Natural Remedies to Detox Heavy Metals

Lead Poisoning Remedies

Posted by Gert (Va) on 11/25/2013

As a child, my parents did a lot of remodeling. Sanding paint, removing insulation, etc. So I know I was exposed to lead paint and, very likely, asbestos. I've always been a bit 'slow', so I think that's why. Is there anything I can do about that exposure now, as a middle-aged person? Oh, I also remember playing with liquid mercury from a large thermometer--all us kids played with it in our hands. I've been told glutathione helps detox, so should I take this or just say it's been so long I can't do anything about it now. I'm really having issues with this, because both parents were in the medical/chemist field for work and must have known better than to expose us.

Replied by Mike 62
(Denver, Colorado)

Gert: The same thing happened to me. I have tried every brain formula in the entire world trying to get smart. Yes there are some properly prepared products from reputable companies that are effective. The first product you want to take a lot of is sugar. The brain requires 150g glucose every day. Neurons require more energy due to their importance. Adenosine is permitted to accumulate when ATP is low. Adenosine exerts an inhibitory effect on the presynaptic release of excitatory neurotransmitters. Axons require the release and reuptake of ATP. ATP serves as a fast transmitter in the autonomic ganglia. For sugar I take raw wildflower honey and organic whole dried cane. For starch I take activated barley and organic buckwheat flour. Protein makes neurotransmitters. The best protein is raw whey isolate. I get 5lbs. for $60 shipped from ZN_______. Raw cocoa powder increases and balances all the neurotransmitters in the brain. The quinones in raw fermented skate liver oil remove plaque from the brain. I take 3ml daily. This also supplies A, D, and fish oil. 3g cold processed or 12g regular maca stimulate the hypothalamus pituitary axis. Spirulina is good for the front of the brain. Hawaiin is best. The only 2 products that improve the back of the brain are marine phytoplankton 1oz. liquid extract $36 and frozen liquid afa from Lake Klamath. All other preperations of these 2 superfoods are much inferior. These are highly recommended by both Mike Adams from Natural News and David Wolfe from longevity warehouse.

Replied by Mike 62
(Denver, Colorado)

Gert: Sulfur both detoxes and energizes. The longest lived animal eats 1/4 the food we do. He eats a food that is very high in a gaseous sulfur that pulsates at very high energy levels, marine phytoplankton. Atoms 8 spaces apart on the periodic table have the some chemistry because the electrons in the outer shell are the same. Sulfur is 8 away from oxygen. The first life got sulfur for energy because there wasn't any oxygen. Sulfur is the mother of all minerals. Sulfur activates all the other minerals. Unfortunately, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbacides, meds, irridation, artificial ingredients in processed foods, cooking and freezing denature sulfur. Raw organic and grassfed whole foods contain sulfur. Maca has 4 unique sulfurs that detox and activate the hypothalamus/pituitary axis. Spirulina and raw cocoa are for the front. The only food that detoxes and energizes the back where the emotions are is marine phytoplankton, the 1oz expensive liquid is best.

Replied by Melanie
(Brtish Columbia)

hello Gert,

I am detoxing lead and cadimum. You mention sulfur foods. I have always been allergic to any derivatives of sulfur in food or medications. Can you give me any advice or insight in relation to this?

Replied by Timh
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M: Most times allergies to sulfur foods is due directly from a deficiency of the micromineral Molybdenum. Take 500mcg MolyB daily and you should be able to eat sulfur foods again.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile , Tn)

HI YA'LL, , , , , , , , , , find it ironic that one of the reasons the Roman Empire fell was their lead water plumbing. Everybody got sick.

Here 2000 years later, Flint , Mi. is going through the same problem. Don't you Mi. folks read history or did history begin when you were born?


Liver Cleanse

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Posted by Kc (Santa Fe) on 05/10/2017


Almost 5 years ago, I did a liver cleanse consisting of apple cider, garlic, lemon juice and olive oil. I didn't read the directions carefully and drank 10 days worth in one sitting. Within 15 minutes, I felt different. Within an hour, I had a major panic attack. I used rescue remedy or something like that to calm my system down. This was the start of a horrendous experience. I had through the roof, constant anxiety and insomnia. I was prescribed different medications to help with the anxiety and insomnia. Unfortunately, nothing worked and the medications caused horrible side effects. When I didn't take sleeping tablets, I was unable to sleep. I was anxious all day. My digestion was damaged. Most foods brought on worse anxiety. Over the next 4 months, I spiraled out of control and into clinical depression. I lost 18 pounds. At this point, I was finally put on an antidepressant that helped with sleep, anxiety and depression. The next 4 years were focused on getting better. I've been off the antidepressant for about 5 months.

Western medicine was unable to find anything wrong with me. I was forced to look outside of the box.

I've gone to numerous alternative practitioners during this time to figure out what happened and how to address it. The theory is that I released heavy metals into my system which my body was not able to excrete and that these heavy metals were absorbed throughout my body, including in my brain.

By chance, I have met two other women who did cleanses, one a liver cleanse and the other a coffee enema, who both had horrendous experiences as well which resulted in long term health issues. It has been a horrendous experience for each of us.

I recall coming to your website years ago to find ways to improve my health. Over the years I have googled this issue to see if anyone else has had similar experiences in order to find a solution. I have not seen anything on the web to date and thought maybe your website might be interested in sharing my experience an making people aware of the possible risks.

If you've read this far, thank you. My goal is not to create fear, only to educate people on the possible risks when doing a liver cleanse.

Thank you

Replied by Steve

I believe the issue was not doing enough liver cleanses. Many practitioners that recommend liver cleanses will tell you it's important to keep going as the body is releasing toxins/parasites/heavy metals etc. and if you don't keep going the toxins can get backed up. For most people, it takes many liver cleanses with breaks in between to see positive results. This may be the reason you had the bad experience. Sort of like stirring up a hornets nest. I would consider doing some bentonite clay cleanses or activated charcoal to mop up whatever is remaining in your GI tract.



Replied by Gegina

Same happened to me... Trying to detox changed my health to the point of feeling no return? Anxiety panic 24/7 Pain all over body, hard to think, organize easy task are so difficult. Never had it before. It's been almost 4 years still trying to find my old happy go lucky self. Nightmare. Beware of detoxing without a highly qualified professional in my opinion.



this all happened to me as well.

Oct 2018

Im so bad I pray to not wake up. Simple task are now like a mountain.

i can not organize I used to cook clean walk 7 miles happy as happy and now I don't know this person.

aging overnight.

at 58 I feel 88.

I've tried it all.

My trigger was Botox injection along with always detoxing and some new product.

i wish I could go back in time.

id never put a toxin like Botox in my body. And I'd only eat clean to stay health and exercise.

i know life is over.

daily is a struggle.

i hope you got better.

Master Cleanse, Yoga

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Posted by Robin (Near Toledo, Ohio, Ohio) on 10/02/2007

Hi. I've been doing a lot of research for my many health problems and decided that an internal cleanse was crucial. I have been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Immune System Dysfunction, Fibromyalgia, Irritable bowel syndrome with severe constipation, chronic candiditis adrenal fatigue, borderline hypothyroid, sleep disorder, Hormonal disturbances due to a tubal ligation (female castration, it causes the ovaries to just about die within two years of the procedure) iron and b-12 anemia, and possible mercury poisoning from many' amalgam fillings and vaccinations.

I have no energy, I can't sleep, losing hair like crazy, I crash after a stressful event, dark circles, weak thin nails, brain fog and poor memory, a thick feeling in the front of my lower throat, difficulties in reaching climax, dry skin and hair, extremely sensitive to cold, cold hands and feet, low body temperature, hypotension, (low blood pressure) 7 day long, clotted, painful, heavy monthly cycles, lengthy sinus infections, itchy waxy ears, difficulty loosing weight, hypersensitive nervous system, 3.5 cm uric acid kidney stone, (to stick on atkins diet there) heck, I can't even remember all my symptoms, but I know there are more.

