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Eye Infection

Posted by Alt-rocks (Suffolk, United Kingdom) on 08/10/2012

My son had a terrible eye infection from birth, I used breast milk and weak dilution of baby shampoo (not at the same time) at the suggestion of the clinic, when that did not work the doctors prescribed different antibiotics for a year, nothing worked. The specialist eventually put him on the waiting list for an operation, but told me not to bother trying anymore antibiotics, as the only thing that would work would be to open the tear duct.

The day after seeing the specialist, I wet some cotton wool with warm water and swiped it over my organic coconut oil, just so I could clean the gunge from his eye. His eye did not tear or fill up with pus all day. I did the same in the evening, as there was a little pus at the corner. He woke up with clear eyes the next morning. The first time ever! I continued with the coconut oil for about a week just to make sure the infection was gone. Then phoned the specialist to have him struck from the waiting list.

Fluoride Poisoning

Posted by Kuma (Trondheim, Norway) on 09/07/2012

Hi, I am considering giving homeophatic borax tablets to a child, 10 years old, for suspected fluoride poisining. I have got Borax 30D. Has anyone from the Earth Clinic have experience with homeophatic borax, particularly for children? I appreciate your response.


Food Allergies

Posted by Sonja (Haines City, Fl) on 02/25/2014

My 1 year old nephew is allergic to fish and wheat. He will also be tested more, but until then he also cannot have dairy. Any suggestions on what to feed him?

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Sonja, rice (or rice baby cereal), millet, quinoa (ground or not before cooking), any veggie (pureed or not), fruit, eggs, meat, chicken, etc. For example, you can blend some chicken with veggies from a well cooked chicken soup, for a complete meal for him.

Replied by Mama To Many
(Tennessee, Usa)

Dear Sonja,

Would your nephew happen to still be breastfeeding? Toddlers can be completely sustained on breastmilk alone. My oldest child was unable to take any solids in until he was 16 months old. All of his nutrition came from human milk and he was and still is quite healthy. (He is 20 now.) The only concern for a one year old tends to be that breastmilk is low in iron. A half a teaspoon of blackstrap molasses twice a day would be some assurance there against low iron.

If not, goat milk might be an option for him. (It is much less likely to cause allergy issues than cows milk.) Raw would be ideal, but not accessible to most people, and you would want to know that it had been handled properly.

Even if there is no option for milk, he should be able to get plenty of nutrition other ways. Because of observed dairy sensitivities, I have been very slow to introduce milk and dairy to my toddlers. One of my children was weaned at a year and I did not give her dairy. But she did very well on grains, meats, fruits and vegetables.

There are lots of grains other than wheat that can be used for carbohydrates instead of wheat, as Mmsg mentions - quinoa, millet, and rice. My toddlers have all loved oatmeal.

Does he do well with fruits and vegetables? Meats and eggs? (Though sometimes children with allergies avoid or limit eggs, I believe?)

If he does not have molars yet, a baby food grinder or small food processor will make it easier to get food mashed up for him to consume.

Let us know what you find that works well for him!

~Mama to Many~

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

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Posted by Kavitha (Selangor, Malaysia) on 10/25/2010

My son is 26months old and diagnozed with pre B ALL in Nov 2009. He is in remission and undergoing chemo, he will be going thru his final chemo cycle in a month and will be in maintenance for another year. I read with great interest on the usage of food grade h2o2 and its benefits. Is there anyone out there who has used this for children?

Replied by Sue
(Warren, Mi)

I have used peroxide for ear infections, colds, cold prevention, cuts, cleaning, many things! And it is safe on little ones. I know because my mom used it on me and I have used it on my 3 boys.

Gallstone Remedies for Children

Posted by Amarasiynghe (Colombo, Sri Lanka) on 03/28/2013

My grandson who is just only 3 years & 4 months of age, has been detected to have stones in the Gallbladder. Doctors advise to remove the Gallbladder. Could you suggest any alternatives to dissolve them?


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Posted by Blake (San Diego, CA) on 12/11/2008

I am new to this site, and maybe I'm just not familiar with how to use it yet, but I don't see a remedy for infant colds. I have a 9 month old that is getting her second cold. Being a brand new parent, I'm hesitant to give her anything. What do you suggest for her? Mostly just runny nose and caugh. Thank you!

