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Natural Skin Care Remedies for Dark Circles Under the Eyes

Dark eye circles, also known as periorbital dark circles, are an unsightly skin condition occurring around the thin skin surrounding the eyes and may be accompanied by puffiness. They have been compared to varicose veins, as they are typically an inherited trait; transparent skin can display the blood vessels around the eyes. This condition can be triggered by allergies as well, since rubbing and scratching itchy eyes can cause dark blemishes to form. Other contributors to dark eye circles are anemia, fatigue, liver problems, and age.

If you have dark circles under your eyes, treatment from most mainstream solutions suggests make-up and cosmetics, a very temporary solution for dark circles under eyes. Treatment stories on our page have happier endings, suggesting lasting cures such as oil pulling, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, and recommended dietary changes as home remedies for dark circles. If you have combated dark circles under your eyes, successfully or unsuccessfully, you are quite welcomed to share your story here for others to learn from!

Almond Oil

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Posted by St (Japan) on 01/21/2014
1 out of 5 stars

Almond oil may work for tired eyes but life long dark circles it does not work for at all. It is nice on the skin but after 1 year of using almond oil, I can 100% say it does not work for people that have dark circles from childhood.

Replied by Susan

I don't have dark circles under my eyes but I do have darkness at the inner corners of my eyes. The almond oil didn't work for those but I do think that food allergies can cause them. And even healthy foods can cause dark circles if you're eating a food that your body is allergic to!

I am trying the Eat Right For Your Type eating plan and hope that avoiding certain foods will make them go away. I also have an omega juicer so plan on juicing every day! My favorite juices will have kale in them. Good luck to everyone in getting rid of their dark under eye circles!

Replied by Christine

For dark marks on the inner eyes, have Ferrum Phos 6x (Schuessler Biochemic Salts) daily till they disappear. This particular cell salt is also good for bleeding.

Replied by Sanvi
(Bangalore, India)

Has anyone tried the Ferrum Phos 6x in healing the dark marks on the inner eyes?

Almond Oil
Posted by Claudia (Santa Fe, Nm) on 02/14/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I've been using almond oil on a cotton ball to remove eye makeup for nearly a year now and it is simply fantastic! It removes mascara and any other eye makeup gently and easily. It also has made my eyelashes softer and I have no dark under eye circles anymore. It's also fairly cheap and the bottle lasts a very long time!

Replied by Deol
(Lllppj, Nnndkdld)

how long did you treat ur dark circles with almond oil? does it take weeks or months?

Replied by Patty
(Lagos, Nigeria)

Hello, I read hear that almond oil is good to cure dark circles under eye. But I'm a Nigerian, stays in Lagos city. How can I get this almond oil. I dont seem to find it in nigeria market.

Replied by Joy
(Battleground, Wash)

I use coconut oil in my diet and topically and a mutli mineral that is 1 to 1 ratio of calcium magnesium and my dark circles that I have had since childhood are gone and they were DARK.

I think my other magnesium that is citrate also plumped my skin back up and so the skin is not thin under my eyes any more and the wrinkles in my forehead are fading away and they were deep tracks

If you are trying new things... Go slow! Love, Joy

Replied by Style-bites
(Los ángeles, Ca)

What magnesium citrate did you take?

Replied by Friend

Re: Magnesium and Calcium for Dark Circles Under Eyes: For what reason did you take magnesium citrate and calcium multimineral?

Replied by Draisy
(Los Angeles)

So curious, what is a mutli mineral that is 1 to 1 ratio of calcium magnesium?

Have been living with dark circles since puberty (the thin skin kind).


Apple Cider Vinegar

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Posted by Alina (Norther England, Uk) on 12/31/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I'm not a fan of a Apple Cider Vinegar per se as I do find it hurts my teeth. But drinking a tiny bit in warm water at night really does get rid of dark puffy eyes. It's amazing. I honestly think it does more than any of my lotions and potions. Impressed!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Whatchamacallit (Dupage, Il, Usa) on 06/27/2013
4 out of 5 stars

After reading up on all the benefits that ACV/water has to offer, I figured what harm could it do? My main goal was to just feel better and less tired, loose some weight, and maybe it would also help diminish the bags under my eyes (I mainly get puffiness at the top of my cheekbones).

