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Diarrhea Natural Remedies

Rice Water

Posted by Maria J. (Colorado City, AZ) on 06/05/2009
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This is the home remedy my mother always used for diarrhea: Boil one ounce of rice to one quart of water for twenty minutes, then strain and drink.

Sesame Seeds

Posted by Jacob (Bartlett, IL) on 03/04/2008
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Hi One remedy I have used consistently since childhood is one I learnt from my mother. Its a simple South-Indian remedy.

Heat 1 teaspoon of sesame seeds in a pan till it starts popping. Once it starts popping nicely and starts giving out smoke, add half glass of water and let it boil for a few minutes. Cool and filter the liquid. Drinking this pale yellow liquid has been the most effective cure for diarhhea that I have seen. You can repeat it once more.

The Bratt Diet

Posted by Chandra (Hammond, USA) on 09/15/2007
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Cure Diarrhea: Children and Adults -- The BRATT diet:


Obviously as plain as you can tolerate... I found the best meal (tolerable) was plain rice (obviously cooked), plain toast, and chamomile tee... bananas for "snacks"

Within 24 hours my daughter's (then 2yo) and mine had stopped. We were also nauseated and within 2 days, or 24 hours after the "runs" stopped, we were able to tolerate soup... then other things

The "M" Word

Posted by John Sebastian (Chicago, IL) on 03/03/2008
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Free (though bizarre) Remedy for Diarrhea. I have discovered that the best immediate cure for diarrhea is masturbation. I'd rather not go into detail about how I found this out, but it works. I think it has something to do with the contraction of the sphincter upon ejaculation. I can only imagine that no one else has discovered this, because it's probably the last thing anyone would think to do when they have indigestion. I have no proof that it works with females, as my wife has been reluctant to try it. But for guys like myself, you'll never need to drink Pepto again.


Posted by Gnar (San Francisco, Ca) on 08/30/2017
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Had a stomach bug from Mexico. Non-stop diarrhea. I took 1 tsp. turmeric in water, and 6 hours later mixed another tsp. in my dinner. Diarrhea continued until the turmeric had all passed the next day, then I was back to normal. Diarrhea is a side effect of turmeric, but turmeric is also antimicrobial, so as it runs through you it seems to kill any pathogens. Amazing stuff.

Posted by Teecee (Pittsburgh, Pa) on 11/06/2013
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I have had issues with soft stool for a couple of months, finally remember turmeric, and took it on Sunday November 3rd, in the afternoon. Had a decent firm movement that evening...felt great, had the turmeric before work the next day, another firm movement that day, same thing for tuesday a.m. wonderful feeling. Today, Wednesday, Nov 6th, I tested it by not taking any turmeric this a.m. before work, and had a small movement, a couple little ones is all that came out.

Later in the afternoon, I had some softstools although it seemed to try to firm up as I finished.

I'm going to get back to taking the warm water with a teaspoon of turmeric tonite, probably every day now....

Replied by Phil

My friend's two children have diarrhea and their mother took them to a doctor who gave them medicine and wanted to have them admitted to the hospital. She didn't have have the money for that. Their taking the medicine. Would it be alright for them to take turmeric along with the medicine?

Replied by Mama To Many
Tennessee, Usa

Hello Phil,

I have given my children turmeric for many things and found it to be quite safe and effective for them. For a 4 year old or so, I have mixed 1/4 teaspoon in some applesauce, yogurt, or honey 3 times a day. For a 10 year old I might give 1/2 teaspoon three times a day. For a teen, I would give 3/4-1 teaspoon, the same as an adult. Just sharing you that to give a starting place to dose children.

Since turmeric is a food, it should be compatible with medication. However, turmeric can be constipating if enough water is not taken. Just keep that in mind with whatever medication is being given. I once used Immodium about 25 years ago. I guess it stopped the diarrhea but caused such terrible stomach pain in my (and my husband) we never have used it again.