I had done one 9 day cleanse already and didn't get the results I wanted, so I tried another. I hit the jackpot this time. It started releasing all the mucoid plaque that was stuck and built up in my intestinal walls, working on the candida and other "wigglies" (parasites) that are common in most of us now too.

What I did not expect was that my normally thin, weak, and easily split or broken nails got thicker and stopped splitting while growing like crazy. The dark circles under my eyes are disappearing, I've lost 10 lbs so far, I use the bathroom several times a day now verses maybe once a day or once a week depending on my stress level, they are quick and easy and I use much less tp. I also don't feel so bloated in my upper abdomen after a meal which took hours to go away. My female cycle is much shorter with lighter flow now too with much less pain the first day or two. I don't get heartburn anymore either.

I know I cannot name the cleanse, but it's recommended that you do it for 3 months. It's 3 simple easy steps a day plus at least 64 oz of pure clean water and no fasting is required. Pills and a fiber blend in the drink of your choice on rising, water throughout the day, and a cup of their tea at night. Plus, it's very gentle and no need to feel you can't be near a bathroom. On the site there are pages and pages of pictures that clients have sent in showing the actual mucoid ropes that have been expelled from their body. Plus the amount of testimonies sent in is amazing, with all number of ailments disappearing. If you don't do the recommended toxin cleansing program this company makes as well, you also should be taking a good quality pro-biotic to replace the yeast that the system is removing from your insides and keep it from coming back.

I believe the stronger finger nails have resulted because where the plaque was removed nutrients can now enter my body and be absorbed. I think the dark circles are clearing up from the toxin removal. I have noticed a toxin headache as I call it usually the day before a section of plaque shows up the next day. Once it's out of the body, the headache disappears. They have ranged from black, hard, and rubbery to light-dark tan, looking like a leg of pantyhose with chicken livers every half inch or so.

I plan to continue on this cleanse until I'm satisfied that I'm clean inside. I then plan to do a cleanse on the other systems of the body to further remove toxins and acid buildup.

I had tried this companies toxin program, but after 2 weeks I broke out in extremely itchy tiny bumps that I thought were spider bites until I poked one with a needle and clear fluid came out. Then I realized I'd had these before, only just one or two at a time on my hands, so I figured it was either an allergic reaction to something in that cleanse or I was having a cleansing reaction and had to stop.

In the mean time, I've recently started taking OR ACV with the mother with OR honey, and I just started the BS molasses. I find that if I miss a dose of the acv/h mixture, my hands go right back to being cold again by the end of the day. I'm suppose to be on the baking soda for the rest of my life due to the kidney stones and I feel another in there now so I'm doing that in my water, along with the celtic sea salt and lugol's solution of iodine for my thyroid. I also just started on the zinc to displace the mercury and want to start chlorella to detox as well. I found an herb supplier that sells cosmetic grade borax and plan to get some of that and try it too. (thank you for all your suggestions Ted!)

A few other things I have done to decrease my toxin overload was to switch to all homemade household cleaners and laundry detergents, eliminated air fresheners, and switched to all organic body products and makeup. I have a well in a area thought to be contaminated so I only drink reverse osmosis water. I plan to get a shower filter eventually.

I've read that dry skin brushing before your shower can help stimulate the lymphatic system, as can rebounding on a mini trampoline. If you've ever read the multitude of health benefits of rebounding you would be sold too. I hope to get one of those soon. There is a famous Dr T who has a web site that just sent out a newsletter stating both were highly beneficial to CFS/Fibro.

Infared saunas can help with the detoxification of yeast die-off.

Another thing that I have done that really helped with me the fibro was doing yoga (before a serious injury I had a year ago that caused me to quit), I had much less aches and pains, felt more energetic and less stressed. I think I'm recovered enough now to try and get back into it. It was the Sivinada style if anyone is interested. I also am a reiki master/teacher and use that on myself, I use flower essenses and essential oils as well.

Anyway, I just wanted to share the things I was doing that was helping and I anticipate helping more as I rid my body of all that toxic, poisonous junk. It's all well and fine to use things to build the system back up, but you must eliminate the contaminates that are causing the symptoms as well. Blessings to all!

Replied by Crista
(Pekin, Illinoi)

I have seen others post about this cleanse on this website. I did do reseach about this cleanse because I was looking for a very good cleanse. People have posted on other websites about complaints concerning this particular cleanse. The tea is actually what causes the elaborate bowl movements. There is actually something in the tea that binds it in that pattern making it look that way. One lady talked about how because she had done the cleanse for the length they asked she ended up leakage issues. Please before doing this cleanse look up peoples complaints before acting on it. This cleanse is one of those too good to be true moments. I don't like putting down people's choices, especially since Robin's response sounds so good. Just be leary of buying stuff online from soarces you are not positive are good because since none of this stuff doesn't get FDA approved they can say what they want. I am a firm believer of much of the advice on this website so I am not against it, I just didn't like the comments I found about this particular cleanse.

Replied by Annie
(Central Nc, Usa)

Robin and Crista, You talk about a website about this internal cleanse but how do we find it? I'm eager to learn. Why doesn't EC have a means to contact each other without showing our email addresses?

Replied by C-rock

In reply to..." I have no energy, I can't sleep, losing hair like crazy, dark circles, brain fog and poor memory, a thick feeling in the front of my lower throat, dry skin and hair, extremely sensitive to cold, cold hands and feet, low body temperature, 7 day long, clotted, painful, heavy monthly cycles, difficulty loosing weight..."

This sounds like the classic hypothyroid symptoms. Have your doctor do the T3 thyroid blood test along with the other standard thyroid panel.

Mercury Toxicity

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Posted by Una (Scotland, Ayrshire) on 03/25/2013

Was poisoned by a dentist in Troon and I am at my wits end who to turn to for help! Blood tests showed low levels of Mercury in system but why afterwards have I all the symptoms agitation anxiety dark thoughts battery mouth poor memory. What scares me is that they say you don't improve till all the mercury fillings are removed I'm terrified to go near a dentist after this experience. Not to mention the awful gastric problems. Could someone advise please.

Replied by Joy
(Battleground, Wash)

I don't know much about how to treat the problem and a lot of us are in the same boat as you..... I do know HOW TO KEEP THE WAY YOU THINK ABOUT THE PROBLEM FROM MAKING IT WORSE ON YOUR HEALTH. I was a PANIC button pusher, but getting better at taking it captive when it first hits.

Stress about the problem will cause you to worry and then worry will bring more symptoms and other health problems from tension.

So take some deep breaths --------- lay down and let your abdomen go up as you take in air slowly. Hold for the count of three and then relax as it goes out. Repeat until you feel calm .

Tell yourself this is going to work out good, no matter how long it takes and that you are strong enough and smart enough to find answers and overcome this, one day at a time.

Think through each answer come across in your search and find some other testimonies of success, before trying anything out on yourself.

