Natural Remedies for CREST Syndrome

| Modified on Jun 16, 2022
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One subtype of scleroderma, CREST syndrome or disease is a limited form of scleroderma that typically affects the lower arms and legs and sometimes the face and throat. Literally define, scleroderma means “hardened skin,” so Crest disease is a mild form of this more progressive skin condition.

The name “CREST” actually serves as an acronym for the symptoms that are present in a patient affected by the disorder. The “C” represents calcinosis or calcium deposits forming under the skin on the fingers and other parts of the body. “R” stands for Raynaud’s phenomenon or spasms of the blood vessels in the fingers and toes. “E” signifies esophageal dysmotility or difficulty swallowing. “S” designates sclerodactyly or the tightening of the skin on the fingers causing the fingers to bend or fold. “T” stands for telangiectasia or rather dilated blood vessels in the skin that appear as “spiders.”

Considered an autoimmune disorder, limited scleroderma is thought to be a condition in which the immune system turns against itself. Generally speaking, in limited scleroderma, it appears as if the immune system initiates the overproduction of collagen, which normally serves as a key component in connective tissue. This overproduction of collagen results in a buildup in the skin as well as the internal organs and impairs the overall function.

Natural Remedies for Crest Disease

With no known cure, Crest disease is often treated by focusing on the symptoms caused by the disease. While medical therapies may be prescribed, many natural treatments are more effective than medical means.

Regular doses of disodium EDTA taken in conjunction with 1 liter of water, Chinese parsley (cilantro), and granulated lecithin help remove the toxins and particularly heavy metals from the body that may be causing the disease.

Additional treatment options include regular vinegar or salt baths, taking apple cider vinegar as well as baking soda to detox the body remedy the symptoms of the disorder, and prevent further progression.

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Posted by Candybeagle (Ohio) on 05/09/2017
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I have scleroderma. My hands were sore, stiff and swelling. Getting digital ulcers every couple of mths. The borax protocol seem to help the symptoms plus was feeling better in general. I also take colloidal silver msm in green juice, water kefir, probiotics, colostrum plus some other supplements and essential oils. Autoimmune disease is epidemic and yet you hear very little about it. It effects each person individually. Drs just want to give us drugs to suppress the symptoms instead of attacking the root cause of the disease and seems like the research doesn't do anything to prevent the disease. It all starts with leaky gut syndrome. When we can't absorb essential nutrients then our bodies cannot fight off invaders or heal itself. Most AI patients are deficient in Vit. D3, boron and K2. If the body does not have theses essential components then you develop disease such as cancer or AI. They say 1 in 200 people have these diseases and most do not know it. So bringing awareness to people is critical to getting a cure and methods of prevention.

I find the Borax is effective. So when someone worries about the "safety" of the this I always tell them the drugs that are prescribed for my illness are far more "dangerous" than this. LOL.

Disodium EDTA, Baths in White Vinegar

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Posted by Shelly (Abilene, TX) on 10/09/2006
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My question is regarding CREST syndrome which is also an autoimmune disease. Would you treat it the same as Lupus? Thanks! P.S. This website is a GOD send! Thanks for all the time you put into it.

Replied by Ted
(Bangkok, Thailand)
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Dear Shelly: Yes, the possibility exists that CREST can be treated similarly by using the LUPUS treatment but there are differences in the approach due to the fact that the organism residing in CREST are somewhat different from those of LUPUS. However the reason for its similarity in some ways have much to do with raising your immune system in both cases. CREST is a bit more complicated than lupus.

Once difference in CREST and lupus is of academic one, both CREST and LUPUS is due to a tiny pathogenic bug inside your body. While CREST is very much like a nanobacteria, lupus is much more closer to those of the mycoplasma, where it exists similarly closer to fungus and bacteria in its environment.

The reason why I know CREST is due to nanobacteria is the calcium deposits it creates in some specific conditions of CREST, called calcinosis. This is a big clue since nanobacteria tends create calcium as a protective shells leaving the deposits and destroying or hardening of tissues as a way to multiply.

You might ask how to kill the nanobacteria? A nanobacteria exists in greater numbers in presence of heavy metals, especially free radical heavy metals. An easy way to find out is to do a heavy metals testing using Dithizone system. Metals in high amounts have a tendency to cause the destruction of collagen through a maillard reaction in presence of something such as iron, for example as a catalyst to sugar and proteins. The best way out, if this is so is chelation, or oral disodium EDTA mixed in all your drinking water. So my own personal estimate, when the time I was tested for positive heavy metal copper in my urine, was about between 1/4-1/2 teaspoon of disodium EDTA to one liter of water. Taking plenty of chinese parsley will also help chelate out heavy metals. Eating granulated lecithin 2 tablespoon with every meal long with food will also reduce the buildup. Taking baths in white vinegar will also remove the calcium buildup, killing the nanobacteria. In this instance, nanobacteria that is, I think taking apple cider vinegar would help, with added baking soda perhaps to reduce the problems of CREST as acetates, chelation, and alkalzing do have a tendency to dissolve microscopic calcium shells that nanobacteria build up. Most importantly is to take magnesium chloride (or citrate) and zinc acetate (or chloride, or citrate form) to reduce the calcium buildup as magnesium is antagonistic to calcium and zinc to increase immune systems against the stealth nanobacteria. Alkalizing certainly helps such as taking 1/4 teaspoon baking soda 1/4 teaspoon citric acid with 1/2 glass water taken once before sleep and once in morning also. Licorice extract also helps in killing of the nanobacteria also.

This is what I would do different from lupus, but you can still use that, along with this added information to help with CREST.

Replied by Kathyr
(Blue Point, New York)

Hello Ted! It was so interesting to read about your theory about the cause of crest, Dr.S have not been very helpful, I have had it for about 14 yrs now, calcinosis is becoming uncomfortable on both elbows, can you give me amounts of epsom salt or white vinegar to be used in baths, also dosages of magnesium chloride, licorice, apple cider vinegar. I am thrilled to know there are treatments out there, that may actually help me. Can crest possibly be cured by using these treatments?

Replied by Shelly
(Denver, Co)

Ted, I really enjoyed and appriciate your comments on CREST. I am wondering tho, you say that it is a nanobacteria. Do you have any comments on those out there that say there is no such thing? There are many such as this web site:

Niacin, Vitamin E

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Posted by Deb E (Cedar Rapids, Iowa) on 10/24/2012
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Suffering several yrs from Crest Disease... Best help I have found.. Niacin and Vit E. They warm your cold extremities but Vit E keeps you from forming blood clots in those small veins

Niacin, Vitamin E
Posted by Jessie (Linden, Tennessee Usa) on 07/21/2011
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I have had crest for 50yr. And have suffered with raynaud's. I didn't have the help that is out there. I had an old fashioned Dr. who put me on time release niacin, 100 mg up to 5 times a day, vitamin E 1000 and multi B complex. I took this every day (365) as my symptoms decreased after 5 yrs (could be different for others)I only took it in the winter. Now I can go without it. I only start if I get bad in the winter till it stops. But if you need a fast warm up, Just vacuum for a long time I had the cleanest carpet in town.

Replied by Jeanette Contreras

Hello, I realize your post is several years old, but I am recently diagnosed with CREST (last January 2016), but I am hoping that this may reach you. I am wondering if there are any other methods/supplements that you would recommend to help with symptoms? I eat organically and non-processed foods and have just begun using essential oils. So, I am hesitant to be engulfed in prescription medications with all of their side effects. I am interested in any holistic methods you may have to share.