Hope that helps.

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Calil W. (Atlanta, Ga.) on 03/12/2013
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Absolute YEA.

I was taking the dreaded antibiotic, Clindamycin, which is legendary in it's reputation for not only horrible diarrhea, but also C. Diff as well. Anyway, I was starving becuase I basically crapped everything out all night. And, I decided to instead add 2 tablespoons of turmeric to my meal. Meal being: fried fish, collard greens, and mac and cheese... yup soul food..lol.

Ok, so I eat my meal with the turmeric added and voila! Like magic no diarrhea. And, most of all, the food tasted even better with it!

Also, for people who are having trouble drinking water with turmeric due to taste, you can also try making a wonderfully smooth and tasty turmeric drink using Almond Milk. Warm up your almond mik a little bit in the microwave first, then add 1 tablespoon of turmeric after you warmed the milk and umm hmm good! Tasty and no more diarrhea!

God Bless Earth Clinic!

Replied by Jasmin

I am hoping thus will work for me as my diarrhoea started due to clindamysin... after 3 dosage I was told by the dentist to stop it's intake ( it was recommended by her in the first place for a root infection)... it's day 7 and I am still expelling *water..hopefully this will help. I have high hopes!!

Posted by Aldo (Seoul, South Korea) on 04/22/2010
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THE PROBLEM: Last week my wife's sister was visiting us from New Jersey. Somehow she must have eaten something that didn't agree with her and she got Diarrhea. She suffered with it for a couple of hours. Then, finally told us (my wife and I) about it.

I simply said to her, let's try some tumeric. I have seen that work before for diarrhea, maybe it will work for you too.

We mixed half a tsp of tumeric into about a 5 ounce glass of water. I told her to mix it well with the teaspoon and then drink fast as it tends to quickly settle on the bottom.

"It tastes like dirt!" she said. "It isn't that bad!" I retorted with a chuckle. Then she drank about another 3-4 ounces of water as a chaser.

About 2 hours later we heard some good news from my sister-in-law. No more diarrhea! She was most impressed (and not to mention relieved!) that a simple herb could help - and fast!

Ok, that's it, just 1/2 a tsp of tumeric and 2 hours later - relief! Hope this info. helps someone else.


P.S. We used organic tumeric in powdered form.

Replied by Hharmon
Yelm, Wa, United States
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After reading how well Turmeric works on diarrhea from this site, I decided to use it. I have food allergies to garlic, and have found that only turmeric will stop the diarrhea reaction that I have.

I have also used it when I've eaten something bad (one night both hubby and I had steak that wasn't quite right, developed diarrhea early the next morning, took Turmeric and within 30 mins both of us were able to continue on our day) I mix between 1/2 to 1 tsp with very hot water, and let the turmeric sink to the bottom. I then drink the orange coloured water that remains, and have yet to have had this remedy NOT work. It's definitely on my list of go to remedies for intestinal ailments!!

Earthclinic has become my go to source for when I'm not feeling well!! Thanks!

Replied by Rexsue
Hutchinson, Kansas
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having a diarrhea for my antibiotics side effects, the whole night till morning every 15-30 minutes, everytime I drink or eat, I searched on EC and took 2 capsule of turmeric powder at 12:41 P.M. It works. It's now 8:50P.M.. haven't not yet go to restroom

ACV didn't work for my diarrhrea coz am taking Apple Cider Vinegar 2x daily 2tbsp mix w/ cup of H20n honey or juice regularly.. It works for my body aches except headache.

tks EC

Posted by Cindyg (Orange County, California, Usa) on 03/29/2010
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I had eaten a bunch of raw celery a week ago and have had diarrhea ever since. I have IBS, and wasn't sure if it was IBS related, or some kind of bacteria thing. Yesterday morning it was horrendously bad and I was getting very dehydrated, so I had an electrolyte drink and came here to look for rememdies. I tried the turmeric, 1 teaspoon in a cup of herbal tea, and I kid you not, my stomach felt better within the first minute of drinking it, and then I was completely FINE the rest of the day. I took another dose this morning for insurance, and have been great all day. Thanks - Earthclinic to the rescue!!!