There are some books about mineral supplements and they say which ones to take to make certain minerals and metals leave your body and not store in your organs. I was googling around about magnesium recently and found one of those sites. Toxic metals stored in the body and how to displace them ------is one heading

Replied by Hotlava

And while you deep breath, take some charcoal capsules with a great big glass of water. :)

Replied by Mark
(Newton Abbot, Devon)

Hi, You can chelate the mercury out of your body, it may take a few weeks but can be done with certain supplements and or diet, cilantro is known to be a very effective and a potent chelate medium of heavy metal you can eat the leaves daily in salads or go for the capsules, also Vit C is very effective as a chelate medium, DMSA is another proven remedy, one other product I recently came across is a product that contains sodium aluminosilicate (15 mg) and Magnesium Potassium Sorbate (0.5 mg), it is possibly the most effective and easy to use natural chelate product available, My wife is about to start on it for similar reasons to you, namely mercury poisoning caused by the incompetent dentist living in the dark ages, She now has MS symptoms after long term exposure, these fools do not take the issue of mercury toxicity serious, funny how it's OK and safe to pop it in our mouths but the moment they handle it from storage to mouth and then later remove it its classed as highly toxic waste which by law requires extreme safety precautions to be taken! MS, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's etc. etc. Are all believed to be linked to mercury toxicity/poisening? Say no more! You need to be chelated IMO

Replied by June

Hi Una, this us what has worked well for me: find a holistic or bio dentist to safely remove your fillings using a rubber dam to protect you from a massive dose of mercury at that time. Need to wait three days after all amalgam fillings have been removed for mercury to settle out of blood and into body tissue before chelation. Powdered zeolite is best and safest chelator for a lot of reasons. But the zeolite needs to be from a pure source, classed as first grade for human consumption, cleaned, micronised and stored in glass - not plastic or foil. Zeolite has a negative charge and binds to heavy metals and other toxins with a positive charge, so the contaminant is chemically bound to the zeolite and does not re absorb back into the body but leaves the body in normal elimination. Zeolite does not damage your organs, unlike other drug chelators which may damage organs. You can feel the zeolite working, it literally feels like a pulling sensation as the heavy metals, toxins are pulled out of your body. Must drink extra water while taking zeolite else become dehydrated. Hope this helps!

Replied by Lia

Hi. My gynecologist here in Germany has referred me to a holistic dentist to have my amalgam fillings removed. Meanwhile, before that is done, she has put me on zinc, vitamin C, and zeolite powder. After reading many of these comments, I wonder if I should have started the zeolite before the fillings are removed. I also have a crown (which my previous dentist says doesn't have metal??) and it has become extremely uncomfortable, sometimes painful, since I've started the zeolite.

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello Lia,

Re your crown that is painful after taking zeolite...

One possible answer comes from a Googled site describing what zeolite does and is. Zeolite carries a negative charge and pulls out positively charged metals from the system. This may be the reason why your crown is causing some discomfort. Despite what a professional told you...of course the crown has metal in it.

Replied by Alexxander

A bio dentist can pull fillings safely. Don't go to a regular dentist.

Replied by Marsh57

Help! I just had 8 amalgram fillings removed by an accredited, certified SMART dentist who failed in several areas to protect my safety and well-being. No nasal mask, face, throat, head, hair cover, etc per IAOMT. Any recommendations on who to turn to? If this dentist didn't protect me, I doubt he's not protecting any one else - all while charging a truckload more money. I can't help but to feel taken advantage of and scared I was breathing in the vapors and dust.

Replied by Natalia
(Mn, Usa)


Before you take the time to do a formal complaint to the Dentistry Board, you need to mobilize that mercury out of your system! As most of us are, if you are mineral deficient, the mercury will bind to sites in your bones and organs as well as be free-floating in your bloodstream - and mercury has an affinity for brain tissue. Do some extensive searches on amalgam removal and the chelation-type detox you need to implement, ideally under the care of an ND who can measure levels and properly treat you. I would consider withholding payment if the dental care was not as described and essentially contracted for. Best to you.

Replied by Marsh57

Thanks again Natalia (you also responded about our grandson's speech). I have been taking chelation supplements and baths with magnesium, baking soda and sea salts. I'll start with an ND this week. Blessings to you.

Replied by Marsh57

As a follow up to the above, I had a 2nd blood test drawn (after amalgam removal) to compare to the 1st (prior to amalgam removal). The phlebotomist expressed interest --- she said I was the 2nd woman in a week who came in with the same concerns as mine - that her dentist said they followed SMART procedures set forth by the mercury safe organization but didn't. Ironic?

Replied by Teena
(Melbourne, Australia)
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Hello Marsh57. Fresh parsley and cilantro/coriander like half a bunch to a bunch per day are great chelators, easily accessible, I think a frequent intake would be better than one large dose, because once removed from one tissue you want it not to redistribute somewhere else. You could probably drink a tea of these, that would allow relatively constant intake. Ted recommended EDTA, you would probably have to purchase this, but I very recently read that with high dose iodine, specifically lugols, the tested urine was greatly filled with Mercury, lead, etc. Shows high dose is a great chelator. And unlike low dose, which can have many detox effects, high dose does not, because in high enough dose it converts to a powerful antioxidant iodalactone, which cleans up the detox effects. Said to be more powerful than vitamin c.

For your grandson, I read Coconut oil can reduce swelling of tonsils and adenoids, adults can hold in back of mouth but just ingesting would also work just not as fast. Thinking you could also give coconut cream, coconut yoghurt and coconut milk to speed up the process. Maybe coconut cream ice cream would be palatable to him, I'm just remembering his sensory issues. Best to you and your grandson, please research suggestions before attempting.

Mercury Toxicity
Posted by Juno (West Hollywood, California, Usa) on 07/04/2010

This is a request to Amy from LA who wrote a post on getting rid of her fillings on 5/20/2009. I am looking to do the same and live also in LA would like to ask her who is her doctor? Is there any way I could contact Amy?

Replied by Sarah
(Kansas City, Mo)

I was just responding to your feed about mercury filling removal. I too had mine removed about 6 years ago and noticed a HUGE difference in the way I felt. I found a dentist (no longer practicing) who removed mercury fillings in a safe and unharmful way. She covered her entire face with a mask that had an oxygen tube on it for her to breath through and I had a mask with a suction hose so I didn't inhale the harmful vapors from the mercury. I would strongly suggest that everybody get rid of those horrible and dangerous fillings if they can. It was expensive but well worth the money!

You can google dentists that safely remove them. They have been specially trained to do so and I'm telling you, you'll feel so much better!! BTW, they need to outlaw those fillings because people are getting very ill and it's just not right! I hope everyone gets them removed!

Replied by Judye
(Reidsville, North Carolina, Usa)

Hello Juno, I don't know if you found a place near West Hollywood, CA to do a heavy metal detox but wanted to pass this along to you. I have a son in the LosAngeles area that I wanted to find a place for him to go to as I found out I have very high levels of Lead, Mercury, Thallium and others and wanted him to be tested and detoxed. I'm in central North Carolina

There is a place in Lawndale, CA that does this. That's not too far. The info I have on them is 310-479-2266 and they have a web site

Hope this of some help.


I do have one thing to add to this discussion, that apparently not many are aware of, and that is, if you do not do a liver cleanse, before you do the cilantro or any other heavy metal detox it can kill you. The reason being, that when those metals leave your brain, they will stick in your liver and make things worse. If you clean your liver first it will work properly.

Cleanse small gallstones from gallbladder and small intrahepatic stones from the liver.

Cleansing the gallbladder of small gallstones and the liver of any small intra-hepatic stones (formed inside intrahepatic bile ducts) dramatically improves digestion - which is the basis of health. Some stones are just too large to be flushed out, and although the liver/gallbladder flush is unable to remove large stones, many attest to the ability of the liver flush to address many symptoms associated with large gallstones (E.g. gallbladder attack) and also to give an increased sense of well being.

The liver makes 1 – 1 ½ quarts of bile in a day - the liver's intra-hepatic bile ducts deliver bile to one large tube called the common bile duct, which is then stored in the gallbladder, attached to the common bile duct. About 20 minutes after eating fat or protein, the gallbladder is triggered to squeeze itself empty, and the stored bile finishes its trip down the common bile duct to the small intestine.

