Cracked Heel Remedies

| Modified on Jul 03, 2022
Mentholated Vapor Rub
Posted by Cara (Fort Collins, CO) on 07/03/2022
5 out of 5 stars

After 5 years of painful cracked heels, I finally tried Mentholated Vapor Rub on my feet. UNBELIEVABLE! The pain was completely gone in 24 hours and has not returned. Cracks closed up. No more walking around on my tippy toes because of severe pain.

I wrapped my heels in plastic wrap and tape after applying the Vapor Rub. I kept both heels wrapped overnight and by morning my feet were healed. AMAZING!!!

Essential Fatty Acids
Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 06/19/2012
5 out of 5 stars

The cracking feet is an essential fatty acid deficiency and you need evening primrose oil and good quality freshest flaxseed oil you can find.

Vicks Vapor Rub
Posted by Suzanne Giant (IN) on 04/04/2022

Nancy, I take vitamin A, it cured my cracked heels.

Vicks Vapor Rub
Posted by Nancy (Mesa, Az) on 04/02/2022
5 out of 5 stars

Ive been using Vicks vapor rub for years on my cracked and rough heals and it works great. Around 6pm or so I will take off shoes, clean feet, rub in the mentholatum on the whole bottom of foot, put on socks til I go to bed, then take socks off as can't wear them at night. Baby soft heels in the morning.

Vitamin A
Posted by Suzanne Giant (IN) on 03/05/2022
5 out of 5 stars

Vitamin A takes care of cracked heels fast.

Mentholated Vapor Rub
Posted by Charity (faithville, Us) on 03/02/2022

I am so thankful you found a solution. I say whatever works. We are all different and unique. Blessings and Health to you, Charity

Mentholated Vapor Rub
Posted by Alex (Thessaloniki) on 03/02/2022

I have both cracked heels and dry hands. My dry hands are from washing them often and from cold. I took 500mg of niacinamide per day for a month, as Dr Berg suggested in the video and absolutely nothing happened. The problems remained (until I tried Tricia's Cracked Heel Remedies).

Mentholated Vapor Rub
Posted by Charity (faithville, Us) on 06/16/2021

Adding to my post on how to reprogram the subconscious mind, yes, it's work ....

Reprogram Your Mind While You Sleep | "DO THIS BEFORE BED" Dr. Bruce Lipton - YouTube

Mentholated Vapor Rub
Posted by Charity (faithville, Us) on 06/16/2021

HI Tessa,

I followed him years ago, and some others. When a person gets the split parts of their personality back to their core person, they come back the age they broke off. I used super nanny videos to give me insights into how to raise them up quicker. I still have to distract myself in other forms because it was my coping mechanism for my entire life, breaking off when it got too hard to cope. It was not conscious and now I am learning and applying more. Most people run 95 % of their day subconscious and any changes they make are the 5% of their brain working really hard to focus and change . The subconscious mind does not sleep. Alters only form pre birth to age 7, ( if there is a situation that is too extreme or repeating ) the same age a persons subconscious mind is programmed. To reprogram a person has to enter in a creative/belief state of a child and learn like a child and children are pliable and forgive easily. Now I know when to go watch a hallmark and disconnect from problem solving, which is also a cortisol symptom. My mom was a bipolar so she trained us to act in that manner by example. I have a lot to overcome still in many areas. Covid is a reason to hunker down and deal with issues. As far as the negatives, when the broken off parts come back they don't react as much and can act in a boundary setting way instead of becoming emotionally charged. Alters that have not yet rejoined by choice have free will, their own sex choice and belief systems. So you can have a thousand or more of them all different affecting you. A three year old one can pop up and drive the car. Younger ones may not have a health issue you got at an older age, when they pop up you feel healthy, see clear, and young thoughts. That is until they are all rejoined. Mine are all rejoined, through prayer. I have yet to read a program that has healed people back into one personality, usually they teach you how to live broken, through years and years of therapy. I did my prayer w ork, mostly alone or with a friend with sra childhood, who is also one person now, from mid 2015- to dec 2017 when the silent migraines stopped.. Actress Shares Her Multiple Personality Disorder Diagnosis | Amen Clinics. I learned a lot from netburstnet Grantley Morris site and from some prayer books I own. I got in a prayer line in 2015 for memory and a lady named Gracy Joy prayed for me for an hour and said I might have D.I.D. and got my email and prayed for me and sent me links to study, she has since passed. I will never forget her. Wholeness is a process, thanks for the link. I just bought 24 books this year, so I will look Amen up on youtube and sit back and listen. Blessings, Charity

Mentholated Vapor Rub
Posted by Tessa (Okanagan) on 06/15/2021

Hi Charity -

Your perseverance is amazing. You've been through so much and you keep learning, trying new things and sharing with others. Thank you.

