancing and retain the mobility in my hands I will consider this a win.