As intra-hepatic stones grow and become more numerous the back pressure on the liver causes it to make less bile, and as your gallbladder fills with stones, less bile makes it more difficult for the gallbladder to remove the stones - by way of analogy, if your garden hose had marbles in it much less water would flow, which in turn would decrease the ability of the hose to squirt out the marbles. Consequentially, less cholesterol leaves the body and cholesterol levels rise, thus creating more gallstones.

Gallstones, being porous, can pick up bacteria, cysts, viruses and parasites that are passing through the liver - in this way "nests" of infection are formed, supplying the body with fresh bacteria. Stomach infection (such as ulcers or intestinal bloating) can not be cured permanently without removing intra-hepatic stones from the liver.

Procedure for Dr. Hulda Clark's Liver/ Gallbladder Cleanse

Dr. Hulda Clark's Liver/Gallbladder flush provides a way to start dealing with:

Acne, high cholesterol, eczema, psoriasis, asthma, allergies, gallstones, food intolerance, shoulder pain, abdominal pain, upper back pain, arm pain, liver or gallbladder pain, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, heartburn, bloating, inflammatory bowel disease IBD, IBS, colitis, constipation, cancer, AIDS, MS, FMS, MSC, CFIDS/CFS, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's disease, epilepsy, seizures, osteoporosis, angina pectoris, and more.


For an effective liver cleanse, you should first do (1) a parasite cleanse and (2) a kidney cleanse - cleansing a liver with living parasites in it could make you feel quite sick.

Take no medicines, vitamins or pills you can do without - could prevent success.

Eat a no-fat breakfast and lunch - allows the bile to build up and develop pressure in the liver. Higher pressure gives a better flush.

Liver / gallbladder flush Ingredients:

4 Tablespoons EPSOM salts (Magnesium Sulphate, opens bile ducts)

3 Cups fresh-squeezed grapefruit (This is crucial) Do not use anything besides fresh squeezed grapefruit, and if you are on medications be sure that grapefruit will NOT AFFECT IT! IT COULD KILL YOU!

1/2 tsp. (4 x 1/8 tsp.) powdered vitamin C – to improve taste of oil and juice;

1 Pint Jar with lid

1/2 Cup Olive Oil Extra Virgin Cold Pressed (or can substitute any other plant oil)

1 large or 2 small grapefruit - enough to squeeze 2/3 to 3/4 cup juice.

Ornithine Capsules (Optional for sleep assistance)

Large plastic straw

Liver / Gallbladder Cleanse Procedure

2:00 PM-

Do not eat or drink after 2 O'clock - or you could feel quite ill later.

Mix 4 Tbsp. Epsom salts in 3 Cups freshly made grapefruit or apple juice.

Makes four servings, 3/4 cup each – refrigerate mixture to make ice cold (helps taste)

6:00 PM-

Drink FIRST 3/4 cup dose of the ice cold Epsom salts, after adding 1/8 tsp. powdered vitamin C to improve the taste. You may drink a few mouthfuls of water afterwards or just rinse your mouth.

8:00 PM.-

Drink SECOND 3/4 cup dose of Epsom salts - You haven't eaten since o'clock, but you won't feel hungry.
Get your bedtime chores done - the timing is critical for success; don't be more than 10 minutes early or late.

9:45 PM.-

Mix olive oil and grapefruit juice: Pour 1/2 cup olive oil into the pint jar and squeeze the grapefruit or lemon juice into a measuring cup – remove pulp with fork; you should have 2/3 - 3/4 cup total (you may top it up with lemonade).

Add grapefruit juice to oil in jar (If using lemon juice, do not blend juice with oil, it can congeal and become slimy).

Close the jar tightly with the lid and shake hard until watery - only fresh grapefruit does this.

Now visit the bathroom one or more times - even it makes you late for your ten O'clock drink. Don't be more than 15 minutes late.

10:00 PM-

Drink the olive oil / grapefruit mixture - Drinking through a large plastic straw helps it go down easier, since it does not taste great! Take it to your bedside if you want, but drink it standing up. Get it down within 5 minutes (15 minutes for very elderly or weak persons).

You can take 4 ornithine capsules with the first sips - to make sure you will sleep through the night. Take 8 if you already suffer from insomnia.

Lie down immediately - The sooner you lie down the more stones you will get out. Be ready for bed ahead of time. Don't clean up the kitchen. As soon as the drink is finished, lie on your right side for 15 minutes with your right knee pulled up to your chest (helps open the pathway to gall bladder, but can cause some nausea).

You may feel a train of stones traveling along the bile ducts like marbles. There is no pain because the bile duct valves are open (thanks to the Epsom salts! ).

Go to sleep

On waking
But not before 6:00 AM

Take your THIRD 3/4 cup dose of Epsom salts - If you have indigestion or nausea wait until it is gone before drinking the Epsom salts. You may go back to bed.

2 hrs later

Take your FOURTH (and last) 3/4 cup dose of Epsom salts - You may go back to bed.

After 2 more hours

You may now eat - Start with fresh fruit juice. Half an hour later eat fruit. One hour later you may eat regular food but keep it light.

By supper you should feel recovered.

Expect diarrhea in the morning - although you may see what looks like large stones, they are instead, bile precipitated into solids during the night of the liver flush. It is not important that you see or count "stones", since most are like small grains of sand. What is important is that you see an improvement in your gallbladder symptoms and general well-being.

Sometimes, the bile ducts are full of cholesterol crystals that did not form into round stones. They appear as "chaff" floating on top of the toilet bowl water. It may be tan colored, harboring millions of tiny white crystals. Cleansing this chaff is just as important as purging the stones.

Several flushes may be needed, if gallbladder attacks persist

This liver cleanse is safe and reasonably pain-free
Cleanse is safe even for persons in their seventies and eighties - however it can make you feel quite ill for one or two days afterwards, especially if the maintenance parasite program has been neglected.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile , Tn)

HI U CLAIRE,,,,,,,,,,,, thank you for this cleanse that Hulda Clark gets credit for, but she says that it was done by the Romans hundreds of years ago. It appears that it is resonating with the EC crowd and that is what is important.

Very few things I post are original with me also. I just read a lot and it appears you do too.

Keep posting things that will help your fellow man. You are doing good.


Replied by Holly
(Madison Wi)

So, should I stop my detox? And go back and do the liver cleanse? I did a parasite cleanse for over a month, but not all came out. Then I did a liver cleanse, but only with some herbal supplements from a company that promotes and sells Hulda Clark's parasite and other protocols. I started on Food-grade Diatomaceous Earth, (seems similar to Zeolite) a month ago, and had started acupuncture a month before and added some Chinese herbs 2 weeks ago for my symptoms. I have tried many, many things over the years but really started hitting it hard this past January by myself.

I had a few nights where I thought I might have to go to ER. I was afraid to go to sleep, as I might not wake up. I can only explain it as almost an out of body experience, with severe pain and pressure in my head, pain in joints. Certain I have overload of most metals, as I finally found out what I had a year and a half ago, called a Burton's line on my lower gums. Directly related to Lead.

I have been much sicker, except weirdly, I experience times of clarity that I haven't had in 35 years. So I think it is working. I'm afraid it will take a year or longer for me as I've been sick for 40 years at least. Since I was a kid, I remember. Infections, extreme fatigue. So many symptoms for so long.

Any thoughts? I have been thinking about doing organic coffee enemas to stimulate the bile in the liver to excrete the toxins, but I wonder if that would send me over the edge, and kill me if too much.

Replied by Isis

You should be careful with enemas. The medicinals you use go directly into the body. When you eat or drink medicinals the stomach decreases the intensity.

I heard that with heavy metal chelation - you should do it gradually.

Activated charcoal is good for pulling toxins and metals out of the body.