So three days ago, I began a ritual of drinking ACV mixed with water every day-two 20 oz. glasses with about 2 TB ACV in each glass. Note: Always sip this drink with a straw to prevent tooth erosion!

I must say, that after three days sipping throughout the day, it has begun to help me. Today I don't see as much puffiness around my middle (not to say that I've lost weight, but the puffiness isn't as bad). And the puffiness around my eyes has diminished slightly. My mood has improved a bit too.

I am also avoiding sugar-using Stevia- and dairy when I can. Also eating more chicken and salmon and drinking almond milk. ACV has definitely helped with curbing my appetite. I'm taking extra vitamins to help fill in the gap since I'm not eating quite as much right now.

I haven't had any bad reactions to taking ACV so as long as it keeps doing what it's doing, I'm going to stick with it! I'm looking forward to a better me.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Omnischoolmom (Durham, North Carolina, Usa) on 03/17/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Here is the ACV ratio I use: 5 parts water, 2 parts raw honey (optional), and 1 part Apple Cider Vinegar. Good for drinking and topical application, even one drop at a time in the eyes (one eye at a time, it will sting for a good 10 seconds, so roll your eye all around while closed to coat it before your tears wash it out).

Replied by Helpyourself
1 out of 5 stars


Please do not put stuff in your eyes, especially apple cider vinegar! You could seriously damage the eyes and end up blind. ACV should be diluted and mixed with juice and should be used as a liquid drink.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Rachel (To, Canada) on 10/06/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Apply to face nightly. I freeze my ACV in a ice cube tray. When I want to take some I cut it into little pieces and take with warm water. This way you can't really taste the ACV and you won't ruin your the enamel on your teeth.

Replied by El
(Washington, Dc)

Brilliant! This is what has kept me from taking ACV. (I've tried it with the straw, but that didn't do a thing to stop contact with my teeth.) thanks for sharing. Taking frozen ACV tabs reminds me of the following: "Let thy food be thy medicine."

Replied by David
(Beaverton, OR)

I was wondering about using the apple cider vinegar for my dark circles and needed to know do you drink it? If so how much daily? Or do you apply it directly under the eyes? Thanks for your help!

Replied by Betsey
(Detroit, Michigan)

I was wondering, do you drink the ACV or apply it directly to the dark circles?

Replied by Deirdre
(Atlanta, GA)

I drink it: 2 tablespoons in 8 ounces of water once a day. When I have managed to stay off of wheat and sugar for a period of time, it has made a dramatic difference in dark eye circles.

Replied by Ray
(Atlanta, GA)

I was wondering, if the purpose of cutting out wheat to avoid gluten? That means no whole wheat bread or pasta?

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, Tn)
511 posts

Hello Ray, You can answer your own question by seeing if total elimination of wheat products gets rid of the dark circles under eyes. It it does then try some of the whole wheat products and see if they return. It may be something used in the bleaching process instead of the gluten. Of course any allergy to other foods may be the cause, not just wheat. Dairy products are another big cause of allergies, but there again, if you can find someone with a cow that sells unprocessed milk, you might find that it isn't the milk but something the processors added that is the problem rather than the milk.

Replied by Sandy
(Mission Viejo, Ca)

Deirdre, I will try the ACV drink. Can you tell me how long it took for you to notice significant results?

Replied by Lora
(Bristol, Ct, USA)

Yes, very good for eye infection also. Use it as an eye drops.

5 part of water
2 part Manuka Honey
1 part of ACV

Also improves your vision.

Replied by Tina
(San Clemente, CA)

Lora how often did you use ACV and how many drops? Thank you

Replied by Susie
(Columbia, Mo)

You didn't mention in your post, do you apply topically to your dark circles?

EC: No, poster probably meant to be taken as a tonic... ACV applied topically is too strong for the tender skin under the eyes.

Replied by Lawana
(Oak Park, Il)

I wanna dip a cotton ball in some organic apple cider vinegar and pat it around my dark eye circles to remove it. Would that help my dark eye spots or not?

