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Posted by Viavapor's Mommy (Bentonville, Arkansas) on 02/03/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Hello everybody, Children's remedies-activated charcoal and turmeric for kids diarrhea - I am so happy to have found the feedback on turmeric and activated charcoal for children's diarrhea. My 17 month old had severe diarrhea from a stomach flu that has been going around our home. He had already had 4 diarrhea diapers before I hopped on earth clinic (wasn't aware they started a children's remedy section) it immediately helped!

i mashed up one banana and mixed it with 1/3 280 mg capsule and est 1/3 tsp of turmeric, I added a little honey too to make sure he would eat it. Normally he feeds himself and gets 1/2 of it on his bib and high chair tray. So instead I approached him in the living room and just kept shoveling in his mouth (he was willing but I didn't want him to sense any after taste) while saying "mmm mmm it's good" Lol! That's stopped diarhea for another 5 hours so I just kept giving him it more frequently afterwards sometimes just a 1/2 banana and would you believe it has kept his diarhea at bay! ?! I was beginning to think I'd have to take him to the E.R. Room or something. Please, please everybody please submit your feedback so we can build up this portion of Earthclinic!!!

Posted by Louwrence (Rustenburg, North West, South Africa) on 02/02/2013

Hi Mandie, Spray his feet with Hydrogen peroxide & it will kill the monsters that are causing his feet to smell. So the cause of the smelly feet is probably candida & the cause of the candida is probably anti-biotics. Try probiotics to restore flora balance in the gut. Once a dr gives a person an anti-biotic he has a patient for life.

Posted by Mandie (Pensacola, Florida) on 02/01/2013

My son is going to be 9 months soon and his feet smell really bad all the time. I wash his feet at least twice a day and it doesnt help. I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of making a paste with baking soda. Please let me know if you do.

Infantile Spasms
Posted by Zsofia (Orange, Nj) on 12/13/2012

My 5 month old son has developed infantile spasms with no underlying cause and is being treated with ACTH. He is exclusivley breastfed. What can I do/take or give him to improve his outcome?

Bed Wetting
Posted by Me (Toronto, On, Canada) on 12/03/2012

Somebody mentioned here excess calcium in the body, check that.

Bed Wetting
Posted by Anon (Anon) on 12/02/2012

The poor boy. 14 years old is a difficult age- I wouldn't refer to it a potty training. In this case I would think he needs good quality b vits and zero sugar, zero fruits and zero fruit juice including zero cranberry. Has he been checked for glucose intolerance/ diabetes? Children from broken homes sometimes carry the burden of the emotions of their parents and themselves it's a tragedy but a challenge that can be overcome. Liquids of any kind are symbols of emotions and in the teenage years these emotions are very confusing and heightened and are not always expressed in the most obvious way. Just a few ideas for you.

Bed Wetting
Posted by Connie (Slc, Utah, USA) on 12/02/2012

Hi Callarlily; Urinary incontinence may be from a neurological dysfunction. It is also included as one of the neurological symptoms of B12 deficiency. B12 has been used to help treat PTSD and ASD.

Bed Wetting
Posted by Pam (Austin, Texas) on 12/02/2012

It could be as simple as constipation. This article in the NYTimes explains....

Bed Wetting
Posted by Louwrence (Rustenburg, North West, South Africa) on 12/02/2012

Hi Carlalilly, Acording to Louise Hay the metaphysical cause of bedwetting is fear of a parent, usualy the father. And I have seen this in countless children. One guy was still wetting his bed at 18. It is a difficult problem to solve.

Bed Wetting
Posted by Carolyn (Renville, Mn) on 12/01/2012

Emotional Freedom Technique. If he can't be touched or do it himself, you can do surrogate tapping. Google these. Very easy to learn & do, & info is free.

Bed Wetting
Posted by Callarlilly (Virginia Beach, Va, United States) on 12/01/2012

Hello, My 14 yr-old Step Son suffers from PTSD and Autistic like delays / symptoms due to 12 years of neglect and abuse from his previous living environment. Needless to say, he still wets the bed nightly (occasionally during the day also for a myraid of reasons).

Over the last 2 years, his Father and I (as well as his PCM, Psychiatrist and Counselors) have dedicated:

- countless hours of therapy
- sleepless nights (getting up every hour to pee only to discover he's wet the bed in between time)
- changes in diets (increased water and cranberry/apple juice intake, minimal to no sugary sweets or beverages, minimal exposure to dyes, carbohydrates & glutens)
- changes in bedding (plastic air matress with hypoallergenic bedding)
- changes in routines (no fluids after 7p.m. and reminders every 30 minutes to pee)

in efforts to potty train and relieve my Step Son of this heavy burden.

All to no avail... Yet. Although we are scheduled to seek the wisdoms of a Urologist, I am a firm believer in the balance between "Modern" & "Alternative" medicines and tend to wonder what more could we be doing holistically.

I also find it important to note that in the morning, my Steppy's room smells very heavily of amonia & fish from the previous night's wetting.

