Natural Cures for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Probiotics, Vitamin D3
Posted by Alexander (London, Uk) on 10/15/2011
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Probiotics and VitD3 against Chronic Fatigue

ok - do alot of things and take/ have taken alot of supplements, but what really seems to have kicked CFS in the butt is strong probiotics and Vit D3. Suffered from CFS for a good 10 years. Much better now and besides shifting my sleep patterns (feel grottiest in the mornings, so just sleeping through it and not getting up before noon does part of the trick. Luckily am self-employed so can arrange my day as I please), exercise (alot of cardio - and go into mediatation/ healing-mode whilst (don't do this on the treadmill!, works well on cross trainers and bikes though)) strong probiotics (I just make my own Kefir (but not anyone can abide the taste) and Vit D3 seem to have been the greatest help.

There seems to be some medical evidence that CFS patients frequently have imblances of gut flora (through stress, trauma or antibiotics), i.e. too many 'neagtive' bacteria, which release toxings into the blood and harm/ weaken nerves and the immune system (of which supposedly 80% is around the gut) - i.e. continuously supporting the gut with beneficial probiotic bacteria which repopulate the gut and push out the negative bacteria seems a sensible idea. Since starting on Kefir two years ago the number of frequent infections went down! Did not do that much for energy though (besides a bit of a general feeling good boost to not be sick all the time anymore), but VitD3 did (initially about 10000IU for a few weeks and since 2000IU daily).

Supposedly in the UK and US 50 % of adults are VitD3 insufficient! ?! ? and besides being important for cardio vascular health, blood sugar health and protective against several forms of cancer it helps with mood, immunity and energy levels....!!!

Besides feeling better (hey still have bad, grumpy days, but (knock wood) have not had any major illness/ infections for almost a year now (there was just one heavy flu about 2 weeks after starting on VitD3 (healing crisis?! ?! )) - I have since managed to have the extra energy to stop smoking and come off antidepressants too!!!

Very good too is that both probiotics (especially self-made Kefir) and VitD3 are both cheap!

Good luck - never give up hope!