EC: No, for dark circles, Apple Cider Vinegar is to be taken as a tonic internally, not applied externally. ACV will burn the delicate skin under the eyes!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Deirdre (Atlanta, GA)
5 out of 5 stars

I have noticed several things about dark circles under my eyes... Besides being genetic, they are very much related to both food and environmental allergies. Too much sugar and my chronic circles are darker than dark. Too much wheat, same same. If I am experiencing congestion from pollen, my dark circles are worse. My antidote besides cutting out the food? Apple Cider Vinegar. Works almost instantaneously

Blackstrap Molasses, Borax

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Posted by Pamela (Livonia) on 04/08/2016
5 out of 5 stars

For dark circles under the eyes, try organic unsulfured Black Strapped Molasses, nature's super food. 2 tsp a day. Also, organic Borax from the healthfood store, mix 1 tsp with a pitcher of alkalized spring water. You will notice a change very soon.

Replied by Wanda

I totally agree with you. I think my gluten and dairy intolerance is from being on antibiotics for years, along with Ibuprofen for pain. I'm now dealing with getting rid of the yeast problem and hope to heal my gut and get over my intolerances and allergies.


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Posted by Peggy (Tiffin, Ohio) on 04/09/2011

Hi I am a 35 yr old mom my family and I are suffering from pesticide poisoning... Everyday is a new struggle. I recently started developing slightly puffy dark circles under my eyes and heard that it could be from the toxins in my liver. I am taking livaplex from standard process along with other herbs. Has anybody ever heard if this will work? And will the circles go away?

Replied by Cb
(Blaricum, The Netherlands)

Hi, I do not know about livaplex, but you can try to use activated charcoal (with plenty of water) as it binds a lot of toxins! You can also try to do a liver cleanse (look up Hulda Clark).

Posted by Crachel (Huntington Beach, Ca, Usa) on 01/11/2011

Hi there! I am so excited I found this site as I feel like there are a number of things currently ailing me :
I have pretty bad asthma as well as allergies, and am currently still recovering from a chest cold which put me in the ER on Christmas for my asthma. They told me I also had bronchitus in the hospital and subsequently put me on 3 days of prednisone and a weeks worth of antibiotics (erythromycin.. 8 pills a day). I finished all the medication as directed and I am just now starting to feel better although I still have a lingering cough and blowing my nose a lot.

I have decided to start this new year healthy and natural and am really hoping to make a change in my lifestyle and overall health through natural means. I eat a primarily vegetarian diet, and make fresh juices every day at home, also I exercize and do yoga and pilates at least 3 times a week (i did not exercize the past 2 weeks as I was still sick).

I read all about the oil pulling method as well as the benefits of ACV on this site and I have a few questions. I am interested in doing a colon cleanse and then a liver cleanse to really detox my body (i guess you could say I abused it over the past ten years partying, I am a 27 yr old woman now). Would anyone be able to recommend what to do first? I have heard the first thing to do is a colon cleanse before a liver cleanse, and I was reading about the Dr. Naturas cleanse and to me it seemed great.

I want to also start trying the ACV methods and Oil pulling to help with my candida (my gynecologist has told me I have high amounts of yeast and I did the candida spit test this morning) as well as dark undereye circles, acne, and my joints which pop and crack more than the average persons in my opinion. Is it bad to start oil pulling and taking ACV at the same time as starting a colon cleanse? I tried OP for the first time this morning with one tbls. of Olive oil for 20 min, and subsequently coughed up quite a bit of extra phlegm afterwards.

Sorry this post is so long, I am just looking for some advice on how to get healthy the natural way since I was starting to think I was aging prematurely but I think my body is just really toxic! Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated. God bless.