Diet is also important. I was suffering from daily chronic migraines. I gave up gluten, sugar, and dairy. I have only had one headache in three months and I think it was because I was dehydrated.

Look into Ayurvedic enemas. It is very common in Ayurvedic medicine to do them.

Vassant Ladd is an excellent resource. He's published several books on medicine. He has a clinic in NM and an online shop.

Good luck.

Sometimes too much cleansing can shock the system.

Mercury Toxicity
Posted by Debra (Medford, Or) on 04/13/2010

I have both candida and mercury toxicity. I don't know how I was able to live until the age of 42 with complete abandon while having a mouth full of toxic mercury since I was a kid, but such was the case.

I'm still scratching my head as to what could have caused this candida. Surgery? Too many herbal extractions recommended by someone who was attempting to help me treat breast cancer? I honestly don't know. What I do know is that I was diagnosed with heavy mercury toxicity and got all amalgams removed. That was nine years ago.

The breast cancer is under control, but the intestinal fungus rages on, and this is the year to face it. I've been eating low carb since the beginning of the year. That just made me worse. Then I incorporated coconut oil (6 tablespoons a day). That was great...for about a week or two. Then chronic constipation returned. Today I am adding baking soda (1 tsp in am and 1 tsp in pm) to help alkalinize the system.

My question is this: if you have chronic constipation due to candida, which is exacerbated by your mercury toxicity, how can you properly chelate the mercury out of your system if you are always constipated?

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

Hi, against constipation there is a lot you can do: eat dried prunes, eat fruit first things in the morning (all fruit worked for me but the doctor recommended kiwis), drink a cup of tea or a glass of warm water first thing in the morning or a spoon of mollasses (eventually diluted in the water), maybe start using coconut oil in your diet? My intestines eventually learned how to work by themselves and nowadays I need to pay attention that they don't work too much.

Replied by Carmen
(Nova Scotia, Canada)

Hey, BEST OF LUCK finding the right answer for YOU. Try googling Diatomaceous Earth. I have recently read some claims regarding both candidia and heavy metals. To get things "moving" I am anticipating the arrival of the dandelion and stinging nettle in my back yard, both claim regularity( so much more) with little or no side effects. I always enjoy a good cup of tea. :)

Replied by Teri In T Town
(Tacoma, Wa, Usa)

I used Chlorella for years after I had my mercury fillings removed. It helps to remove heavy metals and helps keep you alkaline as well.... Plus I felt great. You can find a good one on Mercola's.

Replied by Ll2
(Boulder, Co)

Check out Andy Cutler's mercury removal protocol on the web. It's the ONLY protocol that actually works without causing big damage to your body along the way. & he explains why it works (basically, mercury attaches to thiols, and Alpha lipoic acid has two thiols, unlike chlorella which has only one--so chlorella can cause BIG problems). It's very inexpensive, he's not trying to sell anything and it actually works!

Replied by Susan
(Seabrook, NH)

I had a mouthful of mercury too and problems with candida most of my life. The two evidently go hand in hand. Because of Lyme disease, I was encouraged to remove the mercury fillings, as heavy metals "feed" the bacteria (all nasty bacteria actually). I was referred to a dentist trained for safe mercury removal, as sloppy removal can make a bad situation worse. It turns out that candida and mercury go hand in hand. They actually tend to "mop up" the mercury, which is partly why you tend to feel so crappy during a candida die off. You will never get rid of the candida until you get rid of the mercury fillings. Things I found helpful were cilantro, which mobilizes heavy metals but does not chelate them, so you need to take something else like zeolite or chlorella. Taking a good fiberblend product (hint) will keep the bowels open. Bile picks up heavy metals and if you are not regular, the toxic bile will be reabsorbed. Activated charcoal is good, but really only works in the bowel. There are EDTA suppositories that will chelate the metals too from the blood and tissues. Saunas were very helpful. Iodine is a good chelator. Found it interesting that certain toxic metals displace good metals in the body. Cadmium displaces zinc, for instance, lead displaces calcium (which makes me wonder about osteoporosis). The body tries to use the heavy metals if it is deficient. So if you are deficient in magnesium, it will pick up aluminum to name another example. Taking a good quality mineral supplement will reverse this some.

So, I did not mean to blab on and on. Thought you might find this helpful from someone who walked the same path and came out the other end ok. Bright Blessings to all.

Replied by Beth H
(Bend, Or)

To confirm what some are posting about possible connections between Candida and mercury, yes there is a connection. My understanding is that Candida's role is to shuttle the mercury that the liver can't detoxify from the body into fat (and likely other) cells. So it actually has a very important function.

I know of a fellow practitioner that helped a woman "get rid of" her Candida years ago. The woman felt great. A couple weeks after the protocol was done, the woman's health declined rapidly. It took a while to figure out that her symptoms were from mercury toxicity. There was no Candida in her system (or not enough) to do its job of shuttling it to storage. The Candida protocol also likely caused weight loss (loss of fat tissue for storage) which exacerbated the issue.

There is lots of great info in these posts - recipes and protocol ideas. Mercola's site has some great information, especially with respect to what chlorella does vs. what cilantro does for removing mercury. It's important to understand there's a big difference between freeing up mercury in our body and actually shuttling it out of the body - two critical and different parts to the process.

Replied by Vee M.

I have experience with candida and mercury toxicity. If you want the most aggressive cure for candida its definitely diatomaceous earth (DE)(food grade) Candida forms a biofilm to protect itself. So there are a lot of natural things that kill candida (garlic, tumeric etc etc) but they can't get to it. UNTIL you start taking DE. It literally rips the biofilm to shreds and kills the candida. It also allows other anti-candida substances to attack it too.

Careful at first. You'll definitely get a flu like reaction for a few weeks if you take too much too soon. I recommend 1 tsp a day to start, then work up to 1 tsp per meal. That may be enough but you can go as high as 1 tblspn per meal.

The other wonderful treatment for candida is boron (sometimes called ti-boron). Boron used to be abundant in food, but due to modern farming, it is extremely low. Boron kills candida. I currently take 6mg (2 capsules) with each meal and it helps a lot with keeping the candida in check when I'm not taking DE.

Another recommendation is to take 1 tsp turmeric mixed with 1 tblspn of coconut oil daily. (or up to 3 times daily) They both kill candida, esp when DE is removing the biofilm, and turmeric is also highly anti-inflammatory and helps with the candida symptoms.

Remember to drink plently of water and you may want to consider a liver support like Dandy Tea. That's what its called, google it. It tastes like coffee or tea when mixed in water. Or you could just take a dandelion pill I guess.

Oh! And start making your own probiotic kefir and sauerkraut or kimchi!! We used to make coconut kefir by the gallon and would take a tablespoon with each meal. We could eat wheat and almost anything we wanted without feeling the candida take over.....

Hope this info helps!

Replied by Sue
(St. Jospeh, Mi)

I would love to know how you made your coconut kefir. Did you use water or milk grains?

Mercury Toxicity
Posted by Gean (Salina, Ks) on 08/09/2009

I had mercury amalgams for 34 years and recently had them safely removed. I can't prove a definite connection, but whenever I take lots of cilantro and chlorella or any other such detox, my wrist watch stops, or the light on my wrist watch stops working even though the battery tests OK. This has happened for years, before and after I had them removed. I think it might be the increased electrical activity from the heavy metals pulled out of deep tissue and circulating in the system. Has anyone else experienced this? (If this is so, no wonder it causes so much havoc in the human body).