Posted by Cmatthews191 (Tampa, Fl) on 02/24/2010
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Turmeric for Diarrhea

Of the 2 methods recommended, I chose turmeric. This worked for me! I had 'rhea for 3 days and couldn't figure out if it was something I ate or what because otherwise I felt normal. I measured 1/8 tsp into hot water and drank as a "tea." After much rumbling and grumbling and such going on in my tummy, it settled right down. That was yesterday evening and today I am back to normal.

Posted by Yvonne (Brownsville, TX, USA) on 02/24/2009

Question: I have read several of the suggested remedies for diarrhea, which is 1 teaspoon of turmeric spice powder in a hot cup of water once a day. Some of the people noticed a difference within two to three days. My question is along with the turmeric tea once a day, I noticed that no one has mentioned what type of diet they followed? Could Ted or some of the people that have used this method answer as to what they ate? Do you drink the turmeric tea on the first day and follow a liquid diet for one to three days or what did everyone do or eat? I have a friend that has had diarrhea for two weeks and none of the over the counter products have worked. Could someone please answer?

I stumbled onto this site today and I think that it is wonderful that so many people have been helped. I am hoping to be able to help my friend. Thank you, Yvonne from Brownsville, TX.

Posted by Ben (Austin, TX) on 01/19/2009
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Diarrhea with Turmeric Powder: I had just gotten back from a 2 week trip in New Mexico and without thinking, I immediately ate two greasy Tex-Mex meals back to back. Needless to say, I had diarrhea that followed me for almost a week. I might have carried a bug back with me from MEX, I'm not sure of the source. I tried 1 tsp of Turmeric powder with a glass of water one night, and the following day I was already improving. Just for safe measures I went ahead and took another tsp the next day, and it was completely gone the following day, after only taking 2 doses!

Posted by Chitown Girl (Chicago, Il) on 10/27/2008
5 out of 5 stars

OMG!!!! I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!! To all of you, for these posting, I have been suffering for the past 4 days five nights and I had tried everything, was starting thinking I had to go to the emergency room and thought there was something seriously wrong with me. But I came across this website and and tried the Turmeric tea out and OMG!! Thank you is all I can say God Bless you all, for your info on this matter. Thank you, I can leave my own home and not worry of feeling sick or nauseous and the cramps! Thank you Thank you :)

Posted by Michele (Melbourne, Florida) on 10/03/2008

This will probably stump everyone, but I have had bad 'rhea for over 20 years. It has hindered my life, in a way, that I won't date or travel with anyone. I've been to the doctor and a few days ago given a prescription for a stomache infection because I was cramping. Medication is done and I still have the rhea and the cramping. I have not eaten or drank a thing today and it started out semi-solid and within 4 trips to the bathroom, it slowly went right back to the 'rhea. I can't even tell you how this has taken over my life. I am afraid to go places and when I do, I know where the bathrooms are on my route. PLUS, I have now gotten as low as buying adult diapers and bringing extra clothes with me even when traveling within my own town. I am going to try the Tumeric but I'd like to know, is it good for just a day or will it keep it away?

Replied by Crystal
New York, NY

It sounds like Crohn's disease. My sister suffers from this, so I am somewhat familiar with what you're going through. Unfortunately, my sister hasn't found any natural treatment for it and is on medication. I guess it's not the best thing for your body, but it stops the diarrhea and at least she can eat a normal diet. I wish you the best.

Replied by Sandy
Bangalore, India

I had a stomach problem similar to yours some years ago (most things I ate gave me a terrible stomach ache and diarrhea.). I suffered from this condition for more than an year, and did not find relief with allopathic treatment. Finally what cured me completely is Ayurvedic treatment. It was a simple treatment and gave me complete relief in a few weeks.