Replied by Msannanola
(New Orleans, La)

Crachel: You must must must try the water cure and its various aspects. Your sinus / allergies and your aching joints are classic signs of dehydration. I used the water cure successfully to rid myself of most allergy symptoms I even started having asthma symptoms which went away in two days of drinking sufficient water. You need 1/2 your weight in ounces of water and a little unrefined sea salt per day the pink himalayan is great. You also need iodine, I used kelp and then later lugols solution. Magnesium, I use magnesium oil. The rest of what you need you will most likely get from your food. The water has made a huge difference for others who I have recommended it to. One lady is off daily doses of benadryl. Now she only takes it as needed. I am off of zyrtec. I have stopped needing antibiotics 4 to 6 times a year! This has been a huge life change for me! I am about to turn 40 and I am so proud of taking control of my own health!

Replied by Gokhals
(Ca, Usa)
36 posts

Try raw milk for Asthma and other lung problems.

Posted by kristin (St. Louis, MO) on 12/19/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Around your eyes the skin is the thinest...Right? Think of the brown spots if any on your skin. The body is not cleaning itself and it is trying to tell you everytime you look in the mirror...Help! Now your liver and possibly your kidneys need a really good cleanse. You could see the difference pretty fast, the skin is the biggest organ we have and it is the first to give us a warning that something is wrong. Cleanse.... Oh, some people have different colors red, yellow, purple around their eyes, same thing....there is a build up of something your body DOES NOT LIKE...Cleanse... Have a delightful Holiday Season.

Replied by Wanda
(Fern Park, FL)

I have deep circles under my eyes, you have something here. Cleanse with what? Help Iam 43 and Iam over this!

Replied by Robin
(Rocky Ridge, Ohio)
5 out of 5 stars

I couldn't agree more with this suggestion. I have had dark eye circles all my adult life and have watched my mom's get darker as she aged. In an effort to overcome some illnesses I have, I decided to try internal cleansing. I found one that worked amazingly well and one of the side benefits of removing toxins from my body was the lightening of the dark circles.

I've written about this in another thread for heavy metal cleansing and they asked me to name it so I will again. It was Dr. Natura's Colonix internal cleansing system. It's really simple, gentle and effective.

It promoted better bathroom results, easier female cycles, a cessation of hair loss, thicker, stronger and longer nails, decreased the dark circles, cleared up my skin, helped me sleep better, gave me more energy, increased my cravings for fresh veggies, I lost about 15-20 lbs, and my middle shrank in inches from finally being empty like it is suppose to be.

Beauty begins on the inside, you can't just slather stuff on and expect results. Dark circles, skin conditions, hair loss etc., these are signs that our bodies need work on the inside.

Blessings and good luck!

Coconut Oil

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Posted by Audrey (Gardner, Kansas) on 07/17/2007
5 out of 5 stars

coconut oil=so far helped my cracked feet and under eye dark circles...I have had dry feet the last year they have severely cracked...I have been applying the coconut oil for 2 days at night...feet are healing like crazy and circles are diminishing

Replied by Curious
(Pasadena, CA)

Do you apply coconut oil on your dark circles too?

Replied by Angel
(La, Ca)
5 out of 5 stars

coconut oil..OMG..I used everything from vitamin c to high end creams, I inhererited dark sunken circles which at 44 started to make me look REALLY sick!!! I started coconut oil for thyroid, not only have I lost weight, sleep, now I noticed in 1 week my eye cleared???

WHAT AMAZING STUFF...AND i don't get easily impressed. I LOOK NORMAL..not like I have anemia..anymore!!! I eat 2 tablespoon and apply it under eye like 4 times...

Replied by Timr
(Dover, Delaware)

I am very curious about the use of coconut oil for dark sunken eyes. I believe it is hereditary sense my twin sister has the same problem. I have tried just about everything I can think of. I read your feedback about coconut oil and was wondering. What type of oil did you use? Did you injest it also? and how long did it take to see results? Thanks T.

Replied by Linda
5 out of 5 stars

i have used both nutiva and spectrum topically for my dark eyes and they both have worked. I think nutiva is better since its raw. My dark circles are hereditary and to top it off I suffer from insomnia and sinus issues. I saw a difference in maybe 4 days to a week. It sure does the trick and its natural. Taking it internally wouldn't hurt but it isn't necessary.

Replied by Sonam
(Mumbai, India)

Hey, what is the procedure of applying coconut oil on dark circles and Is this removes dark circles permanatly? Wating for Reply.

thanks, Sonam

Replied by Mivtops
(New York)
1 out of 5 stars

I tried for a couple of weeks to no avail.