Replied by Matt
(Tallahassee, Fl)

Mercury can cause SOO many problems, it's insane (especially if you're lacking a certain gene, GSTM1, to detox it). If you have mercury fillings, do whatever you can to get that toxic stuff out of your body. It has sent me through a 2 year health roller coaster seeing everyone from gastroenterologists, to multiple cosmetic dentists, to ER doctors, to allergy/immunologists, the list goes on. I've seen over 15 M.D.'s in the past 2 years and not a single one of them linked it to the mercury... it wasn't until I started taking lots of cilantro and lime juice that I started realizing just how much mercury I had in my system. NOTE --- don't do any hardcore heavy metal detoxing until AFTER you get your fillings out. A great resource for finding a biological dentist is: . They are great!

The symptoms I was having from mercury were:
EXTREME fatigue
EXTREME mental foggyness
BAD headaches
Soreness all over
MAJOR shortness of breath
Thyroid issues
Blurry vision (prescription more than doubled over past 2 years)
GALLSTONES (had to go to the ER at 4AM, thinking I was having a heart attack)
Increased shortness of breath when I would get in a NEW CAR (something strange about the scent)
The list goes on...

Best thing you can do in the mean time, prior to getting the fillings out... is to boost your immune system and get your methylation trains running and your glutathione (master detoxer) levels up.

Good way to get in balance is to take HIGH QUALITY (from well researched company's) vitamins and minerals, at least the following each day(take twice a day, once w/ breakfast and once w/ dinner):
*High quality multivitamin
*Calcium and magnesium
*Vitamin D3 (colecalciferol)
*Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA)
*Methylation factors: folate, B6 and B12 (methycobalamin)

Best of luck to everyone!!! And a big thanks to the contributors of this site. Together we can change the health of the world.

Replied by Faithinhealing
(Forest Park, Ohio, Usa)

I'm suffering greatly with my fillings and I think EVERYTHING is related to them and not until recently did I finally understand the connection. I have extreme mood swings, adrenal problems, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc. I've heard conflicting stories about having the fillings removed, I'm detoxing and they are still in, but wonder if anyone else out there is detoxing with fillings still in? If definitely isn't easy detoxing with them in, you have to go slow, and stay hydrated!

I'm also wondering how you are doing since you have them removed?

Replied by Paula
(Perth, Wa, Australia)

Hi Faithinhealing, After reading about the oil pulling & it's effects on detoxing, I decided to give it a go. I lasted one session & have never felt such immediate pain in my mouth. I have 2 old amalgam filling left & have just had 3 crowns (the ones with the metal inside) & an implant along with a bone graft. Everything in my mouth that had metal ached straight away (except the implant). It's very frustrating because you want the metals out of your sytem, but it hurts to detox... really badly. I will be having the amalgam taken out soon, but the crowns cost me a small fortune & not sure what to do about them. A dentist has suggested i need root canals on the newly crowned teeth, but I could almost buy a house for the price of all that dental work. Arghhhh. Stuck between a rock & a hard spot??

Replied by Eli
(Dallas, Tx)

I tried to do the oil pulling and was completely surprised at the intensity of pain it caused. I had not read of anyone having pain with it before. I have had all metal in my mouth removed so the cause cannot be contact with metal. After reading your post I wonder if the pain was a direct result of contaminates remaining in or stored in the mouth and jaw from years of having amalgam fillings (or from who knows what source)? I thought perhaps the pain was from pulling too hard so I tried it again about a week later with very gentle pulls and still experienced the pain. If there are any ideas on this I would sure love to hear them.

Replied by Cary
(Miramar, Fl)

Dear Matt from Tallahassee, FL:

(or anyone with gallstones and amalgam mercury poisoning)

Matt - We seem to have lots of things in common: from living in FL to the the long list of M.D.s (I've been at it for the past 13 months to no avail). We even share the same symptoms--everything on your list, except for the doubling of the vision prescription.

Thank you for your post and all the great tips you included.

Hope you don't mind, but I have some questions:

1. Did you get your gallstones removed?

2. Did your chelation therapy aggravate your gallbladder symptoms?

3. What chelation method did you use after you removed your amalgam fillings?

I had my 1st gallbladder attack 6 months ago, but I opted to forgo gallbladder surgery (I have about 5-6 calcium based stones that I'd like to try to dissolve first, before trying to expel them naturally). But there are a lot of herbs that are contraindicated for people with gallstones.

Hope you're fully recovered from the A.I.

Thanks again for your post!

Replied by Cathy

You can get dental work done in Mexico for 1/10th the price, but not sure if it would be a biological dentist who specializes in removal of amalgram fillings. Tiijuana is not a safe place to go, but I have had a lot of dental work done..good Algadones Mexico..just over the border from Yuma AZ. The office was clean, the dentist excellent and the work still holding up 15 years later. Better than my U.S. dental work.

Replied by Health Is Wealth
(British Columbia, Canada)

In regards to Paula in Perth's post... as you are only a few hour flight away from Bali, have you considered having your dental work done there? You will find many reputable dentists at a fraction of the cost you would incur in Australia.

Mercury Toxicity
Posted by Amy (Los Angeles, CA) on 05/20/2009

I had a hypothyroid condition for over 10 years caused by Hashimoto's Disease where my body produced antibodies to attack my thyroid. I was told this auto-immune disease was completely incurable.

I had terrible toxicity symptoms from extreme fatigue, dizzy spells, memory loss, and multiple food intolerances. Anything that had pesticides, especially herbs, caused near anaphlyactic responses.

I was taking 125 mcg synthroid for 10 years. I never felt right.

I found when I took kelp, my thyroid increased but sometimes it went too high.

I did a lot of research on mercury fillings and decided to have a bio dentist remove them safely. I felt worse as they removed several at each visit. On my last visit, something remarkable happened. The next morning after my last amalgam was removed my basal body temperature returned to normal for the first time in my life.

I ended up in the ER because my thyroid became over active from the medication. The doctor looked at me like I was crazy when I told him it was because of my fillings. My tests confirmed that my thyroid was working on its own and I no longer needed medication. I have been free of hypothyroidism for 5 years now!

Please research the effects of mercury on your hormones. My endocrinologist now makes all of her patients remove their amalgams. She has found great evidence that women in menopause can not balance their hormones until their old fillings have been replaced with more bio compatible fillings. No more silver!!!

It's also important to use chlorella to remove remaining mercury immediately following your dentist visit after amalgam removal.

Good Luck!

Replied by Dalsan
(Portland, OR)

Hi Amy,

Your email about having your amalgams removed was very inpiring. How did you go about finding your dentist? Was it terriblely expensive? I have dental insurance, but its not a wide range policy, and I'm afraid most will be out of pocket. You said that you actually felt worse until All were removed. Due to finances I may have to have mine done in stages - am I chasing a dream here? Suggestions? Thanks, Sandi

Replied by Linda
(San Francisco, Ca, Usa)
02/03/2012 is the website of a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating people about the danger of amalgam fillings and helping people find out where they can go to get amalgams out of their mouths safely. They are a source for information only.

DAMS, the name of the organization, stands for Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions and it is a non-profit organization based in Minnesota, in the United States, educating the public on mercury amalgams and other ways that dentistry may affect health.

Through their free information packet I was able to locate an excellent biological dentist right in the same town where I live.

Here is an excerpt from their website:

"...Non-profits to the rescue. DAMS is a tax-exempt educational non-profit organization helping educate people in the US, Canada and elsewhere on these very important dental-health issues. People who wish to get their dental amalgam fillings removed should find knowledgeable practitioners who can remove amalgams safely, with elaborate precautions to protect the patient. Such knowledgeable dentists are not merely "mercury-free" or "cosmetic" dentists; they should be "holistic" or "biological" dentists, meaning that they pay attention to the effects that their work has on the whole person and on his/her underlying health. We must emphasize that it is very hazardous to have mercury amalgam fillings replaced by a "regular" (i. E. Conventional) dentist who does not have the training and equipment to replace the amalgams with elaborate precautions. DAMS maintains a list of holistic (biological) dentists in every state and province who are trained and equipped to replace amalgams safely. Hopefully they will also use better choice replacement materials, use natural, less toxic approaches to gum health and decay prevention (no fluoride) and be aware of the hazards of root canal treatments. To request a list of knowledgeable practitioners in your state or province, please call DAMS at 651-644-4572.