You mentioned in your post about taking supplements:

I wouldn't have to take so many if I could get my programming to stop running in the sub conscious mind. It runs 24-7.

Dr. Daniel G. Amen is a physician, clinical neuroscientist, child and adult psychiatrist, and brain imaging specialist as well as a best-selling author. His latest book is called Your Brain is Always Listening.

It has good reviews (I haven't read it yet). It might be worth getting from the library (published in 2021 - so there may be a waiting list).

According to Dr. Amen, your brain is always listening and responding to hidden influences and unless you recognize and deal with them, they can sabotage your health, among other aspects of your life. These influences include things from your past that ignite your most painful emotions, negative thoughts, grief and loss, etc.

By the way, I'm a big fan of Dr. Berg's videos, too. I've learned so much from him. One of my favourites!

Take care,


Mentholated Vapor Rub
Posted by Charity (faithville, Us) on 06/15/2021

I take now magtein which has 27 patents on it and goes into the brain. I bought some bulk brand L- threonine which is interesting stuff. that is not theonine. I use Now or swanson taurine with my swanson ox bile since finding out about tudca and all it's benefits. I use to pray a LOT, I mean hours and I had these full body temors at night . I guess whatever could be shaken in me was. I don't have those anymore. Plenty of other things to fix. I ruptured L-5 in 2008 and then I got the book of JOB experience of life for a decade. Dehydration is not just from lack of water but it can be. Hydration is a combination of minerals in balance and water. When a person makes cortisol for stress to run from the bear their body has to scavenge the stuff to make the cortisol and in the process, the disc can become dehydrated and then pinch nerves or bulge or rupture from the pressure of low or no hydration. When a person is running from the bear their body is not making any plans to digest food, so forget about absorbing nutrients while under that kind of stress. Just calcium requires vitamin D-3 which needs vitamin K-2, and then silica or horsetail, magnesium, phosphorus, boron or borax, potassium, and lots of other things to go into the bones and teeth instead of soft tissues. Calcium without the other things in the right amounts can cause a person to die in a lot of pain. Gut health can affect mineral absorption. You need good fat to make bile and absorb fat soluble vitamins or make b vitamins in the gut to help with stress and coat the nerves.

I question my rambling here but I am usually spirit led. blessings, Charity

not sure how long you have been in earth clinic but this link leads to all of TEDS insights awesome

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand (

Mentholated Vapor Rub
Posted by Pacific Coast Lady (Crescent City, CA) on 06/15/2021 157 posts

True Charity,

Glad to see so many 2021 posts/replies on EC, and people being actively seeking help and sharing with others what they've learned. I'm now focused on overcoming my Essential Tremors and seeking some help on Taurine that one lady succeeded amazingly but using it, as well as magnesium, and L-threonate. I'm on this thread as well, if you have any knowledge to do with ET, or are just interested ;) Denise

Mentholated Vapor Rub
Posted by Pacific Coast Lady (Crescent City, CA) on 06/14/2021 157 posts

For some reason, your username "Art" is a link, and I am totally grateful for that! If I click it, it takes me to every post you've done!! And of course the title of the post ;) I'll go read your other post to me, I think there is 2 ;)

Mentholated Vapor Rub
Posted by Charity (faithville, Us) on 06/14/2021

Earth Clinic is where you can be yourself and not apologize, because you are unique. Remedies that work for one person do not always work for others. Blessings, Charity

Mentholated Vapor Rub
Posted by Art (California) on 06/14/2021 1507 posts

Hi Goldengirl52,

Yes, I am not aware of a way to follow anyone on EC. I have written many posts on EC, but I don't think you can search for them by my name. Here is a link to a typical post that I have written and they tend to run long so definitely not for everyone.


Mentholated Vapor Rub
Posted by Pacific Coast Lady (Crescent City, CA) on 06/14/2021 157 posts

I didn't need to take anything else once I started my Keto Diet (I refused the Meformin because I saw others doing keto and succeeding). I haven't read or seen anything on the vanadium and chromium. I'll go see what it is though, I'm curious.

Yes, Dr. Bergs video hit on the Cortisol, and the Potassium. I believe that my body needs cortisol, but it's more about the balance of, or imbalance that causes something like the blood sugar spike.

