Banish Dark Circles Naturally: Effective Home Remedies


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Posted by Melissa (Chicago, Il) on 03/11/2007

I have been taking Black Strap Molasses now for three weeks. 2 tbsp a day In that short time frame, I have noticed an increase in energy, my monthly cycle wasn't the horrid painful nightmare it usually is, it was pain free, clot free, and psychosis free for the first time in my life. And the nasty dark circles under my eyes have all but vanished! And they were bad, I looked like I had two black eyes. I tried everything you can think of to get rid of those dark circles and NOTHING worked before now. I look five years younger! I'm amazed at the results I've seen so far and I've been telling everyone I know about this site.

Replied by Ann
(Chicago, Il, Usa)

In response to Melissa, in some cases dark circles can be caused by an iron deficiency. That would explain why the iron-rich BSM worked for you and nothing else did. I have been trying lots of other cures for my dark circles, Oil Pulling, Apple Cider Vinegar, and Virgin Coconut Oil among them. I also have RLS and cold hands and feet, so I started taking the BSM today and I hope it will work for me, too!

Oil Pulling

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Posted by Snoogies (Australia) on 11/24/2014


Omg do not oil pull!!! ..worst decision of my life soon as I started doing it..which was for 20 minutes..quite vigorously swishing around I caused two massive veins to pop out under my eye....stupidly instead of stopping straight away I continued for a week morning an night..this was because online they say oil pulling is good for veins and under eye circles..complete opposite for me! .IMO eyes became sunken..dark..veins popped out everywhere..I aged considerably..wrinkles make it had spun me into a massive depression..will never oil pull again..granted it was definitely also tinternists it's and pressure that I switched it around. l even caused red vines in my eyes to pop and my eyes to swell and change shape..didn't reverse myself..very scary..would take it bk in a heart beat

Now I'm using prickley pear serum and full of vit k..purchased amino acids to strengthen and rebuild build collagen.lgrade seed capsuls for vein health and antioxidant. And protein and veggies in diet..I also take broccoli powder as full of vit k..and apple cider vinegar...

But yes can't stress enough the dangers of oil pulling..will bring out veins under eye circle..make you giant..wrinkles...horrid not me

I just hope I can go bk to normal after a while

Replied by Snoogies81
(Melbourne, AU)

After I sent that last post I thought it couldn't get any worse and it did! ..end up being veins under my eyes were the least of my problems...I had very strange and extreme side effects from oil heart started to beat rapidly and I also suffered severe insomnia where at the worst stage I didn't sleep one wink for 3 nights in a the 4th nite I had to go to a night doctor and get him to give me a sleeping tablet prescription..something I thought I would never do. As I'm all into natural approaches...but just couldn't go a 4th nite without not sleeping..and I'm talking not even 10 mins! looked at me like I was a druggie...even though I had never taken any before.

I also suffered massive anxiety..irritability..had swallow in eye lids changing shape...very weird..losing a lot of weight..felt like I was going crazy..when I went to the doctor and did a blood test found out I had subclinical hyperthyroidism...something I didn't have a few months ago as I had a blood test something. That was only recent..and all my symtoms only started happening right after oil pulling...

I have since learnt that oil pulling stimulates thyroid hormone....and I think also the fact I was swishing it up and down my throat so intently (thyroid gland is in the throat)...I really activated my thyroid and it responded by making too much hormone...hence why I had all the classic symptoms of hyperthyroidism....insomnia ..weight loss..rapid heart beat..anxiousness....etc ...and this was all from oil pulling! , ....I believe coconut oil may be good for people with hypothroidism...where ppl make to little thyroid hormone........but people beware! ...just because something is natural doesn't mean it will be good for you..and can have some serious side effects! ...

After seeing my trusting acupuncturist and telling well as applying specific acupuncture points to help calm my thyroid..she gave me. Calming herbs which have helped considerably....I also avoid iodine..not good for this condition, , take magenisum powder at night to relax which helps a lot....a little bit of broccoli sprout powder to lower the hormone..and of courSe stay well away from oil pulling! ....