Replied by Katie
(Edison, NJ)

What I did was put a small drop of garlic in the baby formula. It would snap the cold right out. To this day my daughter has not had an antibotic (11 years old) but loves garlicky food..

Replied by Mac
(Keaau, Hi)

I had read on this great site on how to make the garlic tea and I was wondering if I drink it in order to pass it to my baby would that work or would I have to get her to drink it in a bottle.

GERD Remedies

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Posted by M (Mukilteo, Wa) on 09/11/2009

I am looking for a place to read about what people have done for children (not infants) with GERD. And what foods should be avoided and what to eat. Thanking you in advance for any infomation you may send.

GERD Remedies
Posted by Amy (Highland Park, IL ) on 02/19/2009

My son has had GERD since birth, along with it came asthma, seasonal allergies, indoor allergies and food allergies. Our son takes quercitin--natural bioflavonoid, it has been a God send! however, it never stopped his GERD.. He drinks 4 oz of water every day 3 times a day as well. He also takes prevacid adult dose of 15 mg and it is not right to do this to a child with an adult dosage.. Please respond

Gray Hair

Posted by Raga (Kollam, India) on 02/04/2011

My little daughter is 3 years old and she has been getting gray hairs from the past 1 year. It seems to be increasing in number... pls advice.

Replied by Lolo
(Pikeville, Tennessee)

I read a long time ago that gray hair is from a copper deficiency. You might want to check it out. I would do some research. check it out.

Replied by Sheri
(Sacramento, Ca Usa)

My daugher would get an occasional gray hair. I have her a green drink made from powered barley grass. There are many available brands. I suspect if she had an abundance of green vegetables she would have not needed the green drink in the first place.

Replied by Brooke
(Montgomery, Tx, Usa)

I would get Formula 636 - it is available from many stores - search the internet and find the cheapest place. It is probably due to a circulation problem. I have a small cup shaped vibrator next to my bed and at night time I use that on my scalp. Along with some other stuff, but for your 3 year old, I would suggest to just do the formula and the vibrator - for 30 minutes a night.


Posted by Steve0 (Dublin, Ireland) on 06/13/2013

Hi Does anyone have any experence giving a one year old ACV for Hayfever? Is it safe to give a tea spoon in a cup of juice. Thanks.

Replied by Courtney
(Granite Bay, Ca)

I don't see why not. It's no different than having salad dressing.

I would do it more gradually, though--a half teaspoon in juice first, then after a few days, a full teaspoon.

Replied by Mama To Many
(Middle, Tennessee, USA)

My last two older babies/toddlers have loved my vinegar drinks. :) I consider apple cider vinegar to be very safe for babies. And if you child has allergies, it is much safer than any chemical you could buy to treat him. You can also very safely use Nettle Tea with your little one. I have found it very helpful for my children, even young ones. Pour 6 oz. boiling water over 1 heaping teaspoon of dry nettle leaf. Steep (keep it off the heat) for 15 minutes. Strain out leaves. Sweeten if you like. (No honey for babies under 1 year. ) I once had nettle tea stop a bad case of hives in a child that was about 3 or 4 years old. He could drink 3-4 oz. 2-3 times a day, or even more. It is very safe.

Headaches in Children

Posted by Sangeetha (Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands) on 07/20/2009

My 6 1/2 year old daughter has started getting headaches from the past 2 months. I took her to the GP who couldn't find the cause. She wears glasses and I have recently got it checkes and her power hasn't changed. I am not able to figure what could be the cause of it. I or my husband never got headaches when we were young (we don't get it even now). I only get headaches very rarely when I have skipped a meal or when I have been too much in the sun. I thought these could be the reasons for my daughter to get it too. But from the past 2 days, I have avoided that for her and she still got the headache. Sometimes shortly after she wakes up, she has a slight headache. When it is slight, she is able to do her normal routine, play with her friends, etc. The headache is not accompanied with any nausea, vomitting, etc. A couple times she has got fever after the headache, but it goes off with 1 or 2 doses of over the counter fever/pain medication.

She is a little bit heavier than she should be, so I have been taking her for running on a field. Sometimes I have noticed that as soon as I mention that we have to go to the field, she gets a headache. And I know she is not lying. Could it be tension headache? I have told her this week I will not take her for running, instead just short walks on the street around the house (which she loves as we get to talk about all she likes to talk). I am going to check out this week by not taking her for running and if it continues, take her to padetrician next week.