It's like the fad-fase of "salt is bad" no more salt, but the body needs salt. It's the imbalance in my old, nutritional habits.

I may be wrong about anything I say, so if I am, I always am open to others correction. This reminds me of the cholesterol scare. It's the balance or ratio of Hdl to Ldl, or better yet, the Triglycerides and Hdl.

I have all my medical labs, and other records online. It's called and I can see my labs, probably before my doctor at times if he's too busy. There's so much more to what I get from the 10 minutes with a doctor.

I just can't leave my health (whole life) up to a doctor alone. Nowadays I can get info that wasn't available to me, and that's fine and good but I have to weed it out as well. Decide for myself, and sometimes, I know I make myself a guinea-pig. I really just want to share what I did to relieve pains I was having from arthritus (RA). It happened because I was attacking the diabetes head-on, like a side benefit, among other things ;)

I was off track for the thread and I just flipped when I saw Art's post recognizing Dr. Berg, and yours as well ;)

Mentholated Vapor Rub
Posted by Deirdre (Connecticut) on 06/14/2021

Thank you so much for your reply, Charity. So glad your health issues are all improving. Kudos to you.

Mentholated Vapor Rub
Posted by Deirdre (Connecticut) on 06/14/2021

Thanks, Art. I did try clotrimazole cream during the winter, but it didn't seem to make much of a difference. I will start up again but I want to test the niacin supplementation first for a month to see if it can make a dent. Will update!

Mentholated Vapor Rub
Posted by Charity (faithville, Us) on 06/14/2021


You sound like you have been on the long journey of finding your health again. Do you use vanadium and chromium for diabetes? I don't know if I have diabetes because I don't go to the doctors, because when I go, they give me huge lists of bad news they can never seem to agree on or fix. So what's the point ! It's easier to have faith for being healthy when your faith doesn't have to fight a bucket list of problems/obstacles. Every doc visit I had in 2008-2014 came up with new major problems I was told to be scared and follow their advice which did not fix a thing, and made my conditions get worse, and I got to pay them for that. Although the chiropractor told me I had lyme disease and treated me for a few things that all improved in 2010. I give the dentist and doctors an F-. I blame their education and not their hearts . I forgive them but they do not have my trust. Cortisol affects blood sugar. You might like Walter Last info too. Heal Yourself - The Truth About Diabetes ( Love, Charity

Mentholated Vapor Rub
Posted by Goldengirl52 (USA) on 06/14/2021 157 posts

Another Dr. Berg fan, I'm telling you Charity, he teaches on "my level of understanding" and I can't say how much he's helped me. I have learned from many people since being diagnosed with T2 Diabetes, but it's led me to real eye-openers on other ailments I have and they are being helped so much it is like a miracle. I've never bought any of his products because they are too expensive for me, but I follow him as best I can.

It's a thrill to see others here on EC that are finding truth in the alternatives to conventional medicine like surgery, and drugs, huge hugs!!

Mentholated Vapor Rub
Posted by Goldengirl52 (USA) on 06/14/2021 157 posts

Hello Art!! I'm so excited to see someone else that watches Dr. Berg! I saw your post on Parkinson's Disease and just looked for all your posts here on Earthclinic. I'm in CA as well, up North close to Oregon border. I am on the keto diet, dropped sugars/carbs down very low, and in the safe zone (6.0 and lower)for my t2 diabetes. I'm now learning about insulin resistance from both berg, and Dr. Bikman. I study them regularly on youtube and also pub med. I would love to follow you around the site, but I don't think EC has that option. I can save your posts/replies though and will do that!! Check out Dr. Benjamin Bikman if you haven't yet ;) I could listen to him all day!

Mentholated Vapor Rub
Posted by Charity (faithville, Us) on 06/13/2021

I do take natures plus B it has a little paper in it to say how it has the actual level of B it states. Gut issues I have faced since birth and hepatic liver surgery in 2010 that made my condition worse but got healed at church 8 years later, to a degree< I don't have to soak my liver at night with castor oil any longer to control misery. Amen. Cortisol is my main issue from trauma programming, since birth. My 4 siblings have similar problems and 3 self medicate daily. I know I am old but it has been a long journey untangling the mess and Eric Berg helped me learn a lot, with my gut/cortisol understanding. My heels are better. I also use fresh comfrey mint vinegar soaks on my feet. I take a LOT of supplements. Ox bile is helping with taurine. I wouldn't have to take so many if I could get my programming to stop running in the sub conscious mind . It runs 24-7. I do go watch teaching healers on youtube and zoom church mark hemans. I study most days and learning to grow a garden. I also watched John Bergman on youtube Digestive Disorders Health Rant - YouTube He was hit by a car as an adult and then he became a doctor who teaches what he learned trying to get himself well. The spine information, as I was hit by a car at age 4 and flew about 18 feet and my head hit a fire hydrant and I had brain trauma. I had about 150 stitches, told I would die of a stroke. My mom was a violent bi polar and father a pedophile. I had split personality I discovered when I was almost 58 and I'm 64 and almost have that all worked through. I still have some dyslexia and ADHD.