Any hints, tips or suggestions? Callarlilly

Prader-Willi Syndrome
Posted by Anonymus (Xxxx, Zzzz) on 11/19/2012

Does anyone know of a home remedy to help with Prader Willi Syndrome (PWS)? A 4 year old friend's daughter is suffering from it. Any testimonials welcome.

Posted by Sadie (Gwent, Gwent, UK) on 10/28/2012

Hi can anyone recommend a multi vit for my two toddlers who are dairy and soy allergic. I breastfed first for 23 months and still nursing my second. The soy allergy is a recent diagnosis and am devastated as I thought they would escape allergies (I am allergic to nuts and husband has asthma). both children were not vaccinated.

can anyone please help

Bed Wetting
Posted by Amanda (Hillsboro, Wisconsin) on 10/22/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I have 3 children that wet the bed, One is 8 year old girl, one is 6 year old boy and a 4 year old girl. I had read online that Cal Mag Zinc tablets help stop bedwetting for children. So I decided to try it on my older two. Well, It worked! I went to Walgreens and got a cheapo bottle of Calcium, Magnesium, and Zinc. My 8 year old gets 1 1/2 tablets before she goes to bed, My 6 year old gets 1 tablet before he goes to bed. They completely stopped bedwetting and have not wet the bed scince they started the tablets!!!!!

Appetite Loss
Posted by Waypossible (Modesto, Ca/ Usa) on 10/18/2012

Hi again Deena! Though you said nothing to indicate a problem at the kitchen table, I thought I would share this experience, anyway. My son's step-father was a bit of a rule-master, which came out a lot at the dinner table. Lots of judgment about eating.... He was passing on what he had lived... So, we started eating together, just my son and I, earlier in the afternoon. We stood in the kitchen the whole time, and it became a time of getting some good strokes and positive attention and making gags together. Like, a safe time to stick carrots up your nose... I once went to a psychic, and she said a strange thing: 'Give yourself permission to not sit at a table to eat. ' I had also been given the third degree at tabletime, as though a time to attack a captive audience. Just something to consider. --T.

Appetite Loss
Posted by Lisa (Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa) on 10/18/2012

Hi Deena, It is, I think, normal for us as new moms to be concerned about our child's growth. As a matter of fact, all my sons were very small through their childhoods. I would even have rather insensitive comments made to me by other moms about how small my boys were. It upset me with my first son but, he was also my first child so, I was sensitive due to that. My second son was even smaller but by then I was stronger regarding comments. And my third, well, let them say what they will...

My first son had a huge appetite! Didn't seem to make him grow any faster! Second and third sons, hardly any appetite at all! What Mmsg says, they grow anyway is so true. I was not the type to run my kids to the Dr. at all so, didn't care about the growth charts, curves, etc. At any rate, each one of them hit their own stride. The two oldest not until after 18 and my youngest shot up this year and is now 16. Over the spring/ summer he grew 6 inches! And he still doesn't have a great appetite, always very picky and hates vegetables which I practically live on!

Sometimes, none of it makes sense. So, I would say, offer him good wholesome food, don't make too big of a thing of it, relax and enjoy your life with him, he'll grow in your love and remember it all goes by in a blink of an eye! Most importantly, enjoy sharing time and food with him and remember it's all going to be fine! Hope this eases your concerns. Lisa

Appetite Loss
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 10/18/2012

Deena, kids will survive no matter what, G-d willing, so take the pressure off of yourself, and mainly off of him. You might have to go to the opposite extreme for a lil' while to balance out your attitude. If you are worring about his height, it is useless worry (and may I say selfish worry - WE want them to be tall.... ), he will grow as tall as he will grow.

Next: kids eat when they are hungry. Your job is to offer the food, then bite your tongue and look the other way. Whatever he won't eat in one meal, he will usually make up his needs in another meal. Meaning that within a week's time, he will probably be getting all the nourishment he needs.

One more thing: have him help you (if you can do it pleasantly! ) in the kitchen here and there. Simple things that might be fun for him, or even only watching you once in a while.

Appetite Loss
Posted by Waycool (Modesto, Ca/ Usa) on 10/18/2012

Deena-- My son and I began vegetable juicing (even beets! ) together at about this age. It was fun! We made good juice, and enjoyed making faces together if it was not so good tasting. Better add pineapple or apple or it will be bad! And never add garlic. Blech!!

I would do your best to get some Vit C in him, as this could really help, and you would know if it worked very quickly. Scurvy has loss of appetite, lethargy and depression as it's earliest symptoms. Failure to thrive can be from the same cause.

Did you know that raw milk is as good a source of Vit. C as an orange? Pasteurizing alters almost everything good about milk into something bad, like it sucks calcium out of your bones. Can you get him some real milk?

So much can be addressed by diet. Try letting him choose between two or three healthy choices, or even offer a trade if he eats something healthy first. Make it a fun time to share, and less about the food needing to be eaten. Hope that helps.--T.