These people do not charge money, and they sell nothing. They are there to help people find out what the dangers of amalgam fillings are, and where to go to get rid of them. They are a clearinghouse (my word) for information and that is all.


Replied by Natalie

A good alternative when you remove your root canals is to invest in a zirconia dental implant to replace the missing teeth. Zirconia is pure ceramic therefore no metals in mouths. Root canals are terrible so I am going to remove mine and invest in a non metal implant.

Replied by Janvika
(United States)

Is it necessary to take extra precautions to remove one amalgam? Can a regular dentist do it? Also, is it bad if I'm taking Cilantro/Chlorella before removing the amalgam?

Replied by Lisa

I had a traditional dentist drill out my mercury amalgam before I really understood the mercury issue. I was so sick and felt pressure in my chest; I could hardly drive home.

I now have a holistic, biological dentist who uses a special suction, oxygen while removing the amalgam and a chlorella rinse. I would not got to a traditional dentist. In fact, mine wouldn't remove them, saying it was dangerous because of the mercury vapor and that it damaged my teeth. Then, why were they put in to begin with, and when you need a root canal, why are they drilled out with no precaution? It is completely hypocritical.

Do take cilantro, chlorella (especially), garlic, NAC, iodine, etc before you have them out. You can find out more specifics online if you research amalgam removal. I did lots of supplements and specific foods before each removal and because my health is a little fragile, I also had a glutathione infusion (you shouldn't need this). I had no after effects this time.

I did have inflammation for 2 weeks to a month afterword, but then complete healing. I should have used a clove oil mix for inflammation, as it would have helped immensely.

Replied by Marsh57

Please, be diligent about selecting a mercury safe dentist. I thought I had after finding my dentist on IAOMT (Intl Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxocology) who is certified. They reassured me they practiced all safety precautions but discovered they didn't. So upset after paying thousands of dollars and now very concerned for my health; breathing mercury vapors and and swallowing saliva potentially tainted by mercury. Ask them for a tour but not before you print a copy of IAOMT checklist. Check each one off yourself.

Multiple Remedies

2 User Reviews
5 star (2) 

Posted by Miki (CO) on 02/13/2022

Important info for 'tinnitus' sufferers, auditory hallucinations-RF Frequency interactions with metals in your body due to vaccines, possible sporotrichosis infection, that cause all of the frequencies (wifi. Rf, elf, ulf, vhf, etc.., ) that we are exposed to on a constant and daily basis, to interact with these ingested or administered metals inside our bodies and on our skin.

There are a multitude of symptoms, such as dopamine problems, memory loss, arthritis, lack of energy, confusion, headaches, and many more. Scientists have studied mold as a super battery,

I will post links to the Smithsonian institute to allow you to explore the bio stuff in scientific language


What the fungus is doing is attaching to the metals in your body, and literally making you an antennae for the multitude of RADIO SIGNALS-(frequencies). Some people twitch, feel vibrations, experience pain, and can hear language in the vibrations. Not hallucinating. The audio has been recorded and analysed and confirms distorted radio type conversations, after their ears acclimate to the constant barrage of radio signals 24hrs a day, every day. The moral of this post is, that, the Targeted Individuals phenomena is REAL.(T.I. is just the wrong way to describe it). That, is because, everyone, with 2 or more metals in their body, have the means, inside their bodies, to become a battery, or, receptor or, repeater/ electrode... To/for/by the radio frequencies Whether or not you are James Bond, or, Evil dictator, or, Sherlock are exposed.... TIME TO DETOXIFY YOUR BODY OF METALS. It WILL SUCK to detoxify..

So, have a few days off, to let the purge begin. Epsom salt, in bath and intErnally, Borax/Boron, do a search online for potassium oxide, to kill the mogellens like film on your skin, and inside, benzonite clay to bind the metals and carry them outside body... Kill the crap thats making everybody crazy, zombie like, irrational, emotionally inept, lethargic and even suicidal!!!? You must maintain at least the expulsion of the metals, for the frequency harassment symptoms to cease to effect you..neurologically, and biologically...because the frequencies are used all around you and it doesnt look like theyre going to slow the progression of frequency possibilities in any field of practice, anytime soon.

I would like to express my gratitude for earthclinic, and lookoutfacharlie, for adding the multiprocess to which an information seeking individual can access SOLUTIONS to problems that are facing us in this very unhealthy time in our lives. Helping one another is the key to humanity's success. Stay focused. Stay vigilant about your well being. Address your concerns, instead of ignore them. Only THEN, will you experience a grasp at reality. Go forth and multiply good deeds, ethics, and common sense..... LOVE THY NEIGHBOR... Everyone in the world is experiencing effects from toxic levels of a multitude of radio frequencies.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Chris (Venice, CA) on 04/22/2009

The only things listed here that actually chelate mercury are cilantro (proper dosing schedule unknown) and DMPS (must be taken repeatedly in low doses every eight hours or less - the bad side effects describe below are due to a bad dosing schedule - it's half life is eight hours, and if you take it every other day or something like that, it'll pick up the mercury in your system then drop it off unpredictably when it wears off - hence the bad side effects).

The most effective chelator - to get the poison out of your organs and brain is Alpha Lipoic Acid - in LOW does every *three* hours or less *around the clock*.

For more detailed information, Google Andy Cutler, "Amalgam Illness"

EC: DMPS = Dimercapto-propane sulfonate, a drug not approved by the FDA.

Here's an interesting website about DMPS:

Replied by Faithinhealing
(Forest Park, Ohio, Usa)

I use the cilantro for metal detoxification, fresh cilantro, I use it in my smoothies. Initially, I could not stand but a small amount, now I use 1/2 a bunch and things are better. CILANTRO IS EXCELLENT for heavy metal detox and CHEAP!

Thanks for the tip on the AlA, I'll definitely add it to my protocol.

For those detoxing, it is important to hydrate the body. Dehydration can make detoxing symptoms much, much worse. I learned this the hard way!

Oil Pulling

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Posted by Kendra Rose (Haiku, Hawaii) on 08/24/2007

I have now been oil pulling for two months both morning and night. Twenty-eight years ago I was exposed to agent orange here in Hawaii from the pineapple fields. It had gotten into the water supply. I have been ill ever since, I especially suffered from migraines. To make things worse I have heavy metal poisoning that is off the charts.

Two friends put their grandmother's rosaries on me and prayed for me by my request... as I had been feeling so terrible.. kept telling my friends that my blood feels poisoned. That night I found EarthClinic and my prayer was answered. My life has been restored to me. Glory be to Buddha, Marys, Christ, angels and all the Saints! HO!

I have consistent energy. I no longer feel poisoned, my blood feels joyous! I am sleeping so deeply from the very first day I tried it. Now that I feel so good, I understand how deeply sick I've been all this time. My body feels so relieved not to start the day with a toxic overload. A new acquaintance of mine said that since she's known me she can't believe the quality of my skin...

I have tried for over 28 years many modalities, herbal medicines, prescription medicines.. nothing helped me.. I began to feel I was the only person on earth who could not heal... and I'm a healer... I am healing and everyday I am amazed, startled, surprised, delighted that I wake up feeling grrreat! Blessed Be!

Oil Pulling
Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) 391 posts

Heavy metal Detox: Oil pulling with peppermint oil, or in some cases added tea tree. Cod liver oil I think is better than sunflower oil, but the problem seems obvious, they are not easily found and quite expensive.