Dr.Berg explains Cortisol & Long Term Chronic Stress Effects on Body - YouTube

I could write a book but I am not that focused and need Holy spirit to lead me, so hope this gives you some insights. Love, charity

Mentholated Vapor Rub
Posted by Art (California) on 06/13/2021 1507 posts

Hi Deirdre,

Did you try the 1% Clotrimazole on your heel? It's worth a try if you haven't yet, as the cracks can sometimes be fungal related. It may take a moment because the heel skin is fairly thick, but definitely worth a try.

Niacin is antifungal and that may be its mode of action for this problem. The combination of Clotrimazole and Niacin may hit it from the inside out and the Clotrimazole from the outside in!


Mentholated Vapor Rub
Posted by Deirdre (Connecticut) on 06/13/2021

Hi Charity,

Thanks for passing along the video link. I watched it last night and found it very interesting. Did you ever try B3 (niacin) for your cracked heels, per Dr. Berg's video? I have one crack on my heel that I can't get to fully heal NO MATTER WHAT so I have been taking low-dose niacin (25 mg) for the past few weeks and no change yet. Decided to try a 500 mg niacin cap today and wow, what a flush! Lasted a long time. Would love more details if you've tried the B3 - mgt dosage, how often, how long before you saw results, etc. Thank you!

Mentholated Vapor Rub
Posted by Charity (faithville, Us) on 06/12/2021

My liver gut conditions cause these heal cracks and I can put on an oil and plastic over it overnight and it helps but does not solve it. See: Why Lotion Never Fixes Cracked Heels & Dry Feet | Dr.Berg - YouTube

Mentholated Vapor Rub
Posted by Donna (Brooklyn, NYC) on 06/12/2021

What kind of socks? I tried it with cotton ones and they just rubbed off the rub.

Dietary Changes
Posted by A kindred spirit (U.K. ) on 06/21/2019
5 out of 5 stars

I have been gluten free for a week, and was surprised on day 3 to find my cracked heels had disappeared, and the overall smoothness of the skin on legs and arms had dramatically improved!

Coconut Oil
Posted by Anna (Yosemite) on 10/22/2018

Not sure if this is helpful, but I had cracked heels such as you describe some years ago. A kidney cleanse and then kidney support program got rid of the problem.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Megan (London) on 10/22/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I have severely dry feet with horribly cracked heels, esp in the fall and winter months. I have been testing various remedies to see which one works best the past few years. My remedy tests include pure shea butter, olive oil and coconut oil, all applied externally and massaged into the bottom of the feet. I have also tried taking borage, fish and evening primrose oils (not altogether, one at a time).

Hands down, fastest and best results were applying coconut oil and then putting a cotton sock on. I do this twice at night, before or after dinner and then again before going to sleep and in the morning my feet are impressively softer with less indentation in the cracks. Not terribly fond of the coconut oil smell, but learning to live with it!

Castor Oil
Posted by Angelique (British Columbia) on 10/03/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Castor oil for cracked heels.

I recently read how castor oil helped someone with cracked heels. My girlfriend has been suffering with this for many years. I suggested that she try it. She said within days of applying it and rubbing it in before bed at night, that her heels have never been so smooth and crack free.

Posted by Joan (Nm) on 06/18/2018


I am very intrigued with your use of Borax. How long before you started seeing nicer feet? And nails?

Posted by Denni (Australia ) on 02/10/2017
5 out of 5 stars

In response to the post by Kathyp (Cedarburg, WI) on 03/15/2014 in the cellulitis section...

Have you tried for cracked feet and it sounds crazy, slices of onions on the soles of your feet? Wrap with glad wrap and don socks. Do this overnight for several nights.

Onions have many benefits including anti microbial. But Google the benefits first. It's an old remedy and it works.

I had cracked heels, to which until then I prided myself on having none. This crack was deep raw and painful. It cleared up quickly after using this remedy. The onion will sting for a little bit, but is worth it. I heard cracked feet are a sign of bad digestive system.