Replied by Baljit
(Punjab, India)

How much time coconut oil take to completely remove dark circle?

Dark Eyelids Remedies

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Posted by Bostonewbie (Somerville, Ma) on 02/21/2013

Hello there, I've read about a few posts for remedies of dark circles, but does anyone else suffer from extremely dark eyelids? Mine are getting worse - and I'm sure they are hereditary and linked to allergies and exzema - if anyone has any suggestions out there - I'm desperate, thanks community!

Replied by Yellow Duck
(Thisnthere, California)

Hi Bostonewbie, Oil pulling has lightened my darkened eyelids, along with applying Vitamin K cream to the lids. You can read about oil pulling here at Earth Clinic and can find a good Vitamin K cream at a health store. My darkened lids were due to years of itchy eyes and the subsequent rubbing to try to quell the itch. Upon inspection with a lighted magnified mirror, I saw tiny broken blood vessels all along the eyelids--the culprits of the darkening.

Another skin brightener is plain yogurt. After washing my face, I pat it dry and apply a thin layer of plain yogurt, letting it set as a mask for twenty minutes each night before rinsing. One can use non-fat, low fat, or regular plain yogurt. I've tried each and prefer low fat. The skin feels moisterized and dewy afterward, and is brightened considerably. I recommend organic yogurt for this.

I hope this helps.

Replied by Snoogies
1 out of 5 stars

Omg do not oil pull!!! ..worst decision of my life soon as I started doing it..which was for 20 minutes..quite vigorously swishing around I caused two massive veins to pop out under my eye....stupidly instead of stopping straight away I continued for a week morning an night..this was because online they say oil pulling is good for veins and under eye circles..complete opposite for me! .IMO eyes became sunken..dark..veins popped out everywhere..I aged considerably..wrinkles make it had spun me into a massive depression..will never oil pull again..granted it was definitely also tinternists it's and pressure that I switched it around. l even caused red vines in my eyes to pop and my eyes to swell and change shape..didn't reverse myself..very scary..would take it bk in a heart beat

Now I'm using prickley pear serum and full of vit k..purchased amino acids to strengthen and rebuild build collagen.lgrade seed capsuls for vein health and antioxidant. And protein and veggies in diet..I also take broccoli powder as full of vit k..and apple cider vinegar...

But yes can't stress enough the dangers of oil pulling..will bring out veins under eye circle..make you giant..wrinkles...horrid not me

I just hope I can go bk to normal after a while

Replied by Jane

I'm not sure of your age or how vigorously you were pulling but I do a number of these suggestions just for health. I do not have dark circles, however I also exercise my facial muscles. Under the eyes is a big one for me every morning, I use resistance to stretch these muscles so they are draining properly. With age these muscles lose elasticity. Copper/zinc supplements help with retaining elasticity and collagen production. I basically take three fingers on each side under my eyes and pull down while at the same time using those muscles to pull upward, creating resistance for the count of 7, repeat 12 times. This strengthens the muscle. I also do Dr Natura cleanse for parasites 1-2 times a year and drink dandelion root tea with organic cranberry juice (unsweetened) and lemon. This is to cleanse liver, because dark circles could be the result of a liver issue.

Replied by Snoogies81
(Melbourne, AU)

After I sent that last post I thought it couldn't get any worse and it did! ..end up being veins under my eyes were the least of my problems...I had very strange and extreme side effects from oil heart started to beat rapidly and I also suffered severe insomnia where at the worst stage I didn't sleep one wink for 3 nights in a the 4th nite I had to go to a night doctor and get him to give me a sleeping tablet prescription..something I thought I would never do. As I'm all into natural approaches...but just couldn't go a 4th nite without not sleeping..and I'm talking not even 10 mins! looked at me like I was a druggie...even though I had never taken any before.

I also suffered massive anxiety..irritability..had swallow in eye lids changing shape...very weird..losing a lot of weight..felt like I was going crazy..when I went to the doctor and did a blood test found out I had subclinical hyperthyroidism...something I didn't have a few months ago as I had a blood test something. That was only recent..and all my symtoms only started happening right after oil pulling...

