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| Modified: Aug 24, 2017
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What Is a Coma?

By definition, a coma is a state of sustained unconsciousness caused by any number of problems. Comas are often brought on by traumatic head injuries, strokes, brain tumors, drug or alcohol intoxication, and even underlying illnesses, including diabetes and infection. In any case, a coma is a medical emergency that requires immediate attention to preserve life and brain function in the affected individual. Even after a person has fallen into a coma, doctors order and perform several tests often including a brain CT scan to determine the cause of a coma and organize treatment.

A coma is typically easy to recognize. Common symptoms of coma include closed eyes, suppressed reflexes, non-dilating pupils, no limb response, limited response even to painful stimuli, and irregular breathing. While most individuals gradually recover from coma, some individuals enter a vegetative, nonresponsive state and others may die. Additional complications of coma include minor or major disabilities following the incidence, pressure sores, and bladder infections.

The causes of coma are widely varied. Common causes include traumatic brain injury typically caused by a car accident or act of violence, stroke, and tumors. Illness related coma, such as diabetic coma, is caused by underlying illness. Additional causes include lack of oxygen, infection, seizure, toxins, and drug and alcohol abuse.

Natural Coma Remedies

Determining the cause of a coma is often the first step toward treatment; however, generally any type of coma can be treated with natural remedies. Natural options include coconut oil, gingko biloba, peracitam, and hydergine taken orally help maintain the affected individual’s health and also trigger the return to consciousness. Other options include Chinese skullcap, DMSO, coQ-10 and vitamins B and C. Additionally loved ones visiting and attempting to communicate with the individual also helps expedite the healing process.

Artemisinin Compounds

Posted by Jon (Australia) on 03/14/2015
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There are a few "pure" cases where the results can only be from use of the ARTEMISININ compounds. Dr. Narendra Singh, MBBS, one the Washington researchers involved in several of the Artemisinin studies, is also a medical doctor from India. He has followed several cases in India that have been treated only with Artemisinin compounds.

One of his cases is that of a man with a brain cancer who had been in a coma for five months, who came out of his coma after 21 days of injections of artemether. This is a dramatic example of an initial response, but only time will tell if continuing improvement or even stabilization can be achieved in this case.

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Ayurvedic Remedies

Posted by Exploring Ayurveda Remdies (Pa) on 02/17/2014


I heard this coma remedy on tv from a very well renowned ayurvedic doctor. I wanted to share it online thinking it might be helpful to someone in need. To be honest I haven't applied this myself so I cannot guarantee the results. All I can say is it is coming from a reliable source. As per the doctor it is effective 99 % of the time. Since the treatment is so simple I do not see any harm in trying it.

Take an onion cut into about 6 pieces and place in a bowl on the left side of the patient's head. On the right side of the patient's head place a bowl filled with cow's milk. Rub a little cow's ghee on the patient's temples and navel. Then make a mixtue of 2 teaspoons of ginger powder and two teaspoons of ajwain or carom seeds powder. Rub the mixture on the soles of patient's feet. This arrangement should be kept for 24 hours.

This is supposed to promote blood circulation to the brain and open up an blockages to the brain. Within 24 hours patient should show drastic improvement. Hopefully this helps someone. Good Luck and God bless.

Replied by David
Haverhill, Ma

Could you please forward any other info on this remedy, about the Dr name or the show name, we would like to try this but need more of application process. Thank You, David B

Replied by Ridhi Bhatia

The remedy mentioned above can be performed by any family member? Or wome or else

Coconut Oil

Posted by V Qiong (Kampong Cham, Cambodia) on 10/18/2011

I read somewhere that said a tablespoon of coconut will do the trick. If my memory does not fail me, Ted said so.

Correct Voltage

Posted by Jon (Australia) on 03/14/2015
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Dr Jerry Tennant has been able to wake several people up from comas using electrons (Biomodulator).

Dr Tennants talk 'An Understanding of How the Body Works'.

You can watch a talk/video here:

General Feedback

Posted by Cowboy (Philadelphia, Pa, Usa) on 12/27/2011

My relative has been in a coma for three days after an aneurysm burst in her brain. They don't how long the aneurysm was there or what caused it. The hospital put a coil in the brain artery to relieve the pressure. I was reading about some of your remedies but was looking for a more specific remedy info for this type of condition to get her out of the coma. I read about the methylene blue and the hydrochloric acid remedy but do not know if this is right for her condition. just need more specific info.

Liposomal Vitamin C

Posted by Vit C (Qld, AU) on 03/15/2015
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Intravenous Vitamin C

Allan Smith was near death in a coma and about to be taken off life support, with swine flu, non-functioning "white" lungs and leukemia when he was given high-dose intravenous vitamin C, followed by an oral "nano-sized" vitamin C product, called Liposomal Vitamin C, that anyone can buy or make in our kitchens.

He started to revive from the coma when he was given daily doses of intravenous vitamin C ranging from 25 grams to 100 grams a day.


Posted by Timh (Louisville, Ky, Usa) on 01/22/2013 2109 posts

Try Gingko Biloba, as well as other nootropics like Peracitam, Hydergine, SAM-e.

Oatmeal for Diabetic Comas

Posted by Rod (Los Angeles, California) on 07/18/2008
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hello, I was looking at your site and came across your use of apple cider vinegar for diabetes. An excellent curative for many things, I learned about its uses in Connecticut when my Uncle gave it to hunting dogs and miracles occurred. I believe that oatmeal is very, very good for diabetics and if taken three times a day it can even relieve diabetic coma. My father was in a diabetic coma, unable to be still enough to have an IV and I fed him oatmeal (put it down his throat-sometimes at the risk of his choking) and he came back to life quickly. After that his Doctor became convinced that the oatmeal had a major part in his recovery.

My Best,
Rod Hewitt