There are many essential oils you could look at for cellulitis.. It best to see a qualified aromatherapist and also a bio chemical tissue salt consultant for options to help with all your needs

I hope this helps cheers from Australia

Yogurt and Henna Foot Wrap
Posted by Leesa (Ca) on 05/28/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Hi, I had a friend with very bad cracked feet. I went on this site and others to find out remedies. I forwarded her everything from, ACV, Coconut Oil to Vic's Vapor Rub! Yes, there were rave reviews with those remedies. Her Mom told her to put yogurt and henna mixed on her feet and IT WORKED within days! She put 1/4 cup of plain yogurt and same of henna. I know she did put it on and wrapped her feet with clear plastic and then put socks to soak it in. Maybe at night while you sleep. Good Luck!

Apple Cider Vinegar, Kefir
Posted by Anon (Us) on 08/07/2015
5 out of 5 stars

We stumble onto things as we try to alleviate our sufferings. My heel backside was itchy, red, dry, cracking and painful, from what, who knows, blister on bottoms of feet and sides of foot.

I used the apple cider vinegar with the mother and it felt better but not cured, so in the neck of the KEFIR bottle I discovered a thick white paste forms and I put a finger in there and collect it and apply on top the vinegar and it feels so good .

Skin looks much better. Must be the enzymes. Kefir facials on top of diluted 50/50 apple cider vinegar are also nice. Pour Kefir in hands and apple to all my skin, leave on till next shower.

Kefir soaks LEFT on scalp and hair for an hour before shampoos NICE.

Bandaid, Emery Board, Moisturize
Posted by Genavie (Maryland) on 06/13/2015

Great info on the zinc for splitting fingers. I just want to add one thing. My mom whose 60 has had splitting finger tips her whole life which got very bad to the point that it looked like her skin was unravelling at the seems. The lines would follow her fingerprint marks and just seperate like little layers being pulled apart or layers of onion without anything holding them together. She cried and bled out daily and had to stop washing dishes altogether or getting her hands wet. I started getting the same issue when I was 39 after a health issue that left me house ridden for about 4 years.

I one day was leaving my mom's house and she made the remark about her and I being identical in the same way that we are vampires, meaning we don't go out in the sunlight, and it hit me. She never liked going outside during the day all of her life and especially adult life and I had been indoors for a long time when mine started. I had a flash back on vitamin d deficiency causing split fingers in many people tested for their vit d levels as well as vit c levels which contribute to the production of collagen which holds the skin together. I take vit c daily (around 4 to 5k mg) and have for years but mom never took any vitamins and perhaps that is why she had it soo much longer than me, but she started the vit c at 5,000 mg per day which gave her zero diarrhea (this means her body was using up the full amount taken because if her body did not need this much it would have used what she needed and the rest would have gotten spilled over into the intestines as diarrhea which is what is referred to as bowel tolerance) .

I started taking 10,000 iu of vit d along with vit k because the body relies on vit d to activate over 100,000 hormones and functions in the body but needs vit k to process the vit d properly.

Within 2 days my fingers were heeled up and felt soooooooo much better. I would cry from the pain and inflammation from the scores of splits all up and down my fingers.

Mom's fingers healed up wonderfully and she still had problems with feet (heel) fissures but she is now obese as well as diabetic. I found that the so called healthy canola oil is really death waiting to happen and is being forced into our diet under false pretense as heart healthy but in actuality is not healthy at all and there is not even really a such thing as a canola plant. It comes from a hybrid rapeseed plant and has omega 3 added to it afterwards do to the lack of heart healthy ingredients. Labels are now even adding organic to the canola deception but how is this possible when the plant is not even organic in nature.

The true underlying cause of diabetes is using bad oils such as canola(stands for Canadian oil plant) Canada was the first to create it and name it. The bad vegetable oils create an artificial fat wall around the cell which prevents the uptake of glucose (sugar that every cell in the body needs as fuel). This creates an insulin imbalance and takes up to 6 months to undo the damage from one serving of vegetable oil. The imbalance of insulin and glucose now disrupts the electrical balance of the cell. We are all electrical beings who rely on electric as fuel( men have actually given up all foods meat and veg, alike and lived off the power of the sun by sun gazing(google man lives for 15 years without food by sun gazing) we began to eat meat and this in turn lowered our vibrational frequencies.