I have since learnt that oil pulling stimulates thyroid hormone....and I think also the fact I was swishing it up and down my throat so intently (thyroid gland is in the throat)...I really activated my thyroid and it responded by making too much hormone...hence why I had all the classic symptoms of hyperthyroidism....insomnia ..weight loss..rapid heart beat..anxiousness....etc ...and this was all from oil pulling! , ....I believe coconut oil may be good for people with hypothroidism...where ppl make to little thyroid hormone........but people beware! ...just because something is natural doesn't mean it will be good for you..and can have some serious side effects! ...

After seeing my trusting acupuncturist and telling well as applying specific acupuncture points to help calm my thyroid..she gave me. Calming herbs which have helped considerably....I also avoid iodine..not good for this condition, , take magenisum powder at night to relax which helps a lot....a little bit of broccoli sprout powder to lower the hormone..and of courSe stay well away from oil pulling! ....

Would never have thought it would make me spiral out of control like it did..

I now use almond under my eyes and face ..or prickley pear..both have vitamin e and k..apply sunscreen everyday to protect my skin build up my skin from within I take a proline and lysein supplement every day with vit c and bioflavonoids drink...which is all meant to stimulate collagen production...and have a carrot and spinach juice every day..swallowed down with a tablespoon of olive oil and zinc tablet for they also help skin..and my skin has improved dramatically

Very important to eat lots of whole foods...fruits and veggies to build up antioxidant content in skin and make it plumper and. Firmer

I'm 33 and have always had very good skin which people have remarked on..but I had a very unsteady year and believe a combination of stress and making poor health choices (this includes oil pulling)and experimenting with wrong skincare products definately caused my skin to change for the first now I am de stressing by being positive and having lots of calming teas and herbs....and simplifying my was always so much better before I experimented on expensive and pointless products

Now I just use

sukin facial sensitive cleanser

zinc sunscreen

almond or prickly pear serum

napeleon mineral foundation..

that's pretty much it, ... and will just continue working on skin through good diet and healthy lifestyle approaches..and trying to get back to the basics.

Replied by Katia

Hi, This is a very old post. However, you could be suffering from iron overload or hemochromatosis!

Dietary Changes

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Posted by Wendy (Jerusalem, Israel) on 11/17/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I've had dark circles since forever. When I put on makeup, the most important thing I'd use was concealer. In my late 40s, I started to see a raccoon in the mirror.

I totally cleaned up my diet and my dark circles are much, much lighter - I don't bother with concealer any more. I can't say what did the trick since I made lots of dietary changes at once. Here's what I did:

Gave up all processed foods - make everything from scratch.

Gave up gluten.

Replaced soybean/corn/canola with olive oil/butter/coconut oil.

Try to get grassfed meat, raw dairy, organic fruit and veggies when possible.

Added fermented foods to diet.

I never thought my dark circles would improve. Thought it was genetic. Many other health issues improved as well. It's a sign of good health.

Good luck


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Posted by Susan (La, Ca) on 08/28/2012
5 out of 5 stars

omg.. I am shocked. Literally I took fennel and after a long night of cleanse, and sleeping. I noticed NO DARK CIRCLEs.... They were there for months. thats nuff said, my eyes looks brighter and my skin was soft, glowing.

Replied by Sum1smommy
(Gainesville, Fl)

Hi and thanks in advance for your replies and helpful advice. I have never had a problem with dark circles or excessive puffy/baggy eyes. I just recovered from my first (and hopefully last) bout with shingles. I took the antivirals and the pain meds. I am rested, but for the last week, my eyes say otherwise. I have increased my water and decreased my salt. A lot of the puffiness is gone, but now my eyes look hollow almost--dark circles. It has changed my whole appearance. I'm turning 40 in two months and this is NOT helping matters! Can someone give me some ideas? How does the fennel work? Thank you.

Replied by Iniobong

Explain how many times did you do this... did you ground the seeds or just swallowed them ...and if you did how many did you swallow per night?