What else could be the cause of her headache? And what are possible remedies. I don't think she would drink ACV or Cayenne pepper.

Replied by Bharti
(Doha, Qatar)

you can use safely 2 drops of lavender aromatherapy oil mix in 2 drops of almond oil mix it properly and put in on forehead temples and rest for 5-10 minutes, it works like magic and also safe for children .its good for migraine pain also.try and reply me if it works for you.

Replied by Tracy
(San Augustine, Texas, Usa)

An often-missed cause of headaches can be chocolate, including chocolate milk. When I was younger, I worked at a bank with a young lady who would often drink a small carton of chocolate milk for her breakfast before we opened. She would get severe migraines & have to sit or lie down for awhile. I had read about chocolate being a possible cause & as soon as she stopped drinking chocolate milk, she quit getting migraines.

Caffeine withdrawal can also cause severe migraines. I've quit drinking sodas a few times in the last few years when I've found myself drinking too many & I have suffered migraines so severe that I can barely stay on my feet. Some of them lasted for days on end. They eventually stopped.

Within the last few years, I've found myself occasionally suffering from sinus problems, including congestion & infection, usually a result of being out in adverse weather (cold, drizzly, bone-chilling). I don't always get congested, but I do get severe migraines that hurt so bad my eyes hurt as well. Using some of the remedies for sinus problems on this website have helped me.

Replied by Pegster
(Mt. Holly Springs, Pa)

My son suffered with headaches at a very young age and they started around 6 years old. As he got older they got worse. I did some research and I took him off of sugar, caffiene and chocolate, well the headaches got better and he began to do a lot better in school also. Now that he is older he has a sensitivity to red food dye for which is in alot of juices. His physician wanted to put him on a drug for ADHD and I said absolutely not. He also had allergies when he got older. So the combination of him staying away from the listed foods and the red food dye, he is now a very healthy 35 year old man and I am oh so glad that I read up on this and also refused the ADHD medication..............thanks.......

Replied by Kaylin
(Hampton, Il)

Chinese Herbs and Cranial Adjustments for headaches:

My 9yo son was getting headaches almost daily. He also started getting a pinching pain behind his right eye, a few times a week. I assumed it had something to do with his eyes since he wears glasses, so I called the eye doctor and she said his prescription was perfect and the eye pain was an opthalmic migraine. She recommended getting meds from the Dr.Since a headache is a sign that something is wrong, I was not about to give him toxins just to take the pain away without trying to figure out the problem. We took him to a naturopath. He noticed that one of his eyes looked bigger than the other, and recommended cranial adjustments. We started taking him to a chiropractor that specializes in cranials, and the butterfly-shaped bone behind his eyes was crooked. She gently "encouraged" it to go back in place, and his eye pain disappeared. Every time he gets it (maybe every couple of weeks) we take him back and sure enough, his cranium is out, so she puts it back in and his eye pain is gone again. His eye pain is getting less and less frequent as his cranium gets used to being in the right place.

As for the general headaches, the naturopath recommended a chinese herbal blend that brings up the "essence", which was low in my son. He also has other symptoms such as motion sickness, poor memory, short attention span, and mood swings. Since starting him on the Chinese herbs his headaches are extremely rare. He is more focused, less moody, and has a better memory. I am not telling you what the remedy is because Chinese remedies must be selected by a qualified practitioner who fully evaluates the patient. What works for my son will not be the correct remedy for everyone else. Frequent headaches are not something to ignore! Take your child to a qualified natural practitioner for help. There are soooo many causes for headaches, and it's the body's way of telling you that something is wrong. Give your child a gift that will last him/her a lifetime and get some help!


Posted by Diana (Jackson, New Jersey) on 05/31/2011

My son has chronic hives. He will be 4 years old in a few months. He is taking zytrec and zantac. He has been seen by many doctors/specialist. All kinds of blood work/ scratch test have been performed. Everything has come back negative. Wondering if anyone can help with some ideas? Thank you.

Replied by Janet
(Kendal, England.)

I too had hives, added to which an acid reflux that affected my throat.

I am sorry to hear your son of only 4years, is experiencine them, as they're awful.

After numerous things from the doctor, failing to impact them and side effects.

I discovered this site and started taking both apple cider vinegar and coconut oil, they have cleared at last but the relief as brought so much more with it. Bathing in vinegar helps too. It removes the itch and burn cycle. Hope this helps.