Back to the bad oils. Never eat margarine or buy into the whole low fat lie because fat actualy allows us to lose weight opposite to what the FDA would have us believe. Lack of fat and high grain intake causes inflammation and disease. Avoid all grains as much as possible not just gluten containing grains. You can reverse all diabetes type 2 from 6 weeks to 6 months depending on weight and diet. Stop all margarines and veg oil intake and follow the budwig diet which is 4% cottage cheese 3 times per day. Mix 1 tablespoon cold pressed flaxseed oil to every 3 tablespoons cottage cheese and stir voraciously. This causes the oil to bind to the fat of the cottage cheese and allows the flaxseed oil to enter the blood stream where it goes to work breaking down the artificial fat wall around the cells so the glucose uptake can regulate itself and put in balance the cells electrical balance. cinnamon can also be added to the mix to help fix the insulin imbalance. Cinnamon acts as a synthetic insulin inside the body.

Sorry to ramble and I only lightly touched the surface and just outlined the concepts mentioned and you should research deeper into the budwig diet and all info mentioned, for yourself. The vit d deficiency was the problem for my hands splitting and the vit c and d defic was mom's problem.

Hope this helps many many people.

God bless you all.

Bandaid, Emery Board, Moisturize
Posted by S. Jewell (Kentucky, US) on 02/16/2015

My husband used to get severe cracks in the tips of his fingers until my doctor brother told him to take zinc, which he did, and the cracks healed promptly. He suggested that white spots in the fingernails can indicate a zinc deficiency, which in turn causes splits in the fingertips.

ACV, Castile
Posted by Blindedbyscience (WNC, US) on 08/12/2014

My feet went south about 8 yrs ago. Cracked, dry, peeling all the time. My little toes and one other are thickened. Moisturizers and oils, and antifungals don't have much effect. Finally I thought maybe I need to wash them with soap to make sure the shampoo and conditioner are off. So I've been washing them last in the shower with Castile soap and soaking them in full strength vinegar every couple days. Instead of getting drier and hurting they immediately started looking better. The toes are starting to look better too. One day I put some oil on to moisturize before work and that had a bad effect. It's been a week and they aren't perfect but I'm no longer peeling chunks off (tmi! )

Posted by Sarah (Burlington, Nc) on 09/21/2013
4 out of 5 stars

For cracked heals, I use Super glue to close the cracks. The original kind only. Two doctors said it was ok and it stops hurting immediately.

Castile Soap
Posted by Gwen (Peru, Il) on 07/08/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I as well tried Castile liquid soap after seeing this post Put peppermint scented on my feet and wore either plastic bags or socks to bed and in 15 days they were 90% better. It's coming back again but that lasted 6 months should've kept up with maintenance treatments but am starting the regimen again!

Tricia's Cracked Heel Remedies
Posted by Glue (Victoria ) on 07/07/2013

I used super glue on it. When the glue fell off eventually the ringworm was gone!

Castile Soap
Posted by Marilyn (Salem, Oregon, United States) on 06/25/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I have been using Castile soap on my cracked heels for about 10 days and I'm amazed. I think I have purchased every cream on the market for my dry feet but the soap seems to work so much better. I don't use any creams and think this will solve my problems but will need more time. My feet are at least 90% better!

Oregano Oil
Posted by Jasmine (Asheville, NC) on 04/28/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Cracked heels are hard to beat but recently I broke an oregano capsule and rubbed in on my heels and between my toes before doing my gardening. I didn't think it worked because my feet were quite dry afterwards so I put vaseline on them and went to work well that night they were much smoother. Different than just using vaseline. Also for skin I have had luck with tea tree oil, put it on a facial blemishes as soon as you notice them. One I felt coming up under the skin, I put it on and went to bed it was gone in the morning. If you have red spots on your face or scar tissue I find flax oil is the most antiinflammatory.

Mentholated Vapor Rub
Posted by Dukeycash (Dora, Missouri) on 01/17/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Thank you so much for this solution to cracked heels. Two nights of vapor rub and socks and my feet are smooth, smooth.

Mentholated Vapor Rub
Posted by Wecair (Moose Jaw, Sk. Canada) on 11/22/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I have had extremeley dry, cracked and caloused feet for years. Sometimes the cracks were so deep I was concerned they would become infected. Somewhere I had heard that mentholated rub applied to them and covered with clean dry socks overnight would help so I tried it. I smeared my feet with a generous amount of rub and put my socks on, by the very first morning the layers of dried skin peeled off. My feet after just 2 treatments are soft and have not looked and felt this good in years! Even the deep crack is almost gone. Thank you Vapo rub.

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