Coma Remedies

Ayurvedic Onion Remedy
Posted by Mike (Pocatello, ID.) on 02/15/2020

My wife is in a coma we are now doing Hyperbaric treatments. I will try almost anything to bring her out of this medically induced coma 23 July 2019. I read the article -- see below -- about coming out of a coma. Does anyone have more information?

In the article it does not give all the information needed unless I am missing something.

Do the onions stay in the bowl and do the bowls stay by the head for 24 hours?

Here it is, copied and pasted.

"Hi, I heard this coma remedy on tv from a very well renowned ayurvedic doctor. I wanted to share it online thinking it might be helpful to someone in need. To be honest I haven't applied this myself so I cannot guarantee the results. All I can say is it is coming from a reliable source. As per the doctor it is effective 99 % of the time.

Since the treatment is so simple I do not see any harm in trying it. Take an onion cut into about 6 pieces and place in a bowl on the left side of the patient's head. On the right side of the patient's head place a bowl filled with cow's milk. Rub a little cow's ghee on the patient's temples and navel. Then make a mixtue of 2 teaspoons of ginger powder and two teaspoons of ajwain or carom seeds powder. Rub the mixture on the soles of patient's feet. This arrangement should be kept for 24 hours. This is supposed to promote blood circulation to the brain and open up an blockages to the brain. Within 24 hours patient should show drastic improvement. Hopefully this helps someone. Good Luck and God bless."