God bless.x

Homemade Baby Food Formulas

Posted by Markc (Chihuahua, Chihuahua Mexico) on 01/13/2015

Hi, sorry, I'm not sure where to put this request, so here I landed.

Anyway, we need a heading under CHILDREN like "Make your own baby food" - "Formula" or something like that.

My daughter has been giving formula to the baby, against my protest, you must understand. She's been using the brand "Good Start" which causes rashes all over the babies bodies of some babies (maybe a lot - who knows).

LIVINGSTRONG says it's because it contains unhydrolyzed proteins. Now the family wants to give him a hydrolyzed formula, yuk! They just want to jump from the frying pan into the fire, poor baby.

We need ideas from you good folks out there that have the real deal, that truly is good for the baby, like raw goats milk (organic non-GMO goats that is). Often times that can not be had.

So what's a poor soul to do? Help everybody! What's your super solutions?

Thanks a lot

Grandpa MarkC

Replied by Mama to Many

Dear Grandpa MarkC,

I am sorry to hear of this difficulty for your grandbaby!

How old is he? Has his mother been nursing him at all? Some moms are able to re-establish their milk supply. There are even moms who have adopted babies and been able to nurse them some. It would take a good bit of commitment, and ideally, help from a lactation consultant or perhaps a La Leche League Leader, but it has been done.

IS goat's milk a possibility? For me, if I had not been able to nurse my babies, that is what I would have wanted to use.

I hope you will find a good solution for your grandbaby!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Phyllis
(Tuscumbia, Alabama)

Hello Grandpa Mark,

I agree with the goat's milk idea. Even if you have to get a nanny goat and milk her yourself. Our babies need every good thing we can give them.

Replied by Mama to Many

Dear Grandpa Mark,

The Weston A Price Foundation has very detailed information on making infant formulas that would be safer than commercial. It sounds rather labor intensive, but there are people who are doing it out of necessity for their little ones.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando)

Hi Markc...Well, as substitute, you could certainly use raw milk or goats milk formula as advised by Weston Price.

But if the child had problems with milk then I would feed him or her coconut milk which would help to protect the baby as well as provide all the needed nutrients. You can buy organic coconut milk powder easily nowadays. But I would go a ways further than doing just that. I would also add organic bovine colostrum powder(or the liquid colostrum straight from the mother cow) to the coconut milk as well. To illustrate the importance of First Mother's Milk or colostrum, if the calf does not get his mother's colostrum within the first 24 hrs of its life then the calf will die from disease because the calf has no immune system. This fact is well known by vets and farmers.

I would also particularly urge the use of bovine colostrum if a baby has never been breast fed for all the reasons stated above. The high amount of antibodies that are in bovine colostrum are the same as human antibodies produced against disease. So what happens when you supplement colostrum over a period of time is that the mother cow's immunity that it has against all disease will be passed to the calf. The same thing would happen if a human adult or baby took colostrum -- there would be a critical transfer of immunity against many common diseases from the mother cow to the adult or baby. This ensures that when the baby grows up -- it will have a strong and healthy immune system.

The mix of coconut milk together with colostrum would also act to stop allergy problems like skin issues because colostrum is highly protective and healing for the gut. That's how it cures food allergies. So this may well cure your granddaughter's skin problems. And, what's more, colostrum is all-natural and safe baby food.

See the articles and research on colostrum here, here and here

Replied by Ralu
(Brampton, CA)

I still feed on breastmilk but the best formula out there is Holle organic formula.

Replied by Meghan
(Vancouver Bc)

Depending on how old baby is, goats milk is the closest thing to mothers milk! Must be getting vitamins from good healthy food to be ready to move on to goats milk. My son had a bad reaction to formula too.


Posted by Nichole (Middletown, Oh) on 10/28/2010

My son has had an on and off toothache for a bit now, I have been waiting to try the eggshell calcium for him (prepared from chicken eggs consumed daily for two months and you will see tooth healing) but since he's 7 it's a little harder to get him to take it. Anyways, for his toothache, chamomilla has provided him instant relief, within a minute or two and he's back to bed. Other times belladonna and calcerea phosphorica has worked. Well, two days ago he had a toothache then woke up with a swollen cheek, it was so bad it looked like he had a giant gumball in there and the swelling was also making under his eye puffy. I got online immediately to look for a homeopathic remedy and try nux vomica and veretrum album but those didn't appear to be working after one day of use so I looked again and tried belladonna and mercurius vivus and after another day it was almost completely gone, the abscess started forming on his gum (so the infection has been localizing) now we are working to get rid of his abcsess with 4grams of vit c and regular doses of colloidal silver each day. I just wanted to share about how the homeopathic preparations work instantaneously and are even easy for babies too because they are little sweet pills that dissolve in your mouth.