Appetite Loss
Posted by Timh (Louisville, Ky, Usa) on 10/17/2012 2073 posts

Deena, at age 4 and a problem w/ appetite and no help from doctors, the likelihood of Parasite infestation is very high, especially if you also have pets like cats or dogs. Check for loose stools or diarrhea and/or anal itching. Look for worms in the toilet or potty. If these symptoms are confirmed, purchase some Mebendazole at the pharmacy or purchase an herbal anti-parasite complex at the health food store (use as directed on labels). All pets must be wormed.

Give the food Pineapple to encourage appetite, or Pineapple juice if it doesn't have too much added sugar.

Appetite Loss
Posted by Deena (Melbourne, Australia) on 10/17/2012

Hi everyone. My four year old boy has such a poor appetite and not gaining any weight and look tired all the time. He is just 13kg and he will turning five next month. I took him to to many doctors and they all say he is fine and he was a small baby to start with and will be like that. But being his mother my instinct says if somehow I can increase his appetite he will put on some weight and increase height. I have tried giving him iron supplements that did help him a while and then it just stop working.

After trying everything and feel helpless and probably crying everyday and stressing about his health non stop and so here I am asking for some home remedy instead. Every meals times are do stressful and torture for him and myself.

Please help me and I want my child to be happy and enjoy food than hating food. Am begging for help!!!

Posted by Lisa (Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa) on 10/06/2012

Hi Riana, Yes, the "2 year" can be difficult regarding sleep patterns. It can make it trying on the parents! I had 5 of my own kids so I know how exhausted you already are and then this occurs at the end of your long day!

First, you have to make a set bedtime and stick by that to help them regulate themselves. They are, after all, only 2 and don't know how to do this. Then, you have to take them into their bed. Reading a book to them helps keep them there. Also, you're there with them which is comforting. As they listen to the story they generally ease into sleep. Best of luck to you, Lisa

Posted by Riana (Bellville, South Africa) on 10/06/2012

Hi there, seems my beautiful toddler of 2 years and 2 months sleep patterns is disturbed, for since about age of 2 she want to play till about 23h00 or later at night, before she gets tired and want to sleep. She is usually a well behaved little child, and will play on her own, eats well, and is very clever, funny and cute. She do not sleep a lot during the day either, sometimes an hour, 12h00 to 13h00.. I tried all the remedies and advice given so far, but no luck yet. Is it just a "stage" that will pass, or do you have any advice for me to assist her to fix the sleeping pattern? thank you, Riana

Posted by Aamir (Hyderabad, Sindh/pakistan) on 09/27/2012

My son is 6 years old now but from the early age his front four teeth was broken and turned some black. Now front four teeth are not present their gums are seeing black and there is problem in eating. So please suggest remedies that front teeth started to come out.

Fluoride Poisoning
Posted by Kuma (Trondheim, Norway) on 09/07/2012

Hi, I am considering giving homeophatic borax tablets to a child, 10 years old, for suspected fluoride poisining. I have got Borax 30D. Has anyone from the Earth Clinic have experience with homeophatic borax, particularly for children? I appreciate your response.


Appetite Loss
Posted by Mothusi (Randburg, Gauteng) on 09/07/2012

My nine month son has suffered from diarrhea, cough and vomiting but now he is stopped since I change formula( recommendent by Dietian). He does not have appetite and he weight 6.3kg. How can I give him to like food?

Eye Infection
Posted by Alt-rocks (Suffolk, United Kingdom) on 08/10/2012

My son had a terrible eye infection from birth, I used breast milk and weak dilution of baby shampoo (not at the same time) at the suggestion of the clinic, when that did not work the doctors prescribed different antibiotics for a year, nothing worked. The specialist eventually put him on the waiting list for an operation, but told me not to bother trying anymore antibiotics, as the only thing that would work would be to open the tear duct.

The day after seeing the specialist, I wet some cotton wool with warm water and swiped it over my organic coconut oil, just so I could clean the gunge from his eye. His eye did not tear or fill up with pus all day. I did the same in the evening, as there was a little pus at the corner. He woke up with clear eyes the next morning. The first time ever! I continued with the coconut oil for about a week just to make sure the infection was gone. Then phoned the specialist to have him struck from the waiting list.

Bloated Stomach
Posted by Orang_melayu (Limbang, Malaysia) on 08/03/2012

Malay people have a tradition to treat baby bloating and stomach ache, that is, wrapping crunched betel leaves and betel nuts around the navel area of the baby. The betel nuts is first crunched in the mouth to mix them with saliva before putting it with the betel leaf paste. It looks grotesque but many Malay mothers swear that it works.

It is still practised in my family today.

"Is the contents really beneficial to the baby?" What is your expert knowledge dear herbalists and Ted from Bangkok? Most importantly, what are the effects of the things in the mixture?

Your responses are much appreciated!

Posted by Kanika (New Delhi, Delhi (india)) on 08/01/2012

I have a question regarding my daughter as she is 4 yrs old and has digestion problem. She is going to lu 4 to 5 times in a day. so just wanted to check, is there any medication she requires. Adding to that, just for ur information, she was colic baby when she was born.....

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