Would never have thought it would make me spiral out of control like it did..

I now use almond under my eyes and face ..or prickley pear..both have vitamin e and k..apply sunscreen everyday to protect my skin build up my skin from within I take a proline and lysein supplement every day with vit c and bioflavonoids drink...which is all meant to stimulate collagen production...and have a carrot and spinach juice every day..swallowed down with a tablespoon of olive oil and zinc tablet for they also help skin..and my skin has improved dramatically

Very important to eat lots of whole foods...fruits and veggies to build up antioxidant content in skin and make it plumper and. Firmer

I'm 33 and have always had very good skin which people have remarked on..but I had a very unsteady year and believe a combination of stress and making poor health choices (this includes oil pulling)and experimenting with wrong skincare products definately caused my skin to change for the first now I am de stressing by being positive and having lots of calming teas and herbs....and simplifying my was always so much better before I experimented on expensive and pointless products

Now I just use

sukin facial sensitive cleanser

zinc sunscreen

almond or prickly pear serum

napeleon mineral foundation..

that's pretty much it, ... and will just continue working on skin through good diet and healthy lifestyle approaches..and trying to get back to the basics.

Replied by Katia

Hi, This is a very old post. However, you could be suffering from iron overload or hemochromatosis!

Oil Pulling
Posted by Misha (Binghamton, New York) on 03/21/2009

I have had dark circles under my eyes nearly all my life. I even have elementary school pictures that show my dark circles under my eyes! HOWEVER, I absolutely SWEAR by oil pulling with pure unrefined sesame seed oil every morning and evening to get rid of undereye circles (1 tsp swished for about 10 minutes, rinse with diluted H202). It really works! I don't really know why; I assume it eliminates impurities that accumulate under your eyes resulting in the appearance of dark circles. I also find that a dab of castor oil applied around the eyes before bedtime reduces the appearance of dark circles. Good luck! I hope it works just as great for you and others!

Oil Pulling
Posted by Sheryl (USA) on 07/13/2007

My son is doing well..i have started giving him lemon and baking soda regularly every night . I also give him Chinese parsely. I have been using it liberally in our food ...being Indians we love the flavor. However I didn't know its use. He also takes b50 complex twice a week. Just wanted to update you and say thanks for your remedies. I have spent hundreds of dollars in tonics and supplements without knowing the remedy is so simple. Also, I have been oil pulling last 1 month now -- I don't have any dark circles any more.

Replied by Moon_man
(Manchester, Lancashire, United Kingdom)

How important is it to the success of oil pulling that it is done on an empty stomach?

Replied by Vreed27
(Edmonds, Wa)

@Moon_man I think the reason you are supposed to do it first thing in the morning BEFORE you eat and drink is so that you can get rid of the toxins in your mouth before injesting them. Eating and drinking means that you are swallowing them instead.

Oil Pulling
Posted by Karthik (Mumbai, India) on 02/07/2007

Though i come from the country where Ayurveda was invented and popular, thanx to Earth Cinic in giving me insight on Oil pulling therapy. I started with sesame oil the first week did for 10mts, now 20mts starting from mid jan2007. It helped me with totally arresting from bleeding gums and black circles under my eyes dissapeared. I used to get sleep only at 5am and now i sleep by maximum 10.30. So far I have benefited gums cure/dark circles and good night sleep. Therefore I recommend to all. It is win win situation any which way. No side effects, cheaper remedy and simple too


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Posted by Charity (Faithville, Us) on 02/26/2015

A grated potato chilled, then place on the top of eyes closed for 10-20 minutes, bleaches them lighter and nourishes them, rinse them off and add nightly coconut oil.

Makeup tip: Darker foundation on nose and cheek will make eye area appear lighter.

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