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Diarrhea Natural Remedies


Posted by Larry (Parrish)
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after 8 days with diarrhea and knowing it was time to consult a doctor, i decided to do one more thing first. find a website that would cure my woes without paying a fortune. i found your website... and behold, with scrambled eggs with a healthy dose of turmeric powder, ginger powder, garlic powder and cardamom seeds i was healed... yes, healed!!! in twenty hours. wow!!! thank you very much; indeed! and yes, pomegranate juice in the morning may have helped as well.

White Rice

Posted by Diana (Butler, NJ) on 01/07/2009
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Eating as much white rice as you can will cure diahhrea.


Posted by David (London, Uk) on 01/20/2012
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Hi, I have found in the past the best cure for Diarrhea was...... YOGURT....... Just eat 1/2 tub 500g of plain greek yogurt it worked for me. hope this helps someone.


Posted by Paula (Toronto, Ontario Canada) on 08/29/2012
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I was having persistant diarrhea for a week and researched that in developed countries, they would give zinc to children so that they don't die from the diarrhea.

I tried zinc gluconate 50mg and it stopped my diarrhea. Apparently zinc deficiencies make diarrhea worse.