Natural Remedies for Dark Circles Under the Eyes

Oil Pulling
Posted by Snoogies (Australia) on 11/24/2014
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Omg do not oil pull!!! ..worst decision of my life soon as I started doing it..which was for 20 minutes..quite vigorously swishing around I caused two massive veins to pop out under my eye....stupidly instead of stopping straight away I continued for a week morning an night..this was because online they say oil pulling is good for veins and under eye circles..complete opposite for me! .IMO eyes became sunken..dark..veins popped out everywhere..I aged considerably..wrinkles make it had spun me into a massive depression..will never oil pull again..granted it was definitely also tinternists it's and pressure that I switched it around. l even caused red vines in my eyes to pop and my eyes to swell and change shape..didn't reverse myself..very scary..would take it bk in a heart beat

Now I'm using prickley pear serum and full of vit k..purchased amino acids to strengthen and rebuild build collagen.lgrade seed capsuls for vein health and antioxidant. And protein and veggies in diet..I also take broccoli powder as full of vit k..and apple cider vinegar...

But yes can't stress enough the dangers of oil pulling..will bring out veins under eye circle..make you giant..wrinkles...horrid not me

I just hope I can go bk to normal after a while