Natural Remedies to Detox Heavy Metals

Liver Cleanse
Posted by G (Florida) on 08/08/2023


this all happened to me as well.

Oct 2018

Im so bad I pray to not wake up. Simple task are now like a mountain.

i can not organize I used to cook clean walk 7 miles happy as happy and now I don't know this person.

aging overnight.

at 58 I feel 88.

I've tried it all.

My trigger was Botox injection along with always detoxing and some new product.

i wish I could go back in time.

id never put a toxin like Botox in my body. And I'd only eat clean to stay health and exercise.

i know life is over.

daily is a struggle.

i hope you got better.

Liver Cleanse
Posted by Gegina (florida) on 09/23/2022

Same happened to me... Trying to detox changed my health to the point of feeling no return? Anxiety panic 24/7 Pain all over body, hard to think, organize easy task are so difficult. Never had it before. It's been almost 4 years still trying to find my old happy go lucky self. Nightmare. Beware of detoxing without a highly qualified professional in my opinion.

Liver Cleanse
Posted by Kc (Santa Fe) on 05/10/2017


Almost 5 years ago, I did a liver cleanse consisting of apple cider, garlic, lemon juice and olive oil. I didn't read the directions carefully and drank 10 days worth in one sitting. Within 15 minutes, I felt different. Within an hour, I had a major panic attack. I used rescue remedy or something like that to calm my system down. This was the start of a horrendous experience. I had through the roof, constant anxiety and insomnia. I was prescribed different medications to help with the anxiety and insomnia. Unfortunately, nothing worked and the medications caused horrible side effects. When I didn't take sleeping tablets, I was unable to sleep. I was anxious all day. My digestion was damaged. Most foods brought on worse anxiety. Over the next 4 months, I spiraled out of control and into clinical depression. I lost 18 pounds. At this point, I was finally put on an antidepressant that helped with sleep, anxiety and depression. The next 4 years were focused on getting better. I've been off the antidepressant for about 5 months.

Western medicine was unable to find anything wrong with me. I was forced to look outside of the box.

I've gone to numerous alternative practitioners during this time to figure out what happened and how to address it. The theory is that I released heavy metals into my system which my body was not able to excrete and that these heavy metals were absorbed throughout my body, including in my brain.

By chance, I have met two other women who did cleanses, one a liver cleanse and the other a coffee enema, who both had horrendous experiences as well which resulted in long term health issues. It has been a horrendous experience for each of us.

I recall coming to your website years ago to find ways to improve my health. Over the years I have googled this issue to see if anyone else has had similar experiences in order to find a solution. I have not seen anything on the web to date and thought maybe your website might be interested in sharing my experience an making people aware of the possible risks.

If you've read this far, thank you. My goal is not to create fear, only to educate people on the possible risks when doing a liver cleanse.

Thank you