The ayurvedic treatment just comprised of having a couple of medicines (one kashayam(potion) and 1 leham(a paste)) couple of times a day for around 3 months. The kashayam was to clear out infections and soothe the stomach, whereas the leham was to aid digestion. After 3 months, I was given another leham to strengthen the stomach.

I found relief right from the first few weeks. The treatment was very simple. The brand of Ayurvedic medicine that I used was 'Kotakkal Arya Vaidya Shala'.

Apart from trying ayurvedic medicine, you could do yoga pranayam also, particularly Kapalbhati pranayam (start by doing for 2 mins, then increase gradually according to comfort and do daily for 20 minutes.) Here is the video link to see how it is done:
http://knowyoga.org/tiki-index.php?page=Kapal Bhati Pranayam

Good luck! Do post back on what cured you.

Replied by Sarah
Los Angeles, CA

WEll- I think the first response about Crohn's disease sounds right- know people that have it and basically they can't eat anything with fat or oil in it... various things with this disease you can't digest, so it goes straight through. Also- I had a boyfriend once who had this problem and turns out his was b/c of food allergies and also lactose intolerance. Try playing with your diet to see if anything specifically triggers it... also- you should try to up your potassium intake. Good luck!

Replied by MissLady007
Gary, IN

This post is in response to the person who has suffered with bad diarrhea and cramps for 20 years. I saw a program about mystery illnesses on TLC and the woman suffered from bad cramps and diarrhea since she began puberty. Her body was missing a protein and when she began puberty, her hormones triggered edema in various parts of her body. The inflammation in her body caused severe cramps and diarrhea for years. I hope I gave you enough to perhaps google it or find the show..Your case sounds eerily similar. She received some type of simple treatment that has held the illness at bay. It is also hereditary.

Replied by Shabier
Pietersburg, South Africa

Dear Michele, Sorry to read about your problem. I had a similar problem for many months. Doc's meds didn't work. I started taking one tablespoon Apple Cider Vinegar in half cup water every moring before breakfast. It works like a bomb. Excellent remedy. Try it. you may need it before each meal. Start, and put your trust in God! It must work! Good luck!

Replied by Candy
Fort Madison, Iowa

i had the same thing, lasted for a couple years. i lost weight like crazy and my family finally forced me to go to the doctor. He wanted to put me on hormone therapy and anti-depressants!! The only thing I was depressed about was having diarrhea 24/7. !!! SOOO, I came home, got on the internet, and read every thing i could find about bowel problems. I discovered probiotics was one thing that helped me. Of course I asked God to help me in my search, and He did. Suggest you do the same. Believe me, I know what you are going through. Hope this helps.

Replied by Shackelmom
Cagayan De Oro, Philippines

In response to Michele from Melbourne, Florida, It does sounds like Crohn's, and there is a natural way to keep these symptoms completely under contol. It is called the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. My niece has this and has been living a normal life for six years, and has given birth to two healthy babies. Go to her website: http://nomorecrohns.com/default.aspx for plenty of excellent information. This diet is good for anyone with gut problems.

Posted by James (Summit, NJ) on 09/23/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Recently I went to India. When I returned I started to have diarrhea. I thought it would go away in a day or two but it did not. After five days of misery I went to the CVS and bought keopectate. Didn't work. I tried a vegetable diet, sea salt, apple cider vinegar, nothing worked. Now it's ten days and I'm fifteen pounds lighter, weak, and finding it hard to keep hydrated not to mention that going to the bathroom was now agony. I was ready to go to my doctor/hospital.

My wife who was still in India told me to take Tumeric. There was a big container of it so I mixed a heaping teaspoon in a glass of water and drank it down. Slightly bitter but I liked the taste. The next morning I took another dose and that was it. My stomach settled right down and a day later it was gone. Really amazing.