Replied by Tom
(Regina, Sk)

Thanks for that tip, Nicole! I looked it up and among other places, using organic eggshell calcium daily to heal cavities was discussed in this Health Ranger article this past summer. Besides, regrowing your teeth is simple. You'll just need two things: comfrey root and organic eggshells. Eggshells are used because they contain 27 minerals and loads of calcium, so they contain the ideal building materials to regrow your teeth. In fact, the composition of eggshells is very similar to the composition of our teeth and bones. Comfrey root is used because it accelerates bone, teeth and tissue growth. In fact, another name for comfrey root is knitbone, primarily because of its ability to knit - or regrow - bone together so quickly.

It's not under this site category yet:


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Posted by Joyce (Joelton, Tn) on 08/15/2008 509 posts

To THeath from LA:

08/14/2008: THealth from Los Angeles, CA replies: "Hi, Even my daughter who is 21 months has food allergies. I am not sure whether I can give ACV or black strap molasses. I would really really appreciate if Ted can answer this. She is allergic to tree nuts, peanuts, wheat and soy. Is there any natural way in which i can eliminate her allergies. She had her entire face swollen when she ate some noodles. After reading the content i realized that it was made in a facility where they process peanuts and shell fish. I am really worried about her and am looking for some natural cure. She has mild eczema on her hands too. Ted, please help. Your reply will be much appreciated. Thanks."

At 2l months old you can give her l tsp. of honey once or twice a day, but be sure that the honey is produced within a 50 mile radius of where you live, so it will contain pollens in your local area. If this doesn't do the trick, Benadryl or its generic (diphenhydramine Hcl) is a usually safe antihistamine, available without prescription and found in most places that also sell vitamins, minerals and supplements. The generic is cheaper than brand name.

Replied by THealth
(Los Angeles, CA)

Hi Joyce, I really appreciate your reply. Thanks a lot. Should I give honey to my daughter (21 months) everyday once or twice or whenever she has food allergy attack. Will honey cure my daughter's food allergies permanently . Should we give Benadrly everyday ? If we give benadrly everyday and her body gets used to it then what will happen when she gets food allergy attack (Swollen face ). Will her body respond in this case ?

She is allergic to all tree nuts, peanuts, wheat and soy. I am really worried about when she starts going to school or accidentally eats something from her friends in school which has any of the following things.

I would be really happy if honey can cure her food allergies. I will try to find anything produced within a 50 mile radius and am not sure if anything will be available in Los Angeles. How about some pure honey from wholefoods or some other organic stores?
Thanks again.

EC: Hi, THealth. Try one of the weekend farmer's markets in either Santa Monica, Venice, Beverly Hills or West Hollywood. I have bought locally-made honey at these markets many times before - yummy! Deirdre

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, TN)
509 posts

Hi, THealth: I think the l tsp. of honey works by desensitizing to allergens, so give it daily, not just when you think she needs it.

To answer the question about the benadryl or diphenhydramine, food allergies are year round, not seasonal. So I'll answer with statements from the head of a pediatric department at a work shop I attended in l979. In his lecture, he said to never give benadryl during an acute asthma attack, but after you break the asthma attack, start them on benadryl and keep them on it. At the time of the lecture he stated that had children who had been on it continuously for 4 years (at that time) without problems.

Replied by Angela
(Tonasket, WA.)

I've heard about the honey comb being really good for temporary and possibly permenant curing of an allergen, but I know from experience that another way is a lot quicker, cheaper, and effective; It is called allergy elimination. It is a technique done by many different practitioners around. Refered to as NAET also. Look for a practitioner in your area by searching for NAET practitioners. My family had bad allergies, leading to "incurable" eating disorders. They were healed by this technique in only one treatment per allergy. . .and if you find a good practitioner, he'll do them all in one pop. Just a suggestion.

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