There are more, but those are the main ones.

Oil pulling removes heavy metals from your body, including the heavy metal filings with exception of ceramic fillings. All this is just my experience. You have to decide yourself to do oil pulling or not. If you don't want to rid of fillings and hence heavy metals, then oil pulling should not be done. A preferred remedy that has less negative effect then oil pulling is a simple mouth detox, which is simply saturated solution baking soda and one drop peppermint mouthwash. This one will have the least problems in that it doesn't remove the fillings, but seems to be protective of enamel degradation.

Replied by Biddy
(Co Kerry Ireland, Ireland)

Hello Ted, I am very interested in trying oil pulling for my joint pain and suspected arthritis. I have some amalgam/mercury fillings Are you saying that the oil pulling will remove these fillings? Is it dangerous to oil pull with these fillings in my mouth? Will I spread the mercury throughout my body? I am taking ACV for the past 2 weeks for the joint pain and see some improvement for sure but my right hip is still very sore at times. Also is honey an important part of the ACV cure or just a sweetener?

Thank you all for such a fabulous site

EC: Hello Biddy. These questions have already been answered in the OP section

and/or on the Oil Pulling Q&A page...

Replied by Tavora
(Brooklyn, NY)

Biddy - not sure how you feel about taking wildcrafted herbs but Solomon's Seal and Mullein leaf are exceptional for relieving (and in many cases) eliminating all sorts of musculoskeletal problems (ie joint/ligament pain, arthritis, bursitis, cervical pain, etc). Like you I have amalgam fillings but haven't had any problems with oil pulling. None have come out to date. Ted recommends if you have been exposed to heavy metals like mercury it is better to take lecithin granules as this is a fat emulsifier that can "pull" the metals out of your tissues and organs as well as bind them more efficiently so they can be removed from the body via the stool.

Please also note - lecithin aids in strengthening the liver! I have been taking it - in addition to other things - and find it helps w/ my clenching at night and low energy levels.

But do consider learning more about the herbs to help w/ your joint pain. I used to have very bad neck/shoulder pain, along w/ a pretty twisted up right knee that wouldn't straighten for anything. It made me so miserable. I've only recently started the Solomon's Seal (as a tincture - 10 drops in 4 oz of water to start 2-3 times a day on a relatively empty stomach) and NOW have ABSOLUTELY NO cramping in the right knee whatsoever!! I drink the Mullein herb as a tea (I hope its ok to share but I use the brand Alvita). The combination is Mullein leaves and flowers (which is fairly standard). If your pain is really bad - I say use the tincture because it is more medicinally potent.

But just so you know: SS is great for rebuilding and healing fractures, broken bones and strengthening the entire musculoskeletal system in general. It can decalcify unhealthy calcium deposits and increase bone density. (Horsetail Shavegrass does this too (ie bone density) but it is an herb that is recommended to be taken w/i cycles - that is 1wk on/1wk off - the literature states it can be irritating to the kidneys w/ prolonged use.) But Mullein on the other hand supports the overall integrity of the body's mucous membranes. That is, it specifically helps to hydrate the synovial fluid surrounding our joints/vertebra so that the skeletal system can begin to re-align itself in order to return to its normal & healthy position. As a result, the corresponding and adjacent muscles, tendons and ligaments begin to release any/all built-up tension. I take both because of a minor fracture I incurred from a bicycle accident couple years back...was told by a chiro that I have calcium deposits built up around my C1 and C2 vertebra.

Stay well!

Replied by Tina
(Dayton, OH)

can you give the measurements for the baking soda, peppermint oil mix? This would be done the same as oil pulling procedure correct? thank you!

Replied by Rhonda
(Lakewood, Ca)

Will oil pulling cause my gold on-lays to come out as well? I have gold, not silver, in my mouth.

Replied by Tina
(The Beach, Canada)

i would like to assure you that i have had no trouble oil pulling with my teeth. i have two gold inlays

Replied by Bob
(Laurel, Md)

You might consider continuing to use sunflower oil with the addition of 1 drop of peppermint essential oil or tea tree oil or even both. Oil pulling is great for controlling the bacteria and other pathogens in the mouth. A great way to control periodontal disease and reduce plaque significantly.

Replied by Micha
(Denver, Colorado)

Black tea and Green tea are very good for reducing mouth bacteria. Drink 2-3 cups a day. Hold it in you mouth a while before swallowing. White tea might even be better. This works.

Olive Oil, Cilantro and Garlic

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Posted by Lynn (USA) on 08/24/2007

Anywhere where there is coal operated plants, they normally dump into the ocean or rivers or lakes. The average plant dumps about 100 lb. of mercury a year into the ocean. My daughter's physician told her not to eat any fish anymore, that it is much worse than what they tell us.

EC: Lynn, thank you so very much for this heavy metal detox recipe!

Olive Oil, Cilantro and Garlic
Posted by Lynn Prince (San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico, Mexico) on 08/23/2007

Hello. My daughter about 8 months ago was diagnosed with heavy mercury levels. She was so incapacitated that we thought it was Lyme Disease. From eating fish in Ventura County, California!! We used a formula that leached it out and within about 4 months her blood levels were normal again.

Recipe is as follows as given by a physician in Japan:
1 cup of Extra Virgin organic olive oil (first cold pressed)
2 large bunches of cilantro
8 large cloves of garlic

Puree in blender and take 3 teaspoons a day.
Leaches mercury and heavy metals. Must be careful, tho, if leach out to much too fast can shut down your kidneys and liver.

We found putting it on bread with a tiny bit of parmesan cheese and grilling it was yummy way to get your "medicine"

Replied by Priscilla

May I know how much is too much to prevent overloading of organs when taking the recipe to leach mercury? What is a safe amount for a young child? ie 3 yrs old.

Replied by Feda
(Sydney, NSW)

Try it with baked/fried potato, it is amazing. You will love it.

Replied by Yves
(Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

Does the recipe call for 8 cloves of garlic, or 8 bulbs? 8 cloves seems pretty small amount?

Replied by Cleft
(Reno, Nv/usa)

8 cloves. 8 bulbs is a ridiculous amount! Were you serious??

Om's Chelation Pesto with Coriander

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Posted by Om (Hope Bc Canada) on 01/23/2014

Chelation Pesto with Coriander Recipe

  • Four cloves garlic
  • 1/3 cup Brazil nuts (selenium)
  • 1/3 cup sunflower seeds (cysteine)
  • 1/3 cup pumpkin seeds (zinc, magnesium)
  • 2 cups packed fresh coriander (vit. A)
  • 2/3 cup hemp seed oil
  • four tablsp. lemon juice
  • two tsp. dulse powder
  • nutritional liquid flavouring, your choice


Process nuts and seeds first. Add the rest till finely blended into a paste. You can freeze portions. Store in dark container in fridge.

This recipe is a powerful tissue cleaner, removing heavy metals and toxins in relative short time. Two spoons of this paste daily for three weeks is enough to remove toxic metals from thee body, such as lead, mercury and aluminum. Delicious on toast, vegs. and potatoes.

Namaste, Om

Replied by Tx Kel
(Texas, US)

Tried this on whole family. Interesting my middle daughter (6 yr old) and I got flu symptoms within 2-3 days. We went off of it for a few days, then did it again.

I was pregnant with her in a very remote area of US and untreated water was from a mountain spring. ( at the time I was thrilled!! ). I believe we both were exposed to heavy metals. Being preg I think I absorbed more.

This detox is really good. Going to put whole family on it. And stay on it till we stop reacting. (Go on and off as we react so body has time to recover) Taste is a bit hot for kids but they just swallow it and follow with water. Take with food, or at